What are urban survival skills?

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Re: What are urban survival skills?

Post by tedbeau » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:37 pm

Doc mentioned psychology, which is a good point, and to expand a little I'll add "social engineering". This implies learning techniques to "Trick" people into giving you information, or help.

Hacker use this all the time, in fact for the most part all "hacks" rely on a certain amount of social engineering. Unlike the way Hollywood portrays hackers, it isn't just a matter of sitting in front of a computer and typing in some secret command that allows the hacker instant access to every computer in the entire world. Hackers just know the mistakes people make when choosing a password or setting up a security system. If people didn't make the mistakes the system would remain secure.

I have several book that list some of the most famous hacks ever committed and the techniques used to trick people into giving the hacker access. The same techniques can be used to get access to secure areas for safety or to procure supplies. Since the person in charge of the access is willingly giving you access, once you convince them you deserve it, it's not stealing or trespass, it's just about being able to talk your way into or out of a situation.

This is one of the books I have, I don't remember the title of the other.
http://www.textbooks.com/BooksDescripti ... MgodtGAAVw

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Re: What are urban survival skills?

Post by Quartermaster » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:01 pm

A couple of urban skills that are not mentioned are container gardener, small game hunter (snares, traps, rabbit sticks, and rocks), and forager (Person capable of being able to identify edible plants, tubers, and nuts). There are four plants found in almost all urban areas which are nourishing and edible: dandelion, burdock, plantain, and orache. Acorns can be crushed and water used to leach out the tannins to make porridge or flatcakes especially if eaked out with some cattail pollen and berries. A lot of those big sunflowers you see on people's properties are actually Jerusalem artichokes. In many rose gardens, you can harvest rosehips late in season to harvest and prevent scurvy. Most cities have blackberry brambles, alpine strawberries, and sumac available in parks, greenways, and large unused lots. Here in the eastern U.S. there is hardly a city or town that doesn't have a great number of sassafras trees.


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Re: What are urban survival skills?

Post by TheZone » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:49 pm

Locate: Job.

Network: Opportunity.

Track: Parking Place.

Schmooze: Boss.

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