Welcome to the Hall of Fame! (read this first)

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame! (read this first)

Post by PistolPete » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:05 am

Since the ZS forums eclipsed 1 million posts in the summer of 2009, it's becoming harder to search for some of the basic information that's captured in the forums. We have a lot of really fantastic discussions on a variety of preparedness related topics. Rather than sticky a bunch of threads in their respective forum sections, it's been decided to set up a Hall of Fame. This way people who are new to the forum or to preparedness in general have a place to come and review some of the basics. It is also a nice way to acknowledge the people in our community who go to the extra effort to put up really great posts.

Each thread in the HoF section will be devoted to a single topic. Most of these topics will have one thread linked, some may have two or more. These are threads or posts that have been identified as exceptional by either the user community or the volunteers here. If you find a topic you would like to discuss, feel free to comment on the original post or reply to the HoF thread.

How do you get a thread considered for inclusion into the HoF? Easy! Just flag a post with the exclamation mark and set "Good Post!" and we'll review it and decide whether it's fantastic enough to be included here. Or send me a link to an existing thread. Or, take some time to really do some research, post your super informative thread and somebody else will flag it for inclusion.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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