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Chapter Deactivation

Post by crypto » Mon May 19, 2014 11:41 pm

It is with quite a bit of reservation that I announce that this chapter of Zombie Squad will be deactivated due to inactivity. Regrettably, ZSC:013 has not had the required amount of events or chapter activity required to sustain the chapter, for a long enough time period that the Board of Directors has decided to deactivate the chapter.

What does this mean for you, personally as a ZS member?
Firstly, you’re still a ZS member, nothing changes there.
More importantly, it means you have a chance to re-instate the chapter with officers of your choosing.

This chapter sub-forum will not go away, and will be opened up for everyone to participate in, to attract new people. The Chapter Volunteers will take over moderation of the group until the chapter is re-formed.

If the remaining officers for this chapter have any questions about this decision, please send them to

ZS Chapter Manager

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