Whatever happened to Liquid Nikwax?

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Whatever happened to Liquid Nikwax?

Post by sheddi » Mon May 25, 2009 4:13 pm

Please excuse an old fart reminiscing about how good things were "back in the day" ...

Back in the mists of time, when even sheddi's dad was a lad, there was only one type of Nikwax, and it was, er, Nikwax. Perfect for keeping your leather boots waterproof, it had to be applied to warm dry leather with warm dry fingers in order that it soften enough to penetrate the leather's surface and do its thing.

Then along came Liquid Nikwax. Looking and smelling suspiciously as though someone had thinned Nikwax with paraffin, Liquid Nikwax was, er, liquid at normal UK winter temperatures. It served a different function to the solid Nikwax, in that it was best used when cleaning leather or to soften the leather itself when breaking in boots. It still needed your leather to be dry.

Around 1990 Aqueous Nikwax was launched, to thunderous applause from the outdoor community. Here was a Nikwax product that could be applied to damp leather, which made applying it around the campfire (or more commonly while sheltering from the rain in the porch of your tent) feasible. Aqueous Nikwax supplemented the original hard Nikwax and Liquid Nikwax retained its niche.

Fast forward 19 years (yes, I know I should have been paying more attention but life got in the way). The shelves and websites of all good outdoor stores (and Millets) groan with the weight of different varieties of Aqueous Nikwax, and there might even be a tin of real solid Nikwax lurking unloved at the back, but as for Liquid Nikwax - there's no sign. Apart for the occasional mention in old articles on t' web, it's as though it never existed.

What happened to it? Anyone know of a sleepy outdoors store with a shelf full of little metal cans slowly gathering dust? Am I going to have to try thinning Nikwax with paraffin?
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Re: Whatever happened to Liquid Nikwax?

Post by MilknCheese » Tue May 26, 2009 1:14 pm

I know nothing of this subject but are any of these any good?

Liquid Nikwax sources
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