Lithuania publishes a "What to do if Russia Invades" manual

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Re: Lithuania publishes a "What to do if Russia Invades" man

Post by Aikibiker » Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:11 am

LowKey wrote:
Aikibiker wrote:
Stercutus wrote:

4473's and don't really matter either. Any invader is going to assume everyone is armed.

Assuming everyone is armed is a lot different then having a list of what weapons people have to check off as they are confiscated.
A road flare dropped into a filing cabinet by the FFL as he GTFOOD should solve that problem nicely.
Not like an invader is going to be nice to any FFLs.....
A road flare dropped on paperwork can solve a LOT of ills.


Yes a Spartan hoplite trained for battle since he could walk, backed by 299 other Spartans, and lead by a military genius can hold off any number of zombies armed with spear, shield, and sword. However your couch-potato, asthmatic, gets in a car to drive to the corner store lazy ass can't. Deal with it.

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Re: Lithuania publishes a "What to do if Russia Invades" man

Post by Close_enough » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:15 pm

Latvia may be issuing their own manual pretty soon. They're getting very nervous about neighboring Russia and some of the rhetoric leading up to last years election, and they have a long history of getting caught in the middle of shooting conflicts. ... ar-BByqyvq

This may be a good time to find work else ware.

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