2015 goals

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Re: 2015 goals

Post by Murph » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:06 am

Murph wrote:
Murph wrote: I want to have 20 gallons of water that is less than 2 years old. I need to label everything with date purchased
I want my supplies increased and organize by the end of April 2015.
I hit the store the other weekend and got a great deal on 1L bottles of water. They come in cases of 15 bottles, so I bought four of them, for a total of 60L (15.85 gal) Since they are in a cardboard tray and plastic wrapped, there is a little room where I can write the date on the tray. Next month I'll buy another four cases which will be a sizable amount of water in case anything ever happens. At this rate, I will meet and exceed my goal.
I added another 30L of water last weekend along with a 30 pack of Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets. So that brings my "fresh" water up to 90L total, which is 23.7755 gallons. So goal completed in about 1/4 of the time. Party Time, Excellent!

I think the next area I need to refine is food, I've already got a decent stock of can goods and shelf stable stuff. But it'd be a good time to review expiration dates, and also plan out a good stock level to maintain, while rotating it with weekly meals. Which mean making a meal plan with recipes and such. There are a couple great threads I need to review:

What does a month of food really look like?

How much food and water can you buy for a $100?

4 week rotating prep plan
Does your BOB at least have: water, basic tools, fire, food, first-aid kit, and shelter?
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Re: 2015 goals

Post by M_Angell » Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:30 am

I love seeing people buy water... that's job security for me. I get water by the case from work so it's all about rotating my stock.

This year it's all about paying down debt and buying a pistol.
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Re: 2015 goals

Post by 00dlez » Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:14 pm

1. Rotate out current food/water supply (20 days for 2 people + dog) and add 10 days.

2. Create two dedicated level 1 FAK and one level 2 FAK... Right now it is mostly piles of quasi-organized FA supplies.

3. Pass AQT with my .22 (1 Appleseed under my belt so far, but need much more practice)

4. Learn to field dress/prepare some common small game/birds

5. Comprehensive review/inventory of preps and make a PLAN/TIMETABLE to fill gaps. Last year was a big year in isht accumulation (albeit a lot of good and much needed isht). I need a solid plan going forward or I'll end up wasting a lot of $.
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Re: 2015 goals

Post by BullOnParade » Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:06 pm

Time for a year in review. How did I hold to my goals, where could I improve, and what failed miserably. Update in red!
BullOnParade wrote:A little late to the game, but I've been giving this one a fair bit of thought since December.

I'm going to be adding a .308 bolt action rifle this year. Intentions are for hunting purposes, fading out my .303. I will consider adding a 7.62x39 version of the VZ58, but that is lower priority. I am at or near stocking capacity for a lot of my centre fire calibers, so I will be scaling back on those, probably keeping an eye out for some of the higher end European .22 that pops up by the case, just to restock on rimfire.

I didn't buy the .308, but I decided on what I want, so that acquisition is due to happen in the first quarter of the new year. Didn't buy the V58 yet, still not sold on the idea. Found a little more (room for) center fire calibers, and managed to shoot rimfire regularly AND increased my stock. I also picked up a new bullseye pistol (Colt Goldcup 1911-22), and purchased my first AR receiver.

I'm mostly at capacity for food and water for my current living situation, and I don't foresee my current situation changing in the next year. I will be investing in a few more long term shelf stable options, like #10 cans of mountain house food.


I've been working my ass off for the past 8 months, and am proud to be CC debt free (well, I still have a balance on a 0%CC, but I also have the money ready to pay it off as soon as the promotional rate expires). I will be starting some investments that I should have started years ago, and try to pay down my car loan sooner. My great uncle passed away last summer, and there is supposed to be financial inheritance coming to me and my cousins, but it's a long time coming. If that money comes in, and depending on how much it is, I will be using it to pay off as much of my car loan as possible.

Faily McFailson right here. No progress on unscheduled car payments, no real progress in savings, no inheritance.

BOB/Other Kits:
I have a few kits that have been finished for quite some time, but a lot of these kits get things borrowed from them at various times. I want to buy duplicates of all these little things that I borrow on a regular basis so that my kits are in a constant state of readiness.

Done and Done. Updates to the links in my signature to follow.

My current BOL being my parents house;
I keep a bit of ammo stored there, again reaching capacity. I have a bit of a training range set up there, but with the hours I've been working, I haven't had time to improve it or use it.
My parents are old school preppers, the kind who keep a generator or stocked cupboards because it's what you do when you live in rural Ontario, not because they feel the need to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. The house always has a few weeks worth of food and water, but I'd like to improve on the wild edibles on the property. I currently know of a few grape vines, raspberry bushes, and cat tails, but definitely not enough to support the family. I have a few apple trees started, hoping they survive a spring planting.

Nothings happened with the BOL except rotation of stock. Also My kid sister isn't a kid anymore. If I am going to continue to prepare for myself, my parents, my girlfriend, my sister, I should be considering a scenario where my sister's boyfriend may be worth keeping around.

Big Projects/Long Term Goals:
If finances prove available, I want to start looking for a piece of recreational property several hours north of Toronto. I may not purchase this year, but I am intending to drop a shipping container home on the property, once it is established. I will put the container on my parents property (much closer than I plan on leaving it) and finish the inside there, then ship it the rest of the way north at a later time.

Since finances didn't prove available, nothing happened here, still long term.
So that's where I am. Who know's what next year will bring!

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Re: 2015 goals

Post by duodecima » Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:36 pm

duodecima wrote:OK, I'm in on this for the first time, since there's some goals I've been making annually for a long time, I really need to get some of them done this year!

7)Refill the extra gas cans! (No excuse...)
10)Finish putting long-term stores into mylar and buckets
Whelp, to save myself the embarrassment, I'll just leave the ones I actually got done here. Rest of the list was a big NOPE.
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Re: 2015 goals

Post by Tobias05 » Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:39 pm

Finished another year of college, but no new barn roof, truck, or fence repairs to report...

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Re: 2015 goals

Post by DJH » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:55 pm

DJH wrote:2015 goals:

get this lame HOA house sold and get some land closer to the wife's job (I can work anywhere. benefit of being in Film.)

drop another 3-5% body fat (made my goal of getting from 24% down to about 21% this year. Want to be between 15-17% overall, I think I'll be happy there.)

get a couple more firearms we've been wanting

get more long term food stored

get rid of the debt from our wedding.
Well, we accomplished Goals #1 & #3. I've made some progress on #2 (down another 1% at least.) and we've paid off 2 of the CC's run up from #5. No progress on #4 as we're currently renting a room in my parent's house while we wait to close and move into our new one, which is gonna need a lot of work (repo fixer upper, but 6 acres & a huge workshop garage with a decent house for $100k, ain't afraid of work for that price.)

I'd say it was a good year.
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Re: 2015 goals

Post by quazi » Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:56 pm

I didn't accomplish many of my goals, but I did well enough that I don't feel too bad about it.
quazi wrote:Here are a few things that I think I should be able to accomplish:
Double my current savings by September (I might be able to triple my savings if I'm really careful).
I'm going to count this as accomplished. I bought a fairly new car outright and still managed to increase my savings.
Build a few low tunnels for growing vegetables.
Start even more perennials from seed and get them planted.
Didn't start any from seed this year, but I planted a bunch that I bought as bare root stock and in containers.
Start reloading (I've got most of the stuff, I just need to make the time).
Improve some of my craft skills (leathercraft, sewing, and I want to take up woodworking).
Continue to lose weight.
Get first aid training.
No, this is the one that I feel the worst about. My new job says they'll get me this training.

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Re: 2015 goals

Post by Fortunesfool556 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:25 am

DJH wrote:
Well, we accomplished Goals #1 & #3. I've made some progress on #2 (down another 1% at least.) and we've paid off 2 of the CC's run up from #5. No progress on #4 as we're currently renting a room in my parent's house while we wait to close and move into our new one, which is gonna need a lot of work (repo fixer upper, but 6 acres & a huge workshop garage with a decent house for $100k, ain't afraid of work for that price.)

I'd say it was a good year.
This is awesome. i just read the first few pages of this post, and thought, "I wonder if DJH everfollowed up with a recap?" Your goals were similar to mine, and like you, i had some hits and misses. All the best!

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Re: 2015 goals

Post by JeeperCreeper » Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:05 am

JeeperCreeper wrote:-financial savings need to go up at a higher rate

-more low intensity-cardio and yoga, less powerlifting (my poor joints...)

-organize and downsize all my gear
1. Did it but grad school needs loans regardless

2. Yeah... actually increased powerlifting to compete (no official meets) and did less cardio. Ooops.

3. Did it to move states but still have a lot of junk
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Re: 2015 goals

Post by uncleben03 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:44 pm

2015 goals:

1. Make it to 2016. I think I should be good to go.
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