Pittsburgh Metropolitan Zombie Invasion Contingency Plan

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Pittsburgh Metropolitan Zombie Invasion Contingency Plan

Post by jackal556 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:09 pm

As discussed at last night's meeting, apparently there is a Pittsburgh Metropolitan Zombie Invasion Contingency Plan floating around on the interwebs.

http://pittsburgh.metblogs.com/2007/04/ ... ency-plan/

As a state-certified emergency management coordinator, here is my review of the plan. (It's a neat read, but if was compliant with Comprehensive Planning Guidance 101 (CPG-101), few people would make it past the Scope and Assumptions.)

It was written in 2007, so it needs some reviews and updates. First, I like the Romero-style zombie causation and not a chemical or biological contagion.

It would be interesting to evaluate how well utilities and other critical infrastructure would be able to maintain continuity of operations (COOP) during a zombo-pocalypse. The same thing with traffic as well. We pretty much conduct an evacuation of downtown every weekday at 5PM and the same goes with winter storms as well (I could really go for one of those right now...may be not...).

If the 911th gets closed and the 171st gets reduced that would have a huge impact on the plan. Fortunately, US Army is nearby, but logistics remains a key resource in the situation.

31st St Bridge is closed. You'd either need to take 40th St or 16th St to get across the river. Walking out should always be an evacuation plan, so that part of the plan is good. Lowrie does not intersect with 31st St, so look for other medical supply places. As for hardware, Grainger is in the area. And a +1 for the Fubar.

There are no Giant Eagles downtown. The Strip is a better choice to pick up foodstuffs.

The "Fort Target" idea is pretty neat. If you have the right set-up, it can be like Krak des Chevaliers (aka Kalaat al Hosn) in present-day Syria or Khe Sahn. You would need enough anti-zombie obstacles and enough continuous and effective firepower to stop the zeds.

So if a 2012 or 2013 update is going to be created, additional long-term hold-out locations would be needed around the rest of the area. Epi-d might be able to run the models, but looking at a pandemic for Allegheny County (population ca. 1.3m), we could look at nearly 400,000 zeds.
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Re: Pittsburgh Metropolitan Zombie Invasion Contingency Plan

Post by slavage » Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:11 pm

sportsmens been long gone all so.. wish is was still in buessness thats for sure

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Re: Pittsburgh Metropolitan Zombie Invasion Contingency Plan

Post by engr-rn » Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:31 pm

I like the point he made about the oakland/ shadyside area..I truly believe hospitals will be ground zero for any undead activity since the virus/toxin/whatever will likely cause sickness first. The north side would be another area to avoid. I agree with the commenter that the writer forgot about the morgue, probably an oversight. I imagine refugees from the city would end up out my way since I live past the airport from the city so if people are headed there on 376 and find out its overrun they'll probably just keep going..good to know.

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