Zipline Tour on Oct. 24th & Skydiving Party part II Nov.7th

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Zipline Tour on Oct. 24th & Skydiving Party part II Nov.7th

Post by drewder » Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:12 pm


So, as if you didn't already have an insanely busy October planned, then I hit everyone with this. A few months ago, a large group of us went to do a Zipline Tour at Caveman Zipline at Meramec Caverns. It rained a monsoon like hell, but everyone had a blast. I said I would plan another one..... during the day time. So here it is:

Just like last time except this time, we are doing it during the day. Here is the scoop:

Soar through the treetops and across the Meramec River in an adventure of a lifetime. Your adventure includes three swinging sky-bridges and four zip rides varying in length from 200 to 1250 feet, reaching speeds of 50 mph!" onclick=";return false;

Most people freak out over the $45 price tag, but since we have a big group going, it should only run about $30 (tax included). Let me know if you are in.

Caravan info:

Same as last time. A good amount of people are gathering at the Gravois and 270 Commuter Parking lot (right off of Kennerly Road) at 230PM. Everyone leaves out around 300PM. Get down to Caveman around 400PM. The fun begins then.

ALSO.... This past weekend a smaller group of souls got together and decided it was a great idea to jump from an airplane located about 2 miles above the Earth. There were others that really wanted to get in on it, but didn't have the time or money, but wanted to go at a later date. The group that went also wanted to do this again. So, here are the details on this event:

So, a few months ago, when we went on the Zipline Tour in the monsoon, I had talked about doing Skydiving. I called a few places and the one that stuck with me was Fly Free Skydiving in Festus, MO (not too far away, cheapest prices, and I know the people there). So... we got a group together, took on the sky and everyone had a blast. It was so fun, that everyone said we should do this again. So, here we are, doing it again. ...Price breakdown is like this:

Individual Assisted Dive (IAD) = $160 ($100 for training and $60 to jump at 5000 feet)
Tandem = $185 (someone strapped to you while you fall 5500 feet and they open your chute while you coast 5500 feet more)
Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) = $289 ($100 for training, $189 to be dropped out at 11k feet)

Deposit is $75 the week before the dive (which means I need everyone interested to pitch in their money ahead of time). Please contact me if you are interested.

P.S. If you think you don't have the balls to do this, my 56 year old mom just did this for her birthday and wants to go again. I also got the pleasure of watching a 74 year old woman do a tandem.

Neither event is a ZS planned event, but I always like to invite the ZS group on any and all adventures. Let me know if you are interested in doing either or both of these. I am also planning a Paintball Party at the end of November beginning of December. But that is a far way out and I will send details later. Hope to see everyone at this weekends meeting @ Shrewsberry Bowl (7PM).
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Re: Zipline Tour on Oct. 24th & Skydiving Party part II Nov.

Post by Grendel » Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:53 pm

I would love to do both but alas, when on a Sunday it falls, I can most likely not make it. Tricky to untie myself from work on that day every week. I only take two Sundays off per year because of this. Let me know if you line up another day on a Saturday. (Yeah, I know the last one was on a Saturday but that was my daughter's birthday and I can't tell her I missed the day because I was sky diving)
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