Going to Paraguay!

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Going to Paraguay!

Post by SuperBanki » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:59 pm

Hey all. In Jan/Feb I will be moving out to Paraguay for 3-6 months. This will be my first time out of the country, so I'm pretty excited, and also nervous. I'm primarily heading out there to help a friend plant his 400-acre rice crops (Rice is apparently very lucrative down there), but may end up staying for longer. If it works out, it may become a yearly thing. I've already gotten the passport ball moving, but I had a few questions and was looking for any advice. I know the USD is worth a lot over there, as of 10/10/12 the ratio is 1 US dollar = 4435.0000 Paraguayan guaranis. Now, to put this in perspective, you can buy a Carton of Marlboro Red 100's for $4.83 USD over there.


1. Obviously I can't bring anything remotely unsafe on a carry-on, but what about checked bags? Would I be able to check my BOB, after locking it with pre-approved TSA locks of course?
2. I would probably just be better off buying a machete/tomahawk while down there, but I have really grown attached to my Cold Steel ones. Can I check those, is it smart to check stuff like that on international flights? Should I just leave em?
3. No firearms going over with me as I haven't bought one yet. Over there guns are extremely cheap, and firearm regulation practically nonexistent.
4. Gotta visit my doctor and find out what sorts of shots and stuff I will need, but anyone know of anything in particular I should be worried about?
5. How much cash would you guys recommend bringing? What are those travelers checks and stuff I hear about?

Thanks for any input guys, I'm really excited about this.
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Re: Going to Paraguay!

Post by CipherNameRaVeN » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:47 pm

I know nothing about Paraguay, but I travel to Bolivia pretty regularly. You best do your research on some travel sites and blogs. However, here are my 2 cents.

Obviously you can not take anything with you as carry-on. However, you are not the last person to go on a backpacking trip to Paraguay. You can bring a lot of things with you via luggage. I brought bow and arrows for my brother-in-law to Bolivia. Knives and tomahawks are OK. I brought water purifying drops and filters with me. Water in rural area are horrible, in the cities as well. Best to drink bottled water. But, you never know where that comes from either. Definitely, bring a good folder or two with you. I usually bring a folder and a Leatherman. They have plenty of tools down south, but non of them of quality. Obviously, forget firearms!
When traveling to Bolivia I got Malaria shots, Hepatitis shots, and Yellow fever. Yellow fever was a requirement to get a visa to Bolivia! I don't know if you have to deal with altitude in Paraguay. As far as I remember, it is pretty flat. If you do, I recommend some altitude pills until you adjust. I can recommend some. Altitude sickness is deadly.
Money depends on how long you are planning to stay. hard to say.

By the way, pack of Reds costs 80 cents in Bolivia. Why the hell Paraguay is so expensive?
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