Digger bread

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Digger bread

Post by Purple_Mutant » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:27 am

I just came across this info on the bread made by the Diggers in San Francisco back in the 60's. It's a whole wheat bread baked in coffee cans.


The use of coffee cans is cleaver. That's always an option for baking in the PAW. Unfortunately metal coffee cans aren't as common these days. The coffee I get comes in metal cans. However the can's are slightly smaller than the traditional large coffee cans. But canned food is still readily available. So smaller loaves made in soup cans are an option. I am going to have to give this bread a try. It should be simple enough to make it vegan. The only animal product in the original recipe is dry milk. So I should be able to leave that out. The ingredients all look like things you might find in people's food storage. So that makes this recipe very prep friendly. Since it's made with whole wheat flour that's handy for those of us with a bucket of wheat berries and a grain mill. FYI: The Wonder Jr Deluxe grain mill is AWESOME. It will be even more awesome when I get the pulley wheel for it and hook it up to a bicycle. Once I get around to doing the bike powered grain mill I will make sure to make a post on here.
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