Truck keeps cutting off.

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Post by mark_w » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:37 pm

Get yourself a $40 ODBII scan tool at Harbor Freight. When it happens again, hook it up and see what the codes are (if there are any). The connector is under the dash.

Wife's 02 Altima had a similar gremlin. It would just die and wouldn't start up. I'd go pop the hood and it would magically fire up. Finally a mechanic found the terminal where one of the cables hooks next to the battery was cracked. $15 was total cost for the mechanic.

The other problem was the crank position sensor. Car was stumbling and running rough. Hooked up and found the code. $35 for a new one at the Nissan dealer. Dealer only item, couldn't get it anywhere else.

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