Looking for a compact SUV or AWD vehicle

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Re: Looking for a compact SUV or AWD vehicle

Post by Mrselfdestruct » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:10 am

Ive put another 100k on the element, 287000 total. i had to put a starter in it.
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Re: Looking for a compact SUV or AWD vehicle

Post by Confucius » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:54 am

My forester is still serving me well. Got me through my first real winter no problem...


That said, I do have real tires and skid plates on it...

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Re: Looking for a compact SUV or AWD vehicle

Post by moab » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:36 pm

grennels wrote:Chevy Tracker is the same vehicle as Suzuki Grand Vitara. I preferred the first generation 2 door 4wd. Last one I owned had 217k miles on it when I traded it and still ran aok. Body on frame, real 4wd, 30+ mpg.
Isn't that the same as the model after the Suzuki Samarai? I can't recall the name now.

I'd suggest keeping the vehicle you have. And purchasing a Samarai (Or tracker - very similar cars) for like $1500-$2000. I'm a big guy too. 6'3" and at the time well into my 200's. I even had higher Honda seats in mine. And I still had plenty of room.

I can't recommend this 4x4 enough. I'm looking for another one in my near future. Lots' of aftermarket parts. VERY good offroad. GREAT gas mileage. Probably the best you could hope for. A tiny 4 cyl if I remember correctly. Just put a temp guage and idiot light in. As the motor is aluminum block. And will burn up easy from over heating. As long as you know you've dumped your entire radiator your fine. lol. I had my motor replaced because of this. But my fault. For not paying attention.

Check out the 4x4 forums. This is a very popular older 4x4 that is dead easy to work on. Lots of parts and upgrades to be had for cheap. I think one guy can lift the engine out. Same with any other part on it. And no extra bullshit to worry about. Just an engine, carb and tranny. And of course your differential. Takes small cheap tires. Can be hard top or soft. There is a permanent metal top model too.

I owned mine for years. Drove from almost the Canadian border into MExico and all around LA and Seattle and mountains of the PNW in the dead of winter.
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