**** What is Zombie Squad and what are the ZS Forums?!? ****

Filled with the rules and other goodies you should read before jumping in if this is your first time here.

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**** What is Zombie Squad and what are the ZS Forums?!? ****

Post by admin » Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:18 am

Welcome to the ZS forums. Please check out the forum rules.

What we are:

Zombie Squad is a Disaster Preparation community that happens to be made up of Zombie Horror fans.

Our mission is to help our respective communities through spreading disaster awareness information as well as raising funds to facilitate to respectable disaster relief charities. While helping our communities we are networking with each other and training together to prepare ourselves for disasters as a team. And, of course, have fun while doing it.

What do we use this forum for:

This forum was designed for disaster survival enthusiasts to have a place to share ideas for preparing for crisis situations. The goal we set for ourselves is to have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak. Our survival expectations are this because we believe that there is nothing more horrifying to prepare for.

This does not mean we do not take the potential zombie threat seriously but we do understand that outbreaks are "rare". However, this does not interrupt our preparation. Even if there is not a zombie outbreak any time soon other situations can come up to disrupt your life such as hurricanes, violent viruses, terrorism, chemical accidents, in-laws, blackouts, etc.
If you can be prepared for a scenario where the walking corpses of your family and neighbors are trying to eat you alive, you can probably be prepared for just about anything.

What we are not:

We are not an anti-government militia militants or group of vigilantes. We abide by our laws and we require anyone who is involved with the ZS organization to follow the laws of their respective land. There is some discussion on weapons and home security on the forum but it is up to YOU to know how you can use this information in a legal and responsible fashion. ZS will not be held responsible if you are a fucking moron. Also, it should be noted that ZS does NOT use the word "Zombie" as a metaphor for any living person.

Lastly, this form is not designed to be a role playing forum. This could make the content confusing for someone who comes to the forum looking for legitimate information. We have no problem with games or other zombie survival training simulations. These are useful and entertaining tools but we ask that the bulk of discussion on these games be kept in the Multimedia Zombie Training forum.

You're almost ready to post!

We want to keep this place friendly so when you're ready to start contributing to the forum please read:
- these rules
- this magic utility to find posts

Jump on in!

If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the Ask ZS forum.

Be sure to put on your thick skin before walking in the door. The people here are nice but sometimes you may find them to be more honest than you want them to be.


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