OdorScreen - Helps you deal with bad smells (rotting flesh?)

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OdorScreen - Helps you deal with bad smells (rotting flesh?)

Post by Nexy » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:08 pm

Doc Simon has me sold on the Izzys, was looking through SP Services and saw this:
OdorScreen is an Olfactory Perception Altering Compound that enhances performance for professionals who must operate in environments where the offensive odours associated with decaying and decomposing tissues are present.

OdorScreen Provides Innovative Safeguard Against Offensive Odours. Protects Emergency, Medical and Military Personnel from Exposure to Debilitating and Traumatic Odours. Helps Promote Mental Health and Well-Being.
OdorScreen alters the perception of burnt flesh, decomposing flesh, infected wounds, vomit and other offensive bodily fluids or tissues.
There's an interesting piece about it being used in the aftermath of the Southern Asian Tsunami but rescue workers on EMS Responder.

It's a gel you put under your nose that makes such smells "tolerable". Anyone tried it? It's about £1 per sachet (x25 in a box) so I'm considering buying a set, I smell of vomit and I join in. :( If SHTF, I don't want my delicate nose to be my undoing. :?

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Post by Palandine » Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:27 pm

In the movie The Silence of the Lambs, they put Vicks Vap-O-Rub on their upper lip before they start an autopsy. I was interested in forensics at the time, and articles after the movie said that seasoned coroners don't need it.

Still, I imagine Vicks or something like it would work, and be an affordable multi-tasker.
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Post by Ahkaine » Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:42 am

+1 on the Vick's vaporub. Or Eucalyptus oil (which is what I've used). Any strongly smelling oil that can be rubbed under the nose will help.

There are two other things that will help:

1. Breathing through your mouth with clenched teeth. Keeps air from being sucked into your nostrils

2. Time. An FBI study, years ago, found that the human mind/body/senses can minimize its discomfort to a given situation by almost a third. Meaning that entering a smelly area, then lingering there for a long time, after an hour or so, the stench won't seem as bad. It will, if I remember correctly, seem about 30% decreased.

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Post by Gunny » Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:12 pm

I've used vicks a few times. Pretty much anything that smells works, but scented chapstick works the best if you don't have any Vicks on hand.

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Post by Nexy » Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:28 pm

Thanks Palandine and Ahkaine and Gunny. Search for "dead flesh smell vicks" on Google (I hope no-one looks at my search history :twisted: ) results is similar advice on the PoliceWorld.net Forums - Dead Body Smell.
drj144 wrote:I would like any advice please on the best thing to do when on a really bad dead body. I tried dryer sheets the last time and it did okay. The guy had been dead for about three to four weeks and was very ripe. I have heard of smoking Swisher Sweet Cigars, however, I don't think that is a good idea at the scene and despise smoking. I tried Vicks one time, however, very hard to get out of nose and made me sick. Is there any commercial product on the market for this subject and if so where can it be purchased?
Rule303 wrote: They took their handkerchiefs and soak them in creosote and tied around their faces. He said after that, he could not even get a hint of the smell. But later in the day when he finished work, when he had a cup of tea he near vomited. He said that for about 24 hours every he ate/drank, tasted like creosote.
By the way, creosote is a deadly poison.

But this one is safe and does work.
Wear one of those disposable face masks and soak it in a mix of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils. The smell of the body is dramatically reduced and is no longer nauseating.
(Bold added by me in case someone skims my summary :roll:)
OneRobertFour wrote:I just hold a Vionex towelette over my face. Later. if the odor has worked its way into my sinuses. I'll grab one of those cheapy, 7-11 hotdogs loaded with onions. No lie. Of course, you still have to get the uniform DX'd
LeoLounge wrote:Don't think I'm crazy, but what works is moist scented baby-wipes inside a dust-mask. I am very sensitive to odors, and I couldn't care less if it looks professional to walk around with a mask on. I think it looks more professional than vomit.

Just my 2 cents worth
There were also some interesting comments on a blog post about OderScreen
jonmc wrote:Actually dealing with the smell of death has been a consistent problem in those professions. My freind was a paramedic in NYC during 9/11 and worked in the rescue/retreival efforts afterwards. The gases from the corpes would be trapped in the spaces between the rubble and when it was moved the smell was unbelievable, he said. When I visited him just after, he showed me a tube of this vapo-rub type stuff rescue workers were given. I asked him if it helped and he said not really.
edmo wrote:I worked for the Coroner's Office for a short time. The smells can be disgusting. First you try Vicks, and think it will replace death smell with mint. But it doesn't, it just mixes the smells so you have minty/menthol death smell. Vanilla would just be vanilla death smell. It really would ruin vanilla ice cream. The only thing that will make the smell disappear is a gas mask. For funeral home workers I don't think they'd use it, they have formaldehyde and bleach. Sanitation in the death business is very important and the smell of clean is fine by me.
orthogonality pointed out the name and a link about "Sauce bernaise effect"
Sauce béarnaise syndrome is the official name for the learned taste aversion to a food that comes after that food has been associated with nausea, even if you are intellectually aware that the food was not the cause of the sickness.

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Post by Jamie » Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:36 pm

I had a summer job once that involved picking up dead marine beasties from researchers, and dumping them in the ocean...on hot weeks, the smell was astounding/horrific/mind-boggling...Vicks worked well, or at least I fooled myself that it did...

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Post by jKoval » Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:38 am

I remember a time (obviously not as bad as you're guys' experiences) that in a movie theatre, I think their septic tank exploded and one theatre smelled like utter... stuff. (you can see where I'm going) at first everyone was demanding a refund, and they gave us free movie passes, but about a half hour into the movie, I at least, became used to the smell.

I recently had to explain to my younger brother that fearing the zeds was as bad as feeding them.

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Post by paulyxxx » Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:56 am

Oh man - 1 week in a PAW everyone is gonna stink like butt.

ummmm, I chew tobacco. If you dont, and i'm not advocating you do, then maybe you can try a wet cloth over the mouth and the nose.

It has to stay wet tho.

And this is a great ad-hoc gas mask too btw.

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Post by waterborne » Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:16 am

Being relativealy new to EMS (I have an internship but not a job, some one remind me to look for one today) I havn't had to deal with much dead guy stench, but I have had a few stinky pt.s. I always pop a few altoids in my mouth to overwhelm my sense of smell.
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