DIY Portable LiFePO4 Power for Ham Radio QRP QRO

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DIY Portable LiFePO4 Power for Ham Radio QRP QRO

Post by teotwaki » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:56 pm

Good instructional for any do-it-yourself folks

YouTube Text:

On September 28 2016, I published a prototype 4S lithium ion battery called QRP battery pack. I've field tested that pack for a year, before deciding to take what I've learned, applying it all to two new portable power systems. This project takes the original concept a little bit further by introducing lithium iron phosphate cells of various capacities, as energy storage for the off-grid field operator. IMHO, this is less of a battery pack, then it is a portable power system.

Plan for this project are two different builds
- 4S1P/4S2P 10Ah/20Ah LiFePO4 based on Headway 38120 cells with battery management board and dell balancing. This Pat can be upgraded for a 100w radio, or extended for maximum capacity and runtime.
- 4S1P/4S2P 2.5Ah/5Ah LiFePO4 pack based on A123 cells, with battery management board and cell balancing.

Each pack can be customized by the builder for increased capacity/output rating by adding addition cells in parallel, and upgrading the BMS. The ability to charge in the field with a solar panel or other DC source, means you stay in the field longer, while carrying less gear. The next video of the series, we will take the entire system out to the field, along with a PowerFilm F15 1200 thin film flexible solar panel. In the third video in this series, we will build a 2.5 amp power lithium iron phosphate battery pack based on A123 cells. That fact will be especially interesting for the Sota operators or qrp campers & hikers, looking for a lightweight renewable power source for the summit or the trail.

- Episode notes can be read at
- The Portable Solar Powered GoKit can be found here:
- The Man portable off-grid power for amateur radio articles can be found here:
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Re: DIY Portable LiFePO4 Power for Ham Radio QRP QRO

Post by Purple_Mutant » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:01 pm

Very cool! I have a commercial 12 volt lithium that is an SLA replacement. It's a nice battery; but this guy's batter pack looks much nicer. In case anyone's wondering; the admin pouch he is using is the Condor T&T pouch.

I really need to get my portable QRP setup nailed down. Sadly my 817 needs to go back to Yaesu for repairs for a second time. :( The display is starting to fail. For the most part I have everything I need. I just need to get everything packaged up nicely. By the way; the Hazard 4 Forward Observer pouch is a PERFECT fit for the FT-817 and some accessories. Once I get everything squared away I will probably make a video on my portable setup. But that wont be for a few more months. I have more important things to worry about now.
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