Free green deer skins- StL area

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Free green deer skins- StL area

Post by MarkW » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:49 am

Hi all, hope this is in an appropriate area.

Anyway, I froze a couple of deer hides last season with the intention of tanning them with my daughter this summer, and looking at it realistically I have too many other projects going on so if anyone wants them to tan yourself I'd really like for them not to go to waste.

I live about 45 miles upriver from StL, but we are at the Alton Farmers Market every Saturday so that would be a convenient place to pick one or more of them up if anyone wants them.

If you've never done it, tanning is not hard to do though there is some physical effort involved, but nothing that a person could not handle and I'd be happy to be talk someone through the process. VanDykes Taxidermy has good service and an assortment of tanning chemicals and kits: ... C2413.aspx

Thanks for looking!


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