Epic Battle Simultor Zombies vs WW2 soldiers

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Epic Battle Simultor Zombies vs WW2 soldiers

Post by ineffableone » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:25 am

Hey there ZS, I just recently found this guy who is building a battle simulator video game all by himself. His design is a huge leap in battle simulation and he has set a record of 100,000 troops on screen. It is not perfect, as there are not issues like fatigue or reloading built in yet, not to mention tactics or organized troop movements and reaction. It is still a work in progress and is yet unreleased so who knows how many of these things might be addressed in future versions. He has been sharing his development on youtube and he has come a long way already, and the videos are well worth checking out. Including some fun zombie battles and a hilarious 11,000 penguins vs Santa army and Chuck Norse vs 4000 Romans.

Here is the Zombies vs WW2 soldiers, with a short intro explaining a bit about what he is doing and how the simulator works. Actual zombie battle starts around 3:13 min if you want to skip ahead.

Hope folks enjoy this and find it as interesting and fun as I did.
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