Arma 3 Exile mod with zombies, npc's, base building.

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Arma 3 Exile mod with zombies, npc's, base building.

Post by Krieger » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:42 am

Hi guys.
I have recently started playing this mod for arma 3 and it is a lot better than any zombie game I have ever tried. The story of the game is that the is a prison where convicts are dropped in with parachute, a bottle of water and a pistol. There are traders around the island which sells just about anything and they buy stuff you don't want. These guys are supposedly the mafia.

So the story is a bit weak maybe, but the game is just amazing! But it is of course very annoying to take a break and come back to a raided base. The servers are different on what kind of raiding is possible and allowed, on mine I have discovered that people can use in-game laptops to break into anything. Me and a bud are thinking about maybe setting up a server of our own, mostly to be able to build a base and keep it without being online to protect it all the time.

So to be able to do this we must either have a server with only friends or we must invite people that we consider thrust worthy. I believe that it would be great fun to have a server with several "clans" but with no base raiding, at least while people are offline. Even better would be if the traders were set to have fewer items and at a higher cost so that the clans would have to trade with each other. Also using other clans in drills to defend or attack bases without the winner ruining the base or taking everything could be very entertaining and also good for practising tactics.

There is also a lot of npc's in the game already, but there could be more to compensate for less player on player gunfights maybe?

What would a perfect mod and gameplay look like to you guys?

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Re: Arma 3 Exile mod with zombies, npc's, base building.

Post by DanielHumphreys » Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:15 am

Sounds interesting.

I would love to have a game where you have to build an anti-zombie fortress. Maybe have some sort of system for creating your own boobie traps (like in Besieged, maybe?) and the game periodically throws raiders or hordes at you so you can see how well you are set up. More of a zombie RTS than a shooter.
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