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Hellrising thread

Post by kraufen » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:08 am


Hey since you like guys like zombies/horror i thought i would just let you guys know about this.
Hellrising is a browser based online game, which is completely free and requires pretty much just a internet connection to play.
It is a apocalyptic horror survival mmo where you can play three different races, which are zombie, human and vampire that are all stuck in a quarantined city named serling. Ill give you a quick rundown how the races work.

Humans are all about survival skills. They can get skills to craft special items (such as electric fences to keep the undead out or upgraded weapons like sawed off shotguns from regular ones), barricade buildings, trade supplies, use guns ect

Zombies are infectors. Most of their skills cause infection damage, they work best in groups or even alone, with skills to pull unsuspecting victims out of buildings, or pretend to be corpses.

Vampires are the hunting race. They have skills to find their prey, with abilities to track the last person they attacked/got attacked by, sense if somebody is in a building. They can also be the strongest race in the game with the bloodthirst skill, which increases the damahe they do with every few kills.

There are also lots of items all races can find and use. One can create groups to work together using group chat with walkie talkies. There is a power plant that can be turned on and off, affecting the whole game making it easier for the undead to hide in the dark or easier for humans if its on because they can find and loot supplies easier.

Also do not be put off by death in the game, it happens a lot, it can be quickly reversed with a revival shot from a fellow survivor, or in the case of the undead that has been revived being killed by vampire/zombie.

The last thing is the game isnt only player vs player. There are a lot of unique npc characters that drop unique items(example- soldier npcs near the army fort drop grenades and military equipment not found elsewhere. The warcophagus, a kind of uh machine drops a grenade launcher making grenades more effective though very hard to get. Also special event npcs during holidays.). Just remember even if you dont wanna fight other players they might wanna fight you.

Anyways sorry for making this so long. Im just very enthusiastic about the game. I want to say this isn't advertising but in the long run it is. The only way to get it known it seems is word of mouth. If this is against the rules or frowned upon feel free to delete my thread or contact me about it. Otherwise i really hope you try and you enjoy the game. And just remember if you die dont give up, its only temporary in the game and can be fixed. Have fun!

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