Fenix flashlights?

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Re: Fenix flashlights?

Post by Frank » Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:10 am

have had the pen light LD-05 for two weeks...i sometimes forget im carrying it :D

did wish it was regulated though
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Re: Fenix flashlights?

Post by NaturalMystic » Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:20 am

I've been using Fenix pretty much exclusively since around 2006 when the P1 was released. I've bought most of them from David Chow aka 4Sevens from back when he first started selling Fenix and 4Sevens lights weren't even a concept. Mine are all single CR123 lights with the exception of the PD31 which uses 2 CR123s or 1 18650. I use 18650s in it. I prefer the smaller form factor and higher output over AA lights. I also buy my CR123s in bulk online for under $2US each because they'll cost you up to $10US each at retail.

I've got the P1, P1D CE (twisty body replaced with Leef clicky body), P2D, P2D Q5, PD20 Q5 and I just got the PD31 limited edition last week. I've had no problems with them whatsoever. Before Fenix I was using Surefire, Streamlight and Princeton Tec but they've been laying in my flashlight storage box for years.

Here are some pics with most of my lights:


A shot with the PD31 (with my ESEE Izula II and Zero Tolerance ZT0350, all of which I got in March):

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Re: Fenix flashlights?

Post by storl » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:20 pm

Fenix is a solid brand. They make great lights, but tend to stay on the simple side compared to the other high end Chinese manufacturers. They are usually a bit behind the other guys in terms of using the latest LEDs and other technology. They do seem to be branching out with more interesting designs these days, with stuff like the TK35 and its dual switches and non-traditional body shape. They have some new lights coming out in a couple of weeks that are looking really nice, especially the TK41.

They have solid customer service, but keep in mind that warranty service is done through your dealer and will take 6-8 weeks since they are going back to China. Buy from someone reputable if you want to be able to take advantage of the warranty. You have two years on current models, but only the dealer is going to know when you bought the light.

Getting back to the OP, even though it is pretty old, Fenix makes some awesome stuff and I highly recommend them, but they do not have the quality and tolerances that Surefire does. Also, Surefire has a lifetime warranty and will honor that warranty for pretty much any reason. Surefire is pricey (prices just went up again last Friday) and they are not known for using the latest and greatest technology, but their lights are about as durable and well engineered as you will find in a production light. I'd be surprised if anything that is not rated as a salt water/dive light holds up better than a Surefire if a Surefire did not do well in those conditions. Keep in mind that non-dive lights are not intended to have their buttons pressed or heads turned while under water since that tends to break the seal.

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