Surefire P60L drop-in review.

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Surefire P60L drop-in review.

Post by Woods Walker » Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:48 pm

Surefire P60L drop-in review.

I got my P60L using a gift card from Bass Pro shops. There has been some interest in upgrading Surefire G2 and G2Z flashlights on this form so I hope my review helps. ... D-Assembly" onclick=";return false;
Light emitting diode/reflector assembly that converts a SureFire 6P, 9P, G2, G3, G2Z, C2, C3, Z2, Z3 or D3 — any flashlight that uses a P60, P61, P90, or P91 incandescent lamp assembly — into a longer-running (and higher-output when replacing a P60 lamp assembly) LED flashlight. The P60L's solid-state LED and precision reflector create a smooth, 80-lumen beam that's bright enough to temporarily overwhelm an aggressor's night-adapted vision. And it continues producing useful light levels for up to 12 hours on a single set of batteries, depending on which flashlight model it's used in. Unlike LED conversion heads, which replace the flashlight's entire bezel assembly, the P60L replaces only the incandescent lamp/reflector assembly. Simply unscrew the flashlight bezel, remove the incandescent lamp assembly, and drop in the P60L.
It was easy to install. I just unscrewed the bezel and replaced the standard P60. Took all of 2 minutes. The SF battery carrier has a spot for an extra lamp so I tossed my old one in there. Can’t hurt to have a backup.


Hard to see due to the flash but here is the new emitter installed. I have been told it is a Seoul P4 LED but the SF web site does not specify.


Here is a beam shot from the G2Z with P60L drop-in.


It has a real nice beam rated for 80 lumens. I would say 80 honest lumens. Lots of light makers seem to over rate the outputs to inflate sales. This is not the case here. Puts off more light than my older Inova T3 rated for the same output. I believe the P60L runs non dimming (regulated) for 2-3 hours. But others have tested it in plastic bezels and seen a drop off within 15 minutes then a runtime of 60 lumens for 3-4 hours. Then it runs on dimming light for 6-8 hours. The G2ZL and G2L comes with Al bezels to act as a heatsink.


1. Longer runtime over standard P60 lamp. Also offers regulated output.
2. LED should not burn out unlike the incandesant P60 lamp.
3. Runs brighter.
4. The spare P60 lamp can be used as a backup.
5. Properly fits the G2 and G2Z. Tested it out on my older G2 and worked great. Sometimes the cheap EBAY knock-offs require modifications or so I have been told.
6. Made in the USA and is backed by Surefire.


1. Less output and runtime than some higher end after market drop-ins using Cree LEDs.
2. Expensive. The P60L is 40 dollars. More than the cost of a standard G2. In fact the cost of the P60L and standard G2 is about the same as a new G2L. Guessing this is no mistake. Worth the cost of upgrading a more expensive G2Z but for a G2 I might just consider buying the G2L and keeping the extra G2 unless money was tight.
3. Plastic bezel does not heetsink the LED so it goes into a thermal reduction. Less lumens but longer runtime. I like this but others may not.
4. Mine had a very very small chip on the inside of the reflective cone so there is a non reflective spot. Not enough to affect the beam but I really expect a lot from the quality control at Surefire. I know Surefire would take care of it but not worth my time considering the light operates just fine.
5. Single mode remains. Some like this however I wish Surefire would sell a new tail cap etc to go along with the P60L for a low mode. Not really a problem just more of a wish.


This is a very good upgrade. I am sure there are brighter longer running LED drop-ins available however will not trust a cheap knock off and the quality after market drop-ins tend to cost more. The P60L has given my G2Z a new lease on life.

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Re: Surefire P60L drop-in review.

Post by Zoltan » Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:55 pm

Nice! Will this work with a 6P?? I would love to add it to my 6P cause the regular P60 and my P61 just kill my CR123s.
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