HPA Air Rifle

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HPA Air Rifle

Post by dixieboy30513 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:42 am

Recently I've been thinking about buying a HPA air rifle for target shooting and possible small game hunting. I want to get either a Benjamin Discovery or Maximus or a Beeman Chief, Before I do I want to ask some questions from some members with experience with these weapons.

Would a HPA air gun be a good way to practice my shooting skills or are they a waste of time?

How long do the hand pumps last? I can't find anybody local who refills tanks so a hand pump is my only option. I've heard the seals are prone to breaking is there any thing I can do to prevent this?
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Re: HPA Air Rifle

Post by Stercutus » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:45 am

You are likely better off with a barrel break springer. I have used mine for 15 years with thousands of pellets fired and it works just fine. Also slays rabbits quietly, which I used before I got a suppressor for my .22.

Yes, it helps with training accuracy so far as sighting and aiming. It is also cheap and fun entertainment.
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Re: HPA Air Rifle

Post by Black Beard » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:52 pm

It depends.......

If you want to do serious competitive target shooting then you will need something similar to what everyone else is shooting. For field target, a pre- charged pneumatic air gun like a HW100 is ideal. For Olympic style then something like an Anschutz. For fun target shooting, any HP air gun will do it. But spring and gas ram guns are more fun. They recoil and are harder to shoot accurately. Spring rifles really test consistency and follow through and will improve your shooting. PCPs are more efficient hunting tools because they are easier to shoot well. For HP air, if you live near a sub-aqua place that can charge bottles then I would go for a big bottle instead of a pump.

In the US the Diana range of German air rifles are really cheap for what they are (which is excellent). A good break barrel or under/side lever rifle will last years. In the UK, HW and Air Arms are most popular (Diana are equivalent but very expensive over here). Please don't buy an air gun based upon a fps figure. The trigger, feel and build quality are more important. That and decent pellets.

I have lots of air guns. Most are spring rifles because they are more fun and fun guns get used.

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Re: HPA Air Rifle

Post by Halfapint » Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:53 pm


I started his thread a while ago, but it's got good information that might help you. I personally own 2 Benjamin air rifles, both in .177, but my next purchase will be a .22 air rifle. Pistons are better than springs, so I'll always get a break action piston over pretty much anything but a PCP airgun, but PCPs are about as loud as a real firearm.
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Re: HPA Air Rifle

Post by JoergS » Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:48 am

I can really recommend the FXAirguns PCP rifles, made in Sweden. They have power, but what really makes them great is their accuracy. They are so accurate because of the great design, excellent manufacturing quality and also by no small means by their superior barrel technology. The FX barrels aren't hammered or drilled - the rifling is actually pressed on from the outside. This means they use a super smooth (mirror like) steel tube, then they pull this through the tool with enormous force, applying just the right twist. The result is a rifled, but still ultra smooth barrel without ANY ridges, burrs or irregularities.

This is super important for pellet shooters.

Only thing is they aren't cheap, plus there often is quite a waiting time. They can't keep up with demand.

As for the hand pumps, as long as you aren't going crazy with the pumping frequency a good pump lasts forever. But for the same money you can get a used Scuba bottle - if you have a dive store close by, they can fill it for you for cheap. A 12 l bottle will last a looong time and refilling the gun takes about one second.
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