Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe

For those who live in areas where firearms are not an option and those that are smart enough to have a back up.

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Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe

Post by sakimoto » Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:14 am

Does anyone know if these are good for battle? I have hear good things and bad things and also a mixture of both. Mostly from the handle. Does anyone that dispatches zombies know how this axe works. I personally do not like the way it looks but for the money and an little elbow grease. It may be a good investment. Any information from my fellow zombie killer will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you! :mrgreen:

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Re: Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe

Post by Jeriah » Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:36 am

I have their large Viking axe and have been considering the hand axe as well. With a price point around $50, it's reasonably priced, and comparable to Museum Replicas' offerings.

Regarding the large Viking axe (NOT the hand axe, but as a point of reference) came with a nice, thick head, nicely shaped of high carbon steel. Finish is consistent, visible sanding grain perpendicular to the cutting edge, so by no means a mirror polish not ugly grind marks or anything. Wood is hickory, unstained, with a very modern polyurethane finish. Could be sanded and stained, or replaced, if you want an authentic Viking look. (Use ash for the wood, and hand rub linseed oil into it, over and over again.) The head slides up the length of the shaft, which gets wider towards the head, keeping the head from slipping off. I found the fit to be very snug at the end, and even after banging on it with a mallet, could only get the head about 2" from the end. It is on there VERY well. No movement. If the 2" of extra wood bothered me I could trim it, but it doesn't really. I kind of like the security of knowing the head won't ever come flying off.

The head has a hole drilled in it and came with a Chicago screw (cutler's rivet); you're supposed to drill a hole through the wood and put this in place. I haven't done so, because a.) it isn't period, b.) If the wood shrinks over time or anything I want to be able to work the head up higher on the shaft, c.) I'm concerned that drilling a hole in the wood could weaken it, and d.) the head isn't going anywhere now, so if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Based on all this, yes, I'd recommend the Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe...IF you're into Viking age weapons just for fun, but aren't obsessed about it being 100% period in every detail without doing some work to it. For backyard cutting, I bet it'd be great. If zombies were real, I'm sure this would do a fine job on them.

If you want a weapon that doubles as a useful tool, though, get a Granfors Light Forest Axe. I have one and it is the shit.

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