Major faceplam last night - odd situation

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Major faceplam last night - odd situation

Post by Mooha182 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:31 am

The brief is that I was headed back from the base commissary and I saw a vehicle parked in the middle of the road with hazards on. The situation turned into a missing intoxicated person with suicidal intent. During the time after 911 was called, I didn't have my medic bag (facepalm) but also didn't even have a flashlight or any clue which street I was on. Luckily this was mitigated by the fact a MP responded lightning fast and they performed a k-9 search.

The long version:

I was headed back from the base commissary when a vehicle was parked in the middle of the road with it's hazards on. Being a good citizen and more importantly a military member, I stopped with my hazards right behind the person. They driver started throwing information at me of how so and so was missing and they hurt themselves but he didn't know where they were at. I immediately asked if 911 had been called (it hadn't) and I had him call it. The first problem was that we both really new to the area and we didn't know what crossroad intersection we were at. What made it even worse was the fact there weren't any signs because they were in the middle of replacing that whole intersection. Luckily another vehicle was sitting at the red light and they knew. During the time that we were waiting on Fire / EMS / MP's to show up, I was able to get the person to calm down, tell me exactly what happened and where the person might be. After I got the details, I had him move his SUV off the road and I had to move my vehicle across the street since we were still sitting in the middle of a road. It would been nice if I could just of driven over the curb but my vehicle rides a bit low as a sedan. Just as I got back to the intersection from parking, a MP K-9 unit showed up. I immediately passed him the information and relayed it to other units. He got his dog out and started searching nearby.

After a minute, another MP unit, post fire, and EMS arrived to join in. I filled in each unit as they arrived to the situation with the latest update. The fire truck immediately deployed their nifty giant light-all unit and EMS prepped for the situation. Within a few minutes, the dog had found the missing person and EMS arrived and bandaged, boarded, and loaded the patient. I wasn't involved in any of the actual search and rescue part because I didn't have a light nor did I have my medical kit. Both are actually sitting at my feet ready to be loaded in my vehicle this morning. Either way, I still stayed with the family members who were in the car of the missing person to get information out of them and provide moral support.

I gave the MP's my name and number and told them I had to go bring my commissary food home, but since I volunteer at the hospital, I would meet them there in a little bit. After I arrived back to the hospital, the patient was stabilized as well as the family. I got to fill out all sorts of nifty paperwork and send emails but I also got to reflect on what went wrong (no med kit, light, directions) and what went right (911 first, get information to MP's and EMS) and now can correct it if this happens again.

*I have left a lot of details out for patient privacy as well as the fact the police / MP's are involved*
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Re: Major faceplam last night - odd situation

Post by TacAir » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:07 am

All's well that ends well.

I would add that unless you have had specific training for dealing with suicidal persons (or drunks for that matter) it is best to stand aside.

We've had a large and unfortunate rash of suicides and murder/suicides here in the last couple of years some with military folks involved. Local providers have had extra classes, but still - it is a touchy situation.

Alaska leads the Nation in suicides, in part due to alcohol abuse, the long, bitterly cold and dark winters don't help.

Thanks for sharing.
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