We're not thugs. Well...for the most part.

Discuss those "what if" or "what would you do" scenarios you've been wondering about.

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We're not thugs. Well...for the most part.

Post by noncyr » Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:51 pm

Hi! Welcome to the ZS forum on life in the Post Apocalyptic World, or the P.A.W. We hope your visit is as fun for us, as it will be for you. We just want to take a quick moment to point out a teensy piece of information that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Life in the P.A.W. will be hard and complicated. The world will be a mean and scarey place. That's why ZS believes that it is in the best interest of all humans to work together to survive. ZS does not support the notion of becoming "land pirates" and capitalizing on the weakness of others.

So please, no threads announcing how you are going to pop someone and take their food. We don't want to hear how you've got enough firepower to make sure some eighty year old gives you her last bottle of water. While we've no doubt that you are a complete bad ass (okay, we have SOME doubts), we don't want to hear it.

Thanks for playing. Now post something.

P.S. Stop using the title "what would you do?"! Give us a better idea what to expect in the thread before we open it. Naming your thread "What would you do?" in here is like using the title "Guns" in the firearm forum.


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