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Post by GravediggerTripleSix » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:31 pm

Now kids, repeat after me: Head equals redead!
"They woke up on the wrong side... of the grave."

The Zombie hunter formerly known as NecronomiconExMortis. Represent.

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Post by Chris@MTCT » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:32 pm

10. "five smokes says the little one dont make it"
9. " Shit check out the ass on that one...Bang"
8. "underwear???? what's underwear?"
7. "this one time at the stronghold"
6. "Does this make us raiders now?"
5. "make sure you knock, I might be jerking it in the bunker."
4. "Damn did you get that shot on video?"
3. "Black! Black! oh god noooo......ahhh"
2. "Well that little kid should have never ran right out there."
1. " I know I put the M203 back on right after I cleaned it but it just fell off while i was loading the 8th round"

he he Its almost like last tour all over again

four out
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Post by Bolo » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:33 pm

1: "Daddy I'm confused"

I'll tell you one more time, the 7.62's are for the M14 and the 5.56's are for the AR. Just stick 'em in the mag, pointy side out.

2: "Honey, could use another mag here"

3: "Hey, I used to date that chick...*BANG*... never liked the bitch anyway

4: [shoots a zed] That one's for your mother!
[shoots another zed]
That one's for the Pope!
[shoots another zed]
That one's for Bobo the space-monkey!
[shoots one more]
That one's cause I have ammo left in my gun!
[shoots last zed, bells ring]
That one's 'cause I can!

4: "Guns don't kill people. I do.

5: "I don't discriminate. I kill them all equally.

6: "The gene pool is stagnant and I am the minister of chlorine. "
peace through superior firepower


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Post by GravediggerTripleSix » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:36 pm

I know I've heard a lot of these before.

"They woke up on the wrong side... of the grave."

The Zombie hunter formerly known as NecronomiconExMortis. Represent.

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Post by ZombiesArePeopleToo » Thu Jan 03, 2008 10:41 pm

I'm so hungry I could eat a hor....hey look at that pasture over there. :twisted:
"I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens."

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Molon Labe
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Post by Molon Labe » Fri Jan 04, 2008 3:49 am

Don't worry mam, we talked about this on the internet :D
Molon labe: Underwater Fire Starter-
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Post by GravediggerTripleSix » Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:14 am

See, I TOLD you a 12 gauge would pop a head like a zit!
"They woke up on the wrong side... of the grave."

The Zombie hunter formerly known as NecronomiconExMortis. Represent.

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Post by xxxero » Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:00 pm

hey, i trapped 2 dozen rats- who wants fresh milk?

um, isn't that zed over there one of the guys that used to make fun of me for being in ZS?

*screaming at the last of a horde of zeds before shooting him in the head from a safe distance* "hey! ASSHOLE!! what part of 'non-stationary cadaver suppression task force' don't you understand?!" BANG!
quid quid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

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Post by Shadowsbane » Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:38 am

And he had only 2 days left until retirement.
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Post by bonanacrom » Sat Mar 15, 2008 7:10 am

Any of your women for rent?
The deeper you go in the forest the more things there are to eat your horse. Image

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Post by shenkhu » Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:13 am

HEY GUYS... i found some coffee
in the begining, there were man and wolfes, not quite enemies, not quite friends.

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Post by DFWMTX » Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:15 am

"Pedal faster, Johnny wants to watch a movie."

"One good thing about the apocalypse has been that it's allowed me to get out and meet new and interesting people."
It can always get worse.

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Post by suntzu » Sat Mar 15, 2008 5:39 pm

Hail Mary's punctuated by gunfire.

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Post by phoenixmastm » Sat Mar 15, 2008 7:18 pm

"Well, this is the only time where I really could go without meeting the new neighbors."

"I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the Army."

"Hey, aint that your boss? As a zed?" BANG "Not anymore."

(I know, these suck, I'm not really into it right now. :P )
Up onto the overturned keel
Clamber, with a heart of steel
Cold is the ocean spray
And your death is on it's way
With maidens you've had your way

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Hell Follows
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Post by Hell Follows » Sat Mar 15, 2008 7:40 pm

Pass the duct tape.

Adapt or Die.

In Burt We Trust.

"Why don't you just go back and do what you feds do best? Take something simple and COMPLICATE it!" Burt in Tremors 3

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Post by addam_bomb » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:04 am

"BOOM,head shot!"
"Die zombie scum."
"Wipe the guts off your boots before you come in."
"It's a trick,get an axe."

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Post by quietusm » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:20 am

"You know with enough hot sauce I think you can eat anything."
"Hey this really does taste like chicken."
"Man all this is the wrong ammo, what are we gonna do now, throw it at them?"
"And to think, if this was a sport when I was a kid, I might not have needed ZS to get in shape."
"And to think all those hours they said I wasted playing all those zombie games. Who knows how to kill them now, huh?"
"Look, I've always wanted to drive one of those, but how do you think it'd hold up in a horde?"

Man 1:Staring at a found dead animal "I'm almost considering it man."
Man 2: In shock "What? Dude you can't be that lonely."
Man 1: In even more shock "Dude you are sick, I was talking about eating it"
Man 2: "Oh yeah, right."
Silence is golden.
Duct tape is silver.

Those who think they know everything annoy those of us that do.

"Three can keep a secret if two are dead."
-Benjamin Franklin

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Post by Kbkilla » Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:00 pm

Spam...its whats for dinnar

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Flying Lead
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Post by Flying Lead » Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:05 pm

Stop screaming like a school girl! Just shoot his stupid dead ass.

When I said I could eat a bucket of lard it was a joke. Oh well WTF, when in Rome.....

Don't sweat it man, he was already dead anyhow.

Check this shit out, dead man walkin'.......BOOM
The optimist learns English, a pessimist - Chinese, realist exploring a Kalashnikov rifle.-russian survival website
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Woods Walker wrote:If their shit was any tighter the carbon within would be turned to diamonds.
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Post by justsomeguy » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:13 pm

Got Milk?
Send more Zombies.
Wanna smell my brain?
Can Ya MAMA sew?
I like you, I like sex
plug your ears
Hey You! You Alive?
How do you like your lawn clippings?
Whoops- (as butt end of Ka-bar bounces off zombie)
Lets play lawn darts with those dead guys
NO dont shoot him! He just Ate some of my cooking!
I'll trade 500 rounds of 5.56 for that smoke and cup of coffee ya got there...

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Post by Valarius » Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:42 pm

"Honey, wash some more diapers."

"I remember when liquor ran for 50 bullets a liter. That was two years ago. Now it's 100 bullets. Damn APEC."

"James, eat your vegetables. There are starving children in New York."

"Your mother wears high heels!"
See you around, HK. And remember folks: victory is surviving to watch another sunrise.

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Post by OneManShow » Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:49 pm

i cant hit shit..... dude check your rear sights......oh.......ok nevermind you just cant shoot. (this one is real)

I know, I know shes a zed but do you think they'er real

OMG....what honey?.......i think i left the gas on.......good pass me a flare

i think im dehydrated.......... ok bend over (if you been in the mil you know what im talkin about)

crap i'll take mortors at al asad over this any day

oh good ya'll are back from the raid......lets see water, canned food, meds.........WHAT THE HELL? WHERES THE PORN AND WISKEY
Is that you John Wayne, Is this me.

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Post by XtraBright » Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:32 pm

How many zeds do you think are out there ?
I estimate about 6 billion.
We will run out of ammo.
Yeah ... could happen, i hate reloading.

Thank god it´s only the z-paw.
I mean, what is so worse about a virus that turns people into undead shambling things ? Nothing. Won´t change the live of most of them.
It could turn them into lawyers.....
Or imagine our BOL surrounded by thousands of people asking: Do you want fries with that ?

Wow, that .338 Lapua works great on those zeds...
Yeah .. do you remember all those *Mentos and Light Coke* vids on youtube ?

Look ! i found a piece of soap.
I don´t think that we can establish a new society by sticking to ancient relicts.

Decades after the outbreak:
Mommy ! Mommy !
There is a man out in the street and we kicked our football into his face and he started screaming and there is strange red stuff coming out of his nose !
John ! John ! The shotgun ! There is a feral human outside !!

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Post by shenkhu » Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:56 am

i love the "decades after outrbreak" idea...

-hey son, take a look... this object here was watched by every single human being in america... it used to display a continuous flood of pictures and sounds, for entertainment or information matters, you also could plug these little machines here, to watch stories that we used to calll "movies", or this particular item with wich you could make the characters on the screen move like if it was you, take this "joystick",
and then put a CD in the"videogame" ....aahhhh!! memories...this one was my favourite... "call of duty!!!"

-daddy, you already show me a TV BEFORE, i wanna see that abandoned aircraft carrier that crashed at the docks years ago...

-.....that's my son!!!! you take lead, i'll cover for ya!
in the begining, there were man and wolfes, not quite enemies, not quite friends.

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