Kickstarter: QuarantineZ (Zombie Survival Card Game)

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Kickstarter: QuarantineZ (Zombie Survival Card Game)

Post by NapTime » Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:19 pm

Hey ZS, check out this thing! ... -card-game" onclick=";return false;

My friend created a Zombie Survival Card Game, and has been tweaking the rules and playtesting it for a few months now. He's got the final version, and is looking for help fundraising to make a professionally printed (in the USA) version to sell. The link above has most of the information you need, and a way to support him monetarily if you so desire. If you aren't so sure about all this "card game" nonsense and want to give it a whirl before you fork over cash, check out the main website below." onclick=";return false;

It has a button on the right that lets you download the PDF of the game, print it out on your printer / local copy center, cut it up, and play with your friends! It's a really fun game, and you don't even have to take my word for it. It would be super awesome for him if you guys checked it out, and even more awesome if you supported his Kickstarter and passed it along to your similarly inclined friends. Enjoy!

This is pretty blatant self promotion, but didn't seem too spammy, because at minimum, you get a free game! If mods disagree, feel free to move/delete/PM me

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