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Re: post zombie firearms

Post by Gingerbread Man » Tue May 21, 2013 5:26 am

mantis wrote:Only if you believe in the Hollywood/video game/mall ninja fantasy version of a PAW where combat will be a regular event. In the reality, it will be an extreme rarity and something to be avoided unless you want to get killed. In any case, combat with ancient obsolete weapons would be 10x as foolish as combat fire firearms and is nothing but a certain ticket to the afterlife.
In the past most interpersonal events were fulled by alcohol, revenge and misunderstandings. Avoid alcohol or places where it's served, don't engage in revenge and work out misunderstandings and that should keep combat to a minimum.
However, I disagree on not having skills with obselete arms. They're still effective, there are places firearms are not premitted now so it stands to reason that in a PAW there would be too. Furthermore, if I were found without by a large disaster I like to have skills with weapons other than firearms. Some parts of the world, there are not very many firearms around. I'm not saying melee arms are optimal, I'm just saying they have a place in your skill set.
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Re: post zombie firearms

Post by FrANkNstEin » Tue May 21, 2013 7:41 am

Of course they have their place, no dout about that and i've never meant to rule them out completely.

But foregoing firearms completely in favour of some less effective weapons... meh.. makes no sense.

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