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People in Detroit Hiring Paramilitary Guards for Security

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 9:27 am
by absinthe beginner
A sign of the times: the wealthy (or those who can afford to) in urban centers like Detroit are hiring their own security because they have lost faith in the police and municipal authorities. ... government

DETROIT — When Detroit filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and made major budget cuts, it set off a wave of police officers leaving the force to find better-paying opportunities in other cities. The resulting police shortage and ongoing retention problem has brought another wave — of private security companies.

It's become a booming industry here in recent years, with the largest contractor, Securitas, reporting 25% year-over-year growth since the city's bankruptcy.

Another successful player in the business is Threat Management Center, run by ex-Army paratrooper Dale Brown. His 60-person VIPER force serves a client roster of over 5,000 private citizens and 100 businesses. Altogether, he said, the company brings in about $2 million a year.

Re: People in Detroit Hiring Paramilitary Guards for Security

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 12:46 pm
by Stercutus
There were a number of things Vice got wrong (Shocking I know).

- If a private guard goes out in the public and screws up an interaction with the public the company can be easily sued of existence and the guard face criminal charges. The managers and owners of the company might also face charges. Guards can still violate civil rights and face charges for that as well. Security guards have no Qualified Immunity and private security guards and companies often get sued. The Board of Director thing is fantasy.

- Wealthy neighborhoods seldom have much violent crime at all. I know this goes against TV detective show wisdom where the murderer is always the rich, white, college educated type who did it for some weird, petty reason but overwhelmingly often this is not the case. Normally it is just one drug addict/ dealer killing another over drugs, money or sex. These tend to occur in poor neighborhoods between poor people who are most often multigenerational criminals and substance abusers. The spillover violent crime tends to most often occur when someone with a drug problem in a rich neighborhood does not pay their dealer and the dealer decides to collect the hard way.

- This is hardly a new concept. Armed guards are as old as civilization itself. The rich have always paid for more security because they are rich.

- I may have missed it but I did not see any arms on the armed guards.

Re: People in Detroit Hiring Paramilitary Guards for Security

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 12:54 pm
by NT2C
Not exactly DICE material. Moved to the News sub.