My 'norwegian' set-up, since I'm norwegian...

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My 'norwegian' set-up, since I'm norwegian...

Post by RolandTHTG » Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:21 am

My set up, C&C please? Please bear in mind that this is for Norway.

On body;
- Heavy wool socks.
- Trousers, usually jeans with cargo-pocket. I use Bluegear, a Swedish brand." onclick=";return false;
- Jacket, usually leatherjacket.
- Bandana/triangular scarf. Taken from my Norwegian army FAK’s.
- Shoes, usually Timberland Earthkeepers.
- Belt.
-Cap, I rotate several. Usually in subduesd colors, like grey, brown, olive green, black.
-Survival/comfort pouch, in cargo-pocket, separate list.
-EDC- ; keys, Buck, small flashlight, CPR-mask, carabiner, 550-cord.

GHB/EDC + . I carry this everyday to work and back, most of the time really when I’m out of the house. Only exception really is when I’m out drinking… No water or food added at this time, except for water in the bottle.
Small pack/bag; TNF messenger bag.
-FAK, separate list.
-E&E, separate list.
- Fireatarter kit, separate list.
-Multitool, Leatherman skeletool CK.
-Rain-poncho, black. Cheap POS, still in original packing, should get me by for a short while.
-Collapsible mini-pack, TNF. Great as an extra when you pick up something useful.
-Bottle, Nalgene 0,5 liter.
-Flashlight, Led Lenser T7. Great flashlight, runs on AAA’s." onclick=";return false;
-Gloves, Hatch kevlar." onclick=";return false;
-Mug, stainless steel. Prefer being able to cook with it if need be.
-Shemagh, khaki.
-Paracord, x-meters.
-Also the current novel that I'm reading while taking public transportation.

BOB/INCH, camping gear more or less. No water or food added at this time.
Large pack; Norrøna Para Ranger, an older model of this ... -Pack-120L" onclick=";return false; (moving to something else, maybe Arcteryx Bora 80l).
-Hammock, Exped Ergo.
-Sleeping bag, Snugpak Softie Merlin 3 (summer).
- Sleeping bag, Ajungilak Tyin (winter). Had this for years, good for way down below freezing.
-Sleeping pad, Ajungilak.
-Machete. Cold Steel, I think… Really dull edge, need to fix that or get something else. Probably one of these. ... nsyxa.html" onclick=";return false;
-Rain-poncho, Fjellsport. Great camo, just sit still and you look like a rock…
-Dry, Heavy wool socks, 3 pairs.
-Boxer, merino-wool. Aclima. ... =1&lang=en#" onclick=";return false;
-Dry merino-wool, for sleeping in. Aclima hoodie. ... =4&lang=en#" onclick=";return false; -Wool-longs,
-Headlight, Led Lenser H7." onclick=";return false;
-Hobo-stove, Ikea Ordning. ... lery+caddy" onclick=";return false;
-Small kettle, Primus. ... ttle-1.5l/" onclick=";return false;
-Multitool, Leatherman Wave.
-Bathroll, separate list.
-Shemagh, green.
-Batteries, AA & AAA.
-Leather fat. I’m using something called Golden Quality, can’t find the link thogh.
-Sowing kit, for tekstiles and leather, separate list.
-Trousers, Stetind, under lid. ... ?k=stetind" onclick=";return false;
-Jacket, Stetind, under lid. ... ?k=stetind" onclick=";return false; Terrible links, I know, but it’s what I got.
-T-shirt, merino-wool, Aclima, under lid. ... =3&lang=en#" onclick=";return false;

The ‘under lid’ stuff is the gear I’d change into as soon as the situation allows it. Either before I grab the pack or after you get to a safer spot.

The separate lists (IFAK, bathroll, etc) will have to come later.
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Re: My 'norwegian' set-up, since I'm norwegian...

Post by NapTime » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:50 pm

Interesting setup! I thought I'd bounce a few things off you about your cooking setup. You list the hobo stove and the kettle, but do you have anything to cook in / eat in / eat out of? I don't know if you just didn't list them, but bowl/cup/spoon(spork?)/pot/etc. will make the hobo stove and the kettle a lot more useful. Unless the plan is cook-in-the-bag backpacking meals with your fingers, and tea straight out of the kettle.

Another thing to think about is packing size. The kettle/hobo-stove setup doesn't look like it exactly nests. You might think of looking into a pot/stove combo that fits together for a smaller pack size, or something like the Emberlit/MagicFlame that packs flat.

That TNF pack looks really cool though! I use the casual version of that (chicobags) when I travel, and it's invaluable.

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Re: My 'norwegian' set-up, since I'm norwegian...

Post by RolandTHTG » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:04 pm

You're absolutely right. I forgot to mention a couple of things.

I've got a collapsible rubber bowl from Sea to summit I think, that me and Elvis (my dawg obviously) eats from. And a stainless spoon on a 'dummy-cord', that I've also forgot to mention. Knives, yeah, I've got e'm ;-)

Regarding the kettle,/stove. Believe me, I've been looking for the perfect set-up forever, guess I' m back to basic. Again... I mean, functionality comes before 'packability'.

Good feedback man, appreciate it.

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