EDC & PSK v2 (Pocket Survival Kit)

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EDC & PSK v2 (Pocket Survival Kit)

Post by GunsUp » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:41 am

As two years have passed and I've done some significant tinkering with this kit I thought I'd make another post to show how it has evolved and share some of my ideas and reasons for changes. Please let me know what you think, all comments or questions are welcome.
Previous kit, December 2009: http://zombiehunters.org/forum/viewtopi ... 14&t=56275" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here's the whole kit, the PSK is in the top right, everything else is EDC. The EDC stuff is really truly EDC and has been intentionally streamlined to be comfortable enough that I won't ever have to leave any of it at home (except maybe at the beach) while still functioning as an urban survival kit. The PSK is made to slip into the pocket of my cargo pants when going outdoors, and will be supplemented by my EDC.

EDC Contents
Keltec PF9 with 8 rounds of 124 gr gold dot +P in an ace pocket/IWB holster and hogue grip-all jr.
Kershaw Blur 1670S30V
Wallet w/ $100+ in cash (emergency stash not touched)
Keys w/ bottle opener, ~10' paracord, pill fob (2x aspirin, 4x immodium, 4x benadryl, 4x pepcid, 6x ibuprofen)
EDC Pocket kit in a re-purposed photography battery/flash card holder (pic below)
* $100 in cash
* P51 Can opener
* Black fisher space pen
* Leatherman Squirt PS4
* Mini-bic
* 32G flash drive
* Fenix E11
* 4 Quarters
Not shown: watch (various) and droid-x cellphone


The PSK Contents:
I am breaking these out by primary purpose although many of the items are multipurpose. Sorry about the
1. Button compasses (2x)
2. Whistle
3. Streamlight Nano (plastic shim keeps batteries alive)
4. Starflash Signal Mirror

5. 20' 550 Cord
6. Heatsheets double survival blanket
7. Poncho
8. 10' duct tape

9. mini BIC
10. Vaseline cotton balls
11. Firesteel & hacksaw blade (taped to prevent damage to other items

12. Survival Solutions Aquapouch w/ 2 coffee filters, filter holder and 10 Katadyn Micropur tabs inside
13. Waterproof vinyl pouch with velcro closure & grommet reinforced lanyard hole

First Aid:
14. 2 Bandaid hydrocolloidal blister dressings
15. 2 PVI prep pads
16. Electrolyte tabs
17. Pill pack w/ 2 Pepcid AC, 4 Benadryl, 4 immodium AD, 8 ibuprofen
18. superglue
19. new, clean razor

Food & gear repair:
20. 25' 80lb test spectra braided fishing line
21. Fishing / trapping and sharps pack in hard plastic container
* 5 - Size 6 hooks
* 10 - Size 12 hooks
* 5 - Size 1/0 split shots
* 5 - Size 3/0 split shots
* 10 - Size 3 stainless steel swivels (65 lb rating)
* 3 - small safety pins
* 5 - Sewing needles (sized to accept the fishing line)


My comments and reasons for changes:
Still running the same EDC gun, I'll sometimes carry a reload, and I probably should always, but I usually don't. When I can, I'll carry one of my full size guns with 1-2 extra mags, but as I have to leave my gun in the truck at work I find it easier to take this on and off discreetly, not to mention it is much easier to conceal and weighs nothing.

Changed pocket knives because I broke the tip of my other kershaw (leek) off, however kershaw with their awesome customer service gave me credit toward this one as a replacement. I actually like the old one more I think as it was lighter and had a better blade profile, but I got this one sight unseen and can't bring myself to "downgrade" back to a cheaper knife... lol.

Big skinny wallets are awesome, I love that they are wider and thinner than typical wallets meaning that they don't cause sciatica.

Swiss-Tec Key was crap, it broke and I didn't replace it.

I love my little pocket organizer, I tried the maxpedition one, but it was way to big, I'd make a few changes to this one (elastic loop placement for instance) but not many. I removed the rubber logo, belt strap and metal zipper pull to lighten it up and prevent snags coming in and out of the pocket.

For the PSK I call it V2 but it's really like v10 or something. I have struggled with finding a container I am happy with. I started off with the contents split into two parcels (as in the previous post). I switched out the one container several times trying to find a metal container that would work well for boiling water. I tried a large tin from survival resources, a small bread tin and a flask with the top cut off. But I wasn't really happy with it because it just didn't sit comfortably in my pocket. I finally gave up on that idea because I usually carry some kind of water container with me when hiking and frankly I've never been anywhere that I have traveled more than a few hours without finding a coke can or bottle I could use. I finally settled on this as it is waterproof and actually holds about 500ml of water quite well as a backup water carrier. I like the flexibility of this container and the shape is perfect for either a front pocket or the cargo pocket, very comfortable.

The majority of volume of my kit is used up by shelter components. I feel this is perhaps the most important category as natural shelter is pretty lacking in my AO. The only "trees" are mesquite bushes with 1" long thorns. The dual heatsheet is actually large enough to wrap around me completely, unlike the el-cheapo space blankets that won't even fully cover my torso, it's also orange on one side to aid in signaling.

For water storage and treatment I went with the survival solutions aquapouch with the coffee filter holder and 10 Katadyn Micropur tabs. I thought this was the most compact water treatment and storage I could find. I keep thinking about getting rid of the aquapouch and replacing it with a triangular bandage because I carry a bottle and bottles can be found everywhere... but I keep coming back to you can't have too many water options in the desert and I usually have a shemagh on me as well.

The pills are duplicated from the EDC to the PSK because I actually use the ones in the EDC with some regularity (especially the pepcid AC and ibuprofen), and I'd hate to need them out in the wilderness and realized I used them up on my last hangover.

The bandaid hydrocoloid blister bandages are pure win. These things are awesome. I've put them on a crippling blister and made it almost unnoticeable. Also they are sterile and super durable, they will stay on a blister for 5-6 days even walking around and showering with it. They can also be used on regular cuts and scrapes, but I'd save them for blisters as your ability to walk can be life and death.

The fishing kit is really just there because it doesn't use up much space and perhaps I could catch a bird or squirrel on one of the hooks, or use some the hardware for snares. There really aren't many fish in my AO, but I do occasionally go to greener pastures.

The whistle is some old job fair swag but is actually louder than my jetscream and 1/3 the size (maybe my jetscream is defective?)
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Re: EDC & PSK v2 (Pocket Survival Kit)

Post by Shaper » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:45 am

Overall, I think it is a well thought out kit with good use of repetition and simplicity.

The only thing I can think of off hand that you could add is a map of your AO and a spare mag (that you spoke of) for your CCW.

Well done, man.

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Re: EDC & PSK v2 (Pocket Survival Kit)

Post by allofthemonkeys » Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:55 am

I would change some of those 20's for some smaller bills. Working a register has taught me that some 20's are good, but if you have a lot of people hit a store last minute with cash, like last minute New Years Beer runs, many have 20's and the store will run low on the smaller bills. Personally, I like it when people pay with closer to the actual price.
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Re: EDC & PSK v2 (Pocket Survival Kit)

Post by GunsUp » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:25 am

Well there are 4 20's and 4 5's in both my wallet and in the EDC pouch (8 & 8 total). The problem with going with smaller bills is that it limits the raw amount I can carry, 8 bills is about as thick as I want to go in these cases. I'd rather have 4 20's than 4 5's, I'll just forgo the change or get more stuff if I'm in a true emergency situation.

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Re: EDC & PSK v2 (Pocket Survival Kit)

Post by CrunchDog » Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:56 pm

I like your setup a lot. I am going to emulate it.
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