mobilesuithomer's EDC

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mobilesuithomer's EDC

Post by mobilesuithomer » Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:23 pm

Note: the bag I talk about is just an EDC bag, so it won't have a lot in it, relatively speaking. It's mostly so I have some basic stuff to take with me when I leave the house.

First up, here's what I carry in my pockets:


The little pliers tool goes on my keys (not pictured). The open pocket knife is an old Camillus camp knife with an awl, can opener and bottle cap lifter (which also works great on Mason jar lids). The flashlight was purchased for a dollar, and if I hit it in just the right way it actually shines a beam of light. I'm asking for a Fenix e01 for Christmas to replace it. The phone is an LG Cosmos 2. The hardware is so I have something to occupy my hands other than repeatedly opening and closing my Paraframe.

Also not pictured: my wallet, which contains all of one dollar, and a large military can opener, in addition to ID and various plastic cards.

Next up, here's what I carry in a diaper bag that was being thrown away:


The knife is a Mora, of course. VERY sharp. Gave me a scar once, although I helped by cutting towards myself. The Mag-Lite is the regular bulb version. Both it and the radio take two AA batteries, so I carry four of them. I actually checked the radio right before taking the picture, and it still works great.

The multi-tool is a Leatherman Surge (I think), and the tape is just cheap electrical tape.


The green rectangle at the lower left is a pair of waterproof snow pants. I actually carried them with me all summer, because I kept forgetting to take them out. The gloves were free; all I had to do was spend five bucks on something I don't remember at an Auto Zone, and I got to take the gloves. Not a bad deal.


The pill bottle and whistle both contain waterproof matches. The pill bottle also contains the box they came in, both for the striker and as some tinder. The glow stick is old and should be replaced.


The red bag is just a small, crappy FAK. None of the pain meds have been opened; I carry three different kinds in case someone has an allergy or conflicting medications (such as my brother). The ear plugs need to be replaced, they've been used enough to make wearing them unsanitary. The green circle is a collapsible cup that I should wash.


And finally some miscellaneous stuff that I forgot to include somewhere else.

The wallet contains a phenomenal TWELVE DOLLARS, and now the larger can opener. Everything else from the key chain (bottom left) has been removed from the bag. I'd rather have a dedicated, high noise whistle instead. The tube at the top right is liquid anti-bacterial spray. The toilet paper is in this shot because I forgot I already took a picture of it and didn't feel like taking another one. Like I said, I'm lazy.

What I plan on adding (in addition to food and water):

-A loud, dedicated whistle.

-An actual first aid kit, or at least some gauze and tape to add to what I have.

-A headlamp--I already have one, I just haven't bothered putting it in. I'll also need somewhere to store the batteries, or a way to keep it from getting switched on

-A poncho, even if it's just a thin cheap one.

-A street map of where I live (I already have one, I just don't keep it in this bag).

-An extra Bic lighter in a pill bottle (to keep out moisture, and so another item doesn't press against it).

-Some extra tinder in its own pill bottle. I can't really think of a time where I've needed tinder and not been able to get it, but why not?

-A fire steel.

-A lightweight change of clothes. Probably just a t-shirt, undershorts and some sweat pants, maybe an extra pair of socks.

I also need to actually organize and separate what I already have, to make sure I have room for the clothes (if I even do).

So, any thoughts? Is there anything I'm missing, in terms of what I should have in there, or in terms of what I should plan on adding? Is it possible that I want to add too much?

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Re: mobilesuithomer's EDC

Post by phractal » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:26 pm

Nice take on a cheap EDC concept. If it was mine, I'd consider loosing the Micro SAK and possibly even the Camillus and just roll with the Paraframe and the Leatherman multitool. The multitool will do everything and more than the Camillus and the SAK.

I also don't understand the redundancy of having both a p38 and a p51 on essentially the same key chain. Epsesially when the Camillus or the Leatherman has a much better can opener. Maybe integrate the p38 into your jacket (by possibly attaching it to your zipper pull and using tape to safety it from opening accidentally) The p51 could go in a wallet.

I'd also probably loose the light what barely works and maybe upgrade the Mag over to LED. Maybe even get a tail cap clicky for it from Nite Ize. I'm all about minimizing weight and bulk and the crappy light just seems like more trouble than it's worth.

I'd probably loose the razor knife too.

I think I'd leave the electrical tape home and bring a "credit" card wrapped in duct tape instead.

Otherwise, I like the kit. For working within a budget, you did quite well. The only other suggestion I would make is to constantly re-evaluate your kit and get rid of what you dont use while keeping a list of what you find yourself needing (and not having) Good luck.
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Re: mobilesuithomer's EDC

Post by GunsUp » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:51 pm

Pretty much agree with phractal on everything.. I had all 3 of the swiss tech key chains at one point and they all sucked... worthless waste of weight. The utlikey with it's blade, bight be useful for cutting your way out of bindings, but not much else (it actually broke and fell off my keychain though, not useful enough to replace).

The old knife might have sentimental value, and that's fair game. But for functionality I'd suggest getting a leatherman or gerber to go with the paraframe. Or even just a leatherman micra + knife, or leatherman skeletool.

Ditch the electrical tape for duct tape, or at least brand name 3M electrical tape. I have used literally 100's of rolls of electrical tape in my life, and I can promise you, cheap electrical tape is about the worst kind of tape you can buy. It doesn't stick worth shit in the best of situations and slimes you in the worst of situations. The smallest bit of oil, grease or heat will make it fall apart.

The razor, doesn't contribute much, replace it with a couple of sterile scalpel blades in the first aid kit. The crappy flashlight is possible worse than no flashlight because you might trust it and go into a dark place just to be screwed over when it fails.

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