Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Items to keep you alive in the event you must evacuate: discussions of basic Survival Kits commonly called "Bug Out Bags" or "Go Bags"

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Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by kyle » Thu May 26, 2005 8:59 am

Due to a few requests...

In the same vein as the "Firearms Hot or Not" thread, this thread is dedicated to sharing your personal Bug Out gear (BOB, first aid kits, survival kits, etc. ).

You can include a detailed list of contents, pictures, links, your reasons for choosing your set up, and anything else you want but Please keep regular discussion or comments on previous posts off this thread. If you would like your gear critiqued please feel free to start a new thread.

If you would like to review someone else's gear please start a new thread or send the poster a private message. Please keep discussion out of this thread. The moderator can remove you post from this thread if the guidelines above are not followed.
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Post by randomusername » Thu May 26, 2005 2:25 pm

My B.O.B. / Emergency Bag for my truck has in it the following:

For Clothes:

Tan BDU's
Thermal Shirt
Tank top - In pants pocket
A pair of socks - In pants pocket
Two pairs of boxers - In pants pocket
Work Gloves
Swimming Goggles
Full body flight suit (OD Green)

Survival gear:

Matches - Mmall orange match holder
First Aid Kit
Hooded poncho
Emergency Blanket
Multi purpose Rope
Compass - On gloves
Multi-purpose tool - On gloves
Skinning Knife - Next to clothes
Water purifying tablets

Other gear:

Blanket (underneath clothes)
Ear plugs + nose plug
Personal hygeine kit
3 packs of dry gatorade mix
CB Radio, Adapter and Antenna
Umbrella (Not featured)
2005 Road Atlas (Not featured)
Equate Pain Killers (Added since pictures)
Duct Tape (Added since pictures)

Here are some pictures.




I chose this setup for my truck because while on the road in every day like and in the PAW i plan to be much more society and survival friendly, and not 100% Zombie prepared, i feel like this is a great setup for an emergency in almost any enviornment, except that I am lacking water.

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Post by TDW586 » Thu May 26, 2005 2:34 pm

Cool thread, I've been meaning to post mine for a while.

EDITED: My new, modified, BOB.

The full, loaded BOB. The pack is a German Mountain Rucksack, canvas, rubberized bottom, in German Flecktarn camo.


The full contents of the bag. 3 MRE's, 6 Snickers Marathon Energy Bars, 2 24-oz "Sport" water bottles, Ziplock bag of salt, 3 packets of powdered Gatorade. Copy of Next-Gen KBar, Kydex sheath, coil of nylon rope, duct tape, 100% DEET Off, Multitool, small folding knife, 2 6' coils of wire, Energizer flashlight, matches, lighters, and Magnesium firestarter.


In the middle is my Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 Survival Rifle, .22 LR, with about 500 rounds of .22 LR 40-grain HP sealed in a Ziplock bag.

Below is a closeup of the rifle assembled


Very worn, as you can see, but still very much serviceable. The 2 8-round magazines are loaded, one with CCI Stingers and the other with CCI Quik-Shok frangibles.

Total weight is 22 pounds.
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Post by Oracle » Thu May 26, 2005 7:36 pm

My bug out bag is as follows (sorry, I don't have pictures yet, if I'm able to take some later on, I'll edit and post them). I'm going from the outside in.

Outer container: Wilson-brand 28x13.5x13 standard duffel/athletic bag, with a hard bottom, wheels, and a concealed extendable handle (so that it can be wheeled behind me like some luggage can be).


SGE 400 gas mask and Drager NBC gas filter (occasionally you can get cool stuff when you work at a chemical company, this was an extra)

WASR-10 Romanian AK-type rifle, with a folding stock, mounted Surefire G2 flashlight, and forward-mounted vertical grip, 2/20 round AK magazines.

Comblock load-bearing gear, containing 3/30 round AK magazines, GMRS radio, rifle cleaning kit, GPS, compass, and mini survival kit containing a Spyderco Endura, 2 large trash bags, 2 trioxane bars, a lighter, and iodine tablets.

REI Whitney large daypack containing 1-liter canteen, military poncho, military poncho liner, towel, polypro long underwear top and bottoms, extra socks, AM/FM/SW radio, sierra cup, lighter, matches, swiss army knife, aluminized blanket, 5-inch Mora knife, duct tape, 3 trioxane bars, wire saw, first aid kit, compact binoculars, tp, plastic trowel, and extra glasses.

It weighs an ungodly amount altogether, that's why I chose the duffel bag with wheels. However, distributed over your body when everything is put on, it's not that bad. I really like having it all in a duffel bag, because no one really notices a medium-sized duffel bag in the trunk of someone's car, they generally assume it's a gym bag or whatever.

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Post by the_klenzer » Mon May 30, 2005 7:36 pm


See this thread for contents or to comment on it: ... php?t=4159
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Post by Moonrabbit » Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:07 pm


Bolle T-800 Tac goggles.
Swat cap with clip on LED flashlight.
Paraschute cord.
Pocket Knife.
Multi Tool.
FRS Radio.
Granola bars.
Film cans with more AAA bats for the LED light.
Hockey Tape(advantage over duct tape: Can improve or turn anything into a weapon.)
Electrical tape.
Compas, Whistle and Lighter attached with string.
Extra lighters in pouch.
Saw Back, Self Sharpening Machete.
Kershaw Survival Knife.
Dictionary of Semifores or Hand Signals.

In the gray shoulder bag: Shake flashlight, metal rasp and a few other long tools not shown, and a survival book that shall remain nameless.

In the Kewshaw knife's pouch: Compas, lighter, small first aid kit, small booklet of survival tips and first aid skills. Matches, fish hooks, bait, lead shots.

In my seperate backpack I keep:
AM/FM radio/flashlight.
Extra batterys.
Duct Tape.
Small Toolbox.
Single burner camp stove. (runs on just about anything, really)

Not shown:
Knife called The Bushman.
Buttpack with a MREs.
I have a PASGT helmet, but other than being an effective helmet, I don't think it would be particularly good against zombies due to the weight.
I'd just as soon get one of those helmets skateboarders use.

Recent additions:
Film can tacklebox; Fishing line, small bobber, hook and a few jigs incase bate is taken.

Film can of Dryer Lint. I could get firestarter... When I'm not so lazy.

Seperable backup BOB utility belt. Rather than pack all the extras away. I can wear this at the same time as the rest of my gear. Should someone join up with me, it contains all the basics. Also if I find that I have to dump the bulk of my gear in a hurry, I have lightweight backup. Nothing really new in it. Just extras from the rest of my BOB.
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Post by bgaesop » Thu Jul 21, 2005 3:08 pm

This was my old bag, I have a new one now. I shall post pictures at some point.
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Post by backfire22 » Mon Jul 25, 2005 6:31 pm

My BOB consists of two Kelty bags absolutely packed with neccessary warm and cold weather gear and a survival backpack with other neccessities. Heres pics.

<IMG SRC=" ... 869032.jpg">

and heres whats in it...

<IMG SRC=" ... 866776.jpg">

<IMG SRC=" ... 866843.jpg">

and this one...

<IMG SRC=" ... 869024.jpg">

<IMG SRC=" ... 866826.jpg">

! ! !

<IMG SRC=" ... 866811.jpg">

Finally my Remington 700 .30-06

<IMG SRC=" ... 866799.jpg">

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Post by zXzGrifterzXz » Wed Jul 27, 2005 3:02 am

I disassembled and rebuilt my BoB tonight. Not completely done but pretty close. I will post up a thread for contents, comments, and critiquing tomorrow. (Its 4:09am here and I’m tired.)

Edit: ... php?t=5424


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My Aid Bag
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Post by xthomx » Sun Sep 11, 2005 11:41 am

My BOB consist of a WebTex assault vest, and a British Army DPM extra front pocket attached to the back. Over which I have a 3L CamelBak.

I've also got a set and assortments of '58 pattern webbing.. the pockets are great to add at the bottom of the kit. I guess if things were looking real bad or I was to meet with a big party I would put the outer pack and camelbak into my bergen (tracpac 85), along with extra food / clothing and my folding shovel (hitched on the outside already).


2 Mess tins (with HEX stove, fuel blocks & KFS folded inside)
American Army Poncho
Survival kit (including razor wire saw, candles, compass, landranger map of area, emergency blanket, sewing kits etc.)
First aid kit
British army ration pack assortments
Pockets for 6 magazines / clips whatever (damn gun laws!)
Torch & spare batteries in film can
Mini Binoculars
Built in holster (again, damn gun laws)

Some asrtd. items here ... G_0063.jpg Please comment on this, and recommend amendments

Rear Pack:

(empty when I took the photograph: ... G_0067.jpg Again please give me pointers on improvements

Spare clothing (sweater / trousers / socks & whatnot: I would put this in when in needed it, i've already checked it all fits)
British army 24 hour ration pack
Wash kit in one of those surplus store bags

Hitched on the outside:

4 Bungee straps (not on in photo)
3L CamelBak

I've thrashed this setup and used it inside and out during cadet exercises and I've gotten used to it all. Never let me down.
Please feel free to give me some points in the right direction regarding my BOB, I would greatly appreciate it as you guys seem so much better at all this than me! Thanks! :D

Also, randomly, while I'm thinking about cadets, SnugPak Sleeper 3+ is an awesome sleeping bag.

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Bug-Out Bags... Dresden and Frostbyte

Post by Dresden » Fri Sep 23, 2005 9:25 pm

sorry the pics are not very good...

frostbyte's bag:
net mesh sinch sack
stackable pot/pan/pan
utensile set x2
xtra strong tie wraps
survival knife w/ compas/fishing line/hook and sharpening stone
glow stick
waterproof matches
emergency blanket
hooded poncho
50' paracord
tooth paste
snakebite kit
mini maglight
dryer sheet
2 small flashlights
first aid insect kit
first aid burn kit
first aid cut kit
tube tent
rice/cream of wheat
filet knife

((also water/mre's, bdu's))


3 person tent
sleeping bag
water bottles
contact case/solution
hooded poncho
water purification tablets
dryer sheet
tac light
small shovel
small radio
leatherman multitool
medical bag
waterproof matches
signal whistle
tiny can opener
black net mesh sinch sack
2 25 round belts
15 loose rounds
5 rounds on vest
buck knife

((also water/mre's, bdu's))

My concern with bugging out is mostly rural. There are no major cities within walking distance of where I live, and would take at least one tank of fuel in any given vehicle for us to even reach one. For disaster preparedness being self sufficient will be important for this area. I also would like to survive for at least 72 hours with little or no supplies or help outside of the BOB, yet the BOB should have the tools needed to live past that magic 72 hours. Also, I have two bags here. I will not be bugging out without my girl of course :) so our bags compliment each other. Her back is more geared toward first aid and quality of life, mine is more aggresive/defensive.

Notes on her bag:

net mesh sinch sack...she keeps her cooking supplies in this strong but light net bag. She keeps this bag because it would make a good way to wash dishes, simply dunking them repeatedly into some water. We may not be able to have a ready supply of antibacterial dawn, but we can clean somewhat. The bag would also be a good 'live well' for any fish. You could put them in the bag, sinch it up, and rope it on something.

xtra strong tie wraps...hey, maybe a friend gets bitten, and we don't want them coming back as a zombie and biting us right? We can tie them up while they are willing, and then hope they don't turn, and don't have to put a bullet in the head of a still living friend.

dryer sheet...there is a really light item that seemingly has no purpose... We keep a dryer sheet or two in our bug out bags because we leave our bags stocked and ready to go. This means that our clothes and belongings sit in a canvas bag for months at a time. You leave a dryer sheet in the bag and when you pull those potentially rotten smelling clothes out, and they are springtime fresh :) A small bit of comfort in a potentially horrible time.

tube tent... this is really just an emergency shelter, it doubles as some weather cover and a tarp, for the uses of either

rice/cream of wheat...we keep a bit of this in our bags so that we can have raw carbs that will hydrate when consumed, in addition to the MRE's

sleeping bag... atm we only have one bag between us, and will be getting another very soon. my bag is less than 2 lbs, and is rated to 22 degrees F. You won't be comfortable when the temperature dips below freezing, but you'll be alive.

water bottles... I use 1liter soda bottles, they fit well in the sides of our ruk sacks, two at a time. we carry at least 8 liters of water for imediate survival, supplimented with enough water purification tablets for 80 gallons.

hatchet... I use a hatchet with a hammer head on the reverse side. This will be much more usefull in a rural setting than a crowbar/opening tool. If I were rural, I'd trade this for the crowbar.

small shovel... you gotta have something to bury your poo! also, for digging firepits, ect... my shovel is very small, and one side of the blade is sharpened for sawing (has teeth) and the other is sharpened for hacking/cutting. It also has a bottle opener so you can get that pesky beer open! Gotta be careful though, as I've pulled the top inch of glass off a bottle with works well.

Medical bag... this is my version of a first aid kit. This little pouch is full of several doses of OTC meds that can solve most any condition for 72 hours, and has several doses of the prescription meds that I need.

sandals...I keep sandals in my bag so that when I have to cross water, I don't have to soak my boots or shoes, depending on what i'm wearing when I have to bug out.

ammunition... I carry 70 rounds for my 12'ga shotty in my bag and tac vest. I carry mostly game loads because food gathering to me is more important than being able to hurt or kill people. I have a few rounds for self defense, but would rather use the less than leathal game loads. In the way of personal defense, Frostbyte keeps a stun gun on her person. I can't remember the volts, but it's the legal civilian limit.

Both our bags are supplimented with MRE's for food, and 2 sets of BDU's. Our logic is that BDU's are warm and durrable clothing, and when staying out of sight/out of mind is our goal, some forest camo would work well...

Our BOB's are not finished, and are not optimal. This is just what we've been able to put together with limited budgets and adjusted from the several bugouts that we've been on. The BOB list also doesn't include the clothes that we wear when we do bug out. Optimally we'll be able to get to our homes long enough to change into warmer/more durable clothes/shoes, but if we can't we should be fine. Feel free to ask any questions about our BOBs, or about items we chose not to include.

I should also point out that nothing in the BOBs is very expensive. The most expensive individual item in our bags is my sleeping bag, at $65. Even the tent was less. I've found decent bargains on nearly all the items listed. Also, these are the bags a friend and I took on the first core ZS buggout not long ago.... thanks again PistolPete for the tac light, I love it!
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Post by olaf_yahoo » Wed Sep 28, 2005 7:05 pm

Well here is most of my bugout stuff, I am leaving out clothes and MRE's as everyone knows what those look like. Also it would have made the images too big for you to see small items well. Anyone wants closeups I've got em. Here's what I got in the photo.

On the left you see my bayonet which is my baby
50' 550 paracord
6x peanut butter packs emergency rations
signal mirror
sewing kit
3x MRE napkin packs
3x alcohol wipes
3x match books
2x lighters
magnesium bar
35mm film canister with dry tissue soaked in petrol jelly
2x packs of 4 each pepto tabs
Iodine bottle for water purification
roll electrical tape
magnifying lense
waxed floss
ear plugs
emergency blanket
3x bandages
9x bandaids
M9 and sheath
Blackdiamond headlamp
10x25 small binoculars
Benchmade Rescue hook
quick link
skinning knife
my home modified grappel (it works :D )
large crappy multi tool
small gerber tool
mini maglight
knife sharpener (next to maglight)
long scissors
offset phillips and straight screwdriver
taken down modified bolt cutters (Mr. Snippy)

I forgot stuff like an idiot so I have to take new photos.
Left out;

3 cell large maglight
50' climbing rope
crappy backpack all this stuff is in
Off with Deet
duct tape

I own no guns yet so... anyway here's the photos

All the stuff I remembered all laid out


My knife

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E&E belt kit thread- viewtopic.php?f=6&t=77171

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Post by thorian » Fri Oct 07, 2005 8:30 pm

Main bag weight approximatelly 18lbs (bathroom scale)
Large first aid weight approximately 2.5lbs

Main Bag (yes it has carry on bag wheels and a collapsible drawbar)


9 MRE entres
6 MRE sides
4 MRE brownies
3 MRE cracker
1 MRE Cheeze packet
1 MRE PB packet
misc MRE accessories
2 P-38 Canopeners
AM/FM radio
German Utensels knife fork spoon with can opener (CO holds it together)
Potable Aqua
1 qt sports bottle
NIOSH HEPA Dust mask
Red hardhat
Leather work gloves with reflective backs
safety glasses
yellow vest with reflective tape
Space Blanket
4 in 1 tool
50 ft para cord
3 pens
2 pencils
regular marker
automatic center punch
2D glow in the dark flashlight spare batteries
2AA LED flashlight + spare batteries
whistle w/lanyard
roll with ductape
roll masking tape
yellow small firstaid kit butt pack
Cold Steel SRK w/Kydex sheith
Gerber big game kit in pouch
Gerber Folding saw wood and bone blade's
Gerber 4" folder
Gerber zip knife with spare blades
latex gloves

Contents of small firstaid kit
3 rolls of kling
2 triangle bandages
Bag of clothes pins ( triage tags )
roll of cloth tape
18 telfa pads
2 4" rolls of gauze
2 2" rolls of gauze
4 4x4 gauze
4 2x2 gauze
asst band-aids
1 bag non latex gloves
1 EMT shears
Immodium AD
generic decongestant
generic antihistimine

big firstaid kit (most of the duplicates are in the bag still)


latex gloves
Blood pressure cuff
4 8x7 combine dressings
4 8x10 combine dressings
1 bulk dressing
2 occlusive dressings
2 convience bags (barf/urine)
5 surgical masks with eye shields
4 triangular bandages
2 large oral airways
2 small oral airways
roll paper tape
roll cloth tape
23 3x3 gauze pads
EMS fieldguide BLS & intermediate
1 Box of 20 Curaid silver bandages
3 4" rolls of gauze
2 2" rolls of gauze
Can of spray dressing (for road rash and stuff)
EMT Shears
bottle of tylenol
bottle of guiffesin
triple antibiotic
vapo rub
misc OTC stuff

Grab and go


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Post by Jeriah » Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:16 am

UPDATE, 03-23-10

I realize I haven't actually updated this post in a while. Suffice it to say, I have moved my BOB into a Kifaru EMR, in MultiCam, like Gunny's, and made a few changes to the contents. I'm going to start with a current list of the contents, which I have just unpacked and repacked, but I'll leave the rest of the old info up since the pics of the contents are still fairly accurate.

Current weight, as described, is 55lbs.
  • Bug Out Bag Contents

    Main Compartment

    Tent, Columbia, with poles, ground cloth, rainfly, and stakes, in stuff sack (at bottom)

    Chamber Pocket:
    Mini binoculars, Bushnell

    Clothing Module: Large, black, mesh sack, containing the following:
    Polypro set (top, bottom, and balaclava), in Earth Shoes cotton stuff sack
    Sweatshirt, polarfleece, blue, in flour sack
    Gray UnderArmor shirt, brown T-shirt, 3 pair boxer briefs, 3 pair SmartWool socks, in mesh stuff sack
    1 set MultiCam BDUs (top, bottom, hat, and belt) in Extra Large Kifaru Pullout, CB

    Food Module: Black "Kelty" stuff sack containing the following:
    Medium Kifaru Pullout containing MSR Pocket Rocket, Titan kettle, 2 cans of fuel, Ti cup and spork, and matches
    Gallon ziploc bag containing five Taste of Thai noodle packs
    Gallon ziploc: 3 granola bars, beef jerky, dried cranberries, pouch tuna, chicken, salmon, 1 tin oysters (for Steph)
    Gallon ziploc: 3 granola bars, beef jerky, dried cranberries, pouch tuna, chicken, salmon (for me)
    Gallon ziploc: MRE peanut butter, crackers, cranberries, and pineapple pound cake

    Sleeping Bag Compartment

    Blanket, wool, OD, in stuff sack*
    *(will swap for sleeping bag (stored uncompressed) time permitting)

    XTL (Extreme Top Lid)
    Inside Zippered Slot Pocket

    Gallon ziploc bag containing city, state, regional, and public transit maps

    Outside Zippered Pocket

    TASK (Take A Shit Kit): Coghlan's black drawstring bag contaning toilet paper, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer
    IFAK (Individual First Aid Kid): Store-bought First Aid Only kit, with extra gauze, tape, Izzy bandage
    Cold Steel SRK with custom Krylon MultiCam on the sheath
    Chamber pocket:
    Izzy bandage
    Small CLC pouch containing LED headlamp

    Back Pouch, Left

    (currently empty)

    Back Pouch, Right

    (currently empty)

    Claymore Pocket

    ICE Tactical hardshell jacket (Gore Tex), MultiCam, in Large Kifaru Pullout (CB)

    2Qt./Utility, Left

    3x 1 pint bottles of water

    2Qt./Utility, Right

    3x 1 pint bottles of water

    Slot Pocket

    Woodman's Pal Deluxe, custom Krylon MultiCam on blade, duct tape and cardboard sheath

    Main Compartment

    Gerber Sport Axe, in sheath, paracord wrapped with custom Krylon MultiCam

    Chamber Pocket:

    Currently empty

    Black nylon Earth Shoes mini drawstring backpack containing:
    Cold Steel Mini Bushman, in leather sheath, paracord wrapped

    Medium (Black) CLC pouch containing:
    disposable poncho, gauze pads, handwarmers, band aids, antiseptic towelettes, space blanket, and a lighter

    Medium (Black) CLC pouch containing:
    maps, compass, expired ID and passports, a lighter, and a cap brim LED light

    Large (Tan) CLC pouch containing:
    AM/FM radio with earbuds
    spare glasses,
    Charmin To Go (TP)
    OC spray
    OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes (bug wipes)
    Ziploc bag containing photocopies of marriage certificate, passports (mind and Steph's), ID, social security card
    Ziploc containing motel room bar of soap
    Bic lighter
    Mini Bic lighter
    2 boxes matches
    Sawed-off, Paracord-wrapped toothbrush
    Travel-Sized Tube of Colgate
    Potable Aqua
    Victorinox Officier Suisse SAK
    Coin purse with spare car keys (NEED TO ADD HOUSE KEYS), 2 silver quarters, 2 0.11oz gold coins

    Coghlan's Black Mesh Drawstring Bag Containing:
    Pocket chainsaw in tin with handles
    Small metal file in nylon sheath
    12' black paracord
    sharpening stone and honing oil
    USGI Magnesium fire-starting tool
    duct tape on a business card
    Dozen or so zipties

    Bug Out Soap Dish Containing:
    1 sheet aluminum foil
    1 unlubricated condom: ABOUT TO EXPIRE
    1 packet sugar
    5 tablets micropur
    Wire saw
    snare wire
    needle and thread
    couple of sinks
    mini Bic lighter
    safety pin

Previous setup follows:

New and improved! Here are some pics of my current setup. Feel free to comment about it at" onclick=";return false;

Posted, 2008-02-20
Tested, 2008-02-16
Updated, 2008-02-04

Here's the pics. Annotations to follow. [edit: annotations added 2/22/08]

This is my Bugout Bag as it was near the beginning of this month. It has undergone one substantial change which I will detail later (the addition of the E&E pack to make room in the main pack for winter clothing).

Here is the bag itself: ... ock001.jpg" onclick=";return false;

It is a Kifaru Zulu. You can learn all about it at" onclick=";return false;. It is essentially a replacement for the Medium Alice pack. I have added a waistbelt and eXtreme Top Lid to it, since I like a pack that's going to have much weight in it to ride on my hips more than my shoulders.

The pack is in MultiCam, just like the fabric it's sitting on. MultiCam is made by Crye Precision (" onclick=";return false;), and has its own website at" onclick=";return false;. It's my favorite color.

Okay, here's what's in it: ... ock004.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Tarp, poly, multi-purpose, 5'7"x7'7", green on one side, brown on the other, ACE Hardware brand

Camelback with carrier (needs new bite valve I think; it has poor suction and leaks at the valve)

Woodman's Pal with homemade custom camo in Krylon Camouflage spray paint (attempt at emulating MultiCam)

Gerber Sport Axe, handle wrapped in Paracord. Eventually plan to camouflage this as well, and replace the black paracord with tan.

Some might consider the carriage of the Woodman's Pal AND the axe to be redundant: the Pal weighs 2lb and the axe 1.5lb, and most jobs that one could do, so could the other. But they are cool toys, and after my recent hike test, the weight isn't too bad. So, for the record: I realize that bringing both represents unnecessary weight, but I like them, and having cool toys makes survivalism fun because I'm a gearwhore. I have, at least, left my E-tool out of it, for now.

This next pic shows how these items fit into the pack: ... ock006.jpg" onclick=";return false;

The black paracord thong on the Sport Axe is sticking out of the left slot pocket; it's barely visible on the shadowed side of this picture. The Woodman's Pal has its guard and pommel visible sticking out the right slot pocket. The poly tarp is in the back slot pocket, with the Camelback on top of it. The drinking tube of the Camelback runs out to a cable tie that holds it, accessible, to a shoulder strap on the Zulu.

This is basically the same thing, upside down and with the flash: ... ock008.jpg" onclick=";return false;

That's what you see when you open my BOB. Well, actually, that's what I see when I open my BOB. What YOU see when you open my BOB is me, politely asking why you're opening my BOB! :lol:

The Gaping Maw: ... ock010.jpg" onclick=";return false;

The Zulu is basically one big drawstring bag, no zippers to fail or anything like that. It lacks the convenient panel access of its stablemate the Marauder, but it's sort of like a Bag Of Holding. You can fit a lot in there.

Let's shed some light on this situation: ... ock009.jpg" onclick=";return false;

BOB should stand for Bag of Bags. While I was in Vermont I saw an old boy scout manual talking about how to pack your pack; it was basically like Bugout Bags circa 1950. And it advocated the "Bag of Bags" principle. So, what you can see inside the main compartment are, the OD chamber pocket (for small valuables), and a giant mesh bag like the one you might carry your laundry in...I mean, in which you might...stupid English classes...

Okay, so here's what's NOT in that big black mesh bag! These things are from the compartments in the Top Lid and the Chamber Pocket: ... ock011.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Earplugs, LED clip on headlamp, coin purse containing $500 in various denominations of US currency plus 2oz gold, maps of Chicago, Chicago Area, Illinois, and United States, matches (lots of 'em), passport and various IDs plus photocopies of important documents, very tiny binoculars, more matches, Cold Steel SRK knife with Krylon camo job, first aid kit supplemented with Immodium AD and additional gauze pads, one roll TP, and a Kifaru Pullout containing my ICE Tactical Hardshell Jacket (basically a GoreTex, also in MultiCam).

Here's what IS inside that big black mesh bag in the main compartment: ... ock012.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Earth Shoes bag containing Survival Essentials (to be detailed later, but this has been moved to the E&E back pouch), Large Pullout containing supplemental food and water (1MRE and 4 pints of water; this has been since broken up and the pullout used to hold a set of BDUs), and a mesh stuff sack containing food and water.

Let's see it all together so far: ... ock013.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Yup, that's it so far. Now let's look at the food and water: ... ock014.jpg" onclick=";return false;

The black mesh pouch contains four pints of water, two pouches of tuna, eight granola bars, four cans of SPAM, a lighter and some waterproof matches. The pullout contains four bottles of water and an MRE. I've changed this setup slightly: now I have half my food in the E&E, half in the BOB, and removed two cans of SPAM for being too heavy.

Now let's open it all up: ... ock017.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Top row:

BOAT (actually a Bug Out Soap Dish) containing a lighter, fishooks, wire saw, razor blade, paracord, condom, and water purification tablets.

Charmin To Go, flashlight with batteries (need a better one), lighter and Swiss Army Knife, one gauze pad, eyeglasses; all this went in that tan pouch it's on.

Firelighting kit containing three trioxane bars, lighter, candles, tea lights inside TP tubes; this stuff has been broken up and the unnecessary stuff removed to save weight and bulk.

I honestly don't remember what that last thing that my radio? Let's say that Ziploc on the end is my AM/FM radio with 9V battery and headphones.

Second row, more or less:

On the left is a bunch of tools: file, zip ties, paracord, big roll duct tape, smaller roll duct tape (both around a card), another Swiss Army Knife, sharpening stone and honing oil, Pocket Chainsaw, an original Leatherman in case I don't have my EDC wave with me, and another lighter.

In the middle is my survival essentials food: four more granola bars, two pouches of tuna, plus a Ti spork, MRE matches, other matches, a toothbrush, and some bleach for water purification wrapped in some dust masks.

Right side, LED headlamp (which has since stopped working), emergency poncho, emergency blanket, charcoal handwarmers, and a small mesh bag for them to go in. Below these are that same FAK, plus my Shemagh which I'm not sure I've still got in there; it seems useful in theory but in practice I'm not sure it really works for me.

The stuff on the bottom is as described above, plus some zip ties, paracord, a Cold Steel Mini Bushman knife in case something happens to my SRK (plus I can make a spear out of the Bushman and still have a knife), and down on the bottom, a pair of socks and a pair of underwear.

There have been some changes which I'll go into later, but for now, that's what's in these pics.

And like I said, a lot of this stuff is in my E&E pack now. I'll elaborate on that later.

E&E Pack, updated 2008-02-20

[edit: annotated 2/22/2008]

So, a while back, in the Bottomless Pockets thread (" onclick=";return false; ... 51&start=0), Gunny suggested to JRod that the E&E Back Pouch is really too small to be used as a bugout bag. Well, although I agree with Gunny on this, I decided to take it as a challenge (as I often do when people are sensible). So, I humbly title this post, and with all due respect to Gunny,

Gunny Was Wrong, It's Not Too Small
You've Just Got To Know How To Jam It In Really Well
Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The E&E As A BOB

Please note that none of this constitutes an argument that the E&E is all you should need for a BOB. It's too small. You won't have everything you want. You won't be comfortable. If things go wrong, you might die. But if you use it right, and it's all you can have with you, it just might make the difference between survival, and Darwinian deselection.

Here's the E&E itself: ... ock020.jpg" onclick=";return false;

You can see the Woodman's Pal, in its cardboard sheath, tucked into the slot pocket on the back of the E&E. The big, flat, cardboard sheath also serves as a sort of framesheet to keep the stuff in the E&E from poking my back. It also gives me a super useful survival tool and expedient self-defense weapon, that wouldn't otherwise ordinarily fit in so small a package.

Same view, different lighting: ... ock023.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And, the Woodman's Pal, drawn: ... ock026.jpg" onclick=";return false;

The contents: ... ock027.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Here you see I've again applied the Bag of Bags principle: the modules of this pack are the chamber pocket, Earth Shoes bag as Survival Essentials module (basically lifted from the BOB, to make room for winter clothes), and the Woodman's Pal with sheath. You can also see here that the Krylon Camouflage paint doesn't stick too well to duct tape. The duct tape is OD anyway, but I wanted it to be non-glare. It's not really an issue since I don't normally remove the sheath from the pockets, it's just there to keep the blade from cutting my bag, and as a framesheet in the E&E.

Contents of the Chamber Pocket on left, contents of Survival Essentials module on right: ... ock028.jpg" onclick=";return false;

This stuff is all pretty much as described above, so I'm not going to list it all again. ... ock029.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Oh, I added some pepper spray, a few silver coins in case the cash is worthless but it's not worth spending gold, and some smaller gold coins, since they don't make change in the PAW. ... ock030.jpg" onclick=";return false;

I also added beef jerky. The Lexanware is because my Ti spork stays in the main BOB. ... ock031.jpg" onclick=";return false;

More of the same. Added some Potable Aqua. ... ock032.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Everything's pretty much self-explanatory. Motel soap for hygeine, fishhooks between masking tape so they don't poke anything, etc. ... ock033.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Etc. ... ock034.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Etc. ... ock035.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Etc. ... ock036.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Okay, the test! Here you see me wearing the BOB with E&E pack attached. I'm wearing the Propper MultiCam BDUs that I carry in the BOB, and the hat that I ghillied. (As a result of this test, I added a crapload more garnish to the brim, so it covers my hair, face, neck, and hat brim outline more.) ... ock059.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Here I am with my hillbilly hair, being a mouthbreather as I don my ruck. ... ock056.jpg" onclick=";return false;

It's all on and dialed in. My face looks really pink: is it the cold, or did I turn the saturation up too high on this image? You decide. ... ock057.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And, the hat. You see how it's kind of sparse around the edges. It won't be, next time. (For actual bugging out, I might opt for the Tan patrol cap, or the MultiCam boonie, over the ghillie hat. Here it's just for fun.) ... ock058.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Steph and I at Lover's Leap. She's got her start of a BOB with her, which is a busted ol' daypack she got at a thrift store, with some shit in it for ballast, mostly a couple bottles (actually glass jars!) of water, snacks, and the big binoculars. ... ock060.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Me, on the trail, showing how I blend in pretty well with the overall environment. ... ock064.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And with an ACOG reticle over me! This is what I hope you never see in the PAW! ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

This image makes me think of Bigfoot. ... ock065.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And with the reticle. ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And again. ... ock066.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And again. ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Ditto. ... ock067.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Ditto. ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Closer up, you can see how the axe is totally concealed by the top lid, except for the thong so I can pull it in a hurry. ... ock069.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And, against the totally white snow. I think ACU would be slightly preferable in this environment, since it'd blend better with the snow, but MC doesn't do too bad. ... ock070.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Or does it? ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Making the best of light cover, er, concealment. ... ock072.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Not good enough! ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Closeup from the back, showing drinking tube. You can also see the Liter Plus Pouch on my waistbelt, which is what I'm actually using for hydration on this hike. I need a new bite valve for my Camelbak. ... ock075.jpg" onclick=";return false;

This is where MultiCam really blends in: at a great distance, through trees. :P ... ock076.jpg" onclick=";return false;

There I am! ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Same spot, shot from closer. ... ock077.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And again with the reticle. I'm notorious for taking gags too far, by the way. ... eticle.jpg" onclick=";return false;

See how much better I blend in than that person in the red parka? ... ock078.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Also note how you can totally see the brim of my hat. That thick, flat piece of garnish has got to go too, I think. ... ock079.jpg" onclick=";return false;

That's weird, now neither the person nor the garnish is visible! I didn't Photoshop that; they must have both just moved. ... ock081.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Ice cave formations. ... ock091.jpg" onclick=";return false;

If this were limestone, it'd be called a "flowstone." But it's ice! ... ock092.jpg" onclick=";return false;

I call this, "The Accusing Finger of Jack Frost." ... ock093.jpg" onclick=";return false;

And, from farther back. ... ock095.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Being a good outdoor citizen. Hope you'll do the same. (That's not my Hot Hands wrapper, someone else left one.) ... ock096.jpg" onclick=";return false;

The rice cakes wrapper is mine, though. Anyway, there's my good deed, to make up for freaking out all the normals, dressed like an herb garden!

The pack weighs about 45-50lb, and was no problem to carry on this light day hike. I wouldn't want to take it up Half Dome, that's for sure!

[edit]Ignore the following crap, which I leave up only for nostalgia.
The kind of embarassed nostalgia you feel when you read the poems you wrote in high school. It's how my BOB stood as of two years ago, more or less.

Line 1 Gear:
Wool socks
Tru-Spec MARPAT-type BDU trousers
U.S. GI surplus woodland BDU top
Tru-Spec MARPAT-type boonie hat, silicone waterproofed
Corcoran 10" cap-toe jump boots
Custom Tactical rigger's belt
Custom Tactical multi-carry dump pouch, MultiCam, on left thigh
Custom Tactical drop-leg holster, MultiCam, on right thigh, for:
Sig-Sauer P226 9mm, with 2 15- and 1 10-round magazines

Line 2 Gear:
U.S. GI surplus woodland LBV
5x30-round AR-15 magazines, in pouches on LBV
One bandage/dressing in grenade pouch on LBV
Pistol belt attached to LBV
2 canteens in pouches on LBV
U.S. GI mag pouch for 3 more mags, which are coming in the mail soon!
Old-school U.S. GI bayonet in scabbard on belt (not for rifle, just a knife)
Butt pack containing 2 MREs (will hold one more but haven't bought it yet)
2 pouches tuna in butt pack
Soap dish in field dressing pouch on shoulder of LBV, containing:
wire saw
Tiny little pocketknife
Unlubricated condom
Fishhooks, sinkers, and line
Packet salt
Packet sugar
Mini-Bic lighter
stranded steel wire for snares

Line 3 Gear:
ALICE large pack with frame
Tri-fold shovel in center outside pouch on pack
Cheap plastic flashlight (2D) in side pouch
2x blue plastic tarps
1 Package large zip ties
Bushnell binoculars, large
Mosquito head net

That's what I have in there right now, am still working on it obviously, will edit to add updates and pics eventually.[/b]
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Post by isotek » Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:29 pm

full size image

as it stands right now it is somewhere beteween managably heavy and unmanagably heavy.
here are the contents:
full size image

2 lipton thai sesame noodles
1 jumbo bag jacks links beef jerky
6 quaker breakfast bars
4 heartland granola bars
4 1 pint bottles of water
i have a 2 liter camelback knock off attached to my pack as well
1 msr sweetwater water purification system
1 bottle potable aqua
bag of condiments nested in pot

im planning on getting a collection on mountain house food just havent felt that loose with my money yet..

15 cotton balls soaked in vasaline
1 magnesium fire starter
4 bic lighters
4 packes waterproof matches

1 shakespear ugly stick 5' ultralight rod (going to be replaced with light action ugly stick pack rod)
1 shakespear 8' 3 piece 5/6 weight fly rod
1 fly reel
1 spidermite ultralight reel
1 tacklebox with assorted tackle
50 yards of spiderline fusion 14lb test

1 plastic measuring cup
1 stainless steel msr pot (not sure of size)
1 set msr titanium spoon and fork
1 rei titanium spork
1 small can opener
1 small flask

1 bottle waterless hand sanitizer
1 weekender size med kit

1 folding shovel
1 spiderco harpy
1 buck hunting knife
1 gerber multitool
1 gerber camp saw
1 wire saw
1 utility knife with replaceable blades
1 ontario 18" camp machette
an unknown length of paracord
1 set of 8x21 bushnell binoculars
2 knife sharpeners

1 yaesu vx5r ham radio with throat mic and antenna adapters
1 motorolla family radio

garmin etrex venture gps
old army lensatic compass

1 rayovack headlamp 3 led (2 red one white) and krypton bulb
1 surefire 6p
1 sc1 spares carrier with a high output lamp assembly and 6 cr123's
1 3AAA 1w led flashlight dorcy
1 bag of assorted aa and aaa batteries

1 5'x6' foot tent, thats not quite 5' or 6' but is only 3.5 lbs
1 ozark trail sleeping bag
1 ozark trail fleece sleeping bag for cold weather (used as liner in sleeping bag)

in good weather the tent and large sleeping bag will be replaced by a hammock and the fleece bag

the clothing section is highly defecient, ill just add whatever i can when i have to bug... eventually i plan to buy some bdu ripstops and some underarmor esque clothing as well as smartwool socks to accomidate my needs

i also have various pain relievers zantac and immodium advanced that are ready to be placed in the med supplies.
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Post by Ivan » Mon May 08, 2006 3:01 pm



black Mechanics tool bag with red led light and thermometer
In RED OUTLINE: My pocket survival kit, contained in a Pelican 1010 case
signal mirror
led light
length of wire and heavy duty survival saw
waterproof matches and striker from box
Scalpel blade x2
fishing kit
firstaid kit
Heavy duty barrel liners x2
pocket emergency blanket
pocket poncho
large first aide kit
folding cup
folding stove with fuel tablets (pictured under fire steel and lighter
fire steel and lighter
pocket SAS
anti-friction stick (to prevent blisters)
metal tin containing vasiline cottonballs
thayers throat losenges
black black energy gum
dental floss
muskol insect repellent
campsuds soap
6 natural fruit snacks
small shakers with salt and black pepper/death rain habenero blend
wool watch cap
titanium spork
fresnel lens
candle lantern with removable led light in base, that can work as a headlamp, next to cushioned case
match safe
toilet paper
empty gallon freezer ziplocks x2
tincture of iodine
duct tape
toothbrush and toothpaste
2 liter water bladder
AA batteriesx2
cliff bars x4
chicken bullion x4
small "better than nothing" swiss army knife and safty whistle
gerber multi-tool
viscose towel
Nalgene bottle with Gription
Not pictured: 2 Cobra PR 4000 2-Way Radios

I still need to add some things, such as a "real" emergency blanket
a fixed-blade knife, and a real compass.
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Post by ¿ » Tue May 30, 2006 9:30 am

i just finished my B.O.B
1x toilet paper
2x canned spagety
1x canned ravioly
1x canned fruits
7x fire starter things
4x water proof matches
8 x 250ml water bottles
1x multitool
and a knive

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Post by Politenessman » Wed Jun 14, 2006 6:34 am

I went for a slightly different approach to my BoB. As I live in my BOL I figure the only reason I'll be leaving is some form of short term event and then I'll be returning. As such my BoB is very small - although if the worse happens and I am overrun by Zombies, my hiking kit is always packed and close by.

Here is my BoB contents:

FRS Radio (Takes AAA)
AM/FM Radio (Takes AAA)
Lots of AAA batteries
USB drive with scanned copies of documents
Roll of quarters
Notepad and sharpie
Cash in small bills
Spare Credit card
Emergency contact list

I want to change the batteries to rechargeables, add a solar charger, and a phone card.

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Post by chaoscube » Fri Jun 16, 2006 8:30 am

Disclaimer: My work is not yet done... I've got a lot of simple stuff to get and some organizing to do, but here's where I'm at thus far.

The bag, a Swedish Alpine Rucksack:


The contents:
Contest List:
2 – Fierce Gatorade (32oz)
2 – Bottled H2O (.5L)
1 – Kel-Tec P-11 9mm w/11 rounds and Fobus paddle holster
2 – Winchester AA light target load #8 12 ga. shell boxes (50 rds)
1 – Pakistani boot knife from my youth
1 – Spyderco Police(?) pocket knife, large and fully serrated (looks mean)
1 – Leatherman, original model with leather belt sheath
2 – Pairs of scissors
1 – Cigar circumciser (may prove useful)
1 – Semi-worthless magnesium fire-starter
1 – Waterproof matches canister (empty)
1 – Mini Mag Light, AA sized with extra regular bulbs
1 – Black Cat firecrackers, 16 count…for…something, I’m sure
1 – Paracord, 50’
6 – Energy/protein bars
2 – Emergency candles
2 – Light sticks, green
1 – Package of 4” cable ties
2 – Gatorade powder mix packages, 1L each (when mixed)
1 – Ranger Handbook in Ziploc baggy, July 1992 version
1 – Camper’s toilet paper package (3 rolls with dispenser)
6 – Hand warmers
1 – Emergency blanket, extra shiny
1 – Pair of Hatch Police Search gloves…super thin and agility-inducing
1 – Ziploc baggy with 2 lighters, a laser pointer, and misc. batteries leaking some kind of residue (new development)
1 – 1 quart freezer bag containing 4 1 quart freezer bags
1 – bundle containing: Scrubs (XL), pants belt, beanie
1 – Cutco Fisherman’s Solution filet knife (quite handy, actually)
1 – Black electrical tape

And the nifty bag enclosure system to keep my gear dry:
<img src=""></img>
And then step 2 for closing:
<img src=""></img>
And then the bag closed, and ready to go (like first pic, but standing up):
<img src=" ... JPG"></img>

A note about the bag...It's surprisingly comfortable despite the fact that the straps are all made out of tooling leather, thick and stiff. However, it's a little small, and can't really carry much gear. The bag makes up for that by being virtually waterproof. With it properly tied up and the flap closed, gear will stay perfectly dry in a good, heavy rain. I would recommend this bag to those who live in areas that rain more often than not.
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Post by wolverine » Fri Jun 16, 2006 5:35 pm

Work in progress









On me:
M&P 40
Kel-Tec P3-AT

Blackhawk 3 day assault pack

Main Compartment:
Black windbreaker
Black cargo zip off pants/shorts
Running shoes
Lightweight thermos
Glove inserts
4 bottle of water
4 power bars and 2 power gels

Large Compartment:
First aid kit
50 rounds of 40 cal
Blackhawk universal holster
Shake Light
Strike anywhere matches
Cotton soaked in Vaseline
Gerber Fire Starter
Fishing Pole (Use it often when passing fishing holes)
Fishing tackle and pliers

Small Compartment:
2 glow sticks
The straw
Trash bags
Wire cutters
Small bungee
100MPH tape with belt in the middle
Knife sharpener
Dental Floss
Signaling Mirror
Zip Ties

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Post by hellion » Sat Jul 15, 2006 7:37 pm

a work in progress


comments/suggestions: ... 718#235718


Post by Seabear70 » Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:42 pm

Items in bag...

First aid
Hikers First aid kit suplimented with two OD oversized bandannas, Four suture kits, four maxi pads (they make excellent wound compresses, they're cheap, and they are sterile.) and a bottle of alieve. one bottle drammimine. Katadyn water purifier

Sun Screen
Bug repellant ointment
two rolls toilet paper

Clothing and protective gear
One pair BDU woodland camo pants
One M-65 field jacket woodland camo
Two black t-shirts
Two pairs underwear
6 pairs hiking socks.
6 pairs thin socks.
one boonie hat
One camoflage pancho
One pancho liner
One spare pair of eyeglasses
One spare clipon sunglasses
One pair leather work gloves
One pair neoprene glves

Gerber 600 multitool
Gurka knife
Gardening shovel
one roll duct tape

Camper's tarp
200' parachute cord
military survival manual
two tubes superglue
one bar soap
two micro towels
coastguard fire starter and army can opener on a chain
two shake type flashlights
one box sandwich sized ziplock freezer bags
four plastic drop cloths

mess kit
ka-bar utensil set
multispice shaker
2 lbs beef jerky
1 lb hard candy mixed
1 canteen

4 30 rd mags for AR
4 10 round mags for p22
4 7 rd mags for .380
200 rds .22 mini-mags

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Post by mr.trooper » Sun Sep 10, 2006 2:02 pm

Updated BOB writeup:


CamelBak Motherload
+ Maxpedition H1
+ maxpedition M2
+ Maxpedition Cocoon
(secured with MALICE clips)


* Internal 3 Liter hydration system
* Small can for boiling water

* Bag of beef jearky
* Small fishing / snare line kit

* Hand sanitizer
* Asprin
* Antiseptic cream
* Butterfly closures
* Gause wraps
* Tums
* Needle + Thread

* SAK (Victorinox OHT)
* Pick / Probe kit
* Wire cutters / strippers
* Smiths diamon pen sharpener
* Gun cleaning kit

* Pair GMRS hand sets with headphones

Fire / illumination
* 4 Lighters
* 2 boxes waterproof matches
* Shake flashlight

Writing / notes
* Note pad
* Sharpie
* ballpoint pen

* 2 pair socks
* 2 pair underware
* 2 T-shirts
* 2 bandannas (one bright, one cammo)
* Mossy Oak latex poncho

* Ka-Bar
* CZ-75 + 108 total rounds
* 80 rounds for rifle (Ruger M77)

At the moment, im looking to get a Molle compatable pouch for a USGI canteen, and a case for some more 123A and AA batteries.
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Post by Gunny » Sun Sep 10, 2006 6:10 pm

Guys, this is a 'Show off your BOB' thread. Post some pictures or I'm going to gank your posts (trooper, seabear).

Anyone can post a list of contents in their BOB. Photos help give people ideas as to how to pack, what pack works, size/weight, ect.

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