Coleman Dual/Multi Fuel Stove and Lanterns: FO?

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Re: Coleman Dual/Multi Fuel Stove and Lanterns: FO?

Post by MacAttack » Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:37 am

upgrade your Coleman stove like I did.

It now uses three fuels. ... rter-86801

Installs as fast as you can install the old liquid fuel tank.

I went overboard and actually got the conversion kit to go from 1lp bottles to the large 20lp also.

there was also an adapter for coleman lamps to turn them into stoves. ... esent.html ... rnpage.jpg

You should be able to use a coffee can to make the very same thing. Though if I made one out of a coffee can I would make it shorter.

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Re: Coleman Dual/Multi Fuel Stove and Lanterns: FO?

Post by Canadian Guy » Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:52 pm

Woods Walker wrote:I like them but hardly ever use the lanterns. Canadian guy from these forums is a big user of white gas in his camp. Maybe he will add something to this thread if he sees it.
Just saw this thread, as Woods Walker says I am big user of white gas and have a penchant for Coleman lanterns and stoves.
I have found then to be rugged, reliable and easy to maintain even in the field. With a few spare parts such as generators, valve assemblies, pump leather, etc... you can keep them going for a long while. I have not used the Duel Fuel or Kerosene (lanterns) or tried gasoline in my lanterns and stoves but have read like others posted that they will run for a while at least before the generator fouls up. Apparently there are additives in gasoline in Canada that plugs up the Duel Fuels and generators even more but I cannot confirm this, at worst you can take apart the generator and clean it up if needing to use gasoline in an emergency.

I use the Coleman 2 burner and 3 burner stoves for car camping or base camps as well as the Coleman white gas lanterns my favourite being the Coleman 625 lantern. For winter trekking when pulling a toboggan I will bring a full sized lantern as it works in the cold, puts out some heat and is obviously the brightest lighting option. Caution using white gas stoves/lanterns in tents due to CO poisoning risk, ensure ventilation especially in waterproof tents (canvas not so much). I also own some Optimus white gas stoves; Nova+, Hiker+ and the older Hiker 111T. The newer Optimus Nova+ and Hiker+ burn any fuel without switching parts so pour in white gas, diesel, gasoline or kerosene even all at once and it will burn them so these may be some good stoves for a BOB.

I use white gas exclusively in below freezing temps as it outperforms cannister and propane stoves, in fact at low temps they stop working while white gas (and kerosene) keep on going. I also use alcohol for priming as is cleaner burning.

Here are a few past reviews I did on Lanterns and Stoves:

1/ 8 lantern review:

2/ Optimus Hiker+ stove:

3/ Coleman Exponent 550B stove:

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Re: Coleman Dual/Multi Fuel Stove and Lanterns: FO?

Post by 50 Mission Cap » Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:48 pm

I found the article that explains why Petromax/Britelyt lanterns SHOULD NOT be used with gasoline.

The above article was inspired by a US owner in 2001 that had a presumably German Petromax go kaboom running gasoline and asked about it on . Apparently the Bundswehr banned the use of gasoline in Petromaxes in 1960, presumably for the following reason. ... th_qa.html

One flaw in the Petromax design and manufacture is lead solder used to seal the copper pipe joints for fuel flow. Another is no direct fuel shutoff. If a break in the mantle allowed a jet of flame to blow onto the generator it could cause the solder to melt causing a leak that could easily be ignited. A flame coming out of a lantern other than within the globe can only end one way...

Colemans use copper brazing to seal joints, possibly as a result of German experience. Colemans don't have the same reputation for exploding when using gasoline.
My 1959 Bundswehr P-Max shipped with a gasoline generator (straight as opposed to the Preston loop for kerosene.) Then I guess they figured out this was dangerous and slapped these stickers on them but never changed the generator.



I can't speak to every joint on a Petromax but the generators are definitely brazed. It is correct that all joints on the Colemans are brazed.

I think the safety issues with Petromax lanterns are that there is no positive fuel shutoff. That is to say that they rely on a spring to shut the fuel off as where the on the Colemans you screw a brass valve shut like an old sink faucet. There might be other weaknesses on the P-Max.
raptor wrote: You may want to get a thermometer to measure the heat output at the top before you spend a lot of time on that matter to see if the btu output would be usable for cooking.
Lots of guys on the Coleman forum have done this - 800* F. Definitely hot enough to cook on. This is why they are porcelain coated - nothing else stands up. No problem to fry up some eggs and bacon. That Dietz thing on the other'd be better off putting your supper in your armpit to warm it up.

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Re: Coleman Dual/Multi Fuel Stove and Lanterns: FO?

Post by 111t » Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:49 am

Colemans 'dual fuel' stoves burn coleman fuel or gasoline. Modern gasoline is a terrible stove fuel. Kerosene on the other hand is an ideal Prepper fuel. It is cheaper than coleman fuel when purchased at the pump, it's safer to store, has better long term shelf life and can be used in many emergency appliances including your xgk. The coleman multifuel stoves are different than the dual fuel. They can be configured to run kerosene. You can find 'second world' production kerosene stoves if you look. Currently my favorite is the liberty rocket line made in India. Another popular brand is the Chinese made butterfly stove.
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