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Re: Containment

Post by deathstalkertwo » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:08 am

Fido, I have an old time feather duster that you can have to keep that keyboard dusted off and working, so you can keep giving us MOAR.
Great story and thanks for the new chapter, oh yeah, thanks for next chapter your already working on, and will put up soon. lol

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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:44 pm

Hhhmmm....what to do waht to do, ooh I know
Post :clap:

Die Trying by Art Of Dying
“If it takes forever….I will die trying….I will die trying.”

The process was a lot more difficult than he thought when he didn’t have someone helping him remove his own blood from his veins and he only had one had to boot because the easiest veins were the ones located in the crook of his elbow, but after an hour of needle pricks, several Band-Aids and some dexterity he never knew he had, Gabriel managed to extract ten vials of his blood without bleeding all over the place.

It seemed ironic that he was spilling the very blood he never wanted to spill, his own, as he tried not too think about the oceans of blood he spilt himself while fighting for his own life and too keep every drop he had where it belonged, inside his body as he worked out what he was supposed to do. Basically he had to put a needle in his own vein so that he could fill ten vials of his blood, easier said than done because he had to do it one-handed and he had never put a needle under anyone’s skin before, much less his own.

He managed to keep the needle from sliding out by wrapping his arm in tape and not moving his left arm as he carefully slid each vial onto the other end of the needle buried in his arm to watch them fill up slowly, his own blood. Once he had ten vials in the numbered vials and then put into the correct numbered slots after booting up the spectrometer to run initial start-up testing and then hooking the computer into the USB slot to give it the live feed they needed and then hit the Start button.

After a quick snack of bottled orange juice in the fridge and eating as much as he could on a light stomach, Gabriel went back to cleaning his weapons, waiting for the four hour test time for the spectrometer, because unlike in the movies where the hero would put in some dirt and know who the killer was in fifteen minutes, in real life it took hours to run the kind of diagnostics one would need to know the genetic makeup of someone’s DNA and in his case, they needed to know down to the last molecule.

During that time when he should’ve just fallen asleep, he puttered around cleaning all of his weapons, twice, and sharpened the machete, working the dings and nicks out of the edge as he honed to a razor edge while Mike tried to engage him a conversation and failed epically because he wasn’t really there mentally, he was somewhere else…

He had been in his room when the first one came, at first when he heard the sound of breaking glass he had thought it was the Harold kids next door playing baseball and breaking a window as he untangled himself from his textbooks he had been trying to study because the cable had gone out and Dad told him to stay home today because things were getting “hairy” outside and Mom still hadn’t answered her cell since she called at noon. When he reached the stairs, he heard something or someone move around downstairs, so he retraced his steps to his parent’s room where he went straight for where Dad had kept his backup duty weapon in the bottom drawer of his dresser, next to Mom’s, while pulling out his cellphone and dialing 911 at the same time. His Dad’s Colt 1911 .45 was still wrapped in the leather pistol belt as he carefully unwrapped it and checked the chamber, getting nothing but a busy tone on the phone as he hit re-dial and searched for the magazines Dad had set aside just for this emergency as the sounds downstairs sounded like someone was demolishing the living room.

Finding the one loaded magazine, Gabriel had cursed Dad for not having the other three loaded as he cracked open the box of ammunition and began loading them, not really wanting to head downstairs, but he wanted to stall for time and wait to see if the cops would answer, but all he got a busy dial tone by the time he was done loading the remaining magazines. The sounds downstairs sounding like someone was doing a good job of ransacking most of the house as he buckled the belt on and chambered a round in the 1911, casting a peeking glance out into the hallway facing the staircase leading up from the downstairs.

It was when he was trying to transfer the phone from his left shoulder to his right while holding onto the gun, the phone hit the floor with a clatter that sounded like a line of charging cavalry in an old spaghetti Western flick while there was a lull in the noise downstairs.

Panicking, Gabriel heard the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs as he rushed to the door and slammed it shut, turning the lock as he did and backing away after the first shuddering hit as he ducked behind the bed like Dad had taught him, to conceal most of his body in the event the perp had a weapon as well before saying to Hell with it and put two fat .45 rounds into the door about a foot below the doorway to hopefully scare whoever it was off.

Twin thunderclaps sounded as a pair of neat holes unevenly spaced along the top of the door as Gabriel blinked through the smoke and listened for the sounds of retreating feet

What scared the Hell out of him was that instead of retreating footsteps or a panicking cry of surprise, he heard a snarl that made the hair on the back of his arms stand straight up as the assault on the door continued, this time much more intense than before as he watched faint cracks start to appear in the wood paneling in the center of the door. He simply put five rounds through the door directly level with the center of his chest, making a small circle of neat holes before he ran out of ammunition, watching in horror as whatever it was started pounding that much harder after a brief pause. With each hit, blood was seeping through the holes as finally, an entire arm came through the door, Gabriel had already retreated across the bedroom with the wall to his back as he hastily reloaded another magazine and took aim.

He thought that he either missed or the perp was wearing Kevlar, so this time he aimed for the clutching hand and blew off two fingers while aiming for where he figured the perp was standing, to the right of the arm as he emptied the mag.

Most people would have noticed getting two fingers blown clean off, along with a couple rounds being walked up the arm and across where the torso would be and being great big .45 hollowpoints meant to knock a full grown man on his ass, something was wrong when the arm didn’t even withdraw, it kept reaching and flailing around, trying to grab onto anything as the snarling continued.

Gabriel didn’t even remember reloading, all he remembered thinking about where the head would be as he fired three times, making a neat triangle pattern just above the line cutting across the door and the arm stopped moving and the snarls stopped finally….

“…as I was saying Gabriel, the test results came back with what we need, but there are so many different possibilities to figure how to create a vaccine from such insufficient data, I mean we could be talking about years of R&D.” Mike was speaking again as Gabriel looked down at the edge of the machete he had absentmindedly been sharpening for the last two hours, glad to see that the last of the dings had been smoothed out as he sheathed it.

“Great news Mike, looks like you can finally get to work on saving the world,” Gabriel shook the water off the poncho before hanging it up on a nearby hook, “I think that I’ll step outside for some fresh air.”

While Mike and the rest of them were too busy pouring over data they had received, Gabriel stepped outside, the rain had finally let up, but it was still cloudy and very windy as he tightened the blanket around his shoulders and slumped against the module container with the Glock-17 in his left hand as he looked around his new surroundings.

The module was a shipping container sized box with solar panels on the roof and a prefab fence around it attached to a series of supports running from the module to the fence, there was only one gate leading in or out that Gabriel double checked to make sure it was secured in the event he had forgotten on his way in. The fenced in space around the module was twenty feet wide and all the way around and the fence was covered in white plastic that couldn’t be seen through, not that it helped Gabriel in the event he wanted to see outside the fence, but if they couldn’t see him it helped. It was sitting in the middle of an alfalfa field that had been recently harvested so the coarse stubble stabbing the bottom of his feet told him that running around barefoot was a no-go, the field entrance he had walked through was fifty yards away and from what he could see, the fence surrounding the field was old, but nearly five feet high.

From where he stood, he could see the highway jam packed with cars across the field and in the other direction was a farmhouse, a barn, three outbuildings and a silo. There wasn’t any zombies within a hundred yards of the module, none of them were in the field, but most of them were along the highway kind of staggering around or leaning up against the vehicles.

Gabriel went back inside and started rooting around in the cabinets and drawers all over the module as he decided to familiarize himself with everything inside, mostly he was looking for an excuse to avoid falling asleep to save himself from the horrors that awaited him in his dreams while Mike and the rest of the doctors were in the middle of yet another argument as the spectrometer was working through the next vial of blood, one down and nine to go.

In the space underneath the bunk was about five sets of clothes and four pairs of boots, Gabriel stashed his bags in there for the time being as he kept going through everything else. He had six extra blankets, two folding cots, four sleeping bags, three pup tents and four tarps inside a locker next to the bunk. The second locker had five coils of heavy duty climbing rope, two harnesses, a pair of safety helmets, eight flashlights, two work lights, six power drop cords, a small version of the jaws of life, a hydraulic spreader and fifty feet of compressor hose. Lockers three through six were packed with MRE’s, about eight boxes of twelve per locker, lockers seven and eight were full of space blankets, six collapsible stretchers, boxes of signal flares, neck, arm and leg splints, four EMT bags filled with gear, a box of medical masks, ten personal clean suits, six full face gas masks with filters and two oxygen cylinders.

The last two lockers were filled with batteries, everything from AAA up to D cell, along with a few motorcycle batteries, a couple car batteries and four battery jump start kits that could supply the power a vehicle required to start, there were a couple sets of jumper cables and some portable solar panel kits one could place inside a backpack.

On the other side of the module were three sets of eight drawers next to where the tiny bathroom was located, these drawers with packed with foil sealed packets labeled as medical equipment, everything from bandages to clamps, each drawer also marked with a label describing the contents of each, so he had enough medical supplies to run a small clinic.

Next to the drawers was were the cooler was located, much like a refrigerator, but it held bottles and vials of drugs, some he couldn’t recognize, but a few stood out, primarily the IV bags and syringes of morphine, so nothing edible was in there. Between the cooler and his favorite locker was where the spectrometer, CPU, microscope, test vials and fancy equipment sat, so all of that he just left alone and moved onto his favorite locker that has as wide as three of the others, the gun locker.

The gun locker held a small number of firearms, two Glock-17 9mm semi-automatics, a single 9mm MP5 submachine gun, two .12 Remington 870 Express shotguns, two HK416 5.56mm assault rifles, two M4A2 5.56mm carbines and a 37mm flare gun. Of course there was an entire shelf of magazines, already loaded, for each weapon, as well as several thousand rounds stored in the ammo cans underneath the weapon rack, including slings, holsters and belts as well, so he a pretty decent arsenal of firepower for the time being. There was also a full body hazmat suit complete with self-contained air supply and a bulletproof vest as well, not that he was worried about getting shot at, it was still a decent comfort to know that he had a spare.

The only thing he lacked was a mode of transportation, aside from his own two feet of course, and he figured that he would take care of that tomorrow as he turned off the lights, muted the laptop and crawled into bed, Glock-17 and M16A4 in the same bunk as him as he drifted off to a troubled sleep that he knew would be waiting for him.
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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:48 pm

Kind of a shortie, figured I'd put this before I went on 96 hours of liberty, where I hope know what, you can figure it out.

Radio Nowhere by Bruce Springsteen
“This is radio nowhere…is there anybody alive out there?”

The nightmares woke him up again in the early hours of the morning, well eight o’clock was pretty early in his case as he flipped on the lights and began making breakfast, to wit, he opened an MRE and ate all of it after using the ridiculously small bathroom as he fired up his ToughBook and began working on the Internet, or tried too.

He had restricted access, but he was able to Google Map his immediate area, zooming in to get a good look on what he hoped would be buildings and vehicles, not that it mattered very much, all that he wanted to know what kind of area he was in. From what he was able to gather, it was pretty much rural this far out of Benard, but the highway was a goddamn mess of traffic, like a river of zombies running from town to town, not that it matter very much, he wasn’t heading back into any town crawling with those things anytime soon as he wrote down a list of addresses of the five places closest to him. There were four farms, a large private house and a small gas station within three miles of where he stood, other than that it was either Benard or walking five miles beyond the places closest to him, everything else was either dense forest or a golf course.

From what he was able to glean from news reports off the Internet about the quarantine, it was raising one Hell of a ruckus, but so far talks about hitting the big red button and turning a few hundred square miles of real estate into fallout radiation zones were no longer the growing topics, instead organizations and agencies were butting heads trying to be the first on the scene to make a scientific breakthrough to create a method of neutralizing the virus before any attempts would be made. Such as the CDC, FEMA and a new organization, Biomedical Research & Development Prevention Division, or the BRDPD, were trying to please the media about how much progress they have made in understanding and learning about this new virus, what attempts were being made and what was to be expected, not that Gabriel cared about that very much, he was more worried about how the rest of the world was doing.

Nations and countries were beginning to close off borders, restricting the amount of people in or out, drawing up in security and mobilizing troops to various parts of the country or the world. The US was beginning to withdraw more troops from the Middle East at a much faster rate than what was to ever be expected while a nationwide recall of all prior duty sailors, soldiers, pilots, Marines and National Guardsmen were getting phone calls that a draft, one never seen since the Vietnam War was in effect and all able body men and women with prior enlistment were to seek duty stations immediately, by an act of Congress, backed by the President. Law enforcement agencies were busy as well, as new public procedures were passed along for all citizens living within a metropolis with a population greater than ten thousand were being told to follow to the letter, most states adopting the newly proposed Aware and Prepared Act.

Aware and Prepared had a lot of specific guidelines, but it all came down to each household, each family and each private citizen to have a short list of items and specified inquiries to have completed ASAP. First and foremost was having a new form of ID, ironically called a Dead Pass, that held no real value other than some formal identification in the event remains had to be identified, when driver licenses or social security cards wouldn’t fly. Next was a self-help sort of section that everyone had to have, a sort of home support means where it was recommended that enough food and water, non-perishable of course, was to be kept in any private residence to last the expected number of people for at least a month. By now the ill-fated mistakes of trying to round up large numbers of citizens in the middle of a pandemic were being corrected and alternatives were being planned out as new public safety measures were already in the books.

Of course any man or woman of the legal age was walking to the nearest gun store, weapon retailor, pawnshop, licensed weapon distributor or buying every type of weapon off the Internet at an insanely high price while new gimmicks were coming out every hour, each one stranger and more absurd than the next.

Gabriel discovered that weapon sales in the last week had increased tenfold since they had at the peak of the Cold War, not that it mattered much to him as he went about adjusting his gear and weapons he planned on taking with him on his little endeavor. While Mike wasn’t answering the satellite phone or the webcam, Gabriel was busy making an effective gear load out to take on what he hoped to a really short walk to at least two different farmhouses and the big private house today, just to see what he could find. Not that he was the least bit displeased about living in the module, far from it in fact, he never felt safer, it was just the itch he needed to scratch by having at least a mode of transportation that would get him farther than his own two feet would get him in the event he actually needed that kind of escape.

All he really hoped to do was find a working vehicle bigger than a station wagon or a compact, he was looking more towards a small farm truck or a large panel van, something with plenty of muscle and built tougher than some plastic piece of crap that would total out after hitting a possum, he needed some old Detroit built steel, maybe a Cadillac, Ford truck or an old Dodge van that had a real rugged look to it. Anything bigger than a go-kart would have enough gas in one tank to reach any edge of the quarantine zone, so all he needed was a full tank and he would be set in the event of a Get The Hell Outta Dodge moment where a backpack and tennis shoes wouldn’t mean squat.

Because he had a strange feeling that if talks regarding nukes were being shot down by Congress before they were even heavily debated that he would be stuck in the middle of a wasteland populated mostly by zombies for a lot longer than he would’ve ever hoped, so he was already thinking about transportation. From there he would want and need to improve his current stockpile of ammunition, food, water, medical supplies and other essential items, what he had now was excellent for his short term plans and a part of him knew his little hideaway would not last long before he had numerous undead pressed up against his fence.

He had seen what a few hundred could do to a community center from the inside and outside, no way was any amount of cheap chain-link fencing ever be enough to stand in the way of truly devastating hordes, thousands or more could swarm over the fence like an army of African driver ants and pick his bones clean before he ever got the chance to end his own life. While having a few thousand rounds and a box of MRE’s on hand was a lifesaver, he would need a lot more than that to survive for long because here in the zone, it seemed to be that there wouldn’t be a safe place to run to, remaining one step ahead of the undead, now there wasn’t anywhere he could go without running in undead at every turn.

There was also something else, a niggle of doubt that was festering in the back of his mind and he knew it was a lost hope to think otherwise, but he found himself in front of the computer trying to get a call through to Mike to ask a few questions and hopefully get a few answers without being blown off as he waited for the link to establish.

It came on and for a brief instance Gabriel was disoriented at the sight of a blindingly white room lined with miles of countertops covered in electronic equipment, beakers, microscopes, petri dishes and coolers marked with orange bio-hazard stickers as nameless people in lab coats, surgical masks and gloves were moving around like a school of fish swimming around in an aquarium, before Mike rolled in front of the camera in an office chair and his ever present mug of what appeared to be coffee.

“Gabriel! Good to hear from you, been having your blood run through every DNA analysis test we can think off to see if we can find any form of antidote or vaccine capable counter measure,” Mike looked over his shoulder at the work going on behind him, “whatever this thing is, it seems to be awfully tricky to hunt down, but we are working on it.”

“Yeah, listen Mike, I need to know something,” Gabriel rubbed the bridge of his nose in exasperation, “are there others like me out there? Can you see if there are other survivors.”

“Well sure Gabriel, in fact we know the location of a large group of survivors are currently located, there are somewhere between twenty and thirty in the Benard high school,” Mike reached off screen to bring a clipboard into view as he flipped through the pages in a hurried manner, “there are too many undead in the area because of an accidentally released sound emitter dropped in the wrong area, we can’t get to them because of the persona non-granta ban on everyone, it would be breaking every single law to cross the quarantine line, but then again there is over a hundred survivors scattered all over the place.”

Gabriel had a pen and pad of paper handy as he was writing down the location with a question mark next to the number of survivors, also he wrote sound emitter in quotations with the word problem written next to it as he wrote survivor blood and circled it several times.

There was a chance for redemption, no more running from the horror, now it was time to face it as he set down the pen down and pondered the idea, lost in thought as he idly tipped back on the back legs of his chair, thinking about what he could do. Rescuing them seemed like a suicidal quest of a madman, but he knew for sure if he didn’t regain his self-worth and at least put in an effort to help them, than his last dredges of humanity would be lost along with them as he began calculating how soon he could get a vehicle, if there was one nearby he would have it in the hour and he would need a new way to get close to the school, along with other things.

“Gabriel? Gabriel? Can you hear me?” Mike was waving at the camera and setting aside the clipboard as Gabriel kept thinking before plopping his chair back down on all four legs, goal in his mind as he focused on Mike.

“Can you get me rough coordinates of each person in a print out?” Gabriel was reaching for where he had left the DAGR and ToughBook as Mike, with a bewildered look across, suddenly realized what he had in mind.

“No Gabriel, it would be suicide if you did, there are thousands of them pressed up against that school, no way could we get any kind of close air support in there, the President had put a complete freeze on all actions concerning proactive or reactive actions in the zone without his red letter signature, you would be going in blind.” Mike was nearly hysterical as he motioned off camera for someone as Gabriel grabbed the rest of his gear and got busy.

“Think about it Mike, too many unknowns with just one sample of blood and you know that you need multiple samples from multiple sources or else you would have bled me dry by now trying to find a difference, you need blood that has been in contact with this virus for further study,” Gabriel figured that the vest and assault pack would be all that he would need as he grabbed the M16A4 and his pistol belt, the idea was to travel light, “are you going to start giving out coordinates of every survivor or are you going to let me walk in blind?”

Mike sighed as he flipped through the pages on the clipboard, “This is nuts, going out alone and sans backup is asking for trouble, I thought you flunked chemistry?”

“Check my report cards if you want, at least we both know that I’m right and you know it, with each new sample of blood brings you that much closer to getting the answer you need.” Gabriel had to bite his tongue from saying that it was also what he needed, for his soul.

“You really want to go through with this don’t you?” Mike asked as he found the page he was searching for and set the clipboard down in front of him, a tired look passing over his face as he pulled a highlighter out of his coat pocket, at the ready.

“Yes I do Mike, yes I do.”
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Re: Containment

Post by deathstalkertwo » Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:30 am

Outstanding, this story just gets better as it goes on. Thanks for the MOAR.

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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:09 pm

Who wants another installment of this story?

Bad Company by Five Fingered Death Punch
“I was born with a shotgun in my hands, behind the gun I’ll make my final stand.”

With a list of coordinates programmed into the DAGR and whatever gear he deemed necessary to bring along on foot, Gabriel now had an entire list of every single living person that satellites had been able to pick up in the last three days and was surprised to see there were four stranded people two miles away, stuck inside an RV on the highway and that would be his second stop. First he had to see if he could find a vehicle, anything faster than a bicycle would be better and something quieter than a tractor, though he was beginning to think that maybe such a larger piece of machinery with great big tires and a lot more horsepower than most cars had.

He left the module with his M16, leaving the heavier HK416 behind for the sake of weight and took his harness, assault pack and CamelBak along with the Glock-17. For the sake of having a decent weapon he also had the machete as well as he left on foot going to the farmhouse across the field, not to rescue anyone, because nobody was there.

What few undead noticed him were quickly dispatched as he crossed the field and walked into the yard of the farm, noticing immediately that there was a Ford Bronco complete with a lift kit and great big knobby tires meant for off-roading that held an impressive light bar on the roof and a crude brush guard made from half-inch steel rods and covered in stripes of rubber. The one thing that stood out aside from the truck itself was the fact that the driver side door was wide open and a blood trail leading from the shed it was parked in all the way to the front door of the house told another story. Searching the vehicle and discovering the keys were not hanging in the ignition, tucked in the visor or in the doghouse between both front seats, it was then that Gabriel saw the car seat buckled in the backseat as he sighed and looked up at the house.

Leaving his pack on the hood of the truck in the event he needed to come running out of the house for his life as he slung his rifle over his shoulder and checked his pistol before walking towards the house in a sense of forbidding fear while doing his best to scan his surroundings as he looked closely at everything. A child swing set sat in the middle of the yard next to a large doghouse, a tricycle in front of the garage door and the front door was halfway open as he carefully stepped around the trail of blood to reach out and nudge the door open.

He had waited several minutes before walking across the room to open the bedroom door as he saw his first dead body in his life that had been pulverized with over a dozen rounds of .45 at close range as he threw up in his parent’s bedroom. Most kids would’ve had sex in their parents’ bedroom or threw a party while the parents were out and he had killed someone in his parents’ room and he was throwing up after seeing the body.

Because a part of him knew that simply shooting someone would not have left the man half gutted like a freshly killed deer, but the sheer amount of damage done to the body should have killed it before it came into his house waiting to get pumped full of holes. It looked like the aftermath of a deer he had wounded last year and the winter had been harsh that year, so by the time Gabriel had tracked it down with his father, coyotes had gotten to it first and reduced it to a bloody pulp, but this was far worse….

Gabriel entered the house through the mudroom and noticed how it looked like a very bloody brawl had gone down, pictures, clocks, vases, dishes and clothes were scattered everywhere, suitcases were sitting on the floor as he carefully and quietly crept deeper into the house. Blood coated the floor in a fashion that told him roughly what happened, a person had been attacked unaware and chased into the house where it seemed from the empty shotgun shells and an entire left arm blow off just above the elbow laying at the bottom of the stairs, that the person managed to pick up a weapon and attempt to kill their attacker without much success.

First he checked the living room, kitchen, den and downstairs bathroom before moving upstairs, softly wincing whenever he hit a rather loud creaking step as he sweated out some of the longest seconds of his life before reaching to the top of the stairs before the smell hit him full on. With a clear shot down the hallway, he could see four doors still closed and the bathroom at the far end of the hallway was open as he noticed the body. There was one door featuring a large hole in the middle of it that the body was in front of, most of the head was pulverized from what could have only been a shotgun blast to the face as he stepped over the body and reached through the hole in the door to find the doorknob.

Once he found the deadbolt and turned it, he withdrew his hand and used his shoulder to open the door, noticing at once the lump in the far side of the room with a stain going up the yellowed wallpaper. Stepping into the bedroom, seeing that the gender of the individual would be impossible to tell because of the fact the entire head had been blown off with a self-inflicted shotgun shell to the chin as Gabriel looked away from the tiny bundle sitting in a pool of blood in the far corner of the bedroom as he patted down the body while looking at the wall directly in front of him, feeling the pockets for what he hoped would be the keys to the truck.

Turned out the keys were in the pockets on the dead body out in the hallway, husband and wife from the golden wedding bands adorning left hands as he took the keys, the shotgun, the .45 Colt Peacemaker replica he found sitting on the dresser with a box of bullets scattered across the floor and left as the fire he set in the living room caught the couch on fire, leaving three dead bodies on the master bed, the small bundle nestled between the other two as he sat in the driver seat of the Bronco watching the house go up in flames.

The truck had over three-quarters of a tank left as he checked the DAGR to make sure he was heading in the right direction as he flipped on the radio, getting nothing but static as he turned it off and kept driving to where the trapped survivors were as he dropped the Bronco into third gear and romped down on the gas. Flying down the gravel road with dust billowing up behind as he tore down another road and slowed down after seeing the highway again before he tore into a freshly plowed field and cut across it before he brought the truck to a stop and picked up the sat phone.

“Mike, listen I know this is going to sound stupid, but are you able to get ahold of anyone inside the RV?” Gabriel asked Mike after he answered on the second ring as he brought up the binoculars to scan the particular stretch of highway.

“How would I know? I work in the lab processing samples, you’d have to ask the boys upstairs if they could, but I don’t see why they couldn’t,” Mike spoke to someone else in a hushed voice long enough to give Gabriel time to spot the RV, sitting two hundred yards in front of him up against the rear end of semi-tractor trailer and sandwiched in front of a large U-Haul van, it was evident that the RV had attempted to smash its way out, but it appeared to be rather fruitless with all of the cars making it impossible, it looked like radiator had taken a Hell of beating and he doubted it would even make it five miles, “it seems that none of the boys upstairs have been able to contact them, without power on their cellphones it won’t work, all we know is that they are alive and moving around.”

Gabriel ended the call as he left his pack in the backseat of the Bronco and exited the truck with his rifle at the ready as he began walking across the field, noticing that the undead had failed to notice him at this particular distance as he crawled over the fence and started walking through the small grove of trees leading up to the highway. His method of approach was careful, stopping every so often to look and listen for any undead approaching him as he put eleven down by the time he reached the edge of the highway and started mopping up the undead closest to him and the RV. He was working on taking out the ones that could potentially see him among the maze of vehicles before taking out the ones up against the sides of the RV by tossing rocks at a nearby car to make some noise to get a few of them to wander over at a time, slowly taking them down in a Pied Piper style.

He had burned through five magazines of ammo before he moved closer to the RV, he was across the road from the driver side before he tossed a handful of gravel at the windshield and waited for several seconds before he tossed another handful. At first he thought whoever was inside didn’t hear as he picked a much larger rock and threw it with a little more force in the direction of the RV, sticking the windshield with a loud crack as he turned to dispatched a few more undead that were wandering in his direction before looking back at the RV.

He just about shit a brick when he saw the elderly man sitting in the driver seat looking at him over the barrel of a wicked rifle, an older woman stood over his shoulder with another rifle and he could see a third person sitting in the passenger seat with the unmistakable muzzle of an AK-47 pointed at him, twenty yards away with only a six inch diameter cottonwood trunk for protection.

Gabriel lowered the muzzle of his weapon and waved his free hand in a friendly gesture before waving his hand out in a sweeping gesture to indicate they look around and see the dead laying on the ground with terminal splitting headaches and pointed at himself and then the RV several times while mouthing the words out.

I help you.

The older lowered his weapon and nodded at the others before looking back at him and pointed at him and then lifted his hands in the universal sign of now what as he looked around harder before pointing at Gabriel and lifting several of his fingers before shrugging again.

How many of you are there?

Gabriel shook his head and pointed at himself before pulling up a magazine and tapping it several times and then pointing at the RV with both palms facing upwards as he mouthed the word, “Ammo?”

How much ammo do you have?

The elderly man shook his head and worked the action on his rifle to grab the round out of the chamber and held up three fingers, pointing at himself, then at the man sitting next to him and held up eight fingers before pointing over his shoulder and holding up five fingers.

I have three, he has eight and she has five.

Gabriel lifted his arms up in front of him, slacking his jaw and rolling his eyes in the classic impression of a zombie, pointed at the RV and then his eyes.

Do you see any zombies?

The old man nodded, pointing to the other side of the RV and held up all ten fingers once, twice, thrice and then four fingers as the man next to him patted him on the shoulder and pointed out in front of them, probably on the other side of the trailer where Gabriel couldn’t see anything and the old man held up ten and then seven fingers.

Thirty-four on the other side and seventeen in front of us.

Gabriel nodded, then made the walking sign with two fingers before pointing over his shoulder and then gave a thumbs-up while shrugging.

Can you walk?

The old man shook his head violently, crossing his hands in a slashing motion palms down before holding up one finger and then held up three fingers while nodding vigorously before repeating what he had just done.

No, one cannot walk and three can walk.

The old man then made a cradle with both hands with a rocking motion to mimic someone carrying a baby and pointed at himself, before making the walking sign with two fingers and pointed in Gabriel’s direction.

I will carry them.

Gabriel nodded and picked up his rifle and jumped over the guardrail along the edge of the highway, ducking between stationary cars as he reached the side of the semi-trailer, looking straight at the old man still sitting in the driver seat and then pointed at the semi and raised his eyebrows in question as the old man raised his arms in a classic reenactment of a zombie and made the “I’m watching you” sign and pointed ahead of him.

Zombies are looking ahead.

Gabriel reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple pieces of gravel and tossed them over the top of the trailer, listening to what sounded like hail striking down of the roof of a few vehicles on the other side of the trailer as Gabriel walked around to the front of the semi and peeked around the bumper to get a good look.

Sure enough, easily fifty something zombies were either pressed up against the RV or scattered around within a hundred feet of the RV as Gabriel brought up his rifle and started shooting at what seemed like point blank range on the closest ones that were looking away from him at the minivan where the gravel had hit. Once he ran through the mag he simply let drop to the ground and reloaded with a fresh one before he continued to fire, glad that the undead had the entire length of the trailer to travel before they ever reached him as he dropped them quickly and kept searching around for any more as he reloaded, a few of his shots had gone wild, but the last of them had been taken out as he moved to the rear of the trailer and looked up at the old man sitting in the driver seat with both thumbs up as he reached the door leading inside the RV as he knocked.

The younger man with the AK opened the door a crack and then opened the door all the way as he stepped out wearing a simple vest adorned with magazine pouches, a knife and an old rucksack as Gabriel nodded, keeping his rifle up to his shoulder and continued to scan his surroundings.

“Ready to go?” Gabriel whispered as the woman followed after the younger man with a rifle and a crude pack made from a pillowcase while she held her rifle, as the older man came out last, holding a young child in his arms, rifle slung over his back with an old Army pack featuring a canteen cup and a bedroll as Gabriel waved his free hand to get them to follow as he lead them off the highway towards where he left the Bronco, noticing at once that several undead were wandering down the highway in the general direction of the RV.

Gabriel held his position at the fence while waiting for the younger man to assist the woman and then helped the little girl over the fence while the old guy tossed his pack over the fence and then crawled through himself before Gabriel climbed over and lead them to the Bronco.

The woman got in first, tossing her makeshift pack into the back as she took the girl and helped the older man toss his pack over the backseat before the younger man got in the passenger seat as Gabriel got behind the wheel and fired up the engine, put it in gear and swung the vehicle around to face the gravel road.

His heart nearly dropped into his shoes as he could see easily a hundred wandering up the gravel road and another hundred were wandering across the field, looking back towards the highway he could see a decent sized horde of them was building up against the fence as he put on his seatbelt.

“Might want to buckle up,” Gabriel said as he romped down on the gas and rolled his window up the rest of the way as he centered the large vehicle on the service driveway he had entered from earlier, “this is going to get really ugly in a minute.”
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Re: Containment

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I just love it when I check on this story and there is moar. You keep writing Fido, and I'll keep reading. and thanks for the MOAR.

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Re: Containment

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me too, thanks for the new chapter

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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:05 pm

Someone want another installment?
No one? Okay, guess I'll just post this...

Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
“We’ll give it a shot…living on a prayer.”

The first zombie he hit with the Bronco got taken off at the chin by the top bar of the brush guard, he had been going close to thirty miles an hour as the body was deflected downward underneath the truck as the decapitated head rolled across the hood and up over the windshield as Gabriel grimaced as the next three went underneath the front end with sickening crunches.

He had to slow down enough to make the turn onto the road, nearly overturning the truck as he floored it, the monstrosity of an engine roaring to full power as all four tires spun before catching traction on the gravel as it surged forward, straight towards the oncoming horde that was moving towards the truck like hungry cats after the mouse. It was almost like hitting deer, but the brush guard worked to keep the bodies from flying over the hood and into the windshield while the added height from the lift kit gave the top bar the perfect height to clip most of the undead in the neck or head as they got sucked under the front of the truck, the one difference was that Gabriel fought to keep the truck on the road as he ignored the press of bodies against the truck before they broke free of horde and shot down the road.

“Sweet Jesus,” the man sitting next to him rolled the window down and reached out to knock a severed head off the rearview mirror as Gabriel hit the wipers to clear away most of the blood, “thanks for the rescue back there, names John, we owe you our lives.”

“Gabriel, glad to help,” Gabriel glanced at the DAGR he had left sitting in the cup holder, “how is everyone?”

“Fine now thanks to you,” the older man in back said as he reached forward and dropped a calloused hand on his shoulder, “names Henry, this is my wife Bethany and this little bundle of joy is my granddaughter Molly and anything we can do to help to get out of here.”

“That’s going to be a problem.” Gabriel spent the rest of the ride explaining the current situation to them as they reached the field with the module sitting in it as the smoldering pile of the farmhouse was still burning.

“God damn it,” Henry muttered as Beth reached over and punched him on the shoulder, he looked sheepishly while looking down at Molly, who had buried her face into his shirt and had not said one word since they left the RV, “so what are we going to do?”

Gabriel parked the Bronco next to the gate and turned off the ignition, but left the keys in it as he go out, helping them get out and inside the module as he fired up the computer and opened the drawer where all the vials were contained, a few needles and a box of Band-Aids.

“Now this is where we get a few samples of blood, you tell the man on the other end the truth to every single question he asks you and I’ll figure out what we do from there.” Gabriel set Molly in the only bunk as John sat down to let Beth dig a needle in his arm.

It turned out that Beth was a retired RN and knew what to do, she made it look so easy and fast as she withdrew blood from John, Henry and got two vials of blood from Molly because she had fallen asleep. Gabriel passed out water and MRE’s, earning a gruff “thought I would never have to eat one of these again” from Henry as he helped John break out the armory to find him a replacement weapon for his AK.

Henry had a great big .30 M1 replica carbine with an handful of 15-round magazines, a keepsake from his father and had served with the Army in Korea and Nam, his wife had a 7mm Remington 700 and John had an AK-47 with over a dozen forty round waffle magazines and he even had a 9mm M9 Beretta with no ammo for it.

Turned out that John had also served in the Army, in Afghanistan back in 2007 before he mustered out and went on to be an accountant, living next to Henry and Beth when this went down. They had come from Cascade Falls too and got stuck in gridlock traffic for the last couple days unable to leave the RV because of the fact that they didn’t have enough ammo left over from when they escaped from Cascade Falls and couldn’t get the RV out either as Gabriel watched Mike asked questions, answers the ones he could and promise to let them know the moment something was learned immediately.

John took a spare M4 because he was most familiar with it and Beth took a shotgun for the sole fact that she never held a weapon in the AR family, she fired long range high caliber rifles her whole life while Henry politely declined and asked if he could have the Peacemaker, saying that he wanted something he knew would have efficient stopping power than a newer rifle with a .22 on steroids.

Gabriel went outside to see what the condition of the Bronco was as he took the sat phone with and his DAGR in hand as dialed Mike once Beth and Henry took a nap with Molly as John sat in the chair checking over his weapons.

“Mike, got a question for you, can you see any reasonable sized building big enough to house a hundred people with supplies and not turn into a death trap that isn’t in the middle of a city and close by?” Gabriel set the DAGR on the hood of the truck as he walked around looking underneath to see if any patches of oil or other fluids had collected from a broken or cracked seal somewhere.

He discovered that other than dripping remnants of what used to be multiple undead he had plowed into at twenty miles an hour plus, the driver side rearview mirror had been torn off and the passenger side rear window had a spiderweb crack on it, similar shape of a human head striking the glass it appeared while nothing important seemed to be broken.

“Uh yeah, we had three different sites picked out to drop the mod and the only reason we dropped it in the field was because it was closer,” Mike sounded tired as Gabriel listened to computer keys clicking away and a loud slurp, “about eleven miles away is where our second choice for an ideal drop zone is located, there is a self-storage unit complex on the edge of Bakersfield surrounded with a chain link fence and most of the undead in the area have vacated due to the fact a sound emitter was dropped far enough away to lure them away.”

Gabriel finished going around the truck and went back inside the fenced in area, leaning up against the module to jot down some notes, most importantly an address and coordinates for the DAGR as Mike rambled on.

“What can you do about dropping another unit there?” Gabriel asked as he rapped his knuckles against the metal, thinking that there was no way four people were going to move this thing as he looked back at the Bronco thinking about how much stuff could be crammed inside with five people.

“Well, if clearance from upstairs is passed eventually that would give us the green light by tomorrow morning we could have an entire retrieval team down there and airlift everyone out to the edge of the zone into a safe place,” Mike snorted loud enough for Gabriel to catch the hint of sarcasm, “but then again if politicians have their way, they’d leave the zone alone and turn it into a tourist attraction.”

“Everyone loves a disaster to exploit,” Gabriel sighed as he thumped his head against the module thinking of another plan as he pondered another idea, “are there still drones patrolling inside the zone?”

“Nope, they got pulled out and we rely on satellites for all the information we need in order to monitor undead activity inside the zone to know whether or not to drop another sound emitter, being noting more than prototypes with a long battery life kind of makes them unreliable.” Mike answered with finality.

“Can you send me a video of the fastest route to this place via computer?” Gabriel asked as he stepped back inside to see that Beth had just slid the first set of vials into the spectrometer while Molly snoozed on, Henry was sitting on the floor next to his sleeping granddaughter patting her back in a soothing manner while John was at the far end of the module cleaning his AK.

Gabriel hung up after he booted up the computer and began watching the live video feed of satellite communication with high resolution that went from where the module was sitting in the middle of the field to where the storage complex was located in Bakersfield, starting out by crossing the highway and then a jaunt down several gravel roads, a few miles down another highway that was clear of stationary vehicles due to the fact that the bridge at the end of the road was closed off to traffic before it finally reached a sprawling storage complex that looked like it should have been built in Bernard.

Bakersfield consisted of a small college, three apartment complexes, a Wal-Mart, three restaurants, several industrial buildings, two gas stations, a school with grades K-12, there was a State Trooper headquarters next to the city police building, a fire station, courthouse and like any college town, half a dozen bars with enough of a suburb to appear like a nice town, but most of the community was rural. Another interesting feature was that nineteen survivors were in Bakersfield alone, the largest group was three people on the second floor of an apartment building not half a mile from the college while the rest of them were scattered around in ones or twos, mostly rural homes a few miles from town, but Gabriel didn’t care.

Each location where a survivor was hiding out seemed to be a large horde of undead sticking around, it was pretty easy to see which house someone was trapped inside due to the fact it looked a block party was being thrown out in the front lawn, so Gabriel got addresses and coordinates of each place, annoyed to learn that they could not get contact with anyone because power was out in the entire zone.

In total, Cascade Falls, Bernard, Bakersfield, Whistlers Grove, William’s Crossing and Theodore were the only towns and cities surrounded by the quarantine zone while a few of the outlying town were told to pack up and leave by the order of Congress, mostly for security reasons due to the close proximity of the wall that was going up and that left quiet a large chunk of real estate where no living man was going to be going for a long time as Gabriel sat back in the chair before realizing that his bandages were smelling funny as he thought of the last time he had changed them.

Discarding his shirt and pulling some fresh bandages out the medical drawer and tore off the old ones, wincing as the tape took some hair and skin as he daubed some ointment on the scabs that were standing out against his skin like mud splatters on a white carpet as he applied the gauze and tape, noticing that John had reached for the rifle he had just set down in a manner that prompted Gabriel to explain.

“Relax, I won’t be turning George Romero on you anytime soon,” Gabriel donned his shirt back on as John appeared to be absentmindedly tweaking with the iron sights on the M4, “found out that I got the luck of the draw somehow and ended up immune to bites, picked this up over a week ago.”

“That would explain why Mike wanted blood samples from each person,” John cast a glance over at the spectrometer that was halfway through diagnosing his own blood before he dropped his hand away from the trigger, “do you think we’d know if we are immune too.”

“I wouldn’t test the theory to be honest,” Gabriel tapped his shoulder as he pulled his own rifle into his lap and began dismantling it so he could clean it, “when I got this I almost thought it was a certified death warrant and nearly offed myself in a stranger’s house after getting away from the community center.”

“Why didn’t you?” John asked as he set his rifle propped up against the locker next to him as Gabriel stripped out the bolt and was brushing vigorously when he stopped at the question, in mid motion of brushing as he remembered back to that day, trapped in that house clutching his shoulder, screaming out loud that he didn’t want to die as the massive revolver he had found sitting in a pool of blood when he crashed through the front door was sitting in his lap as he thought about the one thought that kept him from pulling that trigger.

“Thought that if I died,” Gabriel shrugged as he went back to brushing, muttering almost to himself, “I would find my family again somehow, guess I didn’t have the balls to do it.”

“Came close a few times myself,” John tipped his head back as he sighed, “before we got trapped in that damn sardine can in the middle of that damn road I nearly bit the bullet a few times, but somehow I kept going, don’t know how or why, but I kept going.”

“Did you lose any…” the question died in the air as John looked away and twisted the ring on his left hand before Gabriel shut his mouth and kept brushing before John spoke again, this time cradling his head in both hands.

“Wife divorced my ass within a year of me finally mustering out, she got the kids and a fat settlement and all I got was a mortgage and monthly visiting rights to my own kids, before long she wanted to dump the kids on her new fiancé and I objected, while they were getting married I had the kids for the weekend, got them on the soonest plane out to my folks after the first riot killed most of the police officers in town,” John lifted his head as he dug into his pants pocket for something, “don’t know why I stayed behind, watch over the house, look out for my neighbors, Hell I don’t know, just knew that if I tried going with them we’d have been stuck at the airport, because they were not chaperoned minors they were able to get first plane tickets out, if I had gone with them, we’d have been waiting in line for a flight when the place was overrun.”

Gabriel snapped the weapon back together and sighed, “At least they are not here John, at least they are out of the zone, safe with your parents or your ex-wife.”

“Yeah,” John stood up and unrolled a sleeping bag as Gabriel grabbed one for himself and stepped towards the door, “aren’t you going to sleep in here?”

Nodding towards the rifle John had within easy reach and then shrugging his injured shoulder as he snagged his own rifle on the way out, “Just letting you get used to the idea of a potential ticking time bomb John, kind of crowded in here anyways, snore in my sleep, all that.”

“Sure thing Gabe, sure thing.” John waved as Gabriel stepped outside and listened to the sounds of the nightlife serenade to him before he picked a spot to sleep for the night.

Once he settled down just outside the door leading inside the module, Gabriel kicked off his shoes and settled in the bag while laying the rifle across his lap, safety on and a round in the chamber as he unbuckled the pistol belt and set the holster within reach, immediately rolling over and falling into a troubled sleep.

“Pleasant dreams everyone, because I know that I won’t be having any.”
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Re: Containment

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Ahhhh, what a pleasent surprize, another update. Keep'em comming. Thank you for your hard work and effort you are putting into this story. Now, MOAR please.
Yeah, I know we keep bugging you for moar, but that is what we moar zombies do when we like a story, MOAR, MOAR, and MOAR. We just never get enough to eat. lol

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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:46 pm

Anyone want another installment?

Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys
“You gotta fight for your right…”

The body before him was like the aftermath of a vicious mauling by a pack of carnivores as he slowly stepped over the body, aiming downward at the mass that he was certain without a doubt would never move again as he stepped into the hallway.

It looked like whoever the guy had been, it looked like he had been hit by a truck, dunked in a vat of blood and showered with chunks of what he hoped wasn’t strips of flesh. Hits from a .45 up close were a lot more devastating than he had thought, each one gaped like a crater on the surface of the moon, several of them sporting bits of bones sticking out as he noticed that there wasn’t a lot of blood oozing from these wounds, even though most of them were damn close to severing major arteries.

These wounds just sort of oozed in a manner that made them appear not life threatening, almost like the guy would get back up with a snarl and attack, not that Gabriel was worried, the head had been busted open like a melon with most of its brains plastered over the wall opposite of his parents’ bedroom door and it hadn’t so much as twitched since he opened the door, no response whatsoever. He nudged the body a couple times with his foot before backing towards the stairs, thinking about his cellphone in the bedroom as he backed away slowly.

The sound of the bottom step creaking alerted him in time to see the horror at the bottom of the stairs, leering up at him as he scrabbled backwards, tripping over the body behind him as the wailing cry reached his ears.

Awkwardly scrambling backwards was had as the figure, another man who looked even worse than the first guy, half of the face was gone as it lurched towards him, Gabriel remembered aiming up and pulling the trigger while recalling that he heard screaming. It wasn’t until the corpse coming at him finally landed on him that he realized the screaming he was hearing was him as the gun boomed loudly before the body dropped on top of him like a sack of wet cement and he had cracked his head against the floor…

Gabriel snapped awake as the door a few feet from his opened with a faint metal screech as John poked his head out, “Morning, breakfast is ready.”

“Be right in John.” Gabriel realized that he had his hand on the holster laying next to his sleeping bag before he got up and got to work.

Breakfast consisted of an MRE and a quick bathroom break as Gabriel laid out the plan for the day, deciding that he would only need John for what he needed to do as he put an extra shotgun and his HK416 with the Master Key attachment in the Bronco with a couple boxes of ammunition as John hugged Henry and Beth, Molly remained quiet the whole morning as Gabriel put the DAGR, notes and the map he found in the glove compartment on the center console before they got ready to leave.

“Stay inside the enclosure and if you don’t see us again in three days,” Gabriel paused as he glanced at the list of coordinates taped to the dash, “then you better talk Mike into some drastic action pronto.”

Henry reached through the open window and dropped a hand on his uninjured shoulder, “Make sure you come back in one piece son.”

Gabriel tipped his fingers in a mock salute before starting the truck, putting it in gear and accelerating out of the field and turned in the direction of Whistlers Grove as John tightened his seatbelt. His plan was to hit four survivors at least, they would need the manpower it would take to secure and defend such a large place and once they had enough people, it would be a lot easier than trying to hold it against the numerous undead in the area, so there were a couple survivors in the area he figured wouldn’t mind some assistance.

The first place was the most critical, satellite photos showed two people sitting on the roof of a house that had been chased up there since yesterday afternoon and Gabriel figured with John to help he would have a much better chance of getting them out alive, since the satellite coverage showed somewhere in the vicinity of sixty undead within two hundred yards of the house, a few more than Gabriel wanted to take on himself. It was seven miles to the house, they stuck to back roads and didn’t pass any other survivors on the way out there, they had to navigate the ditch for a few miles because of the stationary vehicles just left on the roads, there was of course the number of undead wandering within sight of the road told the story of what happened to the people that used to be in those vehicles.

First they cleared a hill and could see that house a quarter mile ahead and Gabriel stopped the truck and pulled out his binoculars he had stashed in the Bronco and zoomed in on the house.

Roughly twenty unmoving lumps scattered around the front yard told him that at one point someone had tried defending the house before they either ran out of ammunition or got overrun and had to retreat further into the house or up to the roof. Sitting on the peak of the roof were two people, easily a woman and a small child from the clothes, for a minute Gabriel thought they were dead until the woman sat up to hand the child, a young boy, a water bottle before shielding the boy with her body from the sun.

“They are alive,” Gabriel handed John the binoculars for a look as he rubbed his eyes, “looks like they don’t have any weapons or food, so I doubt they can run a few hundred yards to the truck.”

“Dash and grab?” John whistled to himself as he panned his view around the house, “Looks like the sick can see a meal and are restless, no way can we walk up a step ladder to help they down.”
“Forget jumping, they are on the roof of a second story house with no attached garage, they’d end up breaking a leg or something.” Gabriel unclipped his seatbelt and looked around before opening the door to get out.

“What do you think, pull up and shoot as many as we can?” John got out of his side and went past him to get behind the wheel as Gabriel traded his M16 with the HK416 and made sure it was ready to go as he pondered for a minute.

“Either way we look at it, we’re going to have to clear out the fuckers around the house, clean out who knows how many inside the house, find out how they got onto the roof and then get them down.” Gabriel scanned the road in front of the house before noticing the large pasture across the road, finding the gate with the binoculars and then coming up with a plan.

“Gabe? You got to stop spacing off like that, scares the Hell out of me when you do that.” John waved his hand in front of his face as Gabriel handed him the binoculars back.

“See the gate to get into the pasture? I’m thinking we can get every single dead bastard to follow us into that big wide open space long enough for us to kill them, corral them inside and start picking them off.” Gabriel smiled at his idea as John rubbed his chin for a few seconds before nodding his head and throwing the Bronco into gear.

They tore down the road, skidding to a halt a few feet in front of the gate as Gabriel jumped out and ran to the fence, spotting the simple chain holding the gate shut as he threw it wide open, pausing long enough to fire off a couple of shots before getting back into the Bronco, John dropping into first gear and slowly rolling across the pasture.

The undead were scrambling towards the truck as Gabriel leaned out the window, carefully squeezing off a few shots every time John would halt the truck, watching as a dozen or so poured out of the house as the rest of them scattered around behind the house were coming towards the truck in the deliberate pace that meant they were after something. The woman and kid up on the roof were upright and clutching onto the eve of the roof as John reeved the engine several times to let every undead in the area know where to find an easy meal.

It took four magazines, fifteen minutes and three laps around the inside of the pasture before the last one was taken down, bodies littered the grassy hillside like rocks as John drove right up into the driveway as Gabriel got out.

“Stay here,” Gabriel said as he slung his rifle over his shoulder and pulled out his Glock-17, “keep a sharp lookout and make sure we don’t get any more surprises while I clear out the house.”

John was about to protest before he closed his mouth and nodded, stepping out of the truck to take up a position on the roof of the Bronco with the binoculars and his rifles as Gabriel stepped through the hole that use to be the front door into the middle of a slaughterhouse.
He had a sick feeling that there used to be a family in the house before it got overran, several shotguns and large hunting rifles lay scattered around the living room floor as well as a few sidearms, Gabriel didn’t bother with any of the guns as he checked the den, kitchen, bathroom, downstairs bedroom and basement for any more undead. There were five trapped in the basement that he took care of with a couple well placed shots before moving back upstairs and then going up to the second floor of the house, taking the larger set of stairs from the kitchen.

Two more undead were in the entire upstairs, one of them locked in a bedroom and the other in the bathroom, evidence that undead had been upstairs was evident due to the fact that gore streaks on the walls, floor, doors and furniture meant that a lot of them had been moving around up here as he found out how to reach the roof through the attic where he nearly got his face bitten off when he stepped up the ladder. A mangled face lunged out of the darkness, gnashing teeth inches from his face as he fell backwards off the ladder onto the floor beneath him as he got the wind knocked out him.

Swearing at the sight of the undead coming down the ladder face first, Gabriel snapped off several rounds while crab walking backwards, emptying the mag into the first five that came tumbling down the ladder in search of a snack. He swore when he ran dry, having about ten seconds to see the sixth zombie catch its balance and stagger towards him with both arms outstretched.

“Son of a bitch,” Gabriel swore as he lifted his feet to catch the zombie on the shoulders, holding it at bay as he fumbled for a fresh mag before kicking with everything he was worth, “get the fuck off me.”

He sat up, slapping the mag in and chambering a round as the zombie he kicked backwards struggled to sit up, he put two rounds into its head as it dropped to the floor in a lifeless heap as Gabriel sighed and dropped back onto the floor on his back panting loudly.

Once he checked himself over for anymore fresh bites and finding none, Gabriel carefully poked his head up into the attic, using his flashlight to see as he didn’t see any more undead as he found out where the vent had been torn out of the roof to let two people to climb out onto the roof as he poked his head out.

“You can come down now,” Gabriel shifted his head to look down and waved at John, “house is clear for now.”

“Oh thank god,” the haggard looking woman pulled herself up over the edge of the roof as the kid looked around in shock, “thank you so much.”

“Gabriel,” he extended his hand as she grasped it firmly, “let’s get out of here before more show up and really ruin our day.”

“Samantha and this is Bobby,” Gabriel stepped back to let Bobby wiggle through the vent first before she followed, “we’ve been waiting for three days.”

They looked like it too as they weakly followed him downstairs, Gabriel told them to close their eyes as he led them through the downstairs to the front door before he put them into the Bronco with plenty of water and food to eat as he left John guarding the truck.

In the garage was a minivan and a F-350 full cab truck that Gabriel wanted, there was no way he was going to rely on just one vehicle as he politely asked where Samantha kept the keys while telling John his new plan before getting to work. From the house he took every single can and unopened jar from the cupboards and pantry, putting most of it into the Bronco, along with wrapping the guns in a clean bed sheet he took from a hallway closet, finding a total of four rifles, seven shotguns and five handguns, making sure that they were emptied before tying off the corners to make a bag as he set them in the back of the Bronco.

John was shooting more of the undead wandering within range as Gabriel managed to open the roll door in the garage and climbed into the cab of the truck with the keys he had taken out of the drawer in the kitchen as John got off the roof and behind the wheel of the Bronco as Gabriel backed out onto the road. He had decided against the idea of burning down the house as John led the way back towards the module because he had the DAGR as Gabriel followed him in the truck rattling with everything he had taken from the house as they made excellent time back to the module.

Henry was waiting for them, perched up on top of the module with a set of binoculars and his rifle as they pulled up next to the gate, Gabriel turned the truck around as John got the Bronco as close as possible.

First they got Samantha and Bobby inside before unloading everything from both vehicles inside the protective closure, Beth declared that both of them were dehydrated and couldn’t spare enough blood as it was while Henry dug through the bed sheet bag of weapons and loose rounds, scrounging up enough shells .30 Winchester to make him a very happy man as Gabriel decided to leave the F-350 behind and jumped back into the Bronco as John punched in the new coordinates.

Neither one of them spoke as they went back down the same road, past the same house now crawling with another dozen undead, Gabriel wondered how many more would be showing up to that house because they all thought something tasty was still inside. He decided to file that tidbit of information away for future use as he checked his collection of magazines once they stopped at a four-way intersection completely gridlocked from each direction, creating a wall of vehicles they couldn’t get past because they were pretty much bumper to bumper.

“Sure was nice of them to leave the road open in the event of an emergency,” John remarked as he put the Bronco into park and turning off the engine, “looks like we get to push.”

“Remind me to keep the first log chain I see once we get past this.” Gabriel remarked as he climbed out of the passenger seat, leaving the door open as he set his rifle on the hood of the truck, double-checking his pistol and machete before stepping away as he motioned for John to stay put.

There wasn’t any undead within sight of the intersection and that scared Gabriel, wondering where they had all gone as he stepped around the first vehicle, an older model station wagon that was crammed to the roof with luggage, he was glad that the lack of car seats or toys meant kids had been inside. He discovered that the driver door was wide open and covered in dried blood, streaked by rain as he reached inside to crank the wheel over before putting it in neutral as he gave it a push. It rolled forward a few inches before nudging into the farm truck parked in front of it, he cranked the wheel back over all the way and then pushed the vehicle backwards.

It took another five back and forth attempts before he was able to squeeze the station wagon out of gridlock, John had set his rifle down on the hood next to Gabriel’s rifle to get behind and push, they rolled the vehicle to the edge of the road, as close to the ditch without pushing it into the ditch because Gabriel had a feeling they would be coming back. An hour later, six more vehicles moved out like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to create a hole big enough to ease the Bronco across the road, Gabriel gathered both rifles and climbed back inside the Bronco as they got on the shoulder and kept driving towards the next set of coordinates.

From his notes, Gabriel knew that only one person was hiding out in a small house just outside of city limits with a lot of undead surrounding the place and from what the satellite photos had shown, a lot of dead ones scattered around the house.

“There it is,” John eased the truck to a stop as Gabriel picked up the binoculars off the dash and scanned the house sitting a few hundred yards away, “might as well have a sign in the front yard, Help! Zombies!”

“Yeah well let’s see if the owner can see us before we come rushing in,” Gabriel could see plywood and thick boards nailed over the windows, “unlike last time we don’t have a nice big pasture to go joy riding in, so what do you think, thirty or fifty of them?”

John snorted before taking the binoculars, “At least eighty for sure, say another twenty we don’t see, but it looks like they didn’t get inside this place, all boarded up and a nice heavy looking door still on the hinges.”

Gabriel brought up his rifle, checking to make sure a round was chambered before he unbuckled his seatbelt, “How about a little drive by?”

“Aw Hell,” John tossed the binoculars onto the dash, “I’ve always wanted commit a major felony, such as gunning down people from a moving vehicle multiple times, just like that game my kids loved to play so much, Grand Larceny something?”

“Grand Theft Auto there Butch,” Gabriel rolled the window down as John eased the Bronco forward, “let’s see if a couple years of violent video games and mislead Hollywood movies pay off.”

“Going to wind up in the nut house rocking a straight jacket by the end of the week.” John sighed as he romped down on the accelerator, several undead turning in the direction of the tuck as it came barreling down a narrow strip of gravel.

“Take a rain check John, because the last I’ve noticed,” Gabriel donned on a pair of sunglasses hanging from the sun visor, “the world had already gone crazy.”
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Re: Containment

Post by Shellyann36 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:56 am

Ready for the next installment! :clap:
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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:33 pm

Did anyone want another installment?

Another One Bites the Dust by Queens
“Are you ready hey? Are you ready for this?”

Speeding towards a large group of undead in a truck with only a rifle, a windshield and a pair of cheap sunglasses to act as barriers were not considered wise actions on his own part as Gabriel shifted his body away from the open window and set the muzzle of his rifle on the edge of the door to prevent putting a round through the vehicle.

They ran over ten of them before something caused the rear driver side to skid so John dropped into a lower gear and eased up slightly as he tried his best to avoid clusters of them with the Bronco as Gabriel simply made sure nothing was able to reach inside and grab him as John brought the truck to a skidding halt just past the driveway. Gabriel emptied a mag at the ones within range before he dropped the empty mag as John popped the clutch and took off again before they all scrambled around the truck and cut off any escape as Gabriel reloaded.

“Think we got a raise out of anyone back there?” John asked as he slowed down and turned around in the next driveway half a mile down the road while Gabriel motioned for him to stop, stuck the rifle out the window and dumped a mag at the ones closest to them before looking through the optic at the house for any kind of action.

“Can’t tell,” Gabriel grunted as he reloaded while John put the Bronco in gear and moved the truck forward, “might want to go a little slower next time around to get a good look.”

“Fuck that,” John swore again as he swerved around a previous road kill from the first run, “pray that we don’t pop a tire or we are truly fucked sideways and I say we make one more pass and if we don’t see any kind of signal, than we bug out.”

Gabriel didn’t answer because he was busy wiping gore from his sunglasses as he rolled up the window while John powered through another group of undead and continued down the road before finding a place to turn around, waiting for Gabriel to step out of the truck and dump another mag into another twenty undead within range before he hoped back inside the truck as they made another run. The good news was that most of the undead were thinned out from the first two runs and it was good thing to see that some of them were attacking the house again as a few of them fell and didn’t move after they hit the ground while John commented on seeing muzzle flashes from the windows.

“Signs of life after all,” John wretched the wheel over to clip another undead with the edge of the bumper that sent the body flying into the ditch while Gabriel turned to look through the back window at the house making a quick calculation, “what now?”

“Stop in front of the house when we go back by, I want to kill the rest of them around the house and make a run for the house.” Gabriel answered as he slapped in a fresh mag and unbuckled his seatbelt.

“That’s your plan?” John groaned as he turned around, the tap from the brakes sent a lifeless body sliding off the hood as he revved the engine and started back towards the house without any undead to run over because he gotten the last ones.

The Bronco skidded to a stop as Gabriel hopped out and braced his rifle on the hood of the truck and started firing while John opened up from his seat with his M4, rather than rolling the window down, he simply opened the door and stood up. Undead were getting chewed up from the combined rifle fire as the shooter inside the house, armed with a large bore rifle from the exploding heads and devastating reports it seemed like, was doing an excellent number on several of the undead while Gabriel slipped around the front of the truck, heading towards the house.

He nearly shit his pants when something grabbed his leg, a mangled hand attached to an arm by only a few tendons and muscles belonged to a corpse that had been cut in half at the waist by the truck tried to bite him as he kicked himself free and kicked it in the head before shooting it twice, carefully stepping over and around bodies littering the road as he made it to the yard, hoping the fence and ran to the front door.

“Hello? Anyone in there? Do you need help?” Gabriel shouted before spotting the first of the undead pouring around the corner of the house, “Shit! John, give me some covering fire!”

The reply he got came in the form of his M4 firing faster as Gabriel brought his own weapon up and blasted a few of them, he knew that John didn’t want to shoot at the house and accidently hit whoever was inside so he was aiming for the ones still on the other side of the house.

The sound of the deadbolt turning was enough notice for Gabriel to turn and see the gaping muzzle of what he recognized as a Mosin Nagant complete with a bayonet lug in the hands of an angry looking middle-age man with a bandoleer crossing his chest, he was swinging the rifle past his head as Gabriel ducked and spun around in time to see the head on the undead standing less than six feet behind him explode like a melon as the powerful round tore through its face and rendered its entire head into confetti.

“What the fuck do you want?” The man had the door braced with his foot as he worked the action on the rifle with ease, the muzzle never wavering from his face as Gabriel moved his hand away from trigger on his rifle and slowly stood up.

“Here to help uh Mr…?” Gabriel said as he waved at John to lower his weapon, the last thing he needed was a shootout with him stuck in the middle as the man glared at him before lowering the Nagant.

“Carter, been stuck here since my no good two timing backstabbing brother-in-law drove off with my truck and most of my guns,” Carter opened the door the rest of the way and waved for John to come closer, “heard about the quarantine over the radio and figured that help wasn’t coming.”

John simply drove the Bronco right up next to the front door and went around back to see if any more undead were hanging around as Gabriel followed Carter into the house, noticing at once the piles of canned goods and boxed food stacked along the hall, the den looked like a storage room of a Bass and Pro shop with all the camping gear sitting around as Carter walked over to the table piled high with what was unmistakably boxes of ammunition.

“How long do you think we got?” Carter asked as he picked up a hefty looking backpack, pulling it up onto his shoulder while never letting go of his rifle as he grabbed onto a wheeled suitcase sitting behind the door.

“Half hour tops,” John panted as he ran into the den, “got another hundred or so wandering this way from all directions and they look hungry.”

“Let’s move it then.” Carter answered as he helped load the Bronco with the things they needed most, food, ammunition, water and gear as they piled the truck to the roof before the first dozen or so undead stumbled into sight, the wind carried the raising moan right to them as Carter left his house keys in the birdhouse next to the front door and climbed into the truck while Gabriel was busy sniping the undead nearing the truck from the roof as John slammed the rear doors and jumped behind the wheel.

“Goddamn it, get in here!” Carter yelled as Gabriel climbed down and got into the truck as John peeled out of the yard, getting a muttered insult on his driving after he demolished a flower bed and took out the mailbox on his way out.

“Well shit, where we going?” Carter asked as he pulled out a pack of Marlboros lit one up, offering it to John and Gabriel before taking a drag as Gabriel buckled his seatbelt and set his rifle between his knees.

“Home, we’re going home.” John answered as Gabriel took several deep breaths to calm his nerves as the adrenaline rush was wearing off, his sunglasses were gone and so was about half his ammo to.

He remembered waking up with the dead weight of the body crushing him as he struggled to push it off him while making sure he didn’t blow his head off with the gun. It took a little wiggling on his part, but he was able to get the body off himself and sat up, looking down at the gaping hole that used to be the back of a human head and he could see the floor through the hole.

All the blood covering him had freaked him out as he patted himself down, feeling for any injury of his own as he set the gun aside and moved away from the bodies lying in the upstairs hallway with the gun on the floor as he crawled to the bathroom to wash his face off.

He puked twice before he managed to wash some of the blood, taking his shirt off and throwing it into the laundry hamper as he rinsed himself off in the shower before remembering he had left the gun in the hall as he ran back to where he left it. It was still there as he went back to his parent’s bedroom, gathering up the loose rounds scattered across the floor and all of the empty magazines before he sat down on the edge of the bed staring at his cellphone. It was after trying to get through on the second try before he realized that he had no signal, of all times to lose a signal it would have to be now as he went downstairs, intent on heading towards the gun cabinet Dad had locked up in the basement.

Tip toeing down the stairs gave him an advantage, because he knew where all the creaky steps were as he skipped each one he knew would sound like a siren going off as he crept downstairs, gun in his hands before he reached the landing and walked towards the kitchen before he heard a sound behind him.

It was the unmistakable sound of someone scurrying across the carpet leading from the front door behind him…

“Hey kid, quit spacing off on us,” Gabriel snapped his attention to Carter sitting in the back of the Bronco as he realized that they had pulled up next to the module, “we got work to do.”

Looking in the direction where Carter was pointing, Gabriel noticed that easily fifty undead were wandering in the general direction of the module as John was already out of the Bronco, it was then that he noticed Henry perched up on top of the module with his rifle to his shoulder as Gabriel got out of the truck and turned to size up the sheer number of undead walking across the field towards them.

“Start unloading the truck,” Gabriel addressed John as he turned to look up at Henry, “stop shooting you old geezer! It’s like ringing the dinner bell for them, get down from there and let me deal with them.”

“What the Hell are you going to do kid?” Carter huffed as he climbed out of the Bronco as John popped the rear door and grabbed the first bag crammed with supplies as Gabriel sheathed his pistol and drew out his machete, giving Carter a raised eyebrow before he took off at a trot towards the lumbering undead, leaving his rifle and pack in the truck.

He met the first one a hundred yards from the module, bringing the machete back over his shoulder as he waited for it to step closer, eager to tear into him like a free buffet as he timed it perfectly, bringing the machete in a downward stroke, splitting the head in half all the way to the chin.

First one down as Gabriel extracted the machete, waved back at the module and turned back to pick the next one to kill as he moved slowly, heading to his left to make a cluster of them to run into each other as they staggered towards him arms outstretched. His next one was a fat one that moved slower than the rest, but Gabriel kicked it in the right knee, satisfied with the resounding crack he heard as Fatso toppled over backwards, arms flailing as bone tore through the skin as Gabriel stepped forward and dropped to one knee with the machete gripped in both hands.

He kept moving around, drawing them away from each other as he took them down one at a time, using his knee kicking trick and another trick he had learned to topple undead over because they were not the most coordinated beings anymore. A shove to the shoulder or a hard jolt to the body was usually enough to knock them off kilter and get them in the desired position to cleave off their heads as Gabriel steadily moved among them to keep thinning them out as he glanced back the module.

Gunshots would just attract more to the module if they tried to kill all of them, Gabriel wanted to take care of them silently to avoid giving other undead out of sight a steady source of sound to home in on and he saw it working. Unless they were in the field or up against the fence, they didn’t seem to notice that much because there wasn’t anything making noise to grab their attention and without a reenactment of D-Day going off, they were lost. A hundred yards beyond the fence and the undead were either moving away in what appeared to be random directions, slumping against something to lean on or dropping to the ground before getting up again a few minutes later as Gabriel wiped the sweat and gore off his brow as he gauged the remaining undead.

He switched hands again as he spun in a circle and ran a few steps backwards before turning around and rushing the zombie he wanted to decapitate, throwing his shoulder into it as it flopped backwards, letting out a snarl as it struggled to grab him as he stepped around the body until he was behind it and chopped it across the forehead with enough strength to make a clean cut halfway into the head.

It was slow going, but he even managed to lead the rest of them across the bodies littered on the ground, causing them to trip and fall, he made a nice garden of undead corpses before he went up to the fence to take care of the ones caught up in the barb wire of the fence that were snarling and growling, Gabriel wanted to take care of them before they attracted more and while they were immobile made it irresistible as he slowly walked over to the fence line up against the highway.

He took care of another twenty-six that were tangled up in the fence, some of them hung up by a few tatters of clothing or flesh, some of them immobilized by a limb wrapped in barb wire and a few of them were completely and hopelessly entangled in the old rusty wire that poised no real threat to him as he finished whopping chunks out of heads and headed back towards the module.

The Bronco was empty of everything taken from Carter’s house as Beth was busy taking a sample of his blood while he listened to Mike tell him why it was so important to give up some blood as Gabriel stripped out his grungy clothes and changed into a clean set as everyone set up supper, a MRE for each person as Carter and John went off to a corner to talk quietly as Henry watched the kids while Beth was helping Samantha in the cramped bathroom as Gabriel took the sat phone outside to make a call.

“Hey Mike, got a question for you,” Gabriel sat down against the module as he took out the sharpening tool to work the dull edge off his machete, “can you get permission to air drop supplies to us inside the zone?”

“Been arguing all day with the suits upstairs to even drop more equipment,” Mike grumbled into the phone as the sound of a door slamming shut made Gabriel set the phone more comfortably on his shoulder, “it would have to be high altitude drops and the odds of getting everything to land inside of a reasonable sized area is pretty damn nil.”

“Can it be done?” Gabriel began sharpening the machete after wiping in on the grass.

“The proper question is will it ever be allowed to happened.” Mike grumbled as the sound of computer keys clacking away kept him quiet for a moment.

“Why not?” Gabriel was thinking about sinking his machete into a few of the suits who were denying any kind of aid to be delivered in the zone.

“We’ve been keeping any news about survivors away from the media because if the public heard about survivors trapped inside the zone, they’d form a posse and storm inside.” Mike answered.

“Where they would end up unleashing a whole new kind of shit storm in the process,” Gabriel thought about it as he kept on sharpening, “creating a potential security risk that could mean the escape of this virus into the rest of the general public.”

“Pretty much nailed that on the head,” Mike sighed as he took a loud slurp of what was probably coffee, “when the suits upstairs feel like releasing it too the media, that is when it will happen, until then, we’re beating square pegs into round holes.”

“Hear that Chief,” Gabriel rolled his shoulders, “going to call it a night, tell us the results of Carter’s blood in the morning will you?”

“Take care of yourself and watched out for any more infected.” Mike hung up with that as Gabriel put the phone inside the module and went back outside with his sleeping bag.
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Re: Containment

Post by deathstalkertwo » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:26 pm

Thank you again, for the time and effort you are putting into this great story Fido. MOAR please?

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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:46 pm

The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy
“If the boys wanna fight you better let’em…”

He managed to avoid nightmares that night as he woke up to a prodding from Bobby, who poked his shoulder as Gabriel rolled over groaning, covering his head with his sleeping bag.

“You need to wake up silly,” Bobby sighed and stomped his foot on the ground next to his head as Gabriel lifted his head and glared at him, “you’ll miss breakfast if you don’t get up.”

Grumbling softly under his breath about kids excited for lousy MRE food in the morning so that Bobby wouldn’t pick up on his language, Gabriel rolled up his sleeping bag and went inside long enough to grab an MRE and a chance to use the bathroom while going over his notes on the locations and such nonsense while he plotted.

Two vehicles between eight people didn’t sound like very good odds, when three sounded a lot better and if he played his cards right, maybe another two people to add to the growing pool of survivors heading towards the storage complex either today or tomorrow. After a quick look at the satellite images around the nearest survivors, both of them were very close to the storage complex anyway and it looked like fewer undead were standing around outside since the last time Gabriel had bothered to look as he sat and mused out a plan while John wandered outside to see how he was doing.

“Oh crap.” John sighed as Gabriel snapped out of his dilemma and looked around to see what had caused him to sound surprised as he looked around for any undead wandering within sight.

Seeing none caused Gabriel to look over at John, who was leaning up against the fence smoking a cigarette he had gotten off Carter, “What’s wrong?”

“Just the fact that you have that insane look on your face with the laptop and GPS in each hand and if those chicken scratches are the ramblings of a madman,” John took a drag and exhaled, “then it means that you have another wonderful plan in which I will probably regret.”

Gabriel smiled as he leaned back against the module and tapped his pen on the notebook, “Well actually I was planning on how we are going to move out here to a better location that is already secure and big enough to hold a lot more people.”

John took another hit, “Alright I’ll bite, where are we going?”

Showing John the ToughBook with the preplanned route to the storage complex and the two different survivors between them and the safety of the storage complex, which from satellite photos was clear of any undead wandering within a thousand yards of the place and they were moving away, towards the nearest sounded emitter. From what Gabriel was able to guess, John liked the plan of getting out of the module, with eight people it was pretty cramped inside and the supplies were dwindling at a much faster rate than expected.

Carter came outside for a smoke and listened to the idea for awhile before throwing in his two cents about finding at least some kind of big rig capable of pulling a trailer, he wanted one with a fuel tanker at least, so that way it solved the fuel problem they were currently facing because the Bronco was pushing three quarters of a tank barely while the F-350 was sitting at a wonderful full tank.

“Rather have a couple thousand gallons on hand than try and siphon a bunch with all those dead fucks trying to bite me anyway,” Carter reached down to take control of the mouse pad and scrolled around until he found what he wanted, “and if those right there are empty, I’ll eat the fucking tires off them for you.”

Within a hundred yards of the intersection Gabriel’s planned route would take them were five semi-tractor trailers, all of them tankers and all of them appeared to be undamaged, meaning there were not jack knifed across the road or scrunched up into the vehicle in front of them, which happened to be a pair of police cruisers blocking off the road for whatever reason, looked like a bus had gone off the road into the ditch.

“Well shit,” John scrolled the mouse cursor around a little bit until the screen fell over the first house containing a survivor, a rather large house with a fenced-in backyard, but enough undead around to make things interesting, “we could get two birds with one stone so to speak, pick up a truck and swing by to pick up that guy before we reach the storage complex, then we can go pick up the other guy over there.”

Gabriel was already thinking about how much ammunition they would be burning up and how many people he figured that they would need, at least two, but if Carter was willing to get his hands dirty and Henry would be alright driving the others to the storage complex located just outside Bakersfield, then it would be a perfect plan.

“Break it too everyone else, I’m going to make a call.” Gabriel handed John the ToughBook before taking the phone to the far end of the module and dialing Mike as Carter wandered back inside to talk with Henry and the others.

Mike answered on the third ring, “Got some good news and some bad news for you, so which one do you want to hear first?”

“Gimme the bad news I guess.” Gabriel sighed as he knocked his head against the side of the module softly, wandering when he would ever catch a break.

“Well the bad news is that everybody but you is vulnerable to this virus, should they ever come in contact with it, so I would avoid having any action that puts anyone in harm’s way.” Mike yawned as Gabriel swore he saw red.

“That would be fucking great if we weren’t in the middle of a quarantine zone surrounded by a million walking pus bags loaded with this lethal virus nobody but myself can’t come in contact with, but that kind of information is sort of irrelevant right now Mike, so what is the good news?” Gabriel exhaled slowly to calm down as the stunned silence over the phone was broken by computer keys clacking and papers ruffling.

“I was going to tell you the wonderful progress we’ve been slowly making on the blood samples, but without any real way to duplicate it, we are stuck with what little information we got,” Mike paused for a second, “which is a nice way of saying we got nothing so far.”

“Have you gotten anywhere with the suits yet?” Gabriel asked politely.

“Not really, everyone is dragging their feet, the President has ordered complete information deniability to the general public, did you know that we actually shut down Google Maps auto updating software so nobody can see inside or around the quarantine zone?” Mike answered while Gabriel banged his head against the module again.

“You are just an absolute font of wonderful news Mike,” Gabriel grumbled as he thumped his head once more against the module before standing up and walking towards the fence, “we’re thinking about leaving the module, it isn’t safe and nowhere near big enough to hold everyone for now.”

Mike was silent for a few seconds, “We still have control of the sound emitters, should be able to crank up the juice for you to lure most of them away from Bakersfield once you get close enough, I should warn you it’ll be louder than Hell.”

“Well you can play as our DJ once we get moving and reach the storage complex, until then,” Gabriel scanned the horizon to see about fifty undead wandering within sight, “guess we better start praying for a miracle.”

He hung up and went inside to tell everyone to get ready as Carter started piling gear into the F-350 while Henry began helping the rest of the women clean out the drawers and lockers while John began to prepare the Bronco, everyone watched on as Gabriel shrugged his pack and rifle into the passenger seat of the Bronco and take his pistol belt and machete with him as he started walking to the shambling mass wandering towards the module.

Twisting his head to pop the kinks and cricks in his neck, Gabriel twirled the machete twice before heading towards the nearest undead while everyone was busy loading the vehicles as he felt the rage begin to well up while bringing the machete up shoulder high.

“Come on you fucking bastards,” Gabriel glanced back at the module and then back at the undead that were moving faster towards him, “can’t run from you now, come and fucking get me.”
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Re: Containment

Post by Lakewalker » Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:30 am

Good stuff!! Thanks for the entertainment.

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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:01 am

Hhhmmm...sorry for not updating as often as I should have, been.....entertaining a lady friend, as you all know, they tend to take up most of your time :awesome:

I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly
“Now I know the meaning of…”

He had just enough time to turn around to see a flash of brown before he was hit by someone’s hand reaching for his face as he jumped, flinching away from the hand grasping for his face as he stumbled backwards, drinking in the sight of the aberration before him.

The unmistakable uniform told it had been a mailman, even the gore splattered mailbag hanging around his neck rustled with paper as Gabriel stepped away, noticing that the front door was ajar and he could see movement outside the door as he acted quickly before he could think it through. Putting his shoulder down and charging the few short feet to collide with the monster reaching for him, Gabriel was glad he had taken that one summer of football practice before giving it up two years ago as he didn’t tackle the mailman, but drive him backwards with his momentum while placing his free hand on the left thigh to give him the right leverage to knock the mailman onto his back, a dirty sport trick he learned.

The mailman toppled through the doorway once Gabriel came to a halt and drove his shoulder upward while pushing with his left hand, throwing the mailman completely off balance and onto his back as he fell down the four steps leading up to the front door as Gabriel blanched at the sight outside his front door.

Twenty or so…people were ambling around in the front yard and street with enough blood on them to make them looking like wild animal mauling survivors if it wasn’t for the fact that none seemed to be the slightest bit concern, they all looked and moved like they were drunk or drugged. Six were on the sidewalk leading up to his house as the mailman let out a snarling sound similar to what Gabriel had heard earlier as it thrashed around, alerting the others as most of them turned towards the house as one.

Clutching the gun in one hand and the doorjamb with the other, Gabriel watched twenty of them gnash bloody teeth while snarling as they advanced towards him as he froze in fear watching some new form of death approach him…

Gabriel knew that without a sound emitter nearby to lure the undead away, the sounds of gunfire and engines from the same spot would alert those within hearing distance as they would in turn alert others who couldn’t hear, creating a never ending chain of undead wandering in the direction of the module. He knew that eventually enough of them would show up by the time they ran out of ammunition, food and water while the undead would simply overrun them and he had the vague feeling everyone else knew as well.

There was easily more than two hundred pressing up against the fence or stumbling into the field towards him and while everyone was back at the module loading up both vehicles with whatever wasn’t nailed down, he knew he could buy them some time.

He wasn’t trying to kill them all, he was going to try slowing them down and to lure them away from the gate he knew they would have to drive out of anyway to get away and he did just that, using the tricks he learned from the other day as he began circling around those that were close together and separated from larger groups. Using the corpses sitting on the ground as obstacles, he began moving in and killing the undead that were trying to get back up, knowing for a fact that they lacked the coordination to get up quickly if they saw him. In fact if they were on all fours and saw him, they would throw themselves at him even if he was ten feet away and all they would succeed in doing was to lay out spread eagle in an inviting target to walk up too and whop across the head.

Adding to the corpses on the ground with more he killed, Gabriel began to kill ones on purpose that were laying just where he wanted, beginning to form a maze of bodies, trying to leave enough room between them so that he could easily step over or around them while killing them perpendicular to one another. It was in fact a maze because some of the undead were able to stumble over a corpse without falling, so Gabriel figured that enough bodies scattered around would create the minefield he was looking for in the event he would need a place to catch his breath.

“It worked.” Gabriel panted as he looked around, he had easily covered an area the size of a football field with bodies as he stood in the center, watching the undead attempt to transverse the ground littered with bodies and fail epically, now instead of seconds before the undead reached him, Gabriel figured now he had minutes.

Switching hands with the machete and stepping around the bodies, Gabriel was fighting the urge to gag as he kept going, taking a counter clockwise direction to start killing those that were moving closer, attacking and then retreating to buy himself time.

The sun was beating down on him as he carefully wiped away speckles of gore from his cheek as the sweat ran down his body in rivers and a single gunshot told him it was time to go as he turned in the direction of the module and took off at a jog.

Both the F-250 and the Bronco were loaded and ready to go as Gabriel ran up to the Bronco that had John behind the wheel with Carter in the backseat as he jumped in.

“Better floor it,” Gabriel panted as he sheathed the gory machete with a wet squish, “they are really hungry.”

John wrinkled his nose, “Christ you stink to high heaven, alright Mike we got him, leaving now.”

“Good, you better hurry, once you get out of range we’ll crank up the juice to hopefully draw them away from following you all the way to Bakersfield,” Gabriel noticed that the sat phone was sitting in the cup holder as John gunned it towards the gate entrance with Henry following close behind, “once you reach the semis you want to loot, we’ll be able to fine tune the other emitters to aid you.”

“Roger that Mike,” John cussed softly as he plowed over the first of the undead stumbling towards them while he slid onto the road and wretched the wheel over to keep it on the road while Carter swung around to watch the others following in other truck, “thanks for the assist.”

Gabriel grabbed his rifle and leaned out the window far enough to shoot in front of the Bronco, shooting a great big morbidly obese undead that would probably demolish the truck if they were forced to run into it, he took it down with the second shot fifty feet in front of the Bronco before it could step into the oncoming path John was trying to take.

“That is it,” Gabriel swore as he extracted his body from the window and placed his rifle between his knees, “I think it should be illegal to be that fat, health reasons and all.”

“Even dead the fuckers snack happily,” Carter commented from the backseat, “good to know that they will be slower than the others.”

“Yeah all we got to hope for is that the skinny ones don’t get faster.” Gabriel joked as Carter laughed in the backseat.

“Christ, now there are fucking two of them!” John shouted in mock horror while glancing over at Gabriel and Carter, who was cracking up at the look on his face.

“Um, is there something I missed?” Mike sounded like he was cautious asking that question as Gabriel looked at John and shrugged while Carter placed his hand over his own mouth to stifle his giggles as John went back to his driving.

“Just a little humor Mike,” Gabriel answered as he watched the undead turn to follow both trucks as they eased onto the highway and picked up speed, “you wouldn’t understand.”

“Don’t know if I want to know.” Mike answered as Gabriel did his best not to laugh while Carter hyperventilated in the backseat, John simply rolled his eyes and muttered to himself about finding straightjackets.

They made excellent time sticking to the predetermined route as they passed by scenes of horrors that Gabriel knew would give him nightmares, watching the scenery passing by the windows as they ate up the miles, beginning to see fewer and fewer undead as they got closer to their intended destination.
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Re: Containment

Post by FIDO » Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:51 pm

To stave off the MOAR zombies gnawing at the doorway...

The Long Goodbye by Army Navy
“A little less it hurts, a little more I like it..”
Everything looked much worse at ground level than from the satellite point of view, details such as the bloody streaks coating the sides of vehicles, bloody handprints on windows, gnawed on corpses in such grisly detail that turned his stomach, dried bloodstains covering the ground and the signs of struggle were everywhere. Bats, branches, clubs, tire irons and bloody fire extinguishers littered the ground around clusters of vehicles while broken windows, shattered windshields and open doors told the sad ending to such stories while there was just enough room to squeeze between the lanes, straddling the middle yellow lines the whole way.

Sometimes they would scrape against something, a fender, an open door hanging ajar or a piece of luggage scattered on the ground as Gabriel had to get out of the Bronco a dozen times to clear something out of the way while Carter would cover him before he would jump back inside and off they would go. A few times they had to stop longer to push something like a small trailer or a vehicle far enough out of the way so they could sneak by and Gabriel made sure Henry and the others stayed inside the truck with the windows rolled up, but Beth had her rifle handy and Samantha was watching out the rear of the truck in the event any undead were getting uncomfortably close.

Mike gave them heads up whenever they passed within the territory of a sound emitter or when they left the effective range of one, not that Gabriel could hear anything because over the sound of the wind, engine and his own breathing he couldn’t hear anything that would sound like a sound emitter.

The evidence of dead and destruction was sickening and there was an even more terrifying sight waiting for them once they pulled up in front of the police barricade where the trucks were sitting as Gabriel picked up his rifle.

“I’ll wave at you if the truck is good to go.” He said as John and Carter nodded at him before he got out of the Bronco and stepped around the first squad car, ignoring the bits of flesh and meat covering the ground between the cars as he walked towards the first semi in line, sitting a safe distance from the barricade, roughly sixty feet.

The bus in the ditch had either ran off the road or had a near collision with another vehicle because there were recent skid marks before the ones left by the bus went off the road, it appeared to have rolled at least once and his blood ran cold when he read the lettering on the side of the bus, even though it was upside down with rivets of dried blood covering some of it, he could still read it.

Bakersfield Day Care Services

Gabriel stopped to listen closely once he crouched in the middle of the road looking through the smeared windows to see, the part of him wanting to know while the other half of him was warning him to get away when he heard it. A soft whine, kind of like a dog would make and it nearly made him jump out of skin as he looked around for the source before he spotted it, the small child sitting against the side of the bus playing with a doll.

“Holy shit, how the Hell is that kid still alive?” Gabriel asked softly before glancing back at the Bronco where Carter and John were standing with rifles drawn as he motioned for them to stay put as he looked at the kid again, she seemed to be playing with a doll that had blonde hair and Gabriel’s first thought was that she had a Barbie doll and was playing with it sitting next to a bus that had been the scene of a horrible accident with undead prowling around.

He made it to the edge of the gravel before realizing that he was wrong, it was not a child, it was a undead sitting there on the ground trying to untangle its hands from the long strands of hair attached to pieces of human scalp as it hopelessly snarled its hands even tighter as Gabriel watched the undead look up once it heard the crunch of gravel underneath his boots.

“Shit,” Gabriel swore softly once it hissed at him and struggled to stand, the pieces of gnawed skull fragments falling out of its lap as it reached for him, “this is not what I woke up to do today.”

Gabriel put a bullet in the undead child before it walked four steps as he turned and bolted for the first truck, hearing the unpleasant sounds coming from inside the bus, mostly the soft snarls and low moans along with the sound of someone moving around among the broken glass as he reached the first truck and tried the door latch. Much to his surprise, it opened as he climbed up the steps and got inside the cab, noticing at once the keys were dangling in the ignition as he grabbed onto the gear shift sticking up out the floor and moved it back and forth, feeling no resistance as he turned the key and hit the ignition switch.

With the truck already in neutral the engine rolled over with a thunderous roar as he pumped the gas a few times before the engine caught and rumbled to life, enough to rattle the cab as he made sure the door lock was up and got out of the cab.

He simply swung around the back of the cab without getting off the truck and climbed up the front of the tanker, three caps stuck up out of the top as he reached the first one and pied it open and squinted down into the inky darkness. A faint glimmer of light reflecting off the surface, how far down he couldn’t tell, but he knew from the fumes he was inhaling, it was gasoline as he screwed the cap back on and climbed down the ladder before heading for the second truck.

It was locked so he went to the third where the doors were open, dried blood covered the floor, but a sawn off shotgun was on the floor by the pedals and the keys were dangling in the ignition as well, so he simply started it up, having to drop the clutch because it was still in gear and then shifted it into neutral.

Once he exited the cab he waved back at John and Carter who got out of the Bronco and jogged towards the semis as Gabriel started towards the Bronco when he saw it.

Crawling through the windows of the bus were what used to be the young occupants before meeting their gruesome fates, along with half a dozen adults, the bus driver and an attendant no doubt, as well as two dressed in police uniforms as Gabriel dropped to one knee and began firing while Carter jumped into the first semi and slammed the door, John sprinting now as he passed the rear of the second tanker and passed him to reach the other truck.

Gabriel kept firing at the undead, although much smaller than what he was used to shooting at, but he kept dropping them until he ran dry and heard the sound of slamming door and a revving engine to signal that John was safely inside the cab before he got up and took off at a trot towards the Bronco.

Carter had wasted no time in building up air pressure to release the brakes and dropped it in first gear as Gabriel cleared the front of the squad car and raced around to the other side of the Bronco, throwing the door open and jumping in, sliding into the seat about the same time he put the Bronco in reverse and stepped on the gas. Henry had been smart enough to stop just before the intersection that gave Gabriel enough room to make a three point turn backwards while Carter nudged the first squad car to the side with the mean looking critter guard, although it bent and dented, Gabriel was glad to see that the metal wasn’t bent over the front tires as he dropped the transmission into first and romped on it.

Tires squealing on the pavement to catch some decent traction, the Bronco lurched forward as Gabriel moved down the road he needed to follow as Henry simply waited for Carter and John to go first before he followed in the back of the convoy as Gabriel went faster to get more distance in front of Carter, mostly to look for tight spots in the road he didn’t think the wide berth of a semi-tractor would be able to sneak through or anything that might be laying on the road that would shred a tire or two.

Carter was smart enough to keep a safe distance behind him as the others caught up rather quickly, the devastation here wasn’t as bad, fewer vehicles had been on this road because of the accident fouling up the intersection and it made for smooth sailing up until he passed a crude sign spray painted on a sheet of cardboard nailed to a tree.

Sickness Here Stay Out
“Well if it isn’t here than where could it possibly be I wonder?” Gabriel asked himself before turning onto the street to take him to the storage complex instead of heading farther into town while looking out for any undead and saw only a handful of them scattered along the main street.

A line of stopped vehicles piled high with luggage and personal belongings in front of a traffic barricade had to be avoided and Gabriel turned away once he saw the undead trapped inside those vehicles, scratching at the windows in frustration to reach out and grab the passing vehicles, but all four vehicles simply drove past them without even stopping, leaving them trapped in prisons of their own making.
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Re: Containment

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Who wanted another installment?

Flavor of the Week by American Hi-Fi
“I wish I could make her see…”

The first house Gabriel wanted to swing by was less than three miles from the storage complex and he was beginning to question if it was such a good idea to attempt a rescue with everyone stretched out between four vehicles and he was the only person able to come in contact with the undead without having to worry about infection. There was only twenty undead stumbling around the house, the fenced in backyard contained most of them as Gabriel pulled the Bronco over and waved at Carter and John to keep going while Henry pulled up alongside and rolled down the window.

“Do you want help?” Henry asked while Beth rolled her window down, bracing her rifle against her shoulder and taking a shot at an undead wandering across the road towards them, shuffling awkwardly due to the fact it was missing its right foot.

Gabriel could see Samantha in the backseat with the children covered in a blanket so they couldn’t see the horrors outside the truck as he shook his head, “get in front of Carter and John to get the gate opened, you have the bolt cutters handy right?”

“Yup, take care of yourself and we’ll be back if you are not at the storage complex within the hour,” Henry leveled a steely-eyed glare at him before adding in a gruff tone, “that is a promise.”

“Get moving you old timer,” Gabriel stepped around the front of the Bronco and fired several rounds from his rifle at the advancing undead, “I’ll see you soon.”

Henry eased the truck away from the curb as Gabriel turned his attention back onto the house, more importantly the undead staggering around the rear of the house and out of the garage as he tossed his rifle back inside the Bronco and pulled out his machete, opting to avoid the sounds of gunfire attracting more of them as he stepped forward.

He had a nice pile of unmoving corpses scattered on the driveway by the time he done with the undead still staggering towards him, but there were three crawlers, one was missing both legs and the other two looked like someone had taken a sledgehammer to their kneecaps as he dispatched them as well and reached the front door of the house and pounded on the door.

“Anyone home?” Gabriel looked around to make sure there wasn’t any undead sneaking up on him as he peered through the window next to the front door and jumped backwards, tripping over the giggling lawn gnome in the process once a horribly mangled face smashed into the window from the inside, trying to bite through the glass.

“Jesus Christ, scared the living Hell out of me,” Gabriel regained his footing and patted his chest while exhaling, “be still my beating heart, for no dangers lurk near.”

“Great, I’m reciting Shakespeare now, so according to John, I am officially nuts.” Gabriel grumbled to himself while heading around to the back of the house for a better point of entry, looking up towards the second floor windows and checking the patio door.

Bad news was that the house was sealed up tight, windows on the first floor were boarded over and the doors seemed to be nailed shut from the inside and after another peek through the window, Gabriel ventured a guess that about a dozen undead were trapped inside the house and he knew for a fact that he had the right place as he plotted.

Grabbing a handful of rocks from the ornate flowerbed and walking around the house pitching rocks at windows, not trying the break them, but more or less reminding him that ill-fated night he tried to wake up a girl from his school and had ended up waking up the parents instead as he kept glancing for any more undead, getting more and more uneasy with each passing minute.

He struck pay dirt on the back side of the house, second floor window that he was pretty sure had to be a bedroom after he threw two rocks, waited ten seconds for a response before throwing another one when the curtain covering the window was yanked to one side violently and Gabriel told himself that he was glad he wasn’t here to pick up a date while waving up at the window.

The chick framed in the window looked like she was having a bad hair week, torn and tattered clothes and a grungy appearance that told him she had a gone a long time without a shower while she feverishly opened the window and looked down at him with great big green eyes.

“You have to be kidding me,” Gabriel frowned at hearing this while he shifted his weight uncomfortably looking around for any undead, “I was expecting the cops or the National Guard and instead I get you?”

“Being a little rude aren’t you?” Gabriel answered back while thinking about all the trouble she was worth as he estimated the distance from the ground to her window and figured there was no way she could jump without breaking something, she would have already jumped if she had known she could survive a fall without injury.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been trapped in here for five days with no one to talk too, but myself,” she looked around again before looking down at him, “so like, where is your backup, are you some special forces guy or something?”

Gabriel shook his head, knowing that the vest and pistol belt made him look like some Hollywood commando as he motioned with his hands at her to stay, “I’m going to look for a ladder in the garage, I’ll be right back okay, grab some things you can throw in a bag and be quiet alright?”

She withdrew back inside as Gabriel went around the side of the house to the garage while being on the lookout for any more undead, feeling the urge to get the Hell out of the area while the going was still good and that faint high pitched tone he could hear meant that he was within range of the sound emitter, good to know as he stepped into the garage.

Enough gore covered the ground to make squishy noises when he walked as he spotted a stepladder hanging on the far wall next to the lawn mower and folded trampoline as he carefully entered the garage after it, noticing that SUV parked inside with all the doors open could still be hiding an undead from sight. A glance toward the interior leading inside the house showed it was locked as Gabriel simply grabbed the ladder and lifted it off the convenient hooks, finding it somewhat difficult to balance over his head as he staggered out of the garage with the aluminum ladder balanced preciously over his head as he rounded the corner of the house.

He ran into the undead that had materialized out of nowhere with the ladder first, actually knocking it over as he tossed the ladder aside and walked up to the undead struggling to get back up while simply raising his leg and stomping down hard on the back of the undead skull with every ounce of strength he could muster. It took another hard stomp to crack the skull into a pulp as his foot squashed the grey matter with a disgusting pop as he stepped back and wiped his foot off before grabbing the ladder again and took off around the house to the window his needed.

“I need a pair of boots for work like this,” Gabriel sighed as he set the ladder down, “that and a second pair of hands would be really nice too.”

It was one of those sliding affairs that went up without any effort, not that Gabriel had any trouble extending the ladder and propping it against the house before letting out a whistle when he saw the forty or so undead staggering towards him.

“Hate to rush things, but we need to get the fuck out here.” Gabriel shouted up at the window, cursing himself for leaving his rifle in the Bronco when something came flying out of the window and hit the ground three feet to his left with a muffled thump as the girl stuck a leg through the widow to find the first ladder rung with her foot before extracting the rest of her body from the window.

It took her all of thirty seconds to climb down the ladder and fetch her gym bag as Gabriel motioned for her to follow him as he simply knocked the ladder over and walked in the direction of the Bronco with her hiding in his shadow as the undead were getting closer.

“Get in and buckle up,” Gabriel said as he took her bag from her and tossed it inside as she ran around to the other side and opened the passenger side door, “and try not to throw up okay?”

“Throw up? What the fuck are you talking about?” Kelly slammed the door as Gabriel fired up the Bronco and clipped his seatbelt before putting the truck in gear and looked out the windshield where about thirty undead could be seen staggering towards them across the road.

Gabriel popped the clutch and eased on the gas while turning the wheel over to the right as he avoided the first dozen, but hit three of them with the brush guard one after another, the force busting open their skulls and splattering the gooey bits all over the hood and windshield in a fine mist as Gabriel put his foot down and left a trail of burnt rubber and ten more road kill victims behind him.
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Re: Containment

Post by Shellyann36 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:28 pm

Enjoying the story!
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Re: Containment

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MOAR anyone?

Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne
“Now I see…everyone hurts some way..”

“So Kelly,” Gabriel flipped on the windshield wipers to wash some of the coagulated blood and bits of grey matter off the windshield as he righted the Bronco and shifted gears, “I know now is not the time to ask, but are you feeling okay?”

Lifting her head up from between her knees and shaking her hair out of her face, Gabriel got a nasty look before she ducked her head to dry heave a few more times as she hiccupped twice, “You made me puke up my Fruit Loops you jerk, I was so looking forward to digesting those later today.”

“Sorry, guess I should have warned you or something.” Gabriel reached behind the seat and snagged a canteen off his assault pack and nudged her shoulder with it before she took it and drank most of it in one long pull while Gabriel decided that the next place could wait until after he got Kelly to the safety of the storage complex and he picked up John or Carter.

He punched the six digit number into the sat phone to dial Mike while Kelly opened the window to rinse out her mouth with some water while he kept an eye on the road and noticed that some of the undead were wandering back in his direction as he passed them by, it was like they finally noticed him and turned in his direction before they stopped and seemed to hesitate for whatever reason.

“Ah Gabriel, glad to see that you made it out in one piece,” Mike dropped the sarcasm another notch when he added, “I take it you called to check up on the others?”

“I swear Mike every day you are beginning to read my mind, actually I have another question for you, what are the undead doing?” Gabriel glanced in his rearview mirror to watch the undead turn around and shamble in the opposite direction, away from the direction he was heading.

“Well now that you mention it, they are heading in the general direction of the sound emitter once any of the vehicles move out of sight,” Mike paused for a second, “the others have reached the storage complex and are currently searching the buildings for any possible undead.”

“Thanks Mike, I owe you one.” Gabriel ended the call as he had to slow down and weave through a bunch of stationary vehicles, a few had fresh paint scratches he was willing to bet that either John or Carter brushed up against as Kelly rolled the window up and set the empty canteen aside.

“Who was that guy and how would he know what the undead were doing?” Kelly asked as she stared at the sat phone with questioning eyes.

Gabriel spent the rest of the ride explaining who Mike was and exactly what was going on with the quarantine zone and what he knew so far as they rolled up to the storage complex with John standing watch at the gate with his rifle as he opened the gate, a short piece of chain secured with a long bolt and a nut as Gabriel pulled the Bronco up next to the F-250 and shut off the engine.

“That means we can’t get out of this nightmare?” Kelly asked as she bowed her head and sobbed out loud before the real waterworks started.

Gabriel simply left her alone for the moment as Beth and Samantha tended to her, taking her inside the office where temporary sleeping arrangements had been set up while John stayed on the gate entrance to stand watch.

Carter was parking both semis around back where they would be out of the way for now as Henry was cautiously going through every inch of the storage complex with the Colt .45 Peacemaker and a flashlight after he broke open the lock box containing all of the keys to make sure no undead were inside. The place was huge and contained over a hundred storage units the size of a one vehicle stall garage, with ten double wide units, a small warehouse behind the two story office building and a large parking lot where both semis were parked next to three RV’s, a dozen boats sitting on trailers and a high school spirit float wagon.

“Place is clean, not a sign of one of those damn things in here,” Henry wandered over Gabriel as he was busy unloading the Bronco, “seems like it was locked up and abandoned before everything went south.”

“That’s great, keep an eye on the gate and help everyone get settled in,” Gabriel finished unloading the Bronco by setting the last box inside the office lobby where Bobby and Molly were playing together with a bunch of Tonka toys that seemed to be sitting around, “I’ll be taking John with me and see if we can’t rescue a few more people and scrounge up some more supplies.”

Henry gave him a deadpanned look, “Keep your head out there alright and see if you can’t find some coloring books for the kids.”

Rescuing survivors and coloring books, Gabriel shook his head at the thought as he walked back to the Bronco, John jumped into the driver seat as Carter unbolted the gate and let them through.
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Re: Containment

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Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner
“I love to work at nothing all day…I’ve been taking care of business…”

“Why is there….aw Hell are those Fruit Loops?” John glanced over at the passenger side as Gabriel was busy using a wet wipe to clean off the dash while tossing the used wipes out the window.

“Yup.” Gabriel sighed as he lifted his rifle and began cleaning it off while John gagged at the sight and turned his attention back onto the road while the DAGR sat in the cup holder with the locked on grid coordinates of the next place they were going, a house less than two miles from the storage complex.

There were fewer static vehicles this far out from Bakersfield, the few of interest seemed to be large semi-tractor trailers stopped along the road at odd intervals with orange traffic cones around them to warn oncoming traffic of these large vehicles parked along the road, it looked like Bakersfield finest had been out and about up until the very bitter end. Another thing of interest that Gabriel saw was that the undead were moving away from Bakersfield for the most part once they moved far enough away from them in the Bronco, they would follow for a short distance, then abruptly turn around and wander in another direction.

The house was actually a trailer in the middle of a trailer park, fitting, but at the same time, Gabriel didn’t like the idea of driving the truck into a dead end with only one way to get out as he motioned for John to stop the truck fifty yards short of the designated trailer. It was a fifty foot affair with siding all around the bottom, a faded yellow with a retractable awning on the same side as the front steps, the parking space in front of it was empty, as were most of the parking spaces in the whole park, but there were a lot of undead laying on the ground with terminal splitting headaches.

“What do you think?” John asked as he left the engine running, Gabriel looked around before spotting his best possible point of defense while pointing at the treehouse erected in the tree next to the Bronco.

“Wait until I’m up in there before honking the horn a bunch of times and then drive around the entire park slowly, I want to clean as many of them out as possible from a high vantage point.” Gabriel jumped out of the truck with his rifle and assault pack in hand, making a beeline for the treehouse as John revved the engine and honked the horn several times.

Up in the treehouse, belonging more to a teenager than a kid, due to the countless cigarette butts and old tattered porno magazines stacked in the corner, Gabriel had a much better field of fire as he began taking his shots carefully, most of the undead were staggering out from behind other trailers, the tall grass marking the edge of the trailer park or they were stumbling out of random trailers as John went around the park in a clockwise circle.

After dumping three magazines of ammo into the dwindling number of undead staggering after the Bronco, Gabriel was satisfied with the number of corpses that would now remain dead as John brought the truck as close to the tree as he could without hitting the fence as Gabriel looked around one more time and climbed down, waving John off as he walked towards the yellow trailer in high hopes of not getting his head blown off.

A glance at the already dead corpses, killed at least a few days ago from the look of things, it showed that they were hit multiple times in the upper body area and a few times in the head with what he was pretty sure had to be pistol caliber rounds, probably 9mm or something along those lines because they lacked the apparent damage a rifle caliber or shotgun round could do and the farthest one was about ten yards from the trailer, marking the effective distance of a pistol at least.

The curtain moved as Gabriel stopped just outside the door and knocked twice before knocking again while the curtain moved back, he had the sneaking suspicion that whoever was inside had some kind of weapon trained on him as John rolled the Bronco forward slowly, window rolled down and his own rifle braced on the door.

“Hello? Is anybody home?” Gabriel shouted as he glanced at the window with the curtain again while slinging his rifle behind his back, keeping his right hand away from the pistol strapped to his thigh as nothing happened for about minute before the sound of the dead bolt turning in the lock as he shifted his attention back to the door.

He was completely off on his guess about whoever lived here owning a pistol, well he wasn’t actually wrong due to the fact that he could see at least three of them, but the ugly snout of the unmistakable icon of all submachine guns, a Uzi no less in one hand and a smaller submachine gun that looked much older than the other did clutched in the other hand were leveled at his chest as the owner, a younger white male, probably not much older than himself was looking around past Gabriel at the truck as Gabriel took a few steps back with his hands up shoulder high.

“Easy now, listen, we’re here to help you get out of here.” Gabriel said as the guy with enough illegal firepower to break every single state law simply looked back at the truck where John was hiding behind the driver side door with his rifle pointed at the guy armed with a pair of submachine guns.

“Can we like, I dunno, just drive the fuck out of here, until we hit Cally or something?” The guy did lower both of his weapons to point harmlessly at the ground as Gabriel let out a sigh of relief before waving at John that everything was cool.

“I wish, have you heard the news about the quarantine?” Gabriel asked as he leaned against the doorframe, taking a few breaths of air to calm his nerves while the guy simply nodded and turned around.

“I’m going to need help grabbing my stuff, name’s Frank by the way, what’s yours?” Tweak said as Gabriel followed him inside the trailer.

Where he about shit a brick at the sight of the main living room, the couch and small coffee table were the only surfaces clear of any clutter, but everything else was layered deep with guns. Most of it was pistols, revolvers, submachine guns and a few shotguns while cardboard boxes of gun parts and ammo were stacked neatly against the walls, the kitchen was a similar sight and the back bedroom was packed to the ceiling with boxes.

“Jesus Christ,” Gabriel sat down on the arm of the couch while Frank walked over to the kitchen, setting his weapons down on the table cluttered with AK-47s in various stages of assembly, “what the fuck is this?”

“My dad’s business,” Frank pointed towards the wall decorated with pictures, most of them framed mug shots of various individuals, but the theme appeared to be motorcycles, as well as the tattered flag declaring the name of a motorcycle club, “he runs guns with his buddies for extra cash when he isn’t running drugs on the side, guess you can say that I am an accessory to a major felon, he is my father after all.”

Gabriel shook his head, “As long as you don’t try to kill me or offer anyone heroine, I think we’ll be just fine.”

“Eh, never touch that stuff.” Frank replied while lighting up a cigarette as John came through the front door and had a similar reaction to Gabriel.

“Holy fucking shit!” John snapped his head left and right several times before looking over at Frank with a very big shit eating grin on his face, “You are my new best friend.”

“Yeah whatever, so like where are we going?” Frank asked half an hour later as he crammed the last box he could fit into the back of the Bronco with help from John, Gabriel was busy taking another undead down with his machete before turning back to the trailer to go back inside.

“Storage complex a couple miles away where we got some people stashed there,” John explained as he followed Gabriel out the door with as many duffel bags crammed with guns as he could carry to the Bronco, which was loaded mostly with boxes of ammunition first, “going to be laying low there, plenty of protection and the sound emitters lure most of them away.”

“Got it.” Frank answered as he climbed into the backseat, shoving bags aside so he had enough room to sit down and waited until John got into the driver seat to start moving.

Gabriel climbed into the passenger seat before slamming the door, watching as more undead began coming out of the woodwork, no doubt attracted by sounds made by the living as John got back on the highway leading back to Bakersfield.
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Re: Containment

Post by Dr Jekell » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:23 am

FIDO wrote:Where he about shit a brick at the sight of the main living room, the couch and small coffee table were the only surfaces clear of any clutter, but everything else was layered deep with guns. Most of it was pistols, revolvers, submachine guns and a few shotguns while cardboard boxes of gun parts and ammo were stacked neatly against the walls, the kitchen was a similar sight and the back bedroom was packed to the ceiling with boxes.
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Re: Containment

Post by 223shootersc » Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:35 am

thanks for the chapter and our new best friends

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Re: Containment

Post by Griffworks » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:55 pm

Leaping run-on sentences and paragraphs, Batman! :shock:

Great story, thus far. I may have missed something, but is Gabriel supposed to have been a high school student? It doesn't really jive w/his actions, if so. Or was he a college student living w/his folks? The thing about "school" has me a bit confused on the issue.

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