Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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A story I have been working on...

Chapter One
Say what you want about the fact zombies will never ruin the world, it can and it did happen less than six months ago.
After reloading the .357 Colt Python and checking to make sure no more zombies were in the immediate vicinity, I holstered the revolver and focused on the bulky pallet of canned food sitting on the floor in front of me.
A gentle nudge with my mind and it rose three feet off the floor, hovering still for one whole second before the ones sitting next to it also floated up off the floor, so a total of four pallets lifted into the air. I used my telekinetic ability to lift them up through the hole I had also created in the roof earlier, and stood on top of the heaviest one loaded with gallon cans of ketchup as I maneuvered them slightly higher than the roof of the Wal-Mart I was leaving and headed east.
My telekinetic powers are strong enough to lift fifty tons into the air and move them with only my mind, for as long as I can stay awake, that and my telepathic ability allows me to see past things, like the outside of boxes to see inside, through doors and even a few walls, but I can’t see very far past whatever I am looking through. My other telepathic talents include the fact that I can sense actual thought, like if anyone was thinking or speaking out loud I could sense this if I was in range, usually under a mile if I concentrated and I would have to dial in like a radio could to actually hear what the thoughts are, but when people are around, it is like a soft buzzing in the back of my head and I can even speak my thoughts to other people.
Being a mutant has its benefits. I can haul large amounts of supplies from the very center of zombie-infested territory in the middle of large cities without having every single undead ghoul within six miles coming after me. With streets and roads completely blocked off due to stationary traffic it makes travel by vehicle very difficult and to walk on foot through these wastelands is short of suicide. The four pallets were going to top off the final load waiting for me at the Yard, located on the outskirts of the city where I had arranged twenty-three enclosed van trailers, ten flatbed semi trailers, five semi fuel tanker trailers, seven single axle straight trucks and fifteen semi-tractors waiting for drivers.
The extra trailers not hooked up to the semis were still getting loaded, to make it easy for the return trip, all the drivers would have to do is simply hook up to a new one and leave.
I had created the safe perimeter around the Yard by using the nearby pile of crushed cars from the city dump, my powerful telekinetic powers made it easy to lift the building block shapes into a wall all the way around the Yard. The wall of crushed cubes is three high and two deep, to provide height and support to stop the hordes of zombies milling around on the outside of the wall.
The gate leading in and out is simply there for cosmetic purposes, it is one row thick and only two high, that and the fact I spent two days rearranging stationary cars from the highway right outside the gate so it was cleared meant the drivers would know when they arrived and have a clear driving route.
It goes like this; the drivers will be showing up in two days from now, following the cleared highway all the way back from Safe Haven right to the Yard I had constructed. Upon arriving they will have to hotwire or start the semis by some other means, hook up a trailer and then leave.
Inside the Yard is a large building where the trash went to be recycled; mainly I use it to store my increasing pile of supplies that is not in pallet form. Once I get the last four pallets into the van trailer, strap them down and lock the back doors I can get started on figuring out how I am going to get everything else organized and ready to haul out before then.
I loved the feeling of being above the stink, you get up past two hundred feet with a nice breeze blowing and you actually got a breath of fresh air, the rotting city still smells like death, with a few million zombies inside, anything would.
Being up so high also meant that the zombies would fail to notice me, mainly because they never look up and I am not in sight, on top of the pallet of ketchup sitting there like I am meditating like a Buddha priest.
Actually, I just can’t let my thoughts wander or else I lose focus and I would watch four pallets of food supplies plummet two hundred feet to the ground.
The Yard was in sight and I went directly over it before slowly lowering the pallets and myself down until I felt them bump into the ground.
The mismatched collection of van trailers, tankers and flatbeds covering the span of the Yard were full of supplies I had gathered and loaded.
Of the twenty-three van trailers, sixteen of them were loaded with canned and packaged food. Everything from Chef Boyardee’s, pizza sauce, mixed fruit, green beans, pears, pineapple, pie filling, corn, canned meat, pickles, peanut butter, applesauce, soup stock, Jell-O mixes, pie mixes, cake mixes, muffin mixes, pancake and waffle mixes, flour, sugar, Crisco, condensed milk, powdered milk, spaghetti sauce, pasta noodles, ramen noodles, vanilla, chocolate, chewing gum, potato chips, pretzels, salt, mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, peanuts, bottled water, soda, wine, beer, honey, powdered cheese, vegetable oil, power bars, candy bars and all the freeze dried food I could find.
Three other van trailers were loaded with ammunition and guns, .12 gauge 00-buckshot, .12 gauge deer slug, 9mm x 19mm, .45 caliber, .20 gauge 00-buckshot, .20 gauge deer slug, .38 caliber, 5.56mm, .30-.30 caliber, .357 caliber, .22 Long Rifle caliber, 7.62mm, .40 caliber, .44 caliber, .16 gauge 00-buckshot, .30-.06 caliber, .50 caliber BMG and even some 40mm HE rounds. Stacked across the top of these loads were forty .12 gauge Remington 870 Express shotguns, twenty .12 gauge Mossberg Persuaders, fifteen .12 gauge Strikers, thirty .20 gauge Remington 870 Express shotguns, fifty 5.56mm M4A2 carbines, twenty-five 5.56mm Ruger Mini-14 rifles, ten 7.62mm bolt action Remington 700 rifles, twenty .30-.30 Model ’94 Winchesters, one hundred .22 caliber Ruger 22/10 rifles, twenty-eight .30-.06 M1A1 Carbines, forty-seven 9mm M9 Berettas, thirty-six .45 caliber Glock-21’s, nineteen .357 Colt Python revolvers, fifteen .16 gauge double barrel Parker shotguns, three .50 BMG M82A2 Beret rifles, four M2AE3 .50 BMG Heavy machine guns, ten .44 caliber Smith & Wesson revolvers and eighteen .40 caliber Glock-22’s.
Two other van trailers were loaded with other things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth wash, dental floss, Advil, Ibuprofen, allergy medicine, Keflex, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, iodine, Band-Aids, butterfly bandages, gauze rolls, cotton balls, cough syrup, sterile gloves, tampons, condoms, inhalers, Neosporin, soap, bleach, birth control pills, wet wipes, baby powder, cloth diapers, shampoo, nasal spray, deodorant, body wash, combs, laundry detergent, hair brushes, loach powder, disposable razors, shaving cream, electric razors, fingernail clippers, disposable diapers, gauze bandage pads, dishwasher soap, athletic tape, socks, t-shirts, sweaters, pants, underwear, shoes, flip-flops, rain ponchos, hoodies, coats, boots, thermal underwear, jackets, sweat suits, shorts, bathing suits, swimming trunks, thermometers, sunscreen, bug repellant, pregnancy test kits, hair dryers, antibiotics, ice packs, finger splints, neck braces, crutches, arm splints, knee splints, pain killers, Novocain, syringes, even a packaged x-ray machine, scalpels, face masks, Vaseline, aloe, mirrors, hair scrunches, scissors, forks, plates, spoons, crayons, mechanical pencils, pens, markers, paper, notebooks, binders, sunglasses, bicycle helmets, waders and bed sheets.
The last two van trailers in the Yard were loaded with tools such as, hammers, screwdrivers, filter wrenches, pry bars, crowbars, sledgehammers, socket sets, Allen wrenches, SAE flat wrenches, metric flat wrenches, log chains, air impact wrenches, electric grinders, hatchets, toolboxes, levels, staple guns, hand saws, measuring tape, scythes, bolt cutters, shovels, axes, manure scrappers, grain shovels, pitchforks, spades, rakes, garden hoes, chisels, floor jacks, pickaxes, wire cutters, fencing tools, vice grips, crescent wrenches, air powered drills, trouble lights, drop cords, cutting torches, drill bits, air hose, welders, hose clamps, masonry tools, levels, fire extinguishers, growlers, electrical testers, amp readers, battery chargers, air grinders, chop saws, mill drills, table grinders, zip ties, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, washers, light bulbs, heating lamps, tin shears, cotter pins, hitch pins, pliers, magnets and safety glasses.
Three of the tanker trailers were full, two held diesel fuel and the other was full of gasoline, the two tankers still not full were diesel and gasoline. I wanted to make sure they were filled up before being sent back to Safe Haven, so I’d need to siphon a few thousand gallons to top them off.
On one flatbed trailer were two New Holland LS190 skid steers and several bucket attachments for each one. Flatbed number two has a John Deere 2550 loader tractor and a New Holland model hammer mill that would be used to grind feed for the animals.
On the other five flatbed trailers is construction material, plywood, 2x4, 2x6, 4x6, 4x8, rolls of ten foot chain link fencing, chicken wire, steel poles, barb wire, pallets of instant cement, ground packers, drywall sheets, plastic, roof shingles, nail guns, eves troughs, doors, window frames, cement blocks, wheelbarrows, cement mixers, post hole diggers, insulation, spray paint, hog panels, gallon cans of paint, paint brushes, solar fencers, thousand foot spools of fiber optic wire, PVC piping, brass fittings, copper piping, scaffolding, bundles of steel rods, stacks of sheet metal, roofing tin and stepladders.
Of the seven straight axle trucks, three were dump trucks loaded with fifty-five gallon barrels and had snowplow blades on the front to act as the clearers of the road in front of the other trucks.
Two straight axle trucks were flatbed types I had placed one thousand gallon natural gas tanks on them and they were full as well, I needed to remind whoever was driving these not to smoke.
The other two were U-Haul trucks I had crammed with fifty-five gallon barrels of motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, jugs of radiator coolant, spare tires, inner tubes, tire patches, oil and fuel filters, fuses, spare headlights, brake pads, hoses, belts, car batteries, electric pumps, spark plugs and windshield washer fluid.
Every single semi tractor I had parked inside the Yard had full tanks of diesel fuel, some water and food in the cab of the truck, a fifty-five gallon barrel strapped to the back of the cab as well that held diesel fuel and a pump with enough hose to reach the tanks.
Back at Safe Haven everyone called me by my given name, Chris, but some like to call me Load.
Instead of dragging about a hundred armed people to their deaths in this wasteland, I was sent in two weeks ago to begin gathering large amounts of supplies at one location where it is accessible, trust me, I have a list.
First I had to clear the road all the way from Safe Haven to the Yard, a distance just shy of four hundred miles one way, that took three days to complete, moving aside vehicles so the road was clear for the drivers. Then it took another two days to create the unique wall around the Yard while clearing out the undead inhabitants along the way.
For the last nine days I have managed to find twenty-three van trailers, seven straight trucks, five tanker trailers, fifteen semis and ten flatbed trailers. Basically I put the vehicles in neutral and nudged them along the cleared route I had to make all the way back to the yard.
Unfortunately most of the semis I found were victims of really bad accidents or shot to pieces when some yahoo with a gun started firing like crazy three feet above the head of any zombie and trashed the engine, hence the reason I have twenty-one ruined trucks in the far corner of the Yard without any fuel in them.
Aside from the fact I am alone and have been busting my ass for the last two weeks from sun up to sundown, I would honestly be here than back at Safe Haven moving tons of manure all day. Of course I had a visit from Blink, the long range teleport mutant that checked on my progress, got me updated on the progress back at Safe Haven and then left.
He showed up for about an hour after spending two days trying to figure out where the Yard was because I didn’t bother with a walkie-talkie when everyone else is so far away, I was happy to see him, but he is on a rigid schedule to check the nearby cities, roughly a thousand or so miles within Safe Haven is his teleporting range. Bad news is that he can’t carry anyone or anything other than his clothes with him, or else whomever he was trying to carry would die instantly.
I made sure he knew that Mike would need more trucks, but since then I had found several more, hopefully he’ll drop by and check in on me before they show up.
What I wouldn’t give for a shower though, yeah I smell kind of ripe, but I learned to ignore it along with a couple other things as well.
I went back towards Wal-Mart with nothing but my weapons and myself, just sort of cruising along like Superman, moving at thirty miles an hour without the cape.
So far I have cleaned out a hardware store, a small gun store, several pallets of stuff form the US National Guard HQ located smack in the middle of the city, two small Mom and Pop grocery stores of all the nonperishable food items, a JC Penny’s and been working on Wal-Mart for the last couple of days.
If I knew there was going to be more drivers, I would’ve had dozens of small pickup trucks, minivans and cars ready to go, but I only knew of twenty.
I reached Wal-Mart and went back to the pallets I saw were loaded with ramen noodles, canned spam, salmon and Lipton’s chicken noodle soup.
Two pallets of ramen noodle, one of canned spam, one of salmon and two of Lipton’s chicken noodle soup were lifted into the air and I rode the heaviest one again as I checked my watch.
Only eight thirty and I was tired, as in lead eyelids tired ready to fall asleep dead to the world once I made it back to the Yard and got these pallets into the shed because it looked like rain was coming tonight.
It felt good being able to use my gifts, sure I can’t phase through solid objects, teleport, control animals or people, stop bullets with my bare hands or fly supersonic, but at least I am able to contribute in a useful manner.
Like when we built the Walls around Safe Haven, once I was able to prove I was up to snuff they let me turn the cement mixer on the truck when the damn thing fried, lift forums, place rebar and unroll the chain link fencing to help put up the original fence.
Safe Haven is a 1 ½ mile wide by 2 mile rectangle where 181 people live at the moment surrounded by a 12 foot high 3 foot thick cement wall as the inner and last line of defense. Exactly 100 feet from the Wall is another 10-foot high chain link fence mounted on the edge of a man-made cement moat that contains no water, merely an entrapment that will stop the individual or small horde of zombies from getting inside. From the bottom of the trench to the top of the chain link fence is a rough 24 feet all the way around the Wall.
Patrols go around all day killing any zombie in the trench, using a small crane to nudge the bodies into piles so somebody can come along and burn them, but between the Fence and the Wall is that precious space that was turned into a garden on epic proportions.
We planted potatoes, pumpkins, squash, cabbage, lettuce, green beans, peas, tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers, sunflowers, beets, carrots, onions, asparagus, broccoli, strawberries, grapes, cranberries, muss melons, watermelons, parsley, turnips, wheat, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, barley, oats, peanuts, olives and even a little patch of wild rice in between the Fence and the Wall.
Of course whatever available space inside Safe Haven we are not building something or already have a building is planted as well.
Animals are plentiful, just shy of one thousand chickens we intend to butcher in a few months, several hundred hens laying eggs, forty Holsteins giving milk, another fifteen beef cattle that are so going to become hamburger, enough pigs for us to live on sausage for a year and even a bunch of horses that are breeding.
Outside of Safe Haven is a No-Man’s Land, zombies and feral animals run wild and there are even raiders we have to worry about, but unless they like being burned with zombies they tend to stay away from us.
Aside from that, I’d be more worried about the coyote packs running amok all over the place, that and dogs no longer tame have made packs as well, then we even got a bunch of large pumas sighted nearby too and then we have zombies.
Halfway back to the Yard, I felt raindrops and decided to hurry just a tad, I dropped to a lower altitude as well and hoped I would beat the storm before it hit the Yard.
What I really hate is the fact I have enough supplies to keep Safe Haven on its feet for more than two years and nobody is around to admire my handiwork.
As I set the pallets down inside the shed I heard the unmistakable pitter patter of rain on the tin roof and let out a sigh of relief as I mentally pulled the massive double hung doors closed and walked toward my trailer.
It is actually a RV I had brought to the Yard, more for creature comforts than any real practical reason, it has a bed and one Hell of a couch that beats a sleeping bag and the floor of something. Because I’m afraid the sounds of a generator would lure possible thousands of zombies to the Yard, I stick with battery powered lights and propane burners for any real means of light and heat.
This is how I almost missed the note on the door of the fridge when I walked inside, surprised I went over and read it.
Yo Chris, Mike and the others will be arriving sometime tomorrow, we are going to bring enough trucks, Blink.
Well, he must’ve missed me by a couple of hours or else he was in a hurry, I shrugged after reading the note and opened a bottle of water and flopped down on the couch after lighting a few candles and removing my pistol belt and armpit holster.
A quick telepathic scan revealed no zombies had gotten inside the Yard while I was gone and I was pleased to know my mental abilities have improved.
Well knowing that Blink had stopped by improved my mood greatly, I tossed my coat onto the table next to the couch and kicked my feet up when something entered my conscious, like a faint whisper in the background.
I pondered this intrusion for a minute, it for sure wasn’t Blink and it wasn’t a zombie, so I focused a little harder and came up with one simple thought that wasn’t my own.
I wonder how many damn trucks they got here.
For a full ten seconds I tried to learn more, but it was gone again and my massive headache returned, but I knew somebody was inside the Yard.
Another mental nudge, different from the first one and I got a clear thought from this one too.
To ask if she would wait up would be a real waste, I just hope Arnold is okay.
At least two people were inside the Yard, I felt happy and concerned at the same time, wondering if they were raiders coming to kill me and steal everything, I got my pistol belt, holster and the M4 carbine propped up next to the door and slipped outside of the RV.
Another intrusion, this time much bigger than the first two, I guessed it was a group of people that climbed over the Yard wall at the same time and I got several conflicting thoughts.
Fuck my leg hurts! Who the Hell uses scrap metal for walls anyway? Damn it won’t stop bleeding!
Hang on Arnold you’re going to be fine, we just got to see if this guy has friends or is nuts.
Come on guys, we need to hurry, I’m getting soaked out here!
Stuff it Alice, you’re not the one bleeding.
Want me to break your damn leg?
Try it and I’ll shoot you!
Shut up both of you! You are driving me nuts! If it wasn’t for the fact it is raining he might have heard you two bickering all the way from over here.

I knew two things, somebody was hurt, no doubt from crawling up the wall and cutting themselves on some sharp piece of metal, there was at least four, maybe five individuals seeking refugee or else answers to what/who I was.
From what I was able to discover, they had either seen me working or had stumbled across the Yard, I ran softly towards the flight of stairs that would take me to the second story windows of the shed, trying to get a fix on their location.
Bingo. I could see something moving near the tankers, a flash of lightning hinted a glimpse of green before it was gone, I decided it was time to meet them.
First I set aside the M4, and then opened the door leading to the outside and ran for the flatbeds, making it appear I was securing a tarp covering a stack of plywood as the intrusions amplified.
Holy shit he is right over there, over there you idiot!
What is he doing?
Looks like he is having a nooner, what do you think?
Shut up you guys, well he doesn’t have a gun that I can see.
Bullshit, he has two handguns and a knife on his belt, good thing I got these binoculars.
Could we please make up our minds, I’m bleeding here.

I finished securing the tarp and headed for the van trailer closest to where I was standing, making a big show of checking the rear doors before moving onto the next one as I listened to the group hiding over by the tankers.
He is moving closer, what do we do now?
I’m thinking, give me a minute.
We don’t have a minute, he’ll be here in thirty seconds.
Guys I don’t feel too good, everything is fuzzy.
Hang on Arnold, I’ll talk to him once he gets a little closer.

I smirked to myself and backtracked around behind another truck, waited a few seconds and jogged over to the rear of the tanker they were hiding behind and climbed the access ladder going up the back as quietly as I could go before tip toeing across the top of the tanker until I was looking down on them.
Six people were hunkered down next to the rear tires of the truck hitched to this trailer, a motley collection of backpacks, shotguns and rifles.
I decided to have some fun and focused on them, raising them suddenly off the ground so they were eye level with me.
“Now what in the Hell are you guys doing out here?” I asked as I took notice of the wounded guy, Arnold and was shocked to see he was pale white and shivering.
Without warning I turned everyone to the shed and quickly got inside as the storm really cut loose, heading for the RV where I had an extensive medical kit where I hoped I could help the poor kid before he bled to death.
“Call me Chris,” I lowered them all gently to the ground except for Arnold as I lifted him through the RV door and laid him on the table, “help me with your friend here.”
I found the first aid kit and lit some more candles as everyone else piled in after me, ignoring the thoughts coming from them as I quickly got to work pouring on some iodine on the five-inch incision on his left leg below the knee.
“What are your names?” I asked like a sociable person would as I put on a pair of latex gloves and dug around in the kit until I found what I was looking for.
Of the total six, two were girls, one of them was a little squirt barely four feet high and the other three were boys, ranging in age from thirteen to maybe fifteen.
“I’m Alice.” The blonde spoke as she put the Marlin 336 on the couch next to the door and began drying her hands with the wet wipe I tossed to her.
“I’m Bobby, this is my sister May Belle.” The oldest guy wrapped his arm around the youngest individual, never once letting go of the shotgun in his hand.
“Derek,” the shortest of the four boys also had a Beretta RX4 rifle, “is there anything we can do to help?”
“Yeah, wipe your hands clean and hold him down.” I nodded to Arnold as I unwrapped the hook shaped needle and began threading it.
“Joe, will you come give us a hand?” Alice addressed the last member of their party, a shy kid armed with an AR-15 and twin P226 pistols as he began wiping his hands to sterilize them while I was busy.
Arnold had really cut himself good, the gash wasn’t as deep as I had originally thought, but unless it was closed it would be life threatening because any nasty form of bacteria would get in there and slowly kill him.
With his arms and legs held firm to the table I hoped he wouldn’t feel the needle as I carefully punctured the skin on both sides of the gash and began a simple stitch I hoped would work. Nobody said anything as I worked painstakingly slow to stitch up Arnold, who was either in too much pain or bordering on shock as I finished sewing him up after applying large amounts of iodine, hydrogen peroxide and lots of Neosporin to battle any bacteria in the wound as I sewed it shut.
The stitching job looked terrible, but I was glad I paid attention to the demonstrations back at Safe Haven when we all got a crash course from Doc Trebly on how to handle wounds like these.
I wrapped his leg in a gauze roll, binding it tight enough to apply firm pressure and cut away the rest of his tattered pant leg to avoid draping the soaked material over the wound site.
Not entirely crazy, knows what he is doing.
I think I’m going to throw up.
Arnold is okay, he is breathing and just passed out, he’ll be fine.

“Hopefully we got it in time to avoid any major infection,” I pulled off the gloves and tossed them into the trash can, “we’ll need to keep him warm, hydrated and fed so he doesn’t withdraw, that and I’ll put him on the bed.”
Everyone backed away as I lifted him off the table, pulled off his backpack and soaked jacket before lifting him to the bedroom where Joe helped me tuck him under the sheets as Alice followed with a couple bottles of water and a few cans of vegetable soup.
“Get him to eat at least one entire can and drink as much water as you can get him too.” I patted her on the shoulder as I followed Joe back into the main area of the RV where everyone else was.
All four of them were sitting there watching my every move, Bobby tightened his grip on the shotgun as I reached into the cupboards to pull out a bunch of food and toss it onto the table.
“Dig in, I’m going to round up a couple of sleeping bags.” I watched as they tore into the food like ravenous monsters about to starve before leaving the RV to investigate the piles of loose articles for some sleeping bags and blankets.
Five minutes later I went back to the RV to find the aftermath of a hurricane, empty food wrappers, cans and bottles were strewn all over the place and everyone looked like they were about to throw up.
“Ate just a little bit too fast huh?” I set the sleeping bags and spare blankets down and looked around the table.
“Thanks Chris,” Alice shrugged as she closed the bedroom door behind her, “we didn’t think you’d be such a nice person to all of us, oh guys did you have to make a mess?”
“Sorry Alice,” Derek belched as he took the sleeping bag I handed to him and began spreading it out on the floor over in the corner, “everyone thought you were a real grouch Chris.”
I laughed at the looks of horror on everyone else’s face as I spread out my own sleeping bag near the door, “Why would you think that Derek?”
“Because you were busy hauling in lots of stuff like a squirrel according to Joe, and you were all alone too.” Derek yawned sleepily as I chuckled softly to myself.
“We didn’t know.” Alice shrugged as she blushed the color of crimson.
May Belle also chirped up, “Thought you were a bad man, but you helped Arnold, that makes you a nice man right?”
Leave it to the innocence of an eight year old to make you laugh, I sighed and kicked off my boots, “We’ll talk in the morning, I’m tired and I’d think so are you guys.”
“I’m not tired one little bit,” May Belle paused long enough to yawn contagiously before slipping inside the sleeping bag, “I can stay awake a little while longer.”
Bobby set the shotgun down long enough to tuck her in and then sat back down at the table, “I’ll take watch for the first couple of hours and then I’ll wake you Alice.”
Alice scowled over at Bobby, “Unless those zombies are going to climb over that monstrosity of a wall and then figure out how to work doorknobs, I don’t think they will get in.”
I rolled over and watched the byplay between those two, “I have a mental scan around the perimeter in case anything gets inside, I’ll be awake and tell you first thing.”
I knew he was a freak, no way his sense of timing could’ve been that perfect.
What the Hell, he can tell of if anything is wrong, I wonder if there are any more Devil Cakes left?
“Good night everyone, tomorrow we’ll be having a busy day of leaving,” I punched my pillow a couple of times and rolled over, “bunch of guys from Safe Haven will be showing up to haul everything out of here.”
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Chapter Two Anyone?

Chapter Two

I discovered two things when I woke up that morning, Blink had stopped by to pay a courtesy visit and he failed to know that the floor was covered with sleeping bodies.
He appeared on top of my head.

“Chris my man, I’m glad I caught you, we’ll be here in two hours and-who are these guys?” Blink looked almost comical looking down at me as I was busy rubbing my now aching scalp where a hundred-fifty pounds had landed on top of.
Everyone else snapped awake like a bunch of snoozing cats, except for May Belle and Derek, Bobby wracked the pump on the shotgun and looked at Blink through sleep crusted eyes.

Alice was busy fighting with her sleeping bag as Joe leveled his rifle on Blink in a flash, I slowly got to my knees and gestured around, “Everyone, meet Blink, Blink I’d like you meet this bunch of survivors that found me last night.”
Nobody moved as Blink smiled, “Hi everyone, listen I need to talk to my friend here so will you excuse us for a minute?”
Blink vanished instantly and I grinned back at everyone and trotted out the door to find Blink standing twenty feet away hiding behind a mountain of supplies I had yet to get packaged.

“They found you or did you find them?” Blink asked as he picked through the pile of loose items as I fished around and located a can of fruit cocktail and tossed one of pineapple to him.

“They showed up last night, Arnold got hurt when they climbed over the wall and is currently asleep in my bed sleeping off the painkillers I gave him.” I opened the can and slurped the contents out carefully while Blink opened his can and began eating.
“How many are there?” Blink asked thoughtfully as I raised six fingers and swallowed the chunks of fruit.
“Mike is coming early huh?” I finished swallowing and tossed the can aside, “why the rush?”

Blink grinned from ear to ear, “Molly is reaching her due date for the baby and he is going crazy being more than ten feet from her, after this run he isn’t going to leave her side until he can put shoes on his kid and give it a gun.”

I laughed at the thought of Mike, a mountain of man covered with tattoos and rippling muscles reduced to raw nerves at the thought of his baby coming into the world, Molly was no doubt glad he had left so she could get some alone time, knowing her, she was probably tending to the orphans at Safe Haven. Mike had crawled from the depths of Hell to save his newly pregnant wife months ago, a man who would truly move mountains with his bare hands if anything so much as endangered his wife and unborn child.

“How many drivers has he got with him?” I mentally moved empty plastic totes around and began sorting through the pile to box everything up.

“The usual bunch of jokers,” Blink shrugged, “picked up a couple of extra drivers too, it’ll be a slow return trip once they all start driving a loaded truck, but we’ll manage.”

“We always do,” I nodded my head toward the RV, “if I can get a few smaller vans or something they could drive a few more.”

Blink shook his head, “No need, Mike is bringing ten trucks, a short bus and the assault van.”

I grinned at the thought of the armored minivan that had pulled up in Safe Haven three months ago, Charlie and his wife Natalie had pulled up like some prodigal couple from the wastelands in a minivan covered in armor plating with gun slits.
“We’ll load them up with everything we got right here,” Blink looked around at the swirling mass of cans, loose articles of clothing, tools and other odds and ends that were floating around us, “it’ll take us a couple of hours to get loaded, hitched up and then back in traveling groups, Mike wants to be the first to leave, so stay out of his way.”

I nodded and mentally checked off the growing pile of totes filled with supplies as I searched around for more and continued to work while Blink stepped outside to have a look around the Yard.

The door to the RV opened and Joe stepped out, looked around and sauntered over to where I stood before several tons of food and extra items, standing there like a band director in front of an opera house band.

“You are a mutant.” He said it without any question in his tone, but conviction.

“Yup,” I mentally increased the pace of the flying objects and looked over at him, “got a problem with it?”

He looked over at the seething mass of objects moving around at random and shook his head, I focused for a little bit and asked, “Can you drive a car?”

“Sure, just as long as it is a automatic, not pulling a trailer or traveling very fast,” Joe shrugged as he leaned up against the stack of growing totes, “how soon before these other guys you and uh, Blink were talking about are going to show up?”

“He says two hours, knowing Mike, I’m going to say about forty-five minutes,” I glanced at my watch, “you better go tell the others to pack up and get ready to leave, anything that isn’t already in a backpack or box that is.”

“We haven’t seen other people in over two months,” Joe whispered, “the last person we saw was an old crazy guy trying to kill us.”

“Don’t worry, in Safe Haven everybody treats one another like they want to be treated by others,” I was pleased that most of the loose items were now boxed up, “if we’re lucky we’ll be there by nightfall, if all goes well.”

Joe nodded and trotted towards the RV, I ignored his thoughts because I didn’t want a migraine before I ran into Mike and he would want everything perfect like he couldn’t have done it better.
Blink reappeared inside the door nodding his approval, “I got to admit it Chris, you’ve got everything and then some loaded out there waiting for Mike and his boys. Damn good thing we got you or else this would never be possible.”

“Thanks Blink, you sticking around?” I mentally scanned the interior of the building for more plastic totes or empty boxes and came up with zilch.

“Nope, I gotta get my ass on up to the medical warehouse and check on those guys before having to report back to Safe Haven,” he shrugged to emphasize his point, “they get all the mileage out of me they can get.”

“Take care man, tell the rest of them they’ll all have their own wardrobe soon.” I slapped his shoulder an instant before he disappeared, there one second, gone before you could bat an eye, that was Blink for you. I was still slightly pissed at the fact I was out of boxes to pack up everything still laying around, so I put it all in a pile and went back to the RV to see how everything was going. Everyone except Arnold was awake and moving around rolling up sleeping bags, picking up garbage and trying to look busy as Alice handed me a paper plate buried under a scorched mass I guessed had to be powdered eggs.

“Cooking isn’t my strong point I guess,” Alice tossed aside her hair and sat down next to Derek at the table, “Arnold ate and drank before going back to sleep.”

“Excellent,” I grimaced slightly as I forced myself to eat the burned mess without gagging, “I’ll see what Mike is going to do with you guys when he shows up.”

“Like what?” May Belle asked before Bobby nudged her gently and glared at me like I was his natural enemy or something as Derek and Joe perked up as well.

“Well, you guys will be going back to Safe Haven, where you will have to pass a medical examination in order to get inside,” I noticed the looks of horror on their faces, “just to see if you have anything like a zombie bite or a disease before they let you inside.”

“What about Arnold,” Derek looked up, “will they let him in or…”

“I can say with absolute certainty they will know it wasn’t a zombie that hurt him because for one he’d turn long before you would ever get there if he had been bitten,” I shrugged and got my throat to swallow the last bite, “that and I’ll make sure Mike knows when he gets here.”

“What is Safe Haven like?” Alice asked after nudging Derek in the ribs.

“In the first couple of months we built a wall all the way around it, then we planted crops, gathered supplies and equipment from nearby cities and towns and got to work rebuilding from the ground up.” I felt like a storyteller spinning a yarn for a bunch of children.
“There are lots of people there, we all work together to survive, everything is shared and nothing goes to waste as we continue to survive against zombies and the occasional raider that tries to steal from us and we have an outstanding record of zero casualties to anything other than a temperamental boiler we intend to replace soon and a certain horse by the name of Snoopy that kicks anything.” I set about gathering up my backpack with my sleeping bag, M4, holsters and spare duffel bag to make sure it didn’t end up in the mounds of luggage being sent back to Safe Haven.

“You will all be taken care of, fed three square meals a day and protected from anything trying to hurt you, some of you will be sent to our school where you will begin to learn a work trade to further benefit Safe Haven in the future,” I paused when I mentally scanned for my spare socks and found them underneath the table, “aside from surviving together and getting along, we basically start our live over.”

“Will we lose our weapons?” Bobby asked coldly from his spot, still holding his shotgun and his little sister too.

“No, unless you are given a job where you will not need a shotgun, but everyone is to wear a pistol at all times.” I zipped my bag shut and looked around for the keys to the RV.

Alice laughed, “So there are nice people huh?”

I grinned back and discovered the keys in the visor above the driver seat, “Wait until you get there, we’ve got hot water, electricity, training seminars and all kinds of stuff you’ll get to learn, of course I think the firearms course and the Escape and Survival training you’ll pass with flying colors.”

Derek pumped his fist, “Alright! Safe Haven, here we come!”

Thirty-six minutes later the first vehicle arrived at the gate to the Yard, the armored minivan with none other than Mike and Charlie driving, I was waiting for them and moved aside the portion of the gate to let them inside. Joe, Alice and Bobby were also up on the wall with me, using their weapons to pick off the zombies that were in the driving lanes as I could see the next group of vehicles arrive, ten semis and the short bus I’m sure contained more drivers.

“Holy Christ,” Mike uttered as he slid his frame from the cramped confines of the altered minivan and stretched, “we got one Hell of a job ahead of us, Chris, I want to know how many trucks you got with keys in them.”

I pointed at the seven hooked up to various trailers closest to the gate and mentally moved the gate back once the fleet of trucks and bus pulled in as fast as they could manage. Each one of these trucks were fitted with the largest fuel tanks we could fit on them, various types of snow plows and fender guards to protect the radiator from smashed bodies, several spare tires and sleepers crammed with the essential things the drivers would need on these long trips into zombie infested wastelands. With the gate moved back and the trucks jockeying around the Yard to preferred trailers, I lowered my three sharpshooters down to the ground and jogged over to where Mike stood yapping on a walkie-talkie trying to organize this choreographed chaos while the bus disgorged another fifteen individuals toting backpacks, rifles, shotguns and pistols who walked over to the nearby trucks still intact and checked them out.

“I want everyone on a trailer in twenty minutes, open trailers and the tankers are to follow the van trailers at hundred foot intervals, make sure you get running and stay running,” Mike turned to look over at the single axle trucks, “newbie drivers are to bring up the rear and not follow to closely, you guys copy?”

His answer appeared in the form of half a dozen trucks starting up as the first ten were already hooked up and pulling closer to the gate to wait for the all clear as I went around and helped the remaining trucks into position that were not running yet.
Leroy Keys, the only ex-criminal among us was busy hotwiring and picking door locks like a wild man, he could, without a doubt, break into any kind of safe, padlock, door knob or even handcuff locks. Mostly he was busy going around to see if all of the trucks I had would even start, I wasn’t sure if some of them had dead batteries until we got the doors unlocked.

“Hey Chris,” I turned to see David, Matthew and Jacob walking towards me with their backpacks and personal coolers, “point us to the little trucks.”

These guys were not much older than me, not being mutants or having any real knack for anything other than trouble, Mike shanghaied them out of babysitting duty and manure scraping to drive smaller vehicles for these supply convoys. Knowing them as well as I did, I knew they were chomping at the bit and wanted to drive something bigger than a Volvo or a minivan, so I took them over to the smaller semis parked in the back of the Yard.

It took thirty-three minutes from start to finish to get fifteen other semis started, hooked up to trailers and ready to go, Mike was fussy, but nobody really cared anyway as I got Bobby to drive the U-Haul truck, Joe to get in the RV that I had packed to the ceiling with totes and made sure Arnold was going to be okay tucked in bed.

“Make sure everyone stays around sixty-five unless I deem it fit to drive faster or slower on the return trip,” Mike howled into the walkie-talkie to be heard over the idling engines, “we’ll make a pit stop near Way Station Four and then move onto Safe Haven, everyone in your trucks and don’t crowd each other!”

I watched as a mass of trucks and trailers moved around in the Yard into formed groups, all the tankers still not full were left and half of the van trailers were not hooked up either because we didn’t have enough trucks or drivers to move them all, but they made sure they had the ammunition, food and other vital supply trailers first, the flatbeds with the building materials and the full tankers for sure.

Soon enough I could hear the sounds of the undead over the idling engines, like a noise that never changed or quit, but simply increased in volume until it was a full out drone twice as loud as the engines sitting in the Yard. I ignored it with the best weapon I could get my hands on, the MP3 player from my pocket and the most advanced set of Bose headphones known to man with the volume turned up loud on Don’t Fear the Reaper by the Blue Oyster Cult. Leroy was a blur of motion, as soon as he got one truck started he was already heading for the next one in line until he was done and was back in the short bus I was busy loading with totes while Mike had to scream into the walkie-talkie to be heard, face beet red and sweat running down his neck in a river.

Once I lifted up onto the edge of the wall, my heart nearly skipped a beat and my stomach preformed several flip flops, there had to be thousands of zombies milling around along my cleared route, they couldn’t get onto the road where the trucks would be racing down because of the cleared vehicles. They would attempt to follow the trucks back to Safe Haven, but the four hundred miles would surely mean not one of them would make it either, but possible thousands would leave the city to wander aimlessly for miles.

Mike raised his arm in the form of signal I knew well and nodded as he hopped into the cab of his semi and rolled closer to the gate, I lifted the cubes of crushed metal and watched rather than listened to thirty-nine vehicles pull out of the Yard as fast as they could go, racing for the horizon and more importantly, home. The trucks kept a civil distance between one another as they thundered down the road and onto the interstate as fast as they could manage, one after another they left like the hounds of Hell were hot on their heels. The tempo of the zombies increased to a pitch where I could hear it over the music, the soundproof headphones and the roaring engines, they went ballistic once they saw the trucks.

They went from moaning corpses to wailing banshees in less than ten seconds, to stop or even worse, crash on this stretch of road would mean absolute death for anyone behind the poor sap that wrecked. I really wanted to start shooting and to keep on shooting until I either ran out of bullets or zombies to kill, it was like watching filthy roaches crawl all over your white bed sheets and you couldn’t do a damn thing about it, do nothing but watch in utter horror.

I nearly crapped myself when someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned to see none other than Charlie standing there with his hands over his ears and bobbing his head like he wanted to say something important until he started climbing down the wall and gesturing to the armored minivan that I should follow him.

We got to go kid, too many of these things around for one guy to handle and we need you to unload the trailers no doubt.

Charlie dove into the driver seat of the minivan and waited until I was inside before tromping down on the accelerator as the last truck pulled out and I lowered the gate back into place to protect the Yard for our return trip. I wasn’t surprised that Charlie thought, rather than spoke his plan out loud, just about everyone knows I can read thoughts and such and at moments like these it is really helpful.

Zombies had managed to get over the parked vehicles along the road in several places, but when a twenty-ton semi is rolling at forty plus, those zombies became as flat as pancakes. Of course the usual worry about shattered bones puncturing a tire, especially a front driver tire would surely stop a truck like that and possibly trap others behind it. It was a nerve wracking five minutes before we pulled out onto the interstate lanes and broke up into small groups in the cleared four lanes wide and began to speed up too.

“Glad we had you up here Chris,” Charlie muttered as he pulled out the earplugs he was wearing as I turned off my music to listen to him as Kellie Pickler had to wait, “without you, we would still be a bunch of half ass drivers trying to stay alive.”
Most of the supplies sent to Safe Haven have been loaded by yours truly and half of them unloaded too, I knew that spending large amounts of time, effort, man hours and scare safety in the unsecured zombie wastelands would require more than we had. Loading a semi trailer would either require a forklift operator or more than a dozen guys toting supplies into the trailer and that would take days.

Minus the fact that the safety hazards to everyone on that detail were a lot higher than anything else, short of suicide of course, but we wanted to avoid that as well. I went in knowing the dangers, threats and hazards of my job, because I knew firsthand what the alternative is if I’m not the one doing this. The semis were now picking up speed and spreading out to give each other room as they thundered down the four-lane interstate that would shrink into a two lane after half an hour.
The prospect of going back to Safe Haven was an immense relief, for once in two weeks I’d be able to actually fall asleep at night without waking up at odd hours, the stress of every second no longer forcing itself on my mind as I could cut back and let loose for at least a few days.

“We found more survivors three days ago,” Charlie babbled on as he swung behind the RV, “bunch of motorcycle riding dudes to be honest, but they pull their fair share.”

“How many are there?” I asked after taking off my holster and putting on my seatbelt.

“Six men and nine smoking hot babes to boot,” Charlie laughed, “all of them got serious attitude and get this, four of them are sisters, another one is a nun and two are pregnant for sure.”

It was good news to hear, more people coming from the wastelands to Safe Haven, that meant other people were still alive out there, somewhere in all that Hell and zombie infested country. We’ve got operational satellite linkage, multiple radio frequencies playing our broadcasts and even signs we left in towns and cities along our looting routes, scores of ways for people to find us, but half of them we ran across through sheer dumb luck. I settled into the seat and reclined it somewhat as Charlie played with the CB on the dash as the usual trucker banter was on the air waves, mostly everyone nagging each other to speed up, space out and drive straight as Charlie wisely brought up the rear. I have no idea when I feel asleep, but when Charlie slugged my shoulder hard enough to jar me awake, I nearly went for my gun before remembering that I had taken it off and it was in the backseat somewhere.

“You really know how to crash Chris,” Charlie chuckled as I attempted to work the kink out of my neck and looked around, “slept right through the whole damn trip.”

I was still in the realms of pleasant dreams and undisturbed slumber, looking out the barred windows of the minivan it took me a few seconds to realize a few things.

One, it was dark outside, two, we were stopped and three, we were inside the safety of Safe Haven. Around us, other trucks were shutting down, coasting to a stop or fighting over decent parking spaces as the travel weary drivers got out of the semis and almost looked like zombies as they all headed for the Check Station.

The Check Station is a way of saying that anyone who was outside the walls of Safe Haven had to perform a thorough check for bites, any other diseases or possible medical problems that would spell disaster for everyone inside Safe Haven and cavity searches are mandatory if you give any of the staff inside any reason to do so, or else you get locked in a Check Cell until they feel better. It goes like this, you strip naked after getting a basket to put your clothes, weapons and gear you wore on the outside and then spin in a circle so one of the doctors can see you have no abnormalities and then take a sterile shower. After the shower, you get another basket that has a change of clothes, weapon and stuff that you can only wear around inside Safe Haven and you simply reverse the process upon going out, minus the body check and shower. Nothing like having to strip to the buff in a room cold enough to freeze your balls off to wake a guy up, Doc Trebly had his whole gang of medical wimps to hurry things up and to be thorough as I grimly took the first hot shower in weeks while getting sprayed with disinfectant and then having to drip dry before putting on clean clothes and walking outside the Check Station. Everyone from the truck convoy had to go though the Check Station or risk the fear of getting shot, because everyone inside Safe Haven wore white shirts, clean blue jeans and a visitor pass badge around their neck that is the equivalent of a social security number, birth certificate and driver’s license.

It states your name, birth date, blood type, height, weight is optional, sex for those who can’t tell, a pristine photo of yourself, any medical conditions or allergies you might have, practical job occupation and a number that identifies your file we got somewhere in Safe Haven all on a three by five inch laminated card. Wearing this thing is mandatory, around your neck, on your belt or even tied to your wrist will do the job, mostly we all got them as something with our names on them in case we forget down the road years from now. I left my outside clothes in the basket for next time and walked outside putting on my other pistol belt that holds a Ruger .357 Magnum 500 Series revolver and thirty-six rounds of ammunition. A quick glance over at the clock told me it was nearly midnight, but first I went over to the Center in search of a hot meal and a place to bunk for the night until I got some permanent quarters or my next assignment to go load some medical supplies. Drivers I knew went to the Center, where we found a diligent group of ladies I like to call the Angels of Safe Haven, waiting with a real pot luck type cookout spread over the span of ten tables.

“Eat up and try to stay quiet when you head off to wherever,” Lisa Savior, a true woman of the modern age scolded us as we trampled in like an unruly mob from the outside, “eat up because this is all you get until breakfast.”

A couple comments went up as I got in line with the others as we all loaded up plates high with fruit, apples from the orchard, a thin sliver of meat that turned out to be spam, green beans and real scrambled eggs constituted as a meal, but it was better than having nothing.

“Hey Load,” a grizzled man sporting tattoos wandered over to where I was sitting, “what the Hell did you put in my truck that had it all over the road like that?”

“Probably baby powder, formula and diapers.” A guy farther down the table muttered loud enough for a bunch of the guys to hear, I rolled my eyes at their humor before taking a bite out of my apple.

Drivers kept filing in after each other until the medical staff and the newest arrivals finally showed up, Bobby looked upset about not being allowed to keep his shotgun as Arnold looked like Hell, but he was limping to keep up. Lisa Savior immediately realized there were children and swooped down on them like a mother hen, piling their plates with food and introducing herself, of course she is the most likable person on the planet, so it is really hard not to like her.

Mike dropped his massive frame in the vacant spot next to me and cradled his skull in both hands, “Wife will kill me if I wake her up hours before her bout of morning sickness, so I’ll bunk elsewhere, what about you?”

“Planned on a sleeping bag somewhere near here,” I paused long enough to swallow, “going to want some more sleep to be honest, want to make sure the kids got somewhere decent to crash and then I’ll be busy in the morning unloading the trucks.”

Mike downed his fruit in three gulps, “I still got that camper up by my house if you need a place for the night, that is if nobody else is in it you can have it.”

“Walking all the way out there just to find someone else sleeping in it would do nothing for my mood as it is,” I waved as May Belle walked by following her brother, “I’ll bunk here if it’s the same with you.”

“Just wanted you to know the offer stands,” Mike scratched his head before saying in a low tone, “a lot of us were thinking you’d be crazy as a loon being out there all by yourself, Joan and Chelsea especially want someone with you to retain you mentality.”

“They want me to have sex with some girls, get them knocked up and have a bunch of kids with my powers don’t they?” It didn’t come as a shock to me, they hinted on the idea heavily several times, the most manipulative pair of women you’d ever find left in this life.

To them there were no real feelings, emotions or conflicting thoughts, it was slam bam crank out some kids that were mutants to insure our survival with their unique gifts some years down the road.

Mike actually blushed crimson as he looked around at the guys closest who had heard that bit of conversation and whispered, “Lighten up man, some mind blowing sex would loosen you up a little bit, get rid of some stress and have some fun.”

“This is coming from a man who has a pregnant wife who will beat him senseless at any given second,” I rolled my eyes as the guys within earshot tried not to laugh, “excellent role model material if I say so myself Mike.”

“Alright point taken, just make an effort or else they’ll think you’re gay or something.” Mike mumbled to himself as he slurped his green beans as the guys around the table howled with laughter.

Our meal was short lived and soon drivers began drifting off to wherever they were spending the night, I simply got my hands on a sleeping bag and crawled off into the nearest corner where I intended to sleep solid for the next several hours before I recognized someone in the crowd.

Joan and she was looking for someone, I didn’t need a mental scan or a alarm rigged to know who she was looking for, so I crept from the Center with my sleeping bag in hand, intent on heading for the camper Mike had offered. It wasn’t that I hated the idea of sex, it was just the fact that I was being manipulated in order to do for some greater good other than some great sex or stress relief. Joan and her cohort Chelsea would having a rigid breeding schedule in place if anyone really took them seriously, centering around the important mutants here at Safe Haven and I wished to remain free of their clutches.
Of course the half-mile trek in the dark wasn’t fun, but the key was under the welcome mat and nobody was inside as I crawled inside and shut the door behind me and as an afterthought, locked it. If it wasn’t for the fact both of those women were ex-trophy wives with tied tubes, they’d be throwing themselves at me and I’m thinking they just might one of these days. Nothing like the phobia of getting raped by a couple infertile forty year old housewives to make falling asleep rough, but I still kept a mental scan open.

I unrolled the sleeping bag on the bare mattress and kicked off my shoes, set my gun on the nightstand and crawled in, intent on sleep. Of course the nightmares kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning and when the rooster crowed in the form of Mike knocking n the camper door, I hadn’t got much sleep.

“We got work to do,” Mike yawned as I tied my boots, “you’re going to the medical warehouse today to get three trucks loaded and hopefully be back before nightfall.”

Molly stood in the doorway of the snug house, her large belly portraying her usual morning unhappiness as she waved.
Mike lead the way back to the Center, already people were up and going about the usual day-to-day goodness they work themselves into. Aside from the Guards rotating shifts, I recognized that the bakery was open for business this early in the morning, the guys stuck with the job of tending the animals were already hard at work and it looked like a group of weed pickers and gardeners were getting ready to go off and work before it got really hot today.

Even the trucks parked in front of the Armory, Supply Shed, Warehouse and Storage were busy moving around ready to begin unloading as an army of pallet forks, workers and baggage carts began jockeying around to unload, sort and place everything from the trucks. Except for the tankers, they were pulled over next to the Shop and parked, I noted that one van trailer was hurriedly unloaded as another one was too.

“We’ll get the trucks needed ready in an hour,” Mike said as we walked into the Center, “then you’ll be going with Richard, Phil and Bob to the medical warehouse, get loaded and then get back here in one piece.”

“I like it, just as long as I am far away from the Terrible Two as possible.” I yawned before getting in line for some real scrambled eggs cooked by angels.

Mike snorted and walked off to go find the guys I knew had to be driving the short, but dangerous trip up to the medical warehouse. Located just about smack dab in the middle of a large city within ten blocks of three different hospitals made it the hub of scrounger activity, mostly all of the hardcore antibiotics, prescription drugs, medical equipment, supplies and trivia stuff laying around was a prime spot, but it was all painstakingly inspected, packaged and ready to go by a team of Einstein prodigy’s. It was actually a warehouse filled with medical supplies, it was also close enough to a outlet mall, Wal-Mart, a couple gun shops and scores of other places where you could get anything without any real trouble, if you happened to be Hop or Hunter.

Two other mutants who had become invaluable, being slightly less powerful, they have skills that are incredibly useful in zombie infested cities.

Hop or Kevin, is a fifteen year old kid who can turned himself and anything about the same size as himself invisible, making the long trips in and out of the cities a real breeze for him.

Hunter has no other name that anyone knows of, he is sort of an enigma to be honest, but we all know he is capable of incredible feats of strength, reflexes and stamina. He can lift nearly half a ton on his back and run with it for a couple miles, easily jumping over vehicles, fences and as high as a third story window.

They would have gone with me, but instead got sent to the medical warehouse to keep the guys camping out up there alive and to collect a list of things from the nearby buildings while I was off creating the Yard, but someday they will be doing the same thing I had done.

I finished my eggs in time as the Terrible Two entered the Center, but luck was with me as they had to wait for a set of burly men carrying a heavy tote inside, by then I was gone.

My somewhat frantic search for someplace to hide was suddenly dashed when I heard a familiar voice holler over the din created by the unloading crews, “Hello Chris!”

Alice stood next to the group of early morning gardeners, armed with a hoe, canteen and a pistol as she waved from a distance less than twenty-five feet as the Terrible Two exited the Center and zeroed in on this bizarre display of social interaction between myself and a member of the opposite sex, no doubt the strangest thing going on.
I was no idiot and walked over, happy to see Derek, Joe and Alice because it would give me precise seconds of time.

“How was bunking it out in the Center?” I knew that the Terrible Two would document this meeting, decipher its context and meaning, so I wanted to give them nothing to go on.

“Not bad considering we got a lot of food,” Derek was happy and threw his arms wide, “this place is great and the only work we got to do is pull some weeds or something.”

A knowing glance between a smirking Joe and Alice told me the kid had no idea what he was going to be doing, not that he’d ever complain about it once he knew what his other options of work would be around here.

“Bobby wants to try out for guard duty or something like that,” Joe rolled his eyes as he braced his chin on the handle of his garden hoe, “has been pestering the guy down at the armory all morning to get his shotgun back and Arnold is over at the clinic getting checked out, the nurse there said you did a good job.”

“Ask for a training seminar and you’ll actually learn something,” a quick mental scan revealed that the Terrible Two were excited at this new development in my behavior, “talk to Mike and he’ll get you into one soon enough.”

“Chris!” A glance over at the nearest semi showed a couple of guys waiting, “We got to go!”

“Guess I’ll be seeing you guys around sometime then, wish Bobby good luck for me.” I waved and silently blessed the guys waiting for me because it was apparent the Terrible Two wanted to pounce on me sometime soon and grill me for answers.
All three trucks were topped off with fuel, empty trailers and a cooler in the cab stocked with sandwiches and cold soda, perks in the long truck rides between Safe Haven and the medical warehouse. That and when you rescue the entire team of designated cooks, they tend to dote on you with mandatory meals and free snacks, so I wasn’t surprised to find my own personal cooler crammed with the usual sandwiches, drinks, cookies and assorted collection of snacks sitting on the passenger seat of the rig Phil was driving with a note on it.

Take care of yourself out there, come back safely and be sure not to do anything stupid.
Safe Haven’s Angels

The last part wasn’t actually on the note, but you tend to figure out the nurturing members of the community, except in my case that comes down to about ten people.

“Glad to have you on this run,” Phil spat out the window as he followed the first two rigs driven by Richard and Bob, “would take us forever to load these trucks by ourselves.”

I nodded and reclined my seat as all three trucks drove right up to the Check Station, we got out and went through the routine of getting into our wasteland getups. I removed my clean shirt and pants, the holster and put on my cargo pants, shirt, jacket, vest and grabbed my guns as the other guys did the same thing. I left my ID card in the basket as well, not that I didn’t want it, I just didn’t want to lose it somewhere out in the wasteland because I only had one.

All four of us went from joking and clean to somber and gritty once we changed, because we went from the Check Station to the trucks under the watchful eye of the Check Station guard and the Gate guards like we were rehearsing a battle plan, one we all knew and dreaded. The Gate is a double hung affair that requires an electric motor to swing both doors open, being 5” thick of sheet metal and braced with steel I-beams when it is locked, it would take an estimated 100,000 pounds of weight moving at 60 mph to break it open.

Signs of nocturnal guard activity in the form of a dozen corpses piled in the bottom of the entrapment meant that some zombies had meandered over during the night and discovered what happened if you encounter a vigilant guard armed with a rifle and night vision. Anything bigger than a zombie and the guard would use something just a tad bit more powerful, say .30-.06 or 7.62mm, if it was a raider or a wild animal.

It had taken us a long time to get that Wall up and I’m glad we did, because we now have a secure and safe environment that zombies can’t get inside and it is large enough to sustain that many people.

“Have you met the Amazon biker chicks yet?” Phil asked as the small convoy got up to speed.

“Nope, should I have met them,” I grinned because everyone knew how bad the Terrible Two wanted me to shag someone, “scale of one to ten, how hot?”

“One hundred,” Phil replied without a moment of hesitation before reaching for the mike on the CB and asking, “you guys think the biker chicks are hot, yea or nay.”

Bob answered first with his typical southern drawl, “Makes any man wish he was a few years younger being within sight of those beautiful creatures.”

“All of them could qualify as Miss Universe if you ask me.” Richard replied once Bob was no longer on the same channel as Phil chuckled to himself as he shifted into a higher gear.

There has to be subtitles along the lines and I just knew something was up when all three of them were nonchalant together on one single topic, usually they ribbed the shit out of each other for an hour and bickered like married couples and I had a feeling I knew what it was too.

“Alright guys, what’s going on and spare me the bullshit.” I nabbed the mike from the holder and glared accusingly at Phil who tried and failed to appear innocent.

“Well Doc Trebly is getting kind of worried about everyone not in Safe Haven a majority of the time, mental health and all that stuff,” Phil was the first to speak as the other guys kept quiet for thirty seconds, “wants everyone back in Safe Haven for an extended period of time for a revaluation and assessment of their mental states.”

Sounded straight forward and a lot like Doc Trebly, but there was something he wasn’t telling me that perked my interest and short of reading Phil’s mind I decided to be polite and let him finish.

“As he made enough ruckus about it, some ladies in particular heard about it and decided to plan a party for some reason with all the trimmings, music, dancing, food, alcohol and the works, but it seems to have a underlying meaning once a few other ladies got wind of it and decided to plan a speed dating thing.” Phil grimaced as I leveled a lethal look in his direction.
“Sum it all up in a nutshell for those among us with a short attention span, they are planning an after party that is pretty much a wild excursion among single people into the wee hours of the morning where they hope everyone is off having they’re own fun.”

Premeditated orgy parties, now I have heard of it all, the Terrible Two were going to be using the official sounding reason to have every person in all of Safe Haven in a full blown party as a cover for making some sparks fly among couples and hopefully finally succeed getting some important people laid and some females pregnant and damn if they were not hoping for a couple mutants in particular to attend this after party.

To say my mood was pretty much shot was an understatement as we continued on our two and a half hour truck ride up to the medical warehouse, I sat and pondered ways to get out of this party without appearing like a desperate madman and for the most part, I was short on ideas.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by golem3 » Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:26 pm

This story really ticks me off. Not that it isn't awesome, just that there isn't more of it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by FIDO » Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:57 pm

Trust me, I have somewhere around fourteen chapters already typed, I just go along and fix errors, add spaces and do some final touch ups before I post it chapter by chapter.
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

Fear Me Not, I Shall Create Peace... After Kicking Ass And Taking Names First

"let any man stand before the mast and show his iron, for I shall measure it with my own steel and cut him down

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by FIDO » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:29 am

How about some moar for those out there?

Chapter Three

We arrived at the medical warehouse sometime after I fell asleep, seems that I can only sleep while sitting in an uncomfortable seat bouncing all the road at 60 mph these days.
This city was smaller than the one I had constructed the Yard in, by about half the size and the population was lower because most of the citizens had hightailed it out of here in the early days of the outbreak to somewhere else, but somewhere between ten and a hundred thousand zombies were still roaming around. The route to the medical warehouse was cleared by me months ago, so perfectly aligned vehicles of no value or of any use were parked along the streets so there was enough room for one way traffic, nobody likes driving this route because the only way out would mean having to reach a turnaround spot first or attempting a long backing up maneuver for several miles.

Phil shifted in his seat as he checked the shotgun sitting next to his seat, “They said a few unfriendly raiders were in the area a few days ago, so keep an eye peeled for anything funny looking.”

I was actually scanning for anything other than zombies and the other drivers, close enough to represent a threat if I could scan them out, but so far I came up with nothing ever since we entered the city.
Of course the banshee wail of a few hundred zombies was evident, I had my MP3 player on high again and I could still hear faint whispers of noise over the music that wasn’t the engine or Phil talking.

Zombies of every shape and size were crowding on the other side of the parked cars, all of them watching the trucks with hungry eyes and groping hands, the sight of several hundred if not a thousand zombies within fifty feet used to make me nervous months ago, but now it only made me wish I had grabbed more ammunition from the Armory this morning. Not that it would do me the slightest bit of good, unless if I had ten trucks loaded with ammunition, I could never kill all of the zombies without having more show up where I had already killed them all off. I knew I was safe for the time being, for one the trucks were moving and there was a secure perimeter where we were going, but it never hurts to feel afraid once in awhile. Fearing these undead zombies will do you no good, respecting them to where you know how dangerous and lethal they can be is better so you don’t cocky and think of yourself as overconfident when you mosey on up to a few thousand of them. Reminding yourself that they are not superhuman or even human anymore for that matter makes all the difference in doing something safely and doing something the wrong way.

Takes these trucks for example, they have run flat tires, steel grating over the windows, beefed up bumpers and all the creature comforts to last the drivers several days of being stranded in the middle of horde, namely food, water and a working radio. If the trucks did somehow stop and end up surrounded on all sides to the point that they couldn’t go anywhere, we have window blinds so the zombies can’t see inside through the windows, food and water for several days and armed with the knowledge zombies have an incredibly short attention span.
If the zombie can’t see you directly, hear you directly or smell your body odor directly, they tend to give up and wander off in about an hour, so they can’t see you if you cover the windows, they sure as Hell are not going to hear in the middle of a mob of a few hundred other zombies and unless they can smell past diesel fuel, oil, trash, rotting flesh and a long list of other things, they can not possibly know you are inside the truck unless you are at the window yelling at them and pissing on they’re heads. Of course we simply raced through this wasteland city and arrived at the medical warehouse where we discovered an open gate flanked by several individuals toting firearms and lots of ammunition as we pulled up and then killed the engines.

“That went well,” Phil hopped down from the cab and jogged over to the only open door where Richard and Bob were running for, “we let the natives calm down and then we get to work.”

There was a simple rule when you reach your destination out in the wasteland, remain as quiet as possible for a few hours so as not to stir up the hornet nest and wait longer in the attempt of escaping or leaving your destination so the zombies eventually wander off again rather than remain tightly packed outside of the gate. Everyone filed in after us, every guard stationed at the medical warehouse made sure all of the drivers were inside before going around to check the building’s perimeter, move something around or chew the fat with one of the drivers as I got to work moving the large amount of supplies closer to the loading bay doors. The remaining medical equipment was going to get hauled back to Safe Haven so a majority of our medical supplies wasn’t in the middle of a wasteland city and we would pull everyone back to safety, something they were all excited about. They have spent about the last month up here with nothing to look forward too except the day they got to leave, save for the fact five other trucks have been up this way since now, but it sure did take a toll on these guys.

“We’ve got two buses armored up and ready to roll once you get the trucks loaded,” one of the guards cheered as I lifted half a dozen pallets into the air and began moving them toward the loading bay, “then we can get the Hell out of here.”

Everyone was busy rearranging bags, boxes and other equipment around, just anxious to get out of here while I quickly loaded one trailer right away.
The rest of the loading was done two hours later, we had to wait for the zombies to calm down before we moved around the trucks outside so I could load them, but Hunter still had not returned from out in the city and the guys were getting worried, so Hop went off to find him by jumping over the fence into a mob of hysterical zombies. Of course he was invisible, but I still can’t get over how relaxed he is around large numbers of zombies with only a thin layer of cotton and a small pistol in his possession. A grand total of thirty people were here, twenty-three were guards, five were medical students who knew what they were doing when it came to sorting through vast amounts of medical supplies, equipment and chemicals while the last two were currently MIA out in the city.
Hunter had left sometime this morning to go out and loot a gun store on the far edge of town where he had found that a majority of it had not been looted already, but he never radioed in after noon, a standard time where everyone was accounted for.

Hop had left two hours ago and I was getting worried, the last of the supplies were loaded and everyone was ready to go, but something was wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Where the Hell are those guys,” Phil snorted as he kicked a rock across the parking lot, “the one day they have to be here on time and they are nowhere to be had.”

I finished loading up the last pallet and grabbed my bag, it seemed that the inner mutant acknowledgement knew that the party was bad juju and everyone wanted to avoid it like the plague and I would bet Blink had something to do with it.

“I’ll go look for them myself,” I strapped on my pistol belt and grabbed the M4 from the sleeper, “We’ll use the van to get back to Safe Haven or else we’ll stay here if it is really late.”

Phil went bonkers, “You’re going out into that city to look for two fully capable guys all by yourself, it I didn’t know better I’d venture a guess you wanted to avoid the party.”

Faking innocence never seems to work anymore and I glared at him as I donned on my backpack and took a map from one of the guards.

“Say what you want guys, but I got a bad feeling that something is wrong, you guys head back on your own for all I care and we’ll catch up.”

Another argument and overall bickering with the rest of the guys, they pulled out of the parking lot without looking back once as thousands of zombies went berserk and tried chasing after them as I waited until they were out of sight before pulling out my walkie-talkie, flipping over to channel twenty-three and keying the mike.

“You guys close?” I growled as I turned on heel and marched back inside and waited for a reply.

“Yeah,” Hop came over loud and clear, “went to help Hunter over here with a little problem and managed to miss you guys by mere seconds it seems.”

“Uh-huh, don’t sound so thrilled about it you ghost,” I removed my backpack and sat down in a chair near a barred window, “when is your ETA?”

“About an hour for those who are listening and five minutes for those who are not,” Hop snickered before adding, “of course we got enough stuff for our own party, thank Blink for the heads up we got and had we known you were coming, we would’ve gotten more.”

“Meaning Hunter is doing all the work and you are doing the yapping?” I discovered a remaining six-pack of orange soda sitting in a cupboard and opened one.

A growl came over the walkie-talkie, “Got that right, this kid could talk the ear off a deaf man.”

Hunter seemed to be in a cheerful mood, he was talking at least, and I could sense a mental presence on the outer limits of my conscience that was getting stronger, no doubt those two were watching the building the entire time since they had left within hours of each other.

“Open the gate smartass and we’ll share half the stuff we’ve got.” Hop bitched as I mentally opened both chain link gates covered in sheet metal to block the view from the zombies on the outside of the fence.

A blur moving at a speed faster than humanly possible rushed through the gates, I waited another five seconds before swinging them shut quickly before the zombies noticed the open parking lot and more importantly the people on the inside. Hunter dropped a massive pack off his shoulders with an audible thud and stood straight up, where from my vantage point I could hear his back cracking and Hop appeared next to him panting loudly.

“Doors open guys,” I saluted my can of soda at them as they waved and trooped inside and walked into the wreck room I was sitting in, “what did you bring?”

“Canned dinners, water, soda, beer for Hunter, party streamers, candy, pain pills, magazines for me and a couple movies we have not seen yet.” Hop answered as Hunter snorted and up ended his pack on a nearby table that groaned under the weight.

Ammunition, rifles, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, hand grenades, knives, plastic explosives, MRE packets, gun lubricant, paper towels, canned food, bottled water, some whiskey, medical kits, household chemicals, lengths of lead pipe and a couple tools.

“I brought goodies for killing lots and lots of damn zombies,” Hunter said as he picked up a bunch of empty magazines and started loading bullets into them, “then I plan to sleep after killing every zombie within a three block radius of this building.”

You see, making a lot of noise and raising a general ruckus among the zombies within about a mile of where your base of operations is located is considered a bad idea to some people, you lure possible thousands of zombies right to your doorstep from the gunfire and the wail made by the zombies that see you, alerting more of them to exactly where you are.

“I hope you intend to take your zombie killing spree elsewhere my good friend,” Hop shook his head as he wrapped a party streamer around his neck, “because I intend to party.”

“I think not guys,” we all jumped at the sound of a different voice filling the room, “to think I would be so stupid to just leave you guys here without any supervision, well think again.”

“Randy?” Hunter scowled as he looked around, “Where the Hell are you?”

“Check under the table numb nuts,” Randy, the guy in charge of this operation here at the medical warehouse was a cunning bastard, “you will find that I duct taped a radio to the underside of the table set on transmit and another one set on receive.”

Sure enough, I found two walkie-talkies taped to the underside of the only table in this room and chuckled at his intelligence, “Guess we can never truly trust you with secrets huh?”

“Now listen you idiots, you can figure out a way to play hooky when you get back to Safe Haven, but now you are going to get in the van and catch up with us and save the stuff for the party when we all get back.”

Randy sounded pissed as he waited for an answer, “Is that clear?”

“Crystal, we’ll be ready to go in an hour.” Hop replied into the walkie-talkie.

“Make it five minutes or I am coming back for all three of you.” Randy abruptly killed the signal in his usual getting the last word of the argument before anyone else did.

We all grumbled and filed out to the van with our stuff, Hunter was especially unhappy as he slammed the door hard enough to make my ears ring as Hop sullenly got into the back seat and donned on an iPod with headphones to amuse himself. I rode shotgun as Hunter drove, using my powers to open and close the gate behind us as Hunter romped down on the accelerator and was aiming for zombies I had not pushed out of the way as we sped through the wasteland city.

“Think we should check the van for hidden microphones?” Hop sarcastically asked as Hunter growled to himself and took out a hapless zombie with his door.

“I think not guys,” I mentally tossed aside an abandoned car from frustration as we took a corner, “you’d think Randy would have a little respect about…”

Right about then, something entered my conscience like a faint breeze would irritate the back of your neck, a faint whisper of thought and anguish as I whipped my neck around to look down a closed off street.

“Hunter, stop! I hear people.” I wasn’t surprised as Hunter spun the van down the street after I pointed in the general direction of where I could sense these thoughts, growing stronger as we went.

“Think we should notify Randy?” Hop asked as he ditched his iPod and fastened his seatbelt as Hunter followed my pointing finger across a backyard and through an overgrown hedge as we careened across the street to avoid a parked Humvee as the senses got stronger and more excited, whoever it was, they heard our van.

“Stop outside of this blue house with the wrought iron fence and turn around back the direction we just came from,” I checked my M4 as Hop hefted a shotgun, “we got fifteen seconds before they are all over us.”

“How many people?” Hunter asked as he spun the van around and backed up to the fence.

“Lots of them,” I opened my door and mentally opened the back doors, “stay with the van, I’ll be right back.”

Hop nodded as he opened the side door and began throwing aside bags so everyone could pile in while Hunter picked up his rifle and began firing as I ran for the front door of the house. It opened before I was halfway up the sidewalk and out piled a dozen people running full tilt for the van as I counted them as they came out of the house while Hop began firing point blank into the arriving horde.

“How many people are there?” I asked the last individual, a woman, in line as she wrestled with a barking puppy and a pistol.

She didn’t really need to say it out loud because she was thinking it to herself, thirteen people in one house, but she shouted, “I’m the last one!”

“Get into the van right now!” Hunter roared as he tossed a hand grenade into the throng of zombies while I covered the rear and kept shooting while Hop shoved the last person into the van and slammed the door shut.

Hunter was pulling away as I opened my door and got one leg inside the van as he burned rubber up half the street before smashing a backyard fence and pulling onto the escape route leading out of the city toward the rest of the guys. Somehow instead of getting the walkie-talkie to call Randy and tell him we were on our way with thirteen girls, I ended up holding the puppy that was licking my face like vacuum cleaner with a tongue, a rather shapely thigh shoved under my armrest and a lot of long hair over my neck as the girls in the back of the van were trying to get seated as Hunter growled some more and drove like a maniac while I tried to keep the puppy from licking my nose. How we got out of the wasteland city in one piece without crashing, exploding into a ball of fire or getting eaten, I’ll never know as Hop got thrown up into my lap declaring he had not purposely put his hand there and the puppy went for its new victim, Hunter.

One of the girls from the back snatched the puppy when he threatened to toss it out of the van as it began licking him furiously as I dumped Hop on the floor between the front seats, went digging around in my pockets for the walkie-talkie, having to save our lives by moving several wrecked cars in rapid succession and then tossing a bunch of zombies off the hood of the van so Hunter could see where he was going, standing the van on two wheels for a short distance before I righted the van with my powers, got puked on by some girl sitting behind me and then ended up with a girl in my lap once Hunter slammed on the brakes and threw the van into a skid to avoid becoming graffiti on a concrete wall. Never one to be polite, I pushed the girl out of my lap and on top of Hop as I finally pulled out my walkie-talkie, turned it on and got the proper frequency as Hunter yet again went into one his famous no gravity skids that ended up with another girl in my lap, a hard object hit me in the back of my head hard enough for me to see stars for several seconds and the barrel of a shotgun digging painfully into my leg as I tried my best not to pass out and spat out vomit that wasn’t mine before trying to reach Randy.
“I need everyone to be quiet!” Silence reigned as I keyed the transmit button and hailed Randy with a simple message, that we had picked up thirteen people and was hauling ass out of the city.

“We don’t have any room in the trucks,” Randy sounded shocked after I handed the walkie-talkie to one of the girls so she could say something into it, “guess you’ll have to tough it out until you get back to Safe Haven, but catch up with us first and then we’ll cruise at top speed.”

“Hunter,” I said as he gunned the engine to begin another turn, “you might want to step on it.”

All the way around us we had hundreds of zombies appearing out of the woodwork and they were focused on the van, wailing like deranged banshees as they poured into view fro every direction, just like when we drove in, but they had finally gotten over the cleared out cars like they eventually do and were blocking our path. We were trapped like rats with no way out and there was no we were going to run for any building for safety either.

“Everyone hold onto to something! Hunter let me drive!” I focused really hard and lifted the van into the air like a plane taking off, everyone in the back started screaming, Hop puked all over my shoes as Hunter merely tightened his seatbelt. We just barely cleared the roof of the building opposite of us as I concentrated really hard to keep the van level and moving along in the right direction while someone in the back started praying as the puppy jumped into my lap to bark out the window after looking down as I ignored everything and just focused on keeping us alive.

“Next time a warning really is appreciated.” Hunter growled as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel after he told everyone to be quiet and not to move around so much as the van kind flew along while Hop crawled from his uncomfortable spot at my feet into the back with one hand holding the puppy and the other covering his mouth.

Nobody said anything, I could hear everyone breathing collective breaths as I gently dipped the van downward once we began to reach the edge of the city and then I could see the convoy moving down below us.

“Ready Hunter?” I slowly began lowering the van as he stomped on the accelerator while I muttered to myself out loud, “This is a piece of cake, no problem whatsoever.”

“Excuse me,” a voice squeaked from the back, “have you done this before?”

“Flying a van and landing it?” I shook my head, “Never done this before, but how hard can it be?”

Hop swore as he clutched the puppy to his chest as Hunter let out a chuckle as he adjusted his rearview mirrors before leaning forward, at least he was having fun as he picked up the walkie-talkie and keyed it in for Randy.

“We’re coming in.” He actually had the guts to laugh as Randy asked, “Where the Hell are you guys? Seriously you better not be pulling my leg or you are in big trouble.”

“Look up.” Hunter answered as I brought the van down with a gentle thump as Hunter dropped the walkie-talkie into his lap and slowed down so he could pull behind the last bus in line as Randy let loose a string of the most creative expletives he could think of then a few more as I picked up the walkie-talkie and turned off the volume.

“Did we lose anyone back there?” Hunter grinned as Hop pulled his head up between the front seats, “Still here Hop? You look terrible by the way.”

“The dog pissed all over me,” Hop whined as the puppy wagged his tail and licked my hand as I took the puppy from Hop as he went digging around for a spare pair of pants, “I think a couple of the girls back here past out, one needs a paper bag and another won’t let go of my ankle and I think she’ll break it if she doesn’t let go.”

Hunter grunted before sniffing the air and grimacing as he reached for the walkie-talkie, “I think we need to make a pit stop so we can clean out the van Randy, a couple of our passengers just shit themselves, over.”

“Like I blame them?” Randy let me know I was king of the crazy people before telling Hunter politely to pull off whenever he got the chance as the rest of them would wait, “Next time warn them so they know what is about to happen.”

“Sorry about that,” I tickled the puppy under the chin as Hop caused a lot of the girls to cry out in alarm as he vanished into thin air so he could change his pants, “we’ll find a safe place so you guys can get out and change before we drive for the next two hours.”

“Don’t ever do that again, please.” Someone from the back said as Hunter laughed again after I said, “No promises ma’am.”

Our rest stop showed up two minutes later when Hunter pulled into an abandoned gas station as the other guards and drivers remained inside their vehicles as I lead a troop of embarrassed girls into the station while Hop and Hunter stood guard around the building while those who soiled themselves changed into clean outfits while I went over to talk with Randy personally. After we rearranged some of our baggage, threw Hop into one of the other trucks and got everyone settled in the van with a few drinks and snacks as I went on to explain what was going on as we pulled back onto the road.

“Two hours from now we will be arriving at Safe Haven, where you will have to willingly hand over your weapons, perform a physical check-up and a medical check before we release you into the general population,” I could sense the troubled thoughts in the back of the van and decided to prevent a staged mutiny, “it is to make sure none of you have any infection, disease or possible health problem that could pose a significant threat to other people and basically we have the power to throw you into a Check Cell until you either cooperate or we throw you back out.”

“Nice job you idiot,” Hunter snorted as he went on to explain, “You will all be treated fairly, you will get replacement weapons while being inside Safe Haven, you will be fed several meals a day, housing, clothing, showers, medical care and other such things are provided.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but why haven’t we seen any other women or girls in this large group of men?” I was surprised at the bluntness of the question as Hunter raised his eyebrows.

“The zombie virus is more prone to ignore the Y chromosome than the X chromosome, that and us men are still highly protective of the women who saved our lives,” I grinned over my shoulder, “you don’t have to worry about getting turned into breeding slaves Sally, I promise you that.”

“How do you know my name? How could you lift the van in the air like that?” Sally, the obvious leader of this rag tag group asked as she leveled a small pistol at my back as someone else pointed a shotgun at Hunter, who simply snorted and kept driving.

“I’m a mutant, I hope it isn’t that obvious ma’am,” I explained after pointing at Hunter, “so is he and the other guy is one too, the only reason there are no girls out with us is because we are a completely different type of team, a special team you might say that specializes in doing what others can’t, like rescuing people in the middle of a city filled with thousands of zombies.”

Hunter grunted, “You see we risk our lives to rescue people, gather supplies and stuff we need back at Safe Haven, the other guys are just guards, drivers and warm bodies.”

“Just to make you comfortable, I can sense human thoughts like a radio can pick up frequencies, but unless I dial in on one, I can’t really hear it, but I know it is there, making me perfect for finding people and my more dominant ability is moving heavy things with my mind,” I shrugged as I took a drink from my canteen, “so no I can’t control human thought to make you start dancing naked, throw yourselves at my feet or wash my clothes Hannah, and reading minds gives me one Hell of a headache, so I really don’t want to hear what is going on in your heads.”

“Can anyone else do what you can?” Sally asked as she put away her gun as the rest of them relaxed after I shook my head no.

“I am the only powerful mutant able to lift fifty tons into the air with the precision of a surgeon and sense thoughts and speak my own to other people, there are other mutants at Safe Haven, but most of them are not suitable for being in the wastelands, Hunter over here is strong enough to put Hercules to shame and Hop could turn invisible, making them perfect to go wandering around in zombie filled cities, because they can watch out for themselves.”

“What will happen once we get to Safe Haven?” A completely different girl from the very back asked as I reclined my seat an inch and closed my eyes.

“You will go straight for the Check Station, where you will go through a bunch of tests that are mandatory to even get in Safe Haven, a certified doctor and a professional staff and not some pervert to make you fell better, you will have to answer a lot of questions, get brand new clothes after a sanitation shower, de-lice sprayed and a couple other things,” I carefully took another drink from my canteen, “there is some big party going on by the time we get there, but first we’ll get you through the Check Station, a place to bunk and a meal in you before we turn you lose.”

I fell asleep before anyone asked anymore questions and slept for the rest of the trip as Hunter popped in a CD to play some music on the radio on low volume while the girls simply tried to rest or entertain themselves as the puppy, named Rascal from what I could tell from the occasional thoughts filling my head, curled up on my chest and fell asleep with me.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Okay, here is chapter four, I will not be on the internet over the weekend, so don't worry, I promise something Monday.
I think you guys are going to like this part.....
Oh yeah, let me know if you like the story or not, so I know when to post and when not to post.

Chapter Four

Hunter shook me awake once we arrived at Safe Haven, “Wake up dude, we’re home.”

The van was the closest parked to the Check Station as I woke the puppy, gathered up my gear and got out of the van, having everyone follow me into the Check Station as Hunter made the rest of the guys wait outside to give them some privacy as I explained how things were going to work.

“Take all of your clothes, gear and weapons and put them into one of these baskets,” I began tossing my stuff into one of the wire baskets as the entire female medical staff arrived, four certified nurses and a single doctor with enough years of experience to put the male medical staff to shame, “where is Dr. Jones?”

“Molly had one little contraction and Mike went bonkers,” Dr. Lindsey answered as she ushered me into the room while the girls and nurses trooped into the other room, “he is a nervous Nellie for sure and Molly is ready to kill him by now if he keeps it up with the breathing thing he thinks helps.”

Dr. Trebly and his crew of male nurses were waiting as everyone else began filling inside the Check Station as I went through the check, took the sanitation shower and donned on my clean clothes after locating a bunch of extra pistols and took up my position near the female exit while the rest of the guys were already gone to begin unloading the trucks into the Warehouse and Storage.

I managed to hide from the Terrible Two that showed up to see if I was here and failed to notice me hiding behind a cart as they stalked off to find Hunter and Hop. Five minutes later, all of the girls and the female medical staff came out in big mob, looking surprisingly clean compared to the grubby appearance they had when we had rescued them a couple hours ago and waited as I passed out holsters, pistols and a couple magazines as the medical staff disappeared to go see how Molly was doing.

“Those badges are your ticket inside Safe Haven,” I went on to explain as they strapped on holsters and checked the weapons over as I had them follow me out to the Center, “do not lose them and you have filled out all of the medical history stuff?”

A chorus of positive answers made me feel better as we walked into the Center, where they got issued a sleeping bag, toiletries, a spare change of clothes and then a meal of whipped up food made by Safe Haven’s Angels as I went around looking to see where I could get them places to stay while they ate the first real meal they had in a long time and wondered if they could have a longer shower. After half an hour of scrounging, I found that half of them would be in one of the newly finished boarding houses the construction guys had built a week ago, a couple could bunk with the chefs and it looked like the last couple would be bunking in the trailer I had slept in last night, so I got some more food, towels, clothes, ammunition and other creature comforts into the trailer before going back to assign the girls temporary sleeping arrangements.

Once they got settled in, I went off to check the Fence perimeter to help with moving the dead into burning piles and mainly to avoid the Terrible Two, who were prowling around somewhere in the background getting possible couples together for the party that was getting closer.

I found May Belle, Bobby, Derek, Joe and Alice with a bunch of other gardeners working on weeding the carrot plot and went over to talk to them.

“I never want to see another weed in my life,” Derek sighed as he took another drink of water, “I don’t care how good these are supposed to be for me, I won’t eat them.”

“You know of a better way to grow food, I’m all ears buddy.” I chuckled as Joe laughed before wincing as he picked at the blisters on his hands while May Belle continued to hum as she went on working up dirt like a backhoe, no doubt probing for weeds.

“Going to the party tonight?” Bobby grunted as leaned on the handle of his garden hoe while wiping his forehead free of sweat.

“Yep, maybe I’ll see you guys there.” I didn’t really have the heart to tell them I would be hauling ass away from the party or avoiding the Terrible Two with everything short of nuclear warfare, but I was trying to be pleasant to say the least after I gave Bobby a hint about getting into a position with the Guards so he could get his gun back before heading out to the edge of the Fence. Beyond it was nothing except wild grassland and danger, the thin layer of chain link fence covered with sheet metal to avoid letting the zombies or anything else see through, it was at best only a speed bump if one of the truly massive hordes from the cities ever got here.

The Guards were a serious bunch, most of them were ex-military, a couple were even police officers or actually security guards in the past life armed with binoculars, rifles and radios to keep in touch with everyone as they spent twenty-four hours a day protecting Safe Haven, which is why I get real friendly with them and supply them with the occasional odd gear and newfangled stuff they want. Ends up they had done their job to well while I was gone and had nothing for me to help clean up as I trekked all the way around to the northern gate to avoid the Terrible Two and to stop by and see how Mike was doing.

I found him walking a groove in his living room floor listening to Molly cry out in pain as he increased his pacing speed equal to that of a hyper energetic Hunter as he began chewing his nails. One of the nurses was at the bottom of the stairs holding a syringe loaded with something that would knock Mike out for the next ten hours if he so much as took a step up the stairs and she smiled when she saw me.

“Could you please take Mike outside for a little bit,” she glanced at him before brandishing the syringe at him for extra measure, “I insist that you take him for a long walk or something because he is getting on my nerves.”

“What about Molly!” Mike shouted as he stopped his pacing and took two steps forward as she braced her arm ready to plunge the needle deep into him, “Shouldn’t you be up there with her doing something instead of watching me!”

“Mike,” I warned him as he lifted a foot off the floor and couldn’t seem to move his arms or legs, “take deep breaths, calm down and maybe I won’t drop you in the watering trough out behind the barns.”

I flashed a smile at the nurse, “Let me know when the doctor is finished and Molly is able to see her husband while I keep him busy doing what he does best.”

“Complaining?” The nurse question as I hovered Mike out of the house.

“No, lots of heavy lifting will do him some good,” I grinned at Mike, “helps with stress and makes you feel like a new man.”

“I will kill you unless you put me down right now.” Mike snarled as I walked down the road toward the Warehouse.

“So you can get doped up by a woman who was thinking about putting make-up on you and dressing you in drag?” That brought him up short as I shrugged, “She was seriously taking it into consideration if you kept bothering her, Molly has a couple rough hours ahead of her before she is any real trouble and according to all the remaining doctors we have at our disposal, she will be fine.”

“You don’t know that Load,” Mike groaned as he craned his neck to watch the disappearing house where his wife was in vanish from sight as the gardeners and guys doing the regular chores watched in awe as the unlikely pair of us went by, “she might die or become injured or something could happen that might result in her losing the baby or….”

“Mike, you are not a doctor or know anything whatsoever about helping deliver babies into this world,” I stopped walking to lean against a nearby fence while Mike just hovered there, “last time that I knew, you are an ex-Army Ranger, a biker and a bar brawler, none of those things that will help in getting Molly through this, so it is best you stay out of the way and let the good doctor and the midwives do what they do.”

“If anything ever happened to her I swear that I’ll never forgive myself.” Mike sobbed as I set him down on the ground so he could cry as I patted a mountain of muscle on the shoulder in a comforting manner.

“This why guys like you should never think that hard,” I sniffed a little bit at the touching moment and then helped Mike to his feet, “if you promise to be good I’ll even find you a beer and let you hoist a few with the guys at the party.”

Basically once he was deep in dreamland an hour later with a little help from another nurse with a similar vial of sleeping potion strong enough to put him under as I took him back to the house and left him on the couch after the nurse standing guard shooed me out as well.

Where I was finally cornered by the Terrible Two, after two days of intense cat and mouse they had finally located my basic hermitage and desired routes in avoiding them and I was so choked up with emotion that I had failed to acknowledge them in time before they were on me.

“Hello Christopher,” Joan chirped pleasantly as she randomly flipped through a clipboard, “I see that we have you on this night’s eligible bachelors list, more of a game than anything really, we do hope that you will participate.”

“It would be good for you to meet new people that way as well,” Chelsea smiled as she did a complete walk around me, obviously sizing me up for something she had in mind, “you do look on the skinny side, maybe you should be getting better meals.”

As much fun as it would have been just to pick the two of them up and toss them into a water trough, it wasn’t something I stooped that low to do in order to get a pair of manipulative women off my back, just not my style as I decided to put my plan into action because no one was watching.

The first thing I did was lift them off the ground, the focus of the support being in the middle of their backs so they were somewhat balanced and all of their own weight resting on their own genitals as the hook I envisioned to lift them with centered exactly in the middle of the G-spot of both women as I lifted them about three feet off the ground.
Both gasped and watched wide-eyed as I smiled and abruptly dropped them a foot before halting the decent suddenly and raising them back up a foot as I dropped them again, repeating the pattern as both women began moaning softly at the unique form of masturbation I knew they would like very much. A quick mental squeeze and both women were experiencing a pressure wrapped around their tits as I leaned up against a nearby post watching the show as I increased the speed in which they moving up and down and narrowed the band of energy they were perched upon by half.

“Now you two have been trying to get under my skin for a long time and I will tell you in the most simple terms I can think of so you will understand,” I mentally yanked their legs downward and lifted up at the same time to get their attention, “I will not go around banging anything in skirts just because you think it is my nature, when I have provided everything I possibly can to this community and will become useless, I will then happily spend the rest of my senile years humping the furniture.”

Both let out orgasmic gasps as I focused my power to be narrower and to really get their attention, it snaked underneath their clothing to touch their sensitive skin directly and lifted higher.

“Do I make myself clear?” I was greeted by a set of bobbing heads as I gently lowered them to the ground and turned to walk away.

“Think of the good you could be doing if you did this!” Joan let out a groan as I mentally gripped a tighter hold on her pussy, causing her to cry out in surprise when her panties were pulled to one side and she could feel the tip of something large and thick prodding her moist heat as Chelsea felt the same thing and let out a guttural moan.

“For now, just leave me alone and let me enjoy the party tonight,” I paused as my powers relaxed their hold on the Terrible Two, “and I might take it into consideration to broaden my horizons.”

I quickly gave each one of them a sharp prod just past the lips of their cunts and stopped everything as I trotted down the road leading to the Center grinning once I heard the sounds of them attempt to stand and wisely decide to wait a little while longer.

I am not a pervert by nature, but you have to take the perks when you can in this day and age where nobody is really going to get pissed if you molest someone, just as long as you now that the person you are molesting is old enough to know and doesn’t mind and more importantly, no one will ever know. Not that I hate sex, I actually used to be what you might call a person with a shady background when it comes to the service of hirable studs. I know what you are thinking and no not that kind of stud where I roll in and do my thing with my dick, no, I was the kid growing up that was told to roam around certain types of parties where my skills in caressing and masturbating the female body excelled.

Okay so I could be labeled as a hooker who didn’t physically touch anyone or literally have sex with anyone or any living thing, I was on call with a couple of really rich folks who wished to keep their sexual endeavors a secret from the prying eyes of the public. Mostly they were small parties where it was entirely women paying top dollar to have the most erotic experience of their lives without leaving them unsatisfied or overly abused.

Don’t get me wrong, it paid the bills and money was money right? Of course I look nothing like your typical sex madness inducer, but I live up to the reputation of being able to pleasure thirty women at the same time without any drugs, alcohol or weird-ass fetish stuff. These parties went like this, it appeared to be a usually cocktail dinner party a lot of people who show up to, but after sorting out who snuck in and who wasn’t supposed to be here, it turned into an orgy welcoming environment with dim light, soft music, drinks and food floating around on trays I maneuvered and the choice of sexual stimulate the person would like to chose from on this night. I never blackmailed anyone into coughing up more money and got to control my work hours with school and my other normal life without getting too involved in this secret of mine.

I wasn’t the guy who charged the rates for an hour or set up the different things, but my liaison was this smooth talking lawyer named Pam I gave free ones to whenever I paid her a visit at the office while I was still out in the lobby of the firm, who managed to attend every party for free and made sure I was not to be held accountable for anything that went wrong or if a client got a few bruises when they went a little crazy slamming into my powers shaped like a cock driving into them.

I lived in a posh neighborhood, went to a private school where I tried my best to fit in with other kids and always had the money I would ever want, which expanded into my other hobbies as well that did not involve mentally masturbating high class women in secluded booths until they had cum pouring out of their ears and needed help getting home. Very few people ever got to meet me face-to-face, except Pam and the occasional client who paid mucho bucks for a solo event until they felt like I had earned the money by putting them in a sex coma after several hours of intense work with my powers or the occasional away parties that were much higher priced and consisted of very few individuals in a much more odd setting, like a private jet or a hotel suite.

I for one never went to a private residence except to Pam’s when I had to go over the party plan the evening beforehand and give her the occasional free one as I calmly reviewed who was on the guest list while Pam was up on the ceiling getting pounded, just the way she likes it. For about five years I did this wild party thing, never actually mingling in the crowds or going from booth to booth as the clients cummed and came all over the place while I had a bird’s eye view from above looking down so I could concentrate on at least ten to fifteen a night if it was a slow crowd and up to twenty to even thirty if it was a big crowd.

My cubical was in the middle of the ceiling, constructed of two-way glass decorated with all sorts of fancy lighting, a vast array of TV monitors to each booth, a speaker and an intercom system so I could order sandwiches and drinks while I worked. The place was located in the middle of LA and was formerly called the Café Palace and the highly paid and extremely knowing female staff there knew me well enough to ask when I was off official duty for a short free one and to ignore me if they saw me outside of the Café Palace because Pam had them on a really strict contract bordering on dictatorship to make sure none of them ever told a soul.

These parties were few and far between, mostly is was the occasional single or small group of women that showed up, shelled out some cash, was satisfied and then left knowing that no one would ever know. On the rare occasions I ever had to leave town, it was over school break, the weekends or they had to pay a lot of cash, like triple the normal fare and pay all the expenses for myself, Pam as my agent and maybe one other individual to act the lady answering the phones and checking over the travel aspect of these trips.

Now when I mean rich, I mean absolutely wealthy loaded with old money and married to important men kind of rich, which was why I had the number one policy for never physically touching any of the clients or kissing them goodbye because I never wanted to leave any spit, hair or forensic material on any of them.

It was a great job with lots of perks, I pleasured more women, got paid more money and had better benefits than anyone else could ever dream of, of course the kids at school assumed I was a bastard child of some tycoon who always called me away for business trips and rigid doctor appointments. The school didn’t honestly care, just as long as the bills were paid for and I was passing my classes, I guess you could say I had an odd sort of life for several years.

Of course I fine-tuned my powers for all the delicate touching, the sensational seeking, the accuracy that I pinpointed nerves and relentlessly and not to forget masterfully aroused the clients until I could practically do it in my sleep.
Once you get a dozen billion dollar babes to come at once with only using telekinetic abilities and sense their own emotions and feelings, you kind of seen it all, but we hosted lots of parties in that same manner, if not a couple hundred of free parties. A free party was when a big normal party was hosted where men and women showed up to drink, eat and party away the night as a few women slipped off here and another there to head into the back rooms to get a really good fuck most of the time, or I actually watched the party unfold on the dance floor and get to work on women out in the middle of crowds.

Premeditated and paid for in advance, but a lot of women find it as a thrill to secretly orgasm all over themselves surrounded by the civil and uptight members of the elite society. They were given a buzzer enclosed somewhere on their person that they press to increase the stimulation or leave it alone so they don’t drop to the floor moaning in front of husbands or politicians as they went about like it was a normal party. There was one special bathroom for the ladies only that was soundproofed so if they felt the need to let out a yelp or really let go for a minute, they wander into there and press down on the button hard to really have it as I moved from between the main lobby, back rooms and the bathroom to make sure everything was flowing smoothly. A lot of the clients were regulars to come here once in a while to seek some release or host a party with a close-knit group of friends that were also paying customers.

Usually we’d charge for the hour for each individual and more for groups that wanted to be together in the same room as they went crazy, of course we only had one women last an entire eight and a half hours straight of continuous orgasms at maximum setting before she passed out in sheer bliss and was taken home where she needed a month to recover before she showed up again another couple times. Let’s just say she was rich enough to own half the world and had the power to make us do exactly what she wanted us to do and she paid through the nose to get what she wanted and she even had us videotape her sessions for her. She paid lots of money to have me in same room with her as I threw the blocks at her and let her have it, everything from gentle and coy to violent and dominating while I wisely stayed across the room as she went into happy land for a while.

The better part of my job was the tips, a few hundred there or a couple thousand here was dropped in the tip jar, a couple backstage passes I gave to people at school, airplane tickets first class to exotic destinations in the world and there were even a few times where I broke a few rules. I made it a rule to never sleep with anyone I had to work with, but the very rare client that wanted something a little more seemed okay. I think that I’ll skip the rest of my sordid past and come back to the present for now. Once the first outbreak happened in the city of LA, I was in my dorm doing homework as the infection spread through the heart of the city unchecked and engulfed the city in a few hours like a wildfire burning through a forest fueled by gasoline.

Anyway, I shook off thoughts of the past and decided to head to the Center where they might need help with setting up the party or I could go hide in the library somewhere and curl up with a book.

A couple guys I know waved as I passed by, they looked all cleaned up and were dressed in the finest suits they had, looking a lot like a bunch of guys going to pick up their dates for prom of something as I found where the party was going to take place. Located out behind the Center, there was a ring of propane torches ringed around the dance floor that was the smooth pavement parking lot, lots of picnic tables set up with pates, cups and bowls, other tables beginning to be lined with food and drinks, lanterns with candles were being strung up above the dance floor in thin cord entwined with party streamers and ribbons.

People were also lighting a bonfire near the edge of the dance floor where marshmallows and hotdogs could be cooked by the younger kids as a bunch of games, like a three-legged race, Duck-Duck-Goose, Red Rover, hopscotch, bean bag toss, horseshoes, and the like were set up around the party at random while a complex stereo system with speakers was hooked up to several car batteries to supply the music. This wasn’t a big blow out party where people were going to start swinging from the chandeliers as the booze started flowing later on, this was more of a civil introduction party where everyone kind of let off some steam. Everyone except the Guards on duty and those who would eventually be winding up on duty would be attending, leaving more than two hundred people to show up for the party.

I saw a lot of familiar faces and a couple I have not met, the other survivors found by the medical warehouse guards no doubt and then even the people I had rescued in the last couple days who seemed confused and uncomfortable. The party began to kick off once a mob of men and boys decked out in their finest arrived escorting dressed out women and girls as the carefree dancing and general partying began. I took refugee up on the roof of the Center overlooking the party, holding my meager drink and plastic tray piled high with snacks as I was content with just watching.

To just think I had nothing to wear to something this formal, the clothes I was wearing now consisted of a t-shirt and jeans, not a suit or even a fancy shirt that looked nice, that and I was a terrible dancer. Sure, here was a mutant who created parties into full-blown orgies in a past life, could mentally move tons of supplies, push and lift vehicles around like they are nothing, load up trailers faster than an army of workers could ever do and help construct the Wall around Safe Haven, but I was hopeless when it came to interacting with other people in a crowd sort of environment, unless it was a one night stand and I was being paid. Maybe it had something to with the fact I was a rouge of the community, always helping out and giving it everything I had, but never actually getting involved, Hunter was the same way, but he always had fun hanging out with people, it just made me edgy.

I think I was more content to just watch people have fun, laugh, sing, dance and eat from a distance because of my obvious emotional barriers and the fact when I hang around people I sense thoughts and feelings even when I try not too, so I try to avoid having massive headaches that way. Maybe I was like Mike, never really whole and complete in life until I found the right somebody I’d lay my own life down for him or her in a heartbeat. I guess he found Molly to be the love of his life the moment he laid eyes on her and just knew he was never going to let her go or let himself leave her.

Speaking of Mike, I figured it would be best to go check up on him after a couple hours went by and most of the kids were sent to bed and the music started playing slower as I left. The usual rotation of the Guards shifting in the replacements radio chatter and the Inner Security check points were the usual as I debated about finding a place to sleep for at least the night without barging in on someone to take over the couch as came up with none after checking on Mike and then crawling into up into the hayloft of the barn to sleep.
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Really awesome story! Question though, did the mutants always have their power, or just a side effect of the zombie virus. The pre-paw story about the teleknetic orgies confused me in this regard. But anyway, really good story, hope this one doesn't fade.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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They were born with these abilities, but you'll notice it wasn't like something from X-Men and the orgy part well... a guy can dream can't he? :D
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

Fear Me Not, I Shall Create Peace... After Kicking Ass And Taking Names First

"let any man stand before the mast and show his iron, for I shall measure it with my own steel and cut him down

"You, you and you, panic."

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Because I promised a post... Have fun ya'll

Chapter Five

The next morning was as simple as walking to the Center after shaking the straw off my clothes to go eat breakfast before unloading all of the trucks into the proper buildings for storage.

Then I joined a couple training seminars with the new people, the biker gang, the kids I had found and all of the girls we had rescued yesterday. It was CERT training with firearms, survival, group tactics and overall Advanced First Aid from a paper cut to broken bones with whatever we might be carrying on us at that moment in time.

“Alright people,” Doc Trebly stood at a table lined with stuff and at the far end was a stack of those little instruction pamphlets, “I’ll get you through this in at least two hours, have any questions ask away.”

It started out as simple as CPR, then how to deal with open wounds with everything from a first aid kit to your own socks, after that it was improvising splints from scratch, how to identify signs of a sick individual, what we should start to carry on us for every day carry and then a bunch of other medical stuff such as home remedies for toothaches, stomachaches, various types of pain and whatnot for a couple hours.

After that, Sergeant Payne walked up in his usual gruff manner with a couple guys toting boxes of stuff behind him that disappeared shortly thereafter.
He surveyed our group seated out in front of him with our newly acquired fanny pack style medical first aid kits with the scrutiny that missed nothing.

“I don’t care how many infected you killed or how long you survived on your own out in the wastelands, I don’t want to listen to horror stories that will put me asleep or having the headaches of hearing great ideas on how to care for your weapons or your most amazing shot,” he shot a glance towards the biker group as one guy waved back at him, “you as of right now know nothing.”

He took us through the proper ways to clean and maintain firearms, having us use the ones we were carrying on us as he made us get them dirty with sand, mud, water and very fine gravel so he was sure we could clean them.

Of course he handed me a semi-automatic because I always tote around a revolver, then when we were done cleaning them and field stripping them until we got it down pat, he took us the fifty feet to the range where we each shot one magazine of ammunition into a target five yards away. Those of us who could hit at least three-fourths of our rounds in the target were left with our handguns, while a few of us who couldn’t went on to practice again or lose the handgun we were given and got told to come back later tonight for more target practice so we could qualify.

“Now we move on to the least exciting part of the seminar,” Sergeant Payne remarked as he set out shotguns for us to dismantle and put back together, “these will be used only for hunting food or close quarters combat with the infected or other people who want to kill you.”

We fired two rounds from the shotgun before we moved on to the next weapon in line, the carbine style M4 rifle.

“We have almost a thousand of these rifles so the odds of you getting issued a different weapon is very low here,” Sergeant Payne explained as he passed around magazines, “you will get five bullets and you will have five targets to hit in order to even be given one of these rifles.”

We went through the motions of field stripping them, cleaning them and then got to shoot our five rounds at targets, five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five yards away.

Then we all sat down to go over the long list of dos and don’ts with any firearm we happen to pick up out in the wastelands, how to identify ammunition and weapons for an hour.

After that we ate dinner back at the Center, then went to see what would be our best possible job around Safe Haven and volunteer any kind of past life job experiences we had. I skipped that part because I already had my job title and just went through the whole training seminar to refresh those rusty brain cells and to pass some time as everyone else tried qualifying for some specific job title.

After I had a quick word with the Captain of the Guards, an old grizzled no-nonsense police chief that I saved way back when and am good friends with, I got Bobby on Guard detail so he was issued a rifle and during the daytime from dusk till noon was his patrol time. Most of the biker guys were ex-soldiers or claimed to be and wanted to be either a Guard or scrounger for Safe Haven, so they were going to have to learn how to drive a truck along with a few other things.

Most of the girls had no real useful job skills, but a couple of them got on track to start becoming nurses while a couple asked to work in Administration because they knew computers, long hours of sitting in front of a computer and just busy work.

A couple of people wanted to be scroungers and had a long list of demands to reach before they could even qualify for a job and more importantly, needed the skills to pull off stuff like this. Most of them were turned down because they were too small, too young, didn’t know how to drive a semi, shoot farther than five yards or had the strength to really perform heavy work such as going into a wasteland city.

No mutants either, I shook my head at the thought before going off to find Mike, who was the happy father of a brand new baby girl who had her mother’s eyes and a full head of hair, cute little button of joy they named Ariel.

“I am not leaving Safe Haven for some cheap thrills,” Mike explained as he looked at his wife make noises at the baby with this star struck look on his face, “I’m going to stay here and pick up something like farming.”

I wished him good luck and mentally made a note to put a bet in some place when he was going to want to kill something in large numbers as I walked down to the Center to find the makings of another scrounger posse going back out to the Yard to pick up the remaining loaded trailers, get more trucks loaded and scrounge up more supplies while another group was going to visit a couple smaller towns to see what kind of machinery they could load up and find whatever building materials they could as the plans for two more bunkhouses were in actions as the team of carpenters were starting on work already. I went around to pack my stuff, helped get the trucks ready for tomorrow and figure out exactly how many people were going to going on this trip to collect the trucks and how many were going to stay at the Yard. We wouldn’t really need Guards out there because it was in the middle of a city surrounded by thousands of zombies at any given time and I found out who was going on this trip.

Hop and Hunter for sure, including myself, the only other mutant going was KJ, a mutant who can talk to machines and computers, as in figure out what was wrong with them by only touching them for a few seconds, a very useful guy to have around when you have a few dozen vehicles in need of repair.
The usual bunch of jokers driving only the big rigs because it was going to be a quick pick-up and leave as the rest of us would remain behind.
Hop, Hunter, KJ, Leroy, Officer Steward because she was a SWAT sniper and Charlie with his impressive set of tools he was going to use to be our Mr. Fix It guy at the Yard.

We were going to take four solar panels already wired up to work so we could have power to charge flashlight batteries because none of us can see in the dark, to keep the walkie-talkies working and whatnot.

“We’ll get the drivers out as fast as possible,” Hunter went over the plan as we were busy eating supper, “then we will get all the supplies we can get loaded into more trucks in a week before they show up to haul out more.”

“Pack extra clothes because baths are few and far between you guys,” I said as I began wolfing down the meatloaf, “ammunition will not be so much of a problem when we are not going to killing every zombie we see, but batteries, music, movies, CDs, headphones, earplugs, sleeping pills if you have a hard time falling asleep and things to keep you occupied.”

It helped I had a rough layout map of the city where we were going, I even marked which buildings I had cleaned out and which ones I had yet to visit and there still a lot of stuff in the last Wal-Mart I had visited. Of course my map dictated there were five other Wal-Mart superstores in the city as well, including a weapons storage facility for the military I had not even bothered visiting because it was so far out.

Then of course we had every residential home, apartment and hotel in the city on our list too, that and we knew there was a cannery with a couple warehouses in the city somewhere, a few hospitals, an airport and a lot of other places where we could find useful things such as food, clothes, equipment, weapons, ammunition, fuel and other things. I also wanted to create another Yard location in the city, rather than trying to fly everything across the city to one spot, I figured it’d be best to have a few staging area locations where we could put more trucks, supplies and trailers.

Being the one individual in Safe Haven capable of moving a lot of stuff, I had a real problem on my hands to figure out what should be sent back to Safe Haven in the first trailers we load, my plan was to send as much food at first, then move on too medical supplies before getting to the heavy stuff. I had the Terrible Two corner me in the middle of the Center, so I went outside with them as they acted strangely distant compared to what they usually acted like.

Basically they found me a place to spend the night and left it at that, so I was finally going to get some peace from them, but the conflicting thoughts I picked up from them dictated otherwise whenever I got back. Not that I did anything, I thanked them and told them I’d be in for the night after a hour, mostly I was going around making sure we had the right trucks for the job, fuel tanks were topped off, supplies we were taking up there had been loaded and every truck was pulling an empty trailer and we even had one empty tanker.

I might want to point out that we also have eleven other full tankers in Safe Haven filled with diesel fuel and five others with gasoline, that and we have hundreds of barrels, storage tanks and all of the equipment fueled up as well so we could take back an empty one at least. Twenty trucks pulling empty trailers, five were flatbed style trailers and one was the tanker as the remaining fourteen were van trailers.

If we managed to load up each one of them, we’d have enough supplies to last Safe Haven for more than a year, that and there were eleven trailers still waiting back at the Yard that were still full of non-perishable supplies and a single flatbed with some construction supplies. The trucks that were not going to be taking a loaded trailer back home to Safe Haven would simply remain hooked up to the empty trailer and park out of the way and then get into the bus that was going to take them back to Safe Haven. Sergeant Payne got the weapons and ammunition I requested ready to go in the bus for the rest of us going to stay at the Yard and work for the next week most of the intended targets might be raiders.

Raiders are a whole different threat compared to zombies, they have human intellect, the ability to use weapons, traps and emotion against you, I can count the number of people who have tried to kill me that I had killed in turn on both hands.

Most of them are just scared that they could become infected if someone else is close to them, worried about not being able to support themselves or afraid of other people and wishing to defend themselves from anyone who they might consider a threat. Then there are the ones who broke down and were created as a new monster that only cared about themselves, becoming sadistic and twisted while deteriorating mentally that made them dangerous to be around. These kinds of people we avoided as much as possible or killed when they tried to kill us and so far we usually kill them when it is too late.

Half the people in the Safe Haven Cemetery did not die from zombie attacks, but killed by the raiders we brought inside, a couple suicides and three accidents that proved to be fatal. Over two hundred people live inside Safe Haven right now and I can detect the faint mental vibes from sleeping people, Guards rotating shifts and those late night people that find some way to entertain themselves this late at night.

I went over to the Terrible Two’s place and bunked on the fold out bed in the living room while counting down the minutes until I had to leave the next morning because I could sense thoughts upstairs that told me exactly what they were doing and I got no sleep at all that night. After a hasty breakfast early in the morning, getting everyone else awake and trucks started as we all went through the Check Station to get changed and ready to leave Safe Haven. It felt odd, I was second-in-charge of at least thirty people as Randy did all the yapping and I did all of the silent work as the semis and two armored up buses left Safe Haven heading for the Yard while I was in the lead vehicle with the rest of the mutants and the ones staying behind after everyone left.

“We were back at Safe Haven for two days before we are getting sent back in the shit,” Hunter growled as he occupied himself with the task of loading magazines for his rifle and pistol, “I say it is fair to say after this supply trip we are going to sit at home and be treated like kings.”

“Yeah right,” Steward snorted as she closed the window in her seat, “I was itching to get out of Safe Haven for a month and I never want to hear that it is no place for the ladies again or else I will castrate someone.”

I can remember the exact number of days I was ever at Safe Haven and over half of them were spent working on the Wall and Fence while the rest of them were simply to hold me over until I got sent out to the next place.

At least two hundred people were back at Safe Haven where they would remain, simply because they had no reason to be out in the wastelands risking their lives for canned tuna and new socks, while most of them were too scared to even go out at night while the rest of them refused to leave. Maybe the trip up there took over six hours of driving, I slept half the trip and spent the other half staying awake while we went through towns and through cities to mentally sense for other people while KJ spent the entire time working on his laptop.

KJ can speak with computers and machines like I can sense thoughts, don’t ask how because he can’t really tell you why, he can just do it. He also looks nothing like a stereotypical computer nerd either, he actually looks like Indian Jones if he wore the hat, but he has the brain to fix things and always has a ready solution to fix something after he asked what was wrong. I think KJ has hacked into a couple satellite uplinks that were abandoned over the last few months, we have direct link with a few back at Safe Haven, so they spend most of the time taking photographs of cities, power plants, national monuments, airports, harbors, military bases, train stations, bridges, evacuation zones that had been designated when the outbreak was in its first week and anything that had working power, while broadcasting on every signal wave in every language. He has given us reports that a few pockets of humanity had been picked up, but being on the opposite side of the world, we can only stare at infrared photographs taken from outer space.

Hop has his uses and Hunter is the best human pack mule we’ve got and Leroy can hotwire anything and then a few things that can’t ever be hotwired.
Steward got sent with us because she mainly aggravated everyone back at Safe Haven to the point they wanted to lynch mob her any given day, so I decided it would be best to have her with us, mostly she would guard the cave while the rest of us were busy. By now I wanted to clean out the store of everything not in a ready pallet size block, so I was going to need to raid a plastic tote factory that had a lot of them laying around so everything could be boxed up to get loaded on a truck.

Once I got all of the trailers filled with food, medical, clothing and other supplies that would have to be stored inside a van trailer, then I was going to load up the flatbed trailers with as much building materials as I could get strapped onto one and then I was going to figure out where I was going to be able to find a few thousand gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline. Hop and Hunter would be off scouting out buildings no doubt, Hop being the one going where no living man has ever gone in a long time and Hunter going along the outside of warehouse and such to avoid getting cornered inside a building. Leroy was going to have his hands full making new sets of keys for all the vehicles KJ was going to fix that I had sitting back at the Yard.

When our vehicle convoy arrived, the semis slowed down so the bus could race ahead and allow me time to get the gate open as the rest of the guys went for the main shed I had stored everything and the first semis arrived to unhitch themselves from empty trailers to one still full while the other trucks parked along the far wall.

“Get the Hell out of here Charlie,” I grinned as Hunter clambered up the side of the wall to start capping zombies in the head from his spot as the trucks began leaving, “have Blink pay us a visit when he gets the chance will you?”

Charlie shot me a big-thumbs up as the loaded trailers pulled out followed by the busload of other drivers because the zombies within a couple miles were starting to congregate on the Yard as we went inside to wait them for a couple hours.

It was exactly how I had left it three days ago, the remaining pile of supplies still sitting there waiting to be boxed up and the vacant spot where the RV used to sit, well it looked like I was going to have to find another one eventually so we had more suitable sleeping and living arrangements.

I went through the mental scan while the rest of the guys went around to check everything, KJ set up his command center in the upstairs office suite while Leroy went off to inspect the trucks sitting in the Yard while the zombies quieted down once the trucks were gone and we got to work. By work I mean that we set Leroy, KJ and Steward up and I took my two companions with me into the forsaken Hell of this city where only zombies and lucky people roamed.

Neither one of them was all hyped up about me flying them in, but it beat the alternative of walking a couple miles as I dropped Hop off near a residential area with the simple task of getting everything useful into one room of each house so we could later come back and pick it up after we either ran out of pallets or trailers to fill up first.

He grinned before disappearing and tested his walkie-talkie before we got to far away as he reported he had found the mother load of green beans and beets.
Hunter was not happy about his task, but it was to keep him busy rather than actually entertain him. To wit he had the job of going around in a small grocery store and getting all of the non-perishables off the shelves into some kind of box while I jacked the pallets still in the storeroom before heading back to the Yard with eight pallets in all. By the time it was dark, we had loaded three trailers, emptied twenty-three houses of all the food, movies, weapons, ammunition, tools and such things as propane grill tanks and gas for lawnmowers.

I also found enough damn plastic totes with lids when I found a semi-trailer parked inside a warehouse not far from where I dropped off Hunter at the grocery store, which had grated widows and steel doors to keep the zombies out. The plastic totes were not the largest ones available, but they were person size when you crammed them full of canned food, but then again I could lift a hundred at once.

Our primary tools became a roll of duct tape and a Sharpie marker in black to write on it so anyone sorting through the totes could tell what was inside each one as I got the first three trailers loaded with pallets of canned food, powdered mixes, bottles of wine, jugs of cooking oil and assorted pasta products as well.

All of the totes we had loaded so far went into one trailer, at the rate we were going to stack them on top of each other from the floor to the roof after we installed a series of shelves down the entire length of the van trailers to avoid crushing everything in the bottom of the pile. We could get quiet a few in one trailer, no doubt going to piss off the unloading crew while we were at it.

I also found our new home, a matching set of Winnebago mobile homes parked out behind a really big house that I simply took back to the Yard, much to the relief of Hop and Hunter, who were inside one of them. After we claimed which bunk was ours and getting supper from our huge pile of supplies sitting less than fifty feet from where we were sleeping, it was a strange sort of routine we had yet to establish.

Our solar panels had been set up outside, so tomorrow morning they would start being useful while Leroy and KJ were off tinkering with something and Steward was setting some kind of patrol routine for herself along the Yard perimeter before asking if I would be nice enough and allow her to make some kind of inventory spreadsheet of everything we loaded up. We didn’t get a visit from Blink that night or the next morning as we went back to work gathering and scrounging up supplies while the others were busy doing whatever they do best.

Today we went and cleaned out the remaining pallets from the last Wal-Mart I had visited and I put both my minions to work taking things off the shelves while I hauled everything back to the Yard after we barricaded the store up tight.

“We’re getting down to the electronics, household supplies and athletic equipment,” Hunter panted as he pushed a floor creeper piled high with cardboard boxes and plastic totes to a stop as Hop showed up pushing another one with plasma screen TV sets and entertainment systems, “I reckon we got another trailer load of food and that is it for here.”

Which was saying something, we had cleaned off all the shelves, emptied out the storage room and only had the non-perishables we really didn’t have a use for, but it would be a good idea if we loaded them up just the same rather than just leave them here. Hop and Hunter spent the next two days randomly shoving things into boxes and making a pile so I could come along and pick them up, but I was still exploring the city within a few blocks of Wal-Mart and struck pay dirt at the nearby Walgreens. Being much smaller than Wal-Mart it was packing more or less the same stuff, though it had a much larger pharmacy counter and more non-perishables in the back storage room as we got seven trailers loaded on that day.

Steward finally broke down to ask if she could come along and have some excitement, Leroy and KJ were only too happy to see her leave so they could work without being bothered so much. She went from sitting on her butt to grocery clerk in one day and I think she got a little more satisfaction out of here work as she sorted canned food, folded clothing, labeled totes and boxes and generally got to work.

I was also lucky enough to find a fuel tanker trailer, though it was stuck in gridlock traffic and I could get it to move even with the air brakes were locked up tight, I found a ready solution with the help from a 400 gallon swimming pool. I opened the valve and let it fill up the pool and then carefully maneuvered it back to the Yard so I could dump it into one of the diesel tankers before going back for another. I filled up one diesel tanker and put another two swimming pools into a second one I retrieved from somewhere in the city, mainly because it was empty and I could see the door latch so I could put it in neutral and roll the whole truck back to the Yard.

It was a bustle of activity and Blink had stopped by according to Leroy and KJ, who managed to fix up four more trucks to the point where they could be drivable, installed GPS and a working CB in each one just because they could and were getting to work on armoring them up just a little bit.
Not so much as armor plating to stop incoming rounds, but grating over the windows, a beefed up bumper that could take some prolonged abuse, some armor around the cab in case of raiders, added some undercarriage plates to prevent anything from getting up in there and installed additional fuel tanks on them so they could carry enough fuel for six hundred miles.

By the end of day four we also had fifteen trailers loaded with pallets, totes and barrels of food, two full diesel tankers and a third halfway full, one gasoline tanker full with another barely a quarter of the way filled, two flatbeds piled high with cinderblocks, scaffolding, plywood, piping, instant concrete and roofing materials while we had another six empty van trailers waiting to get loaded.

Now I was wondering to myself, where does all of this stuff even go? Two hundred people couldn’t empty a single van trailer in a week and we had to be running out of room in our buildings after we all decided to make Hunter a very happy man by visiting the military weapons storage facility and loading up three trailers full of weapons and ammunition.

“I could die happy now,” Hunter chuckled as he hefted up a set of assault rifles while watching an entire pallet of ammunition lift into the air, “I’m thinking about having a hunt.”

“Can I come?” Hop asked as both Steward and Hunter shot back, “No.”

A hunt in case you were wondering is what we yokels like to call a shooting special where we kill as many zombies within an allotted time frame and see who is the winner while compensating the number of rounds fire to the ratio of zombies killed.

Basically it is that grim satisfaction you get when you normally squash cockroaches flat, you might be killing them, but it isn’t solving the problem.
We lifted out a majority of the ammunition, a few dozen rifles, hundreds of pistols and lots of equipment one might find useful in a ZPAW type of environment. I might want to add we took all of the hand grenades, plastic explosives, grenade launchers, land mines, rocket launchers and all of the heavy stuff such as machine guns, TOW launchers, cannons, bazookas, mortars and missile launchers as well. Mainly because we felt better not leaving a rather large amount of heavy weapons and ammunition laying around for some wacked out raider with the idea to kill everything on the planet. It would be a lot safer to say we at least had it and not let it fall into the hands of someone else, but that didn’t mean Hunter and Hop were going to let this opportunity pass to play with some serious firepower.

They just wanted to play with a grenade launcher, a few LAAW rockets, some belt feed machine guns and a couple pounds of explosives.
Two hours, one completely demolished building, several dozen blown up cars and a few thousand dead zombies later, they came trudging back to the Yard wondering how they had ever made it out alive and were wise enough to leave such things alone next time. I loaded all of the truly devastating weapons into the trailers under a bunch of useful things we could use without needing a tripod and one hundred feet of clearance.

I also discovered a Home Depot supply warehouse that held thousands of cubic meters of building materials, nails and screws by the ton, tools by the hundreds, every type of vinyl, carpet, hardwood, plastic, decorative rocks, sheetrock, plaster, siding, dry walling, wallpaper, scaffolding, power tools, floor tiles, glue, bolts, appliance fixtures, piping, cutting torches, welders, safety equipment, spackle, paint, roofing tin, shingles, ladders and scores of other useful stuff we could build a roof over Safe Haven.

There was also seven semi truck and trailers, four straight trucks, eight pickup truck trailers and a handy crane truck that I managed to get back to the Yard after clearing the streets out, siphoning a few thousand gallons of gasoline along the way and rescuing a bunch of small straight axle trucks from gridlock traffic as well. My minions cleaned the shelves off every store we went to, I helped clean out the Walgreens, Home Depot and Lowes we visited and cleaned out and the only reason we stopped two days ahead of schedule was because we filled up the Yard with an additional thirty-six van trailers, eight tanker trailers filled with diesel and one that wasn’t full yet, eleven tankers full of gasoline with one that wasn’t full, nine flatbed trailers and believe it or not, but three logging trailers I loaded perfectly good building materials onto. In order to get the Yard empty, we were going to have to get all of the trucks from Safe Haven to hook up to a full trailer and leave, none of them were going to bring empty trailers to us because we were out of room.

Inside the building we called Central, we have our Winnebago mobile homes in the far back corner against the wall, two flatbed trailers piled high with bags of instant concrete so they wouldn’t get wet if it rained, there were enough plastic totes, refrigerator boxes and cardboard boxes filled up that would require more trailers than we had to haul them all out and four straight trucks that were getting worked on by KJ and Leroy.

By my understanding, we have no place to put any of this stuff back at Safe Haven, no doubt for the longest time it was just going to sit in the trailers until we needed it or built a building to hold all of this stuff, but at least we could say it was better to have it than not. Blink paid several visits and marveled at our progress, no doubt dreading the fact none of us were going to have our own room once the Warehouse and Storage buildings were filled up to the roofs.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by golem3 » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:31 pm

Great addition, thanks. If he can pick up 50,000 pounds, maybe he should find a really big (maybe car sized) hunk of metal and use it like a potato masher on hordes of zombies. Its true that crushing them is like smashing roaches, but really, there's only so many of them and if they are congregated into a small enough space, you can definitely "thin the herd" quite a bit with area of effect attacks. If the zeds are attracted to noise, maybe tk a really loud radio system to the middle of a field, then start smashing. Or lure them into a really, really big whole. Just my 2 cents. I like the idea of the two women trying to get him to help repopulate - even in the zombie PAW, some people want to run your life. Keep going with this great story.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Thanks for the idea, but I have the idea already under consideration and in Chapter 15.
He uses a road packer, a giant tube filled with sand that road construction crews use to pack down the road they are working on, but you'll understand why he does not use this method of killing. :cry: Got to hate cliff hangers.

Chapter Six

When the drivers from Safe Haven showed up, they were shocked, pissed and impressed as they managed to just squeeze inside the Yard to claim a rig and get it ready as the rest of us helped jockey things around, triple check everything and then get into a vehicle after I helped erect a simple gate that a normal person could operate with the help from an electric motor because rather than having to come back and babysit the Yard, a bunch of Guards were going to do that for me as things were really kicking into overdrive lately.

Basically everyone back at Safe Haven voted to expand the original boundaries by no less than a mile at least, adding onto the south end of Safe Haven and gaining more ground protected by the Wall and Fence.

To perform a kind of build on that scale in less time than it had taken us to do the entire Wall around Safe Haven, we were going to need a lot more raw building materials than what we were going find in some small city. We were going to need help from a train this time, just like when we had built the original Wall around Safe Haven.

The train tracks come within one mile of Safe Haven, no doubt we intend to extend the borders far enough south so we have some kind of train station of sorts, well we had hauled in one hundred cars of gravel, sand and some minor pieces of heavy equipment to help get started on the Wall. To wit, we were going to travel at least seven hundred miles north in order to visit a rock and sand quarry to pick up enough materials in order to build walls. That meant yours truly was going to ride on a train, load up the train and then later unload it after getting back to Safe Haven after a two-day trip to travel that distance. Somewhere along the way I was going to collect more supplies, train cars and equipment we could no doubt use later on for some other great feat of engineering. The plan was to build buildings that would last far longer than any of us would ever last, survive any natural or manmade disaster and still be practical to build, so we go overkill and decide to build buildings out of solid concrete reinforced with steel I-beams and rebar.

I shake my head at this new development on the way back to Safe Haven because it means that I will stop there long enough to get out of the truck I am driving to get on the train that was no doubt waiting for me a mile from Safe Haven.

The good news was that the existing Wall was going to remain intact instead of getting smashed flat as we added on, a gate or something would be built for sure and nobody was suffering from a loss of active brain cells apparently about destroying what we worked so hard to build in the first place.

I could just think of the work we were going to have to do in order to get through with this new addition that would take some time, already a tiling crew was putting in the lines to keep the interior of Safe Haven irrigated instead of creating the largest above ground swimming pool if it rained really bad for a week. The bulldozer crew was probably going to be working really hard on leveling and digging the new wall foundation so it would be strong enough to support itself and at least stand for a hundred years in the future. It was a relatively flat area we were going to add onto simply for the benefit of more enclosed space, because I had a strange inkling we were not going to be venturing outside Safe Haven for very long unless we had to.

If you ever stay up late chatting with the head honchos late at night, you tend to put the whole survival thought process into overdrive and think not a week or ever a year into the future, but like a decade or so, makes you toss and turn late at night when you are trying to sleep.

So far, plans for a wind farm, solar panel field and even a nuclear reactor have been debated and given serious thought as well, but I think we all have come to the conclusion that we want to make things somewhat easier on the possible future of humanity here at Safe Haven. It is kind of sobering to think that in a couple decades, you will be dead and the world will change year by year until it resembles nothing of the time before the outbreak.
Sure I dream that the world will recover and grow after the zombies magically die and disappear, but the harsh truth is that it will never go back to the way it was. In a hundred years, all of the buildings will crumble, the seas will reclaim what is theirs, rivers and lakes will break free from the constrictions made by man, animals will flourish, metal will sink into the earth and rust away into nothing, all signs of mankind will slowly fade like a distant memory in time until there is nothing left behind to remind the world that mankind had even existed at one time.

Am I that damn depressing or what? Anyway, I figure we are going to need a lot more fuel for running the heavy equipment, so the train has fuel and the great old surplus that won’t last long anyway.

It turns out that Blink has been spending a majority of his time teleporting around to train yards, finding stranded trains, counting cars, tankers and engines still on the tracks and doing the overall scouting for us. He has gone around marking particular train cars, crossings and anything that stood out as being critical to the operation of getting from point A to point B with a long train of loaded cars.

As long as the train kept moving and the individuals stayed on the train where the zombies cannot reach them, they will be alright, unless the train derails or the bridges collapse while the train is on it. One bad thing about using a train though, it is louder than anything short of a jet taking off full throttle and it moves slowly due to bends in the track to avoid derailing at high speeds. A moving train will be ringing the dinner bell for hundreds of miles, loud enough to be heard miles away and being a rather long string of cars by purpose, it is not hard to miss as it moves along at about thirty miles an hour tops. Of course the good side to a train is that one engine can move more cargo that a hundred semi-tractors could at one time, fewer people are needed in this case to load up a single train, I would probably be doing it myself because it would be faster. Except for railroad crossings along roads, the odds of gridlock traffic if low, so we won’t have to backtrack and navigate around roads stuck in total gridlock to get from point A to point B, but unless a tree or landslide buries the tracks, we might be faced with a problem. Our train, Safe Haven Express, consists of four engines, two for doing all the work and two just in case one breaks down and a lot of train cars. To wit, we have one hundred fifty gravel cars, sixty-four boxcars, thirty tanker cars and twenty-seven flatbeds all in a line with two engines at each end of this train.

Blink had given the conductor, a guy by the name of Sean who actually drove trains for a living with his partner Doug and the only other train engine mechanic, Tony, a long list of where we were going to find cars loaded, stranded engines we could either bring with us or strip for parts and where those tricky track switches were located.

Safe Haven Express also had four Guards, an Army medic in case of an emergency and two guys from the biker gang that were basically strong-backs-weak-mind types that would provide extra muscle and manpower when they would be needed onboard when I arrived. The boxcar closest to the lead engines was converted into living quarters with bunks and a bathroom installed, along with solar panels on the roof incase the train was not able to produce power and it was also stocked with enough food, water, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition we would need. If we were good, which we were, it’d take us about a week to get out there, load up enough supplies and then get back and if we were really lucky, nothing would go wrong.

Mister Murphy was cackling to himself when we pulled out of Safe Haven and decided that our wheel bearings in the main driver wheels of the second engine were running to nicely and decided to let them seize up tight and slow us down for a few hours. Then a reasonable size horde of zombies were at a tunnel to great us when we decided to race through, nearly derailing in the process, but we managed to survive. He also made sure none of us remembered the directions Blink had painstakingly made so we could find our way, so instead we wound up being about a hundred miles in the wrong direction on a dead-end track.

By the time we reached our first stop, nine hours later than we expected, everyone on the train was in a really bad mood and we unhooked the gravel cars after I loaded them all up so we could pick them up on our way back because there was no sense in pulling around full train cars to increase fuel consumption when we could just pick them up on the way back.

One hundred fifty gravel cars is no picnic either, the quarry was close enough that I didn’t have to go very far in order to get the raw materials from piles and bring it all back to the train, it was just the annoying fact that at least six hundred zombies showed up after we stopped the train and had to keep shooting them in order to keep the tracks clear so we could get rolling again after we unhitched the gravel cars and our defective engine that was going to need some serious repairs when it got back to Safe Haven. I used half of a shipping container as a giant shovel in order to fill the gravel cars faster, about four of them and one train car was full, so I had fifty loaded with sand, another fifty with tiny gravel and the last fifty with ¾ inch diameter rocks we could either use for making roads or as filling with our batches of cement. It took about five hours to get all of the gravel cars we moved onto a sidetrack filled up with the desired materials before we moved on, after I pushed the dead bodies into a pile for later burning.

Then we had a series of stop and go tanker car collection, where we rescued thirty-seven tankers filled with diesel fuel, fifteen more of refined oil and five tankers of that liquid asphalt material that we figured could possibly come in handy before we reached our final destination seven hundred miles from Safe Haven.

It was the city where we could find everything in bulk and the train yard went right through the town, thanks to Blink we knew what track switches to throw and where to find the proper warehouses in the maze of train tracks, metro lines and subway circuits. We arrived at a large storage complex that had the name Wal-Mart stamped on everything, so I spent the next three days cramming sixty-four boxcars, plus another fifty we added onto our train.
While I did the actual loading of the boxcars, everyone else was busy helping our mechanic inspect eight other engines that were parked nearby to see if they were operational and they were.

Better news was that twenty-five boxcars were found along the tracks loaded with CEDA equipment, so we had reams of medical supplies already loaded onto boxcars. Our plan was to send a single engine, a couple cars and clear the route we left behind us, mainly picking up our collection of tanker cars so the next engine following that one could take a few cars back and pick up the gravel cars with help from a second engine. That left us spread out and short handed, but we were only a few hours away from help and once our good conductor explained how to actually drive a train to the rest of us, it would be a cinch to go with our plan.

Not only did we send everyone back with their own engine and train of various cars, I opted to stay behind and begin my largest project yet, where I was going to haul massive amounts of supplies back to three different locations along the tracks leading into the city so when every single car was unloaded or stored out of the way, they could come back and get more. One location was the Wal-Mart storage complex because it would take a lot before it got empty, another was a subway repair terminal because of all the enclosed space I could cram a lot of stuff into and the last place was this giant building where I think train cars and engines were brought off the main tracks to get repaired as well because there was a lot of machinery and massive hoists everywhere.

Aside from train cars I managed to nudge along after uncoupling them from each other, I went on a four day scrounging spree where everything was either in pallet form or in large containers I could stack inside these buildings and in more empty train cars I found. The bad news was that right in the middle of the biggest junction of the tracks was a really nasty train wreck that consisted of this pile up of several subway cars, a bunch of tanker cars, several derailed trains and even in one case, the whole train had set on fire and melted everything within fifty feet, including the tracks it was sitting on. So any real collection of train cars and engines was done long before the rest of the guys left within hours of each other, heading back to Safe Haven to figure out where everything was going to go.

By the end of day five being solo, minus the times that Blink came and paid me a short visit twice during those five days to give me the report that the first forms were set up and they were going to start pouring cement soon enough back at Safe Haven as the next major project was undergoing construction. I never went far from the train tracks to gather stuff and bring it all back to any of my three cache sites, often the farthest I went in any direction was four blocks. Flatbeds were my favorite to load up with any type of building supplies, a construction site three miles away was nice enough to provide me with reams of cement blocks for construction, re-bar, cement mixers and lots of copper and fiber optic wire on giant spools.
I never knew this city would become my least favorite place after what I had to do the next day.
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Sorry for taking so long, homework, school and life tends to get in the way and I won't be able to do much over the weekend.
Kind of the darker side of humanity, so if you feel squeamish, skip this chapter...

Chapter Seven

Blink had visited me yesterday, dropping off news that the first form had been filled with re-bar and cement as the remaining forms were popping up as fast as the ground was leveled, tile was laid underneath where the wall would be and the foundation was ready. I was busy heading farther into the city today, about ten miles past where I had last stopped the day before because the tracks were running through what was left of a suburb district I had no interest in, but the chain of stores on the other side of this sprawling suburb held my interest.

I had just arrived at this huge superstore and was beginning to debate if I should start at the food courts or head down to the hardware section to begin gathering more tools when something entered my conscious like a harsh blow to the face.
I hid behind a display promoting the use of foot powder to ponder this intrusion when it amplified louder again in my mind, it took me a second to realize that I could hear an echo in the superstore that was faint, but still loud enough to be heard to the human ear.

A scream, then a sudden crash of mental pain that nearly drove me to my knees as I pulled out my .357 before opting for my M4 and began searching for the screaming that seemed muffled somewhat.

The vibes were distinctly female and seemed odd, instead of a continuous scream and long pain, it was rhythmic and short, kind of like someone was inflicting pain from several hits spaced apart in several seconds.

That was not all either, I could sense more thoughts similar to the first one and others that were not experiencing pain, but seemed to think something was funny.

It didn’t take me long to figure out where the thoughts were coming from, the basement underneath Bath & Beyond seemed to radiate from the stairwell and I crept down the stairs quietly, but due to the fact there was hardcore rock blaring from a stereo somewhere, it wasn’t that hard. From what I could sense, there was four if not more females with easily a dozen males in the next few rooms, all of the females were enduring pain that bordered on torture and the males were excited, confident and enjoying what they were doing as I reached the first door with light coming from underneath it to touch it. A brief haze and then I was looking into a room littered with boxes, several cots, empty beer cans and garbage all over the floor, I got a fleeting glimpse at four older guys sitting around on beer kegs taking turns beating a half-naked girl chained to the wall with a belt before the vision faded.

The stereo was also in this room, being the loudest and the other nearest room was down the hall, I checked my M4 and .357 before unsheathing my knife and let it hang suspended in mid-air before I faced the door.

The door crumpled in on itself as it swung open and slammed into the wall hard enough to throw a shower of paint flakes and cement chips into the air as I stepped inside, my knife streaking through the air ahead of me as I leveled my M4 at the men.

Several shotguns, six pistols and two rifles were within reach of the four men as I watched with grim satisfaction as my knife buried itself in the head of the man holding a rifle in his lap, the man next to him reached for his pistol before getting slammed in the chest three times by my M4 as he slumped against the wall, leaving a bloody smear as his body slid down the wall.

I turned to focus on the next man who was leveling a shotgun at me, but a double tap in the middle of his forehead resulted in the desired effects I wanted as the ax propped up against the wall behind the last man moved at an astonishing speed and cleaved his head from his shoulders as his corpse dropped to the floor twitching.

Before I could unchain the girl looking at me with huge eyes, I heard a door open down the hall as I crept closer to the doorway after signaling for her to be quiet.

“What the fuck are you guys doing, target practice?” The guy coming down the hall was armed with a set of pistols and didn’t see that I wasn’t one of his friends before it was too late, his head was violently wretched to one side and up as the audible sound of cartilage cracking and his neck snapping filled the air before I set his body down and continued on.

The door he had exited was still wide open, I crouched at the doorway and took aim at the nearest man, leading a naked girl around by a red leash as she crawled across the floor crying. He went down with five rounds in the chest as I scanned the room for more targets and came up with six other men and three girls total.

I emptied my magazine as everyone dove for cover, one bastard even using the woman he was fucking as a shield before one of my rounds caught him in the kneecap that caused him to drop to the floor, where a pistol discharged and put a bullet in his head. He and three other men in the room died as the remaining two men without weapons were slammed into the opposite wall before I reloaded and shot them both as someone farther down the hall shouted a warning.
Eight men were coming down the hallway brandishing shotguns, pistols, a few rifles and one had a machine gun when I peaked around the corner before stepping in view with my M4 up to my shoulder as I grimly hit the selector switch to full auto and pulled the trigger.

All of them went down before they could react, half of them died without knowing what killed them and the other half watched as I kept firing.

Empty magazine, I loaded another and stepped forward, detecting no life signs from the bodies on the ground in front of me as I kept going until I came to a corner and heard a sound and felt a live presence that wasn’t the least bit friendly as a shotgun blast tore down the hall past my nose when I tried peeking around the corner.

“Dick! Joe! Phil! Anderson! Goddamn it somebody answer me!” Another shotgun blast roared as more 00-buckshot slammed into the wall as the shooter screeched again, “Is anyone alive down there! Answer me guys!”

I spotted a piece of glass on the floor and picked it up so I could use it to peek around the corner as the reflection of one bearded man holding a shotgun stood in a doorway for a fleeting second before the glass exploded into fragments from the next shotgun blast as I looked around for some kind of weapon to use against this guy because I could sense more women nearby.

“Who the in the Hell are you?” The shooter screamed again as I heard him slid a couple shells into his shotgun before I spotted what I was looking for, a folding chair that had been overturned as I mentally lifted it closer and crouched, “If you want the girls you can have them! I don’t want them anymore!”

For a second I concentrated again to see if any more men were around and came up with none and then lunged into action as the chair was whipped around the corner and flew towards the opposite end of the hall toward the shooter.
I leaned out from behind the corner far enough to shoot him six times, starting at his left kneecap and working my rounds up his thigh, up his pelvis and stopping mid-chest when he toppled over backwards, shotgun discharging into the ceiling as he dropped to the ground screaming. He thrashed on the floor before grabbing for pistol when I shot him in the shoulder twice as I stood up and walked to the far end of the hallway where he lay and then stood over him looking down the sights of my rifle into his eyes and pulled the trigger.

After reloading and kicking away the shotgun and pistol from his dead body, I stepped over his body and walked over to where five women were handcuffed to wall from a pipe as the watched me approach, looking for the keys before spotting a Leatherman sitting on a table.

“Who are you?” The one I stepped closer to shrank away as I reached for her handcuffed hand with the Leatherman unfolded so the pliers with the cutters were ready to use.

“Chris,” I used my mental powers to apply the strength needed to force the cutters through the chain as she cradled her sore hand, “help me get your friends free.”

In about three minutes I had released all of the women, nine in total, ranging from about twelve to about thirty as I quickly got them some clothes and set about cleaning up the dead bodies and gathering weapons that were laying around.

“I only count twenty-one,” the only redhead of the bunch was putting on some clothes as she watched me lifted the disfigured bodies into the air and moved them farther away, “there has to be another fifteen or so either off in the penthouse on the other side of the mall in the housing department.”

“You sure about that?” I asked as I tried to increase the range of my detecting thoughts, but couldn’t come up with anything.

She glared at me, “I can recognize the face of every fucker in this group because they have all taken turns passing me around and from what I can tell, there is at least fifteen others unaccounted for, and trust me I would know.”

I nodded at her and then handed her a shotgun, which I knew she could handle one without having to ask or scan her thoughts from the determined way she grit her teeth to check to see if it was loaded while the remaining women dressed and began gathering weapons.

“They also have eight other girls with them too,” another women piped up as I retrieved my knife and cleaned the blade off before picking up a couple magazines, “they have that placed guarded well, machine guns and shotguns everywhere, only one way in and they usually have a guard posted on the stairs.”

“Describe the layout for me.” I asked as the women watched eerily as I erected a barricade at the end of the hall without even moving before glancing back at them.

“Oh, a balcony is the only way up with the elevator out, there is three rooms in total, all interconnected due to the fact it is technically a display for furniture, the closest is where they lock up the girls and they are usually wasted, but at least a couple are sober,” the speaker was this tiny blond that gave me the impression she was thorough with details as she paused before continuing, “the front door is a roll down security gate they lock whenever they are inside, so that might cause you some problems.”

“I seriously doubt that,” I was finished with the barricade and pointed in that direction, “after I leave get behind that and wait for me, if I don’t show up in at least an hour, use my radio on the hour to call for help, I got lots of friends in the area who will be showing up soon, but that might be tomorrow or in a couple of days, stock plenty of water and food back there and wait them out if they try recapturing you.”

“You are a mutant and only one guy, I mean what are the odds of you actually not getting killed?” One woman asked as she picked up several cans of food.

“See them?” I jerked my thumb at the pile of bodies I had piled up against the far end of the hall, “I managed to kill them all without any trouble.”

“The guys up in the penthouse couldn’t hear the firing because they are far enough away and they’d think this bunch of assholes were just having target practice.” The redhead replied before adding, “I have an idea on how we get you inside without too much trouble, Brenda, get me that set of cuffs laying on the floor and someone find a jacket.”

“No, I don’t need someone else to worry about getting shot ma’am.” I said as I tried to remain firm with my decision, but I actually liked the idea, it would fool the guards to open the gate once they saw I was leading a woman captive in front of me.

“Got a better idea than just waltzing on up like G.I. Joe guns blazing?” She asked as she slid a pistol into her pants as Brenda appeared with the set of handcuffs and a jacket while the rest of women watched on.

Couldn’t argue with her logic, if the guard saw me before I reached the security gate, the rest of them would be alerted and then I’d have a real problem trying to get the girls out alive with guns that were not going off, so we rehearsed our plan. Apparently I looked like some guy from a distance, I would appear like I was bringing up another woman for a trade and get inside the main room where the women being held captive were located and then take care of the fucking bastards I was itching to kill. Painfully.

It went off without a hitch, just like I figured, a guard was taking a smoking break off the balcony and waved we got climbed the stairs, the security gate was even open when we got to the top.

I swiftly broke the guard’s neck with my powers and dumped the body over the side of the railing as I turned to face Sara, “Alright, now get the Hell out here.”

Probably from the way I racketed back the action on my M4 and the grim way I unsheathed my knife as it hovered in mi-air, she said nothing and quietly ran back down the stairs, handcuffs hanging from each wrist as I walked into the housing department.

Four girls were not in the closest, one chained to the wall getting pounded by a large fat guy, another one giving a second man a blowjob as she was taken from behind by another man, while the last two were curled up in the farthest corner, making my job easy. Three other men were awake, sitting at a table piled with beer cans, poker chips and playing cards as the rest of them were asleep on some various pieces of furniture scattered around the room.

I exploded into action, my M4 firing as I killed the ones closest to the girls so they couldn’t use them as human shields before shooting the men sitting at the table within reach of weapons as the rest of the sleeping bodies were plucked up from the floor and hurled out the glass window.

They fell three stories to land on a tile floor as the men I shot were killed with headshots as I opened the closet to let out the other four women out and got to work cutting through handcuffs, leather straps and then taking them down to the other women after gentle ushering.

Once I got everyone in the athletic department getting clothes on, eating food and drinking water, I went over to see how the remaining bodies I had thrown out the window were dead yet because I could sense male thoughts.

Sure enough one man was alive, both legs broken and had landed on something painful as I walked up, rolled him over and put a bullet between his eyes before gathering all of the dead bodies and tossing them outside a fire escape door before going back to the athletic department to see how they were doing.

Seventeen people, I remained quiet as they stared back at me, making no signs of hostile behavior as I handed over my first aid kit and began patching up a set of broken fingers with the splints I had while they all ate and drank before they began asking questions.

“How did you get in this place with a couple thousand zombies surrounding the place?” “Have rescued operations by the government began yet?” “Any news on the safe zones near D.C.?” “Where are we going?” “Are you with the government?” “Is it really as bad as they say it is out there?” “When are we leaving?”

I waited until they stopped asking questions one after another before getting up, “There has not been any kind of action taken by the government since the outbreak that I know of, there hasn’t been any TV broadcasts, radio transmissions or satellite connection with anyone aside from the few survivors we have rescued in the past few months.”

“I was sent up to this city to gather supplies when I came across this place and figured you might need some help, I am a mutant capable of powerful telekinetic abilities, hence the reason on how I got here and how we are all getting out at the same time as soon as you all gather some clothes, other things and whatever else you feel is necessary to last a few days out near the train tracks where several trains will be arriving to take the supplies I have gathered back to Safe Haven, our destination where you will all be safe, treated equally and among other things, taken care of.”

“I will explain more, but I feel the need to get out of here and getting back to the station where I’m sure a message is waiting for me, if not a friend who can get a message back to Safe Haven faster than any other way I can think of.”

They went around in small groups gathering clothes, food, water, medical supplies, personal hygiene and a few other things as I went around collecting all of the weapons, ammunition and whatever else I could find that dictated as something useful while one of the women found a handcuff key and I could hear handcuffs clattering to the floor all over the place as we all trooped up to the roof.

“How exactly are we going to do this?” Sara seemed to be the spokesperson of the group as the rest of them clutched weapons and backpacks as they stretched muscles that have not been used in awhile and waited as I pondered it for a moment.

“Everyone grab a partner and sit back to back with your arms linked together with anything you are carrying set in your laps, try not to move around to much because it is hard to hold my concentration if you are wiggling around,” I waited as Sally and Brenda demonstrated as I tied the bundle of loose supplies together in a few sleeping bags that work great for holding things other than sleeping bodies as the rest of them caught on and started mimicking Sara and Brenda, “trust me I have lifted multiple tons before twice the distance we are going and if any of you are afraid of heights, let me know and I’ll tell you when we have arrived so you can keep your eyes closed.”

Once everyone was ready, I focused and lifted them all into the air slowly as they tensed up like they were afraid until they saw me settle at about the same level and then begin flying back towards the train station.

I went a little higher than I normally did, mostly because I still had a lot of pent up anger to burn off and wanted to get above the stink as the women looked around in utter disbelief while we cruised over the city. Nobody said anything because the whistling wind made speech nearly impossible and they figured it would be best not to distract me as we finally arrived at the main station where Blink would show up at to try getting a hold of me.

He wasn’t there and I couldn’t find a note either, but I was glad I came here because there was a rather large stockpile of food and water sitting around as I helped them get settled in.

Sara went around and made a list of all the names, ages, who was for sure pregnant and how many thought they had something like an STD or herpes while I went off to release some really pent up aggression by nearly strangling the walkie-talkie in order to get somebody and couldn’t reach anyone.

I didn’t bother sleeping that night because I was too upset and spent my time patrolling back and forth below the only flight of stairs leading up to the offices where the women had settled in for the night behind a locked door with lots of guns. I guess I was worried about one of them committing suicide on me or something like having a mental breakdown when I didn’t know what to do, but they seem to understand that I was there and acted as the role of savior, friend and fierce protector. What bothered me most that the youngest was this girl that was only twelve years old that hadn’t done anything for herself since I got her out of the closet and hadn’t said anything to anyone, withdrawn in herself.

Being within ten feet of any one of them also flooded my mind with brief flashes of memory, pain, thoughts and what disgusted me most that it had started out like a normal group of men and women that had arrived at the mall trying to survive before turning on each other to create this dominant sort of community that made me sick to my stomach. The next morning found me sitting on the bottom step with my M4, a shotgun and two pistols as the door opened quietly and I didn’t have to turn around to know it was Sara tip-toeing down the stairs to see if I was awake or not.

“Do you need something?” I think I scared her as she jumped a foot into the air before she even touched my shoulder as I spoke.

“I was wondering if you have even fallen asleep.” Sara asked as she sat down on the step above me.

“No, but I got plenty to worry about now that I know people are running around this city,” I shrugged, “you should get some sleep.”

“Slept enough I guess, been doing a lot of thinking and trying to wonder what I do now,” Sara sighed, “I’ve a fuck toy for so long it feels like I’ve been reborn without having to worry about getting raped again or getting beaten up.”

I caught the undercurrent in her voice and reassured her, “You will not have to worry about anything like that happening back at Safe Haven, we all take care of each other and if anyone tried something like that, we have a strict set of rules in place we enforce to make sure we don’t have any future problems.”

“Where is Safe Haven? Hawaii?” Sara asked.

“No, a couple hundred miles south by train, we built a Wall around this small town that we are slowly adding onto to make to bigger, after building the necessary houses and storage buildings we’d need later on,” I added, “at least two hundred some people live there and we are working on surviving than we are anything else, I think we plan on not leaving Safe Haven after we get back with our train load of materials to keep building on the Wall.”

“We also got a crack team of doctors,” I shrugged as she giggled a little, “what is so funny?”

“Oh, I think that we are all going to need to see a therapist and I hope there is no booze in Safe Haven.” Sara started crying for a little bit as I patted her arm wondering when the Hell Blink was going to get here so he could send help back once he got to Safe Haven, that or else I needed to carry a satellite phone so I could call whenever I felt like it.

Speaking of the devil, Blink decided to arrive at that moment and did a double take when every woman in the building pointed a gun at him out of sheer surprise rather than harmful intent.

“Everyone, this is Blink, the long range teleporting mutant I neglected to mention to you yesterday, he is a friend of mine.” I explained as Blink stood wide-eyed as everyone started to put their guns down.

Before Blink could say anything that might upset the women, I sent him a mental wave on what happened as he shuddered, “Well, at least they haven’t shot me yet, so it must be good you found them or did they find you?”
“Found them yesterday,” I gestured around, “all seventeen of them.”

“Well, I guess that I will head on back to Safe Haven to have the train up here faster and I got some good news,” Blink paused for dramatic effect as I waited patiently, “a whole bunch of people ran into the last train heading back to Safe Haven and we rescued another fifty-eight survivors from a nearby airport that have been waiting since the outbreak for a plane to show up and rescue them.”

“Great news indeed, got any more, I could really hear something good about now.” I sighed as Sara handed me a steaming cup of coffee and I discovered it tasted heavenly.

“Aside from the fact we have gotten a quarter of the wall already poured and drying up, we have decided to add on some more and extended out another three hundred feet.” Blink grinned as he took a sip and gave Sara a thumbs-up.

“There was also two mutants with the survivors, one is a really powerful telekinetic, but nowhere in your league yet,” Blink took another sip, “the other turns into solid stone, making her literally bite proof against zombies, but the rest of us think you should take the other one under your wing and teach her how to get some control and improve her skills.”

“What can she do?” I asked with only an ear listening to the conversation as I opened a can of peaches and started eating.

Blink laughed, “Asides from being really clumsy and self-confidence issues on what she can and can’t do, I’d say she can lift two hundred pounds max and has to be within five feet, but apparently she had improved a little.”

I could just smell the Terrible Two getting excited that I had someone of the opposite sex that I could relate with and have to teach, making them very excited no doubt as I rolled my eyes and took it under consideration while Blink finished the rest of his coffee, thanked Sara in his usually charming self and then vanished into thin air.

The rest of the day was spent dealing with crying women who tested positive for being pregnant, sleeping, eating, drinking lots of fluids and taking short cat naps myself until I heard the faint rumble of a train approaching later in the afternoon.

Charlie was driving the lead engine as we got him on the right tracks to hook up the proper cars while I got the women loaded into a passenger car stocked with everything they would need and waited for the rest of the trains to show up so I could help get everything ready to go as I dealt with the massing hordes of zombies trying to crawl all over the train as more engines pulled up. The wail of possible millions of undead made my head hurt as hundreds poured onto the tracks while the engines, several fitted snowplow blades or crude rams meant to push the bodies out of the way as they powered up to the long chains of cars sitting on the tracks.

I put all of the women in the first train getting out as they clambered onboard with hands over their ears as they got onboard seconds before the train left as I remained behind to help with the rest of the engine crews who were just going to hook up and leave as the zombies seemed to pour out of the woodwork. Several times the trains spun out because the guts, blood and gore from the zombies wetted the tracks down so the driver wheels couldn’t get any traction and needed sand laid down to provide the grip the trains needed to gain purchase on the tracks in order to get rolling. The trains actually had trouble trying to push aside the tightly packed zombies once they got rolling because the zombies flocked toward the giant moving trains, thinking it was food.

My technique to combat that problem was to hover a few feet out of reach above the zombies, yelling, whistling, shouting and shooting at them as I lured they out of the way as the trains left. How I hated the fact I wasn’t here to kill them all because my main priority was to make sure the trains got back to Safe Haven even though they managed to get here in one piece.

Once we got the trains thirty miles outside of the city, I raced ahead to catch up with the lead engine in case they had trouble while they stomped down on the throttle and vamoosed towards Safe Haven at about fifty miles an hour because any curves we would slow down for when we reached them.

The trip back was uneventful, if by that you mean I got practically two hours worth of sleep and kept waking up when I had a nightmare, so I gave up trying to sleep and simply kept myself busy until we reached Safe Haven fifteen hours later.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Needs one thing:

Screw the 2012 apocalypse. Ragnarok bitches!

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Because of the 2 post limit, I'll make this brief.

Chapter Eight

I woke when the “conductor” shook me awake, I nearly shot him as I fought to remember where I was as he killed the power to the engine and picked up his cooler as he tromped over to the door to get out saying that I should wake up now.

After gathering all of my stuff and stretching the kinks in my back out, I followed the mass of people heading to the Check Station with my group of survivors following as we first hopped onto a modified tram car that led us past the current construction of the Wall. I noted the progress with my thoughts reeling at the amount of work they had gotten down in just a week, so far at least several hundred feet of each end was completely done and was extended farther than I thought it was going to be originally as the hapless mess of cement forms, brace poles, shovels, cement mixers, wheelbarrows, gravel and hastily erected chain link fencing seemed to add to the chaos. Everyone working on the Wall waved as we went by on our way to the Check Station, it was real early in the morning because we had chugged through the whole night as the rotation of the Guards made us wait a minute before the Gate opened to the Check Station.

I went through the Check Station pretty much on autopilot before waiting for my appointed charges while everyone else went to the Center. I ended up waiting an extra hour and a half as all seventeen of them went through the works, mostly done by the female medical staff, while I sat out in the front waiting room eating a Snickers I had kept for safe keeping.

From the Check Station clothes counter gossip, I was caught up on the fact there was in fact two mutants in with the last group, three people in the group were certified doctors with the knowledge to prove it, one seven-and-a-half month pregnant woman with her husband, a set of orphan twins and several US Army Rangers that had kept the entire group alive for the most part. So far only two cases of heatstroke had been the result of the Wall, thankfully safety is a big issue nobody lets slide, that and the plans have been changed yet again since the last time I was here. More solar panels and geothermal has been installed, but a majority of the labor force has been concentrated on finishing the Wall before any more housing is constructed. Fourteen women came out, two were being kept under suicide watch and the third was starting her extensive antibiotics to get rid of a couple things like herpes, strep and gonorrhea, to name a few as I led them straight to Inventory, where they would get everything they would need first.

Five changes of clothes, personal hygiene stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap, dental floss, fingernail clippers, optional nail file, chap stick and the works, along with issued tennis shoes, work boots, winter gear, rain poncho, sleeping bag, mess kit and one big A-frame pack they were going to have to tote everything around in for awhile until they got some permanent living arrangements. From Inventory, we stopped by the Armory, where they got issued a pistol, several magazines and holsters, I made sure they got signed in with an training seminar for a later date and then took them to the Center so they could get some food in them. I figured in this day and age, personal looks and beauty mean nothing if you can cook like an angel, I sat down to my first real meal in a week, consisting of hash browns, real bacon, green beans, and fresh milk.

Lisa Savior came over like a hovering guardian angel and I let her smother me with nurturing concern as she dropped a fresh chocolate chip cookie onto my plate before going around to check on the newest arrivals before sending two of her kitchen helpers to the Check Station with heaping plates of food for the three still in Check Cells. Being the most likable person in Safe Haven, Lisa took her time getting names down pat before whisking them away before the cooks got to come out and pick the dishwashers as I took them and half a dozen good sized tents over near Mike’s house so they could camp near a spigot with running water and a working toilet until some barracks got set up. Once they got the tents set up, sleeping bags spread out and then explored around a little bit making sure their ID cards were in plain view, I went in to check on Mike and Molly.
Mike, I learned, had changed his first diaper two days ago as Molly instructed him to do it under the most explicit terms I’ve ever heard of, but he spent most of the time working harder than anyone else around Safe Haven, on the Wall or helping get things sorted around.

“Heard about the last bunch of folks who came in,” Mike shook his head, “half of them were in Check Cells, shaved bald, scoured with every disinfectant and then put into the pressure cooker before getting the first decent meal and hot shower in months, good bunch, hard workers and they are easy to get along with.”

Molly gave his cheek a quick kiss before reaching over to take the baby from Mike, who was getting his fingers a good sucking from his daughter as she attempted to gnaw on one of his fingers, but lacking teeth, all she managed to do was drool all over his hand.

“The one girl, Anastasia I think her name is, can do what you can, but not quiet up to par to make everyone feel safe when she moves something.” Mike chuckled as he gave his daughter over to Molly and then reached for a rag to remove the drool off his hand as I gave a thorough look around the living room.

“Thanks for letting those ladies bunk out in your backyard Mike,” I sighed and set down my cup of coffee, “they really appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it, Molly will love to have new people to talk too and help them get back on their feet around here, getting them jobs and whatever else they will need, think nothing of it.” Mike waved his free hand to dismiss the subject.

“Yeah, I think they need all the satiability they can get after what they have gone through,” I shuddered at the thought, “at least they made it out alive.”

“You got something on your mind?” Mike arched a brow as I shrugged, then nodded.

“I sensed the fact that several of those women knew a couple other women, six or nine other women for sure, that seemed to disappear with a dozen men from the mall two months ago, apparently they were kicked out, but didn’t go very far from the sounds of it and I’m thinking that I can find them and bring them here.” I shook my head, “Has been bothering me ever since we left.”

“Thinking about going on back to the city and looking for them, dead or alive?” Mike shook his head as he reached under the couch to pull out a bottle of Jack Daniel’s finest, “might as well have a drink and get whatever it is off your chest before you lose it one of these days.”

“This is coming from a man who I had no idea could be such a understanding individual.” I grinned as he poured two drinks before hiding the bottle back under the couch.

“Must be wearing off the hard ass image around Molly a little bit,” Mike shrugged as he nodded towards me, “say it and be done with it because I have to mow the lawn today.”

I told him everything that had been bothering me, mostly the fact I gunned down a bunch of men, seen the terror in the eyes of the women I had rescued, sensed the fear every time I got close enough and remembered in high definition at the looks of surprise, pain and hatred of the men I have killed. The feeling of killing another person, not a zombie, but a real person with my powers, waking up with nightmares because I’d think they were not dead yet and had come back to kill me. Then I moved on to my usual list of woes, like the Terrible Two, my new pupil I had yet to meet who was going to become my student in the art of increasing her skills, how the future looked from my perspective and so on. By the time I done ranting, Mike had pulled out the bottle, given me another three glasses I think of smooth whiskey before I passed out cold in his easy chair and woke up the next day with a killer hangover that made me reach out mentally and find Mike asleep in the next room, roll him out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and then drop him into the nearby horse trough for getting me drunk.

After whispering how I was going to extract more revenge when I past his soaked frame at the door, I wandered down to hit the early bird wave at the Center in search of a good meal.
Lisa must’ve had cameras posted, because she whipped up a special cure-all brew that worked well enough so I wasn’t snappy enough to rip off someone’s head after I downed her elixir and then sat down to eat as much as I could before leaving as the first breakfast crowd showed up.

Work seemed to find me as I got to work unloading several semi trailers, repositioning a couple more and then I spent the long part of the day quietly putting the dead zombies from the Guard’s lethal accuracy into piles as they tried approaching the construction site while progress was evident.

Nearly a hundred people were working on the Wall, half on each end, as they seemed to race to see which side could get the most done before the day was out as I successfully eluded the Terrible Two for the better part on an hour until I ran into my new student by myself.

Ends up that Alice, May Belle and Anastasia were good friends, I watched as Anastasia attempted to show off her skills at pulling weeds, however all she managed to do was accidently pull half a row of squash up instead as I shook my head and decided to walk over and lend my services rather than watch her accidently demolish the Walls around Safe Haven.
Anastasia radiated the right energy vibes, but her mental behavior depicted that she was unsure of herself and uncertainty does nothing to help the concentration.

With a slight nudge of my own mind, I grinned at the sight of every weed in this particular patch of the squash plot lift upward and then be deposited along the edge of the garden.
Anastasia was dumbfounded as she looked back at Alice and May Belle in shock, the later immediately turned to see me walking over and shouted a hello as I nodded my head.

“You are the other guy I’ve heard so much about?” Anastasia had a friendly smile and a somewhat fawning look on her face as I patted May Belle on the head before nodding at Alice.

“What you need is to be sure of yourself,” I crossed my arms and turned to look at the rest of the garden plots, alternating sections as far as the eye could see, “you could save yourself a lot of time and effort if you stopped thinking so hard and concentrated.”

“Uh, what?” Anastasia asked as I mentally lifted the weeds out of the next garden plot, carefully seeking out the weeds and grass growing among the pickles while May Belle let out a whoop as Alice stood by to watch.

“I can sense your energy from a long distance Anastasia, because I am also a telepath as well as my practiced telekinetic skill, with proper training, practice and a little time you might be able to perform a task such as this one without too much trouble,” I paused to cultivate the dirt between the rows of squash, pickles and the next plot I had focused on that was a plot of carrots, “I cannot change you overnight, but I can help you develop what is there.”

Alice laughed, “I figured you for the nonsense type Chris, but do you ever think about easing into something slowly at first?”

“Are you the one with years of vast experience on this particular subject?” I asked as Alice shrugged her shoulders and lifted her hands in defeat as I turned back to Anastasia, who looked like she wanted to sink into the ground or run away at the slightest opportunity.

“Now, from what I can gather, you use your powers only in times of extreme emergencies or when you want to goof off, I cannot say that I was much different from you when I started to work with my powers on a daily level for years,” I sat down and patted the ground in front of me to let her know she should sit, “what you need to start doing is exercising you skills like you would a muscle, once you tone it down to what you need it to be at, then you really can take off into how strong you want it to be.”

Anastasia looked slightly pale as the next plot of weeds farther away lifted into the air behind me and settled off to the side as I sighed.

“I am not putting a burden on you that you must reach a certain level of skill or else you will fail, I know your powers are not as strong as mine and will take years before it can ever compete with me, but you can improve and we will start now.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Do not be afraid of it, not what it could do by accident or without your control, but what you know it can do,” I opened my eyes to watch her, “if you start to think more on the positive side instead of the negative side, you can improve without actually knowing it.”

“Like flying and stuff?” Anastasia immediately bit her lip as she looked sheepishly up at me as I furrowed my brows in an obvious sign of irritation before wiping it away.

“Yes, not only flying, but being able to move hundreds of smaller objects in unison with each other or moving tons in a single motion from a long distance away.” I shrugged as May Belle went suddenly skyward at a leisurely pace, doing flips, barrel rolls, spins and whatnot as she started laughing like crazy and demanded that I make her go higher.

Anastasia immediately jumped up onto her feet, “Put her down! She could fall!”

I merely smiled, “I know my limits and restrictions Anastasia, she is not going to fall because I will not allow it to happen because I do not question myself or my abilities.”

After spinning May Belle around for another minute, I put her back down and watched her run off laughing and giggling as she went around with her arms outstretched like she was an airplane and began making engine noises while Anastasia crossed her arms and turned away from me as Alice rolled her eyes and walked after May Belle.

“I barely know you and yet you seem to know everything about me already,” Anastasia said as she looked over the work done by my powers and then back at the damage she had done, “I am more afraid of losing control of myself than I am of any infected trying to get me, because I could hurt someone, or worse kill them by accident.”

“It takes some time and skill to control it like you do breathing Anastasia.” I watched as she turned around in a huff and closed her fists.

“I am not you! I can’t do what you can! I haven’t had the years of doing what you did to make me ready for it! I just can’t do it like it is easy, it is like pushing molasses with my brain whenever I want to move a pencil across the table!” Anastasia seemed really upset as she stomped her foot and about the cubic yardage of a tennis court of dirt jumped a foot into the air as I settled it back down.

“This is why I am going to teach you and due to the low level of your skills, we are going to start out easy.” I mentally lifted a rock the size of my fist into the air so it was hovering between us.

“Take the rock and see how long you can lift it.” I let the rock fall to the ground before giving her a pointed look as she scowled at me before turning her attention onto the rock.

My plan was to make her angry, not the best emotion to be playing around with telekinetic powers, but it was the only emotion strong enough at this point to influence her mind to start working as the rock wobbled slowly into the air, stopping about a foot off the ground.

Getting her angry also made her focus on something harder, that and it pushed away all of the other emotions and conflicting issues in her mind so it was just her anger and her powers as the primary focus of her energy. Little did she know that I was baiting her so she stayed angry at me, not something I would really want to do, but I had no fear when it came to defending myself if she became unstable.

She managed to keep a six-pound rock in the air for five minutes before it dropped to the ground as she furiously massaged her temples, I knew it was going to take time to get her anywhere near where I was, probably the better part of a decade away at the least, but I was going to do my best.

“You need to focus on things with your mind that you want to move, not how heavy it is, not how big it is or how far you have to move it, just what it is that you want to move.” I demonstrated by plucking another plot of weeds without looking.

“I can do these things because I have memorized what they look like, so I am not wasting a lot of time searching for what I want to move, but instead letting my mind find it for me so I can move it.” I lifted the rock again and handed it to her, “Start practicing with this, you can set it farther and farther away until you no longer have to see it, then have someone hide it and then retrieve it, practice everyday and do not be afraid of your gift.”

Because I am not a total ass about being the appointed teacher of Anastasia, I gave her several pointers and hints as we walked back to the Center after going around and plucking all of the weeds in the remaining plots, which earned us ice cream from the gardening crew as we got back in time for dinner.

A majority of the people in the Center were from the Wall construction crew, getting fed fresh vegetables, pasta noodles covered with sauce and milk from our cows. I wisely waited for them to get through the line first so they could eat while I signed my life away to start on our next little supply run off to get the easiest housing unit available on short notice.
Roughly nine hundred and something miles away, I’ll just say a thousand and be done with it, is a harbor where the US Navy used to have ships evacuating survivors from until it became overrun by a few million zombies, so it was abandoned.

The idea that turning shipping containers into some kind of decent housing and storage unit within the Walls of Safe Haven because it was not going to include the train tracks because that was too far. The point is, with a little work, a regular shipping container could become a reasonable substitute for a home, they were pretty much train cars, but without the chassis and massive wheels, that and we could fill them with stuff we were going to need in order to make homes for all of these people.

The only problem with all of the train traffic was that it alerted every zombie within hearing distance to know exactly what direction to head in order to find us and I guessed one in fifty zombies that started out at the city we arrive and then leave from with a train might be able to get anywhere close to safe Haven, as in like close enough to hear other traffic or the construction equipment. Not that big of odds once you realize that they travel in hordes of a couple thousand or more, so the odds of a bunch showing up is actually greater than we all think.
Add in natural barriers such as rivers, valleys, hills, mountains, lakes, forest and then you add in man made roads, towns, suburbs, farmland, bridges, tunnels, damns, dikes and whatnot, the odds of a zombie walking seven hundred miles and reaching Safe Haven is greatly increased, because for the most part zombies simply roam around in search of prey. Being directionally challenged and topography disoriented, they never truly follow roads because it is easier, they are simply seen along roads because there are usually people traveling on the roads.

For the most part, zombies just wander all over the place aimlessly and you are at the same odds of seeing zombies in a city as you are in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, one train with three engines, two tankers filled with diesel fuel, a boxcar loaded with supplies for the short trip and a passenger car would head to the port, find and locate a bunch of flatbed trailers, load shipping containers until we can’t move anymore and then come back to Safe Haven.

Blink had been all over the place, doing a lot of the legwork for us, locating the primary train yard to aim for after taking into account all of the wrecks, pile-ups and gridlock on the tracks. We had even some really news, a ship was tied up along a pier, this massive shipping container ship loaded with munitions belonging to the US Navy was also alongside a tanker and another container ship loaded with food supplies.

There is a technical term for the situation such as this and it is called jackpot, because we were so going to empty out those ships.

Blink had located the cargo manifest and made a couple copies so we knew exactly what we were taking, that and I now knew how many possible flatbed cars were within ten miles of port, exactly ninety-five of them that were already empty.

The track going by Safe Haven went south six hundred miles before needing to hop over onto another track, that would require two more short hops onto different tracks until we came down what appeared to be a secondary track that came up with four hundred feet of the dock. It couldn’t get much better than that and everyone else knew it as I got Hunter, Hop, KJ, Blink and the other girl who could turn into solid stone, Kelly it turned out, onto the team heading down to the port.

Anastasia understood why she was not coming along and had no problem staying at Safe Haven, that and a dozen of the usual jokers I’ve worked with in the past and a set of Army Rangers who volunteered to come along, considering the skill they had I decided it would be best to bring them along.

We decided to leave tomorrow, I helped move a majority of the unused cement forms over to where they would need to be set up for the next couple hundred feet as the protective awning of the newly erected fence began closing up while plans for another gate was being debated. I found out that everyone without a place to stay slept in tents scattered around, bunked at the Center where we no doubt had a hundred cots and the rest double bunked in the same houses to make more room.

I made it a point to stop by the Orphanage on my way to walk around seeing if everyone was alright. This place was where the children without any living family members were sent to, most of them were still under the age of fourteen and they were kept under constant surveillance for suicide and depression watch, but there was only so much you could do for kids who have lost everything. I know Lisa Savior spends most of her free time here and these kids have run of her kitchen any time of the day, everyone else tries to pitch in and help, but I think the biggest thing is that we have a roving patrol of Guards around the Orphanage even though we have the Wall and fence to protect them. The whole point is to make them think none of us are going anywhere because they need the stability, so they feel secure about the future and not with drawl in on themselves. I made the kids happy by messing around with them, slamming a couple hoops, pushing them on the swing set and hanging out with them until it was time for supper, then later I walked with the mob of them back to the Orphanage so I made sure they got home okay.

The usual chatter on the walkie-talkies made it prudent to go see what had the Guards all excited, something about something moving out to the north of Safe Haven and it wasn’t normal.
There are many definitions of normal in this day and age, but apparently phantom headlights and infrared heat signatures equal to that of an engine along the perimeter of Safe Haven’s boundaries tends to make people nervous. I meet up with Sergeant Payne at the North Gate to see what all of the ruckus was about and picked up a pair of binoculars to scan for anything suspicious.

“You see anything?” Sergeant Payne sounded irritated as he carefully kept looking while I shook my head and threw a sideways glance at the crew of Guards standing around.
“I don’t see or sense anything,” I ran the binoculars over the far away grove of trees, “nothing at all.”

“Hold on.” Sergeant Payne said as I turned to chew out someone as he tensed up.

“What is it and where?” Another Guard asked as he lifted his binoculars while Sergeant Payne adjusted his lens to focus.

“Clever bastard you are,” Sergeant Payne muttered to himself, “we got two men out near the trees overlooking another man who is crawling in the grass, dressed in a Gullies suit with what looks like a rifle and spotting scope.”

“Who are they?” The Captain of the Guards had arrived from his nap somewhere just as I finally found the crawling man.

“No idea, someone go find Hop and send him out the South Gate with a walkie-talkie,” I said as I could make the barest signs of movement of the camouflaged man crawling in the grass, “wonder what they want if they are going through so much trouble.”

“Testing us no doubt,” Sergeant Payne said as glanced back in the direction of the other two men standing at the tree line, “they want us to see them so we don’t notice the other man crawling towards us.”

I spent the better part of fifteen minutes watching the crawler manage to slink his way another hundred yards, pausing only twice to take care of a single zombie that spotted him and to no doubt to take a breather. From what I could see in the crappy light, he had at least a rifle of sorts with him, exact type unknown, but he stayed in a low crawl the entire way.

“This is Hop,” my walkie-talkie crackled to life as Hop whispered, “I can see him, about seventy feet to his left and waiting for what I should do, over.”

“We know where that guy is,” I nodded at Sergeant Payne, “let’s see what the other two are up too while we keep an eye on our boy hiding out there in the grass.”

“Hop, head up to the other two men and watch them, report if anything happens while we keep you posted.” I stopped as someone arrived with a .50 anti-material rifle fitted with a night scope and found our crawling visitor.

It basically became a waiting game where we sent everyone else off like we were not interested in what was going on out there, save for Sergeant Payne and our designated sniper keeping a close pair of eyes on the crawler as Hop found the other men of this particular group and had some interesting information to send back half an hour later.

“Six men spread out ten yards from each other along the tree line with rifles fitted with silencers, four men on rotating patrol, there is three military trucks, a jeep and a Bradley I think parked in the middle of the grove of trees, at least ten other people walking around the vehicles,” Hop paused for several seconds, “they also got a couple dogs, K-9 German Shepherds I think because they bark every time the wind changes and they got what looks like heavy machine guns placed on every vehicle facing outward like they are ready for trouble.”

“Sounds heavy,” I said to the walkie-talkie as I was three hundred feet in the air looking down into the inky darkness, “anything else?”

“Yeah, it seems top notch military, salutes and the choreography is too damn good to be a couple of amateurs with a lot of gear and I think that I have found the commander, sitting in the turret hatch of the Bradley wearing captain bars on his collar.” Hop sounded excited as he reported what was going on.

I let my mind seek out the exact number of people and came up with everyone Hop had accounted for, including the dogs, four other people inside the trucks and two other people inside the Bradley. From what I could sense, this group used to be part of a larger force that had been decimated in the last city they had been when they ran into a lot of zombies. They had discovered our signs and were currently listening to our emergency broadcasts while trying to see if we were a group of secluded people who would shoot anyone on sight or worse, a bunch of raiders.

“I’m going to say hello guys, Hop, go find the sniper and bring him back to this camp, if you guys don’t hear from me in half an hour, light the area up with flares and prep Safe Haven for trouble.” I hovered lower as Sergeant Payne came over the walkie-talkie with his unfriendly growl.

“For what kind of trouble?” He let a couple choice words slip as Hop keyed in that he understood what I was asking.

I descended right in the middle of the camp and the only way they became aware of my presence was because the dogs went nuts as I leaned up against the Bradley and reached up to knock on the turret hatch. In ten seconds flat, everyone not on perimeter detail was pointing flashlights and guns at me as the dogs and the handlers closed in while the alert level of the whole camp went from orange to bright red.

“Who in the fuck are you!” The highest ranking man in the group came out of the turret with an assault rifle pointing at me as I wisely kept my hands up and away from my guns.

“How the fuck did he get inside my secure perimeter?” “Who fell asleep this time!” “I want the security doubled, if there is one there is bound to be more!”

“Identify yourself stranger or else we are going to put a fucking bullet in you!” The nearest soldier with a rifle stepped forward to aim right between my eyes as I shrugged.

“Secure his weapons, frisk him and get him to answer the question.” The commander stepped out of the Bradley to step closer as I made no move to let a set of soldiers take my pistol, knife, M4 and the set of hand grenades from my belt as he stepped close enough for me to be looking into the stratosphere.

“Who are you?” The way he asked the question was like a threat if not answered as I struggled my best not to squirm.

“Chris,” I lowered my hands after glancing around, “I’m from the place over the hill that you have been watching all day.”

“What are you doing here?” He glowered as he stepped forward, trying his best to intimidate me with his size, but I stood my ground.

“How about you answer my question, like who are you and why are you watching our place?” I didn’t feel very brave that moment as everyone exchanged looks.

Although I already knew who they were, it wouldn’t seem so unsettling to them as the commander took a few steps back and lit up a cigarette.

“Fair enough, I’m Captain Simmeroff and these gentlemen are members of the 23rd Battalion, 6th Marine Division, we’re just a group of soldiers looking for a place to call home now that the rest of the world is rather unfriendly,” he took a drag and gave the impression of being a dragon as smoke curled from his nostrils, “you guys friendly over there or will you kill us the second we step foot toward the fence?”

One of the soldiers was fiddling with my walkie-talkie as I reached for it, “Might want to stop the guy going after your sniper before we get off on the wrong foot.”

Captain Simmeroff looked genuinely shocked, “You spotted our best man in his own environment? Shit you guys must have lookouts like hawks.”

I grinned as I keyed the mike, “Hey Hop, don’t kill the guy, ends up they are friendly, and Fire Base, negative on the fire strike, I repeat negative, but we could use some extra light out here, over.”

“Roger that, deploying starburst rounds in ten seconds.” Sergeant Payne growled as he signed off before a faint deep throated cough sounded in the distance as a bright glow began to combat the darkness as I took my weapons back.

“You guys have fire support in there?” Captain Simmeroff asked politely as everyone began gathering stuff up and getting ready to drive to Safe Haven.

I nodded as I mentally lifted an assorted pile of supplies into the back of a truck as the sniper appeared at the edge of the camp.

“Who tagged you Sanders?” Captain Simmeroff asked the man sheepishly stepped forward.

“The guy standing behind me with my own gun, who do you think Captain?” Sanders said as he took off his hood while everyone around him looked puzzled a second before Hop appeared in midair holding a really nice rifle, a pistol and a goofy grin.

“Just so you know Captain,” I said barely containing a grin as everyone looked completely shocked as Hop handed over the rifle and pistol back to Sanders, “we are mutants.”

“Well, this is also a surprise and a shock at the same time, but I think we’d be happy with a group of terrorists right about now,” Captain Simmeroff muttered as vehicles began starting up, “so can you turn invisible Chris?”

“Nope, I can sense thoughts and mentally lift things,” I said as Hop let out a chuckle and petted one of the dogs on the head before getting down on his knees to give the dog a tummy rub, “the only reason I decided to walk into camp was because I knew you were not raiders.”

“You are one scary kid, alright men mount up!” Captain Simmeroff bellowed as everyone got into a vehicle as I rode on the roof of the Bradley with Hop, giving the driver directions to the North Gate.

We had to stop outside the gate as the Guards ordered for a Check Station protocol, simply what we have to do to even be allowed back inside Safe Haven.
It made these guys really nervous and they balked at the idea, but the sense of getting completely checked out before being allowed in the general public seemed to make them all think twice about trying to sweet talk their way inside. Doc Trebly and the entire male and female staffs were hard at work trying to get these guys processed, examined, inspected, cleaned up, clothed and then issued some pretty basic supplies until all of their stuff was revaluated, processed and then cleaned extensively. I was in and out in ten minutes while the vehicles were parked in a special enclosure that made them completely off limits until they were declared safe enough to be around, which took a whole ten minutes from start to finish.

Though it was well past supper time, the Center was able to get a pretty decent meal whipped up in a hurry as the majority of these guys wandered over decked out in clean clothes, reeking of disinfectant and scented soap. For the most part they wanted their guns back and they would get them back soon as they got in line for a hot meal consisting of spam, milk, green beans, leftover pasta and baked bread.

Once it had been declared all clear that these guys were not hostile, everyone else called it a night while we set up sleeping arrangements right in the Center for these guys as the roster went around to pass out new ID cards hot off the printer until everyone had one. Captain Simmeroff arranged sentry duty around the Center, even though we had the Guards patrolling on the Wall while everyone else went off to get some sleep as I stuck around to get my hands on a sleeping bag before finding somewhere to crash for the night.

“What is on the agenda for tomorrow Captain?” Someone amid the cots asked loud enough to be heard as I found a nifty hole up on top of an air conditioning unit where nobody could see me.
“Get everything we got assessed, start inventory of everything we walked in with, see if we get our guns back and then offer our services.” Captain Simmeroff sighed loud enough for me to hear from across the Center as Lisa Savior stepped out of her kitchen.

“Anything else you boys need?” She asked as she tossed her apron onto the peg hanging on the wall next to the door as a large chorus of, “No ma’am,” and “We’re fine,” filled the room as she nodded and trooped outside to head to her own bed.

I fell asleep listening to the dry humor and jokes as they got comfortable and fell asleep as well, wondering what tomorrow was going to bring.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Sorry about the delay, I've got other things in life, such as homework, school, work and did I mention homework?

This is kind of short, but it is an extension of the story.

Chapter Nine

What I was not expecting was to wake up to the sounds of a damn bugle sounding Reveille half an hour before the sun came up.

It took me three seconds to promise myself never to sleep within a hundred yards of these guys ever again, get my butt out of my sleeping bag and then over into the breakfast line as the rest of the guys showed up to get breakfast and check out the new arrivals from last night. Because they were seriously outnumbered and outgunned, everyone with Captain Simmeroff was really polite as everyone sniffed each other out and the days’ business was laid out.

Far as I knew, none of them were with us as our train headed south to the port a thousand miles away half an hour after the sun came out once I woke everyone up that was going.

We made sure our transmitters that we had on the train were turned on and broadcasting on every AM, FM and radio frequency so if we moved into range of anyone with some kind of receiver dish, they would hear us hopefully and be able to respond before we moved out of range. Of course, nothing happened for the first ten and a half hours of sheer boredom, but other than some terrific scenery to die for and more zombies than I ever wanted to see in my life, nothing out of the ordinary.

We kept the train at fifty miles an hour, except on sharp corners we were supposed to go slow on anyway and the towns we went through. Three times we turned off the wrong track and had to back up, find a track switch somewhere and get back on the right track, so we were just over half way to the port when our radios picked up a signal, faint, but we didn’t imagine it either.

“Could it be a recording of some kind?” I asked KJ as he worked his magic with the equipment as the signal came in stronger.

“Unless a power plant somewhere is still cranking out juice without anyone watching it, I seriously doubt that,” KJ booted up his laptop and got onto some kind of freaky hoo-ha I have no idea what it was as he typed away like a machine gun, “got a location grid, thirty-nine square miles because it isn’t a cell tower.”

“English please.” Hunter growled as KJ pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Means they are using a regular ham band system rigged up to some kind of dish you normally couldn’t get the range with unless you knew what you were doing,” KJ pondered in thought for a few minutes as his computer equipment chirped and beeped, “after comparing a topography map and a road map, I’ve narrowed our search down to twenty-six miles.”

One Hell of a search area with limited resources and we were moving, so we couldn’t get the area narrowed down any more until we left the range.

“Can you send them a message?” Hop asked as walked across the train car to peer at the equipment as KJ suddenly went nerd.

By nerd, I mean he started typing away, twirling dials on his receivers and began searching for something while having his eyes rolled up in the back of his own head.

“As long as someone is listening within the next three minutes they should know what to do,” KJ shook his head to get his eyes to focus as he pulled the mike closer to his face, “I’ll let them know we intend to come back through in a few days.”

Other than that, the rest of the trip was uneventful to the point of being perfect for taking a nap for several hours, catching up on some reading, cleaning weapons and of course trying to stay somewhat busy.

After having to switch tracks four more times and discovering another radio signal that was a familiar transmission from the early days of the outbreak months ago where it was a simple recording. KJ worked his magic and managed to originate the actual source of the transmission with what he had at his disposal, which was only a few satellites and all the high tech whiz bang stuff a particular mutant knew how to use. It was nearly midnight before we arrived at the port, one engine near idling speed as we crept into the city and decided to start in the morning after hordes of zombies showed up because no train is quiet.

I did however, go off and do a little bit of scouting to see the general layout of the port area we were focused on.

Aside form the obvious mess of mangled trains, destroyed track, stationary vehicles, charred remains of vehicles and of course lots of zombies that were literally crawling over each other to get closer to our train, but seeing how it was sealed up tight, I wasn’t worried. The ships were these giant abandoned hulks sitting silently at the dock with only the water and cables securing the ships to the dock making any other noise that could be heard. Seagulls were everywhere, up on top of light poles, power lines, the railing of the ships and smaller craft in the harbor and anywhere they remained out of reach of the groping hands, twisted fingers and searching mouths of the zombies below.

Derelict cranes used to move shipping containers were like bare skeletons in the pale moonlight as I hovered in the direction of the cargo ships we were interested in, mainly the ammunition ship and the ship loaded with food supplies.

The ammunition ship, the Norma Jewel was the second biggest ship in the harbor, the biggest was the tanker simply marked KR-473. It was a civilian ship loaded with bullets, bombs, rockets, torpedoes, guns, cannons, warheads and whatever else a war time ship would need, especially like an aircraft carrier flotilla with frigate support.

That meant it was loaded to the gills with enough things that went boom to make one very loud bang and to make one spectacular explosion I did not want to be anywhere near if it did go off. From what the cargo manifest told us, most of the heavy stuff like missiles and large shells were near the bottom of the ship, that not being much of an issue because we weren’t after ship-to-ship weapons.

We all had a healthy interest in the several billion rounds of small arms ammunition that was onboard the ship, along with several thousand small arm weapons as well, so it was the best damn goldmine we could ever come across in the terms of getting all the bullets we could ever use in one lifetime.
The reason we knew this ship was even here was because Blink had done some extensive footwork and KJ had spent an hour going through old records and came up with the surprising fact that a majority of the US Navy was somewhere near the poles in nuclear submarines waiting out this pandemic and had asked for all the supplies several thousand sailors would need, but due to the fast acting infestation, the ships never left port. KJ was probably busy trying to find the phantom fleet of ships with every available asset he had instead of trying to sleep, I shook my head and examined the possible problems that might be serious to our operation.

Not counting the zombies, there was no clear route to drive a vehicle, say a large semi and trailer back and forth to out train from the ships, so I would have to move each individual shipping container one at a time because even though I liked to think my limit is more than twenty tons safely, I can lift heavier objects as well, but not as stable as I like.

Basically it was lots of busy work to be honest, nothing that outrageously difficult, just time consuming from what I could see. Other than the rest of the guys on the train, my telepathic radar came up with nothing, not even a whisper, this place was dead as the other cities and towns I have been too.
For several moments I remained where I was, mostly enjoying the fresh air and open space rather than being cooped up inside the train any longer than I had too.

Mostly my thoughts strayed to Anastasia, I had caught brief glimpses of the Terrible Two asking her questions and putting thoughts into her head about how our apparent teacher-student relationship should yield the maximum number of babies, I was going to have to give those two one really stern talking too when I got back. The one thing that troubled me was that Anastasia wanted to know how I had trained my powers, thinking that she could use the same technique in order to further advance her own skill faster. She wanted to become something she could never be in an amount of time that would be impossible, that she felt rushed and unsure of how fast she should be progressing with all the pressure she was faced with.

I pushed that from my mind and hovered back to the train where everyone was being as quiet as possible even though every zombie within earshot of the train had heard us arrive anyway as we all bunked down for the night wearing earplugs. Nightmares tried to keep me awake for a majority of the night again, but I simply shook them off and tried to get some more sleep before the sun came up and the work began.
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Hey everyone, sorry about the long delay in updating the story, weekends are long in my case, I actually wish I was at school instead of working.

Chapter Ten

“Are we going to load all ammunition or all food supplies?” Hop asked the next morning as we sat around eating breakfast.

“I was thinking half and half of food and ammunition,” I answered as I gently set down the can opener and reached for a fork as everyone else dug into cans of mixed fruit, “that way we got a little bit of variety in this trip because I’m thinking we are going to be coming back soon.”

“Got that right,” Hunter growled to himself as he handed the can opener to Kelly, “this is easier than going door-to-door for everything, all in one place easy to get to.”

“Any news on your front KJ?” I asked while waiting for the conductor to find his list and diagram of how he wanted the shipping containers loaded, trust me, a true conductor will be really fussy over things like these.

“Well, faint echoes I couldn’t trace are originating somewhere out of the Untied Kingdom during the night, but other than some brief two-way chatter miles out to sea I couldn’t triangulate, I have every resource on search mode looking for any signs of life while contact with Safe Haven has been established via video uplink.” KJ then forked a big spoon of pears into his mouth as he shrugged.

Translation, there was someone out there making noise, but he couldn’t find out where the noise was coming from in order to find out who was making the noise.

Ninety-five flatbed cars was what I needed to load up, seeing how we had no tunnels to worry about, height was not in issue, but I wasn’t going to put one on top of each other because it would be dangerous if the whole top row decided to lean in a certain direction. Stacking was out of the equation for sure, so we were only going to have ninety-five shipping containers for this trip and I was more interested in on the food than I was on the weapons at this particular moment in time.

“Send a message back to Safe Haven to have Blink search near where we had heard that transmission yesterday.” I told KJ as he rolled his eyes, “Already did that.”

I chuckled as I took my three mutant companions out to the prime target ships, the Norma Jewel and KR-473 so they could search the ships from top to bottom for anything else useful as I began playing the long game of matching numbers with containers. Armed with a clipboard instead of a gun, I went down the list until I found one loaded with things I was interested in and then tried to find a matching number on one of the containers in sight. The food ship was simpler, all I had to do was match the number on the container with one on the list to see what was inside it.

Hop, Hunter and Kelly cleaned out all of the zombies on the Norma Jewel before moving onto the food ship while I sorted the comprised containers that were deemed important and unimportant while taking one at a time back to the train where nobody so much as stuck out their nose because the zombies were pretty much packed in and around the train. After ten hours of number searching and container sorting, I had forty-five containers that were from the Norma Jewel with everything from 9mmx19mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, the ridiculously small 4.6mmx30mm peashooter for Personal Defense Weapons, .12 gauge tactical ammunition, plastic explosives, demolition cord, detonators, Kevlar vests, pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, carbines, grenade launchers, shotguns, heavy machine guns, flare guns, ammunition, cleaning supplies by the ton and other things like E-tools, knives, bayonets, tools and some fancy toys like aerial Unmanned Scouting Vehicles, mine detectors, Explosive Ordnance Disposal robots and a couple hundred sets of night vision enhancement goggles. The remaining fifty were loaded with powdered milk, canned goods, freeze dried foods, bottled water, emergency field rations, Meals-Ready-to-Eat, fifty pound bags of rice, flour, sugar, yeast, spices, vitamins and scores of food that didn’t need to be frozen.

Because I was in a good mood and such ripe fruits needed plucking, I opted to stay behind and find more stuff we were going to need while Hop and Hunter went off to go pay a visit to whomever had a working radio transmitter on the way back to Safe Haven. The train rolled out of the port with every available inch of space crammed with food as I played bait for several thousand zombies.

Zombies cannot swim, but they sure as Hell don’t drown because they don’t need oxygen like we do and because they don’t float on the surface of the water, they sink like lead bricks and are stuck on the bottom. Really a quick solution to clearing a couple thousand zombies from around the docks and unless I decided on going skinny-dipping, those zombies were not going to be any kind of problem at all.

I simply hovered about three feet above their heads and fired my guns until I ran out bullets while watching the zombies walk straight towards me and then right off the edge of the docks and into about fifty feet of water without as so much as pausing. Once they thinned out enough to make me feel better, I got to work preparing my little home for the next couple of days, I opted to stay on the food ship simply because it had one flight of removable stairs going up the outside that I removed and barricaded the interior doors from the inside of the ship to prevent any zombies fortunate enough to get onboard to later find me.

That and I had a lot of shipping containers to sort through, carry over and set next to the tracks so when the train showed up again I could get it loaded a little faster while carefully doing a complete inventory of everything. This was my schedule for the next four days, I’d call Safe Haven once in the morning and once at night with help form my newly acquired and KJ adjusted satellite phone to let everyone back at home know I was still alive and in one whole piece.

Two hundred sixty-five shipping containers of food were offloaded from the food ship and sitting along the tracks for the train to return while I managed to get another hundred containers from the Norma Jewel that were loaded with things practical to our needs, not the Harpoon cruise missiles, 5 inch cannon shells or the ship-to-ship weapons we would not need to dispose of zombies with. The heavy stuff I left on the ship and began searching the surrounding dockyards for anything else useful I could stockpile for a rapid loading.

With the equivalent of Dumpster diving in mind, I hit pay dirt when I went poking around in a warehouse a couple miles away, finding just under four hundred solar panel units and another hundred photovoltaic cells stored inside with all of the instruction manuals intact.

After dumping out several shipping containers loaded with 500 pound aviation bombs I dumped way out in the bay in an area deep enough where they wouldn’t harm anything if they did blow up, I stored the photovoltaic cells and solar panels inside with extra packing Styrofoam peanuts and marked them with giant FRAGILE stickers as well.

Blink stopped by to see how I was doing and to bring back some news that I wasn’t pleased with.

When Hop and Hunter went off to see who had the radio transmitter, they walked right into a trap, but being the clever and resourceful bastards they tend to be and having scouted out the area before walking in unannounced, they noted it was a camp where a lot of hostile raiders were located. Too make a long story short, they managed to liberate sixteen individuals who happened to slaves of sorts while killing thirty-two baddies, but in the process Hunter had taken a bullet. Blink had been on standby and scared the living shit out of everyone by dropping flash bang grenades down the chimney of the main house where the baddies had holed up with five female prisoners.

“Once Hop went in and dealt with them via his pistol and knife, I went back to Safe Haven to get help,” Blink shrugged his shoulders as he looked down, “got the medical bag from Doc Trebly and fixed him up the best I could while we freed the prisoners.”

“Is he alright?” I asked as Blink paused for a moment.

“We were lucky enough to stop the bleeding in time, if he recovers the way we all hope he will, he just might be able to keep his arm.”

From a little prodding from myself, I learned Hunter had taken a large caliber rifle round in the middle of his upper left bicep that almost killed him. Being made from a lot tougher stuff than most people, Hunter was able to hold on long enough for Blink to show up and get the bleeding stopped before he bled out. By then the fastest mode of transportation was train and it had been sent out right after Blink had left, so Hop, Blink and a couple of the prisoners managed to keep him alive long enough for Doc Trebly to show up with a boxcar set up as an operation room where they got to work seeing what they could save.

“Details are kind of sketchy at the least, but for sure Hunter is going to be down and out of it for a few weeks, everyone is kind of hoping for Hunter to keep his arm and the doctors think he might.” Blink sighed in apparent frustration before pulling out his pistol and blasting away a couple zombies that were standing along the dock looking up at the two of us perched on the railing as he vented some pent up anger.

After learning that the prisoners were in Check Cells, nine of them were older women, three were younger girls with apparent trauma and the last four were men that had the unsavory jobs such as cleaning up the dead zombies and doing all of the work, I sent Blink back to Safe Haven where he was to send back the train once it was empty so it could bring myself and everything I could get loaded on it back to Safe Haven.

Then I went off to explore so more of the city, mostly to see if I could pick up any kind of mental activity above that of a pigeon and get the lay of the land. It was worse than a lot of the other cities I’ve been too, mostly because this city had been a designated evacuation station, so millions of people flocked here and died horribly. Making it one impossible mess of traffic, burned out sections of entire city blocks, seething masses of zombies everywhere and a place where nobody could survive.

It was five days before the train returned with one hundred twenty-seven flatbed cars, five engines, three tankers and Captain Simmeroff with his entire motley bunch for added protection. First to be loaded were my treasured finds of photovoltaic cells, solar panels and the components of six massive wind turbine generators, then half of the food and the other half ammunition before the train began heading back to Safe Haven.

I was happy to learn that Hunter would make a full recovery and that the final section of the new Wall had been poured yesterday as the trench was currently in the works to be finished while buildings were going up left and right.

Already four large barrack type buildings were in the works, big enough to house at least fifty people comfortably in each one, while several storage buildings, another vehicle shed and even a crane was being seriously contemplated.
I slept for the majority of the trip back to Safe Haven and when we arrived, I made a beeline for where Hunter was being kept at the Clinic after going through the Check Station in record time.

He was asleep when I managed to get to his room, looking pale and shrunken in on himself, I was happy to know that his arm had not been damaged as bad as I originally thought, the bullet had simply chipped away a piece of the bone and left bone splinters embedded in the muscle tissue that had already been removed days ago. After leaving a bouquet of flowers, his favorite snack foods and a six-pack of his favorite beer on the table next to him, I went off to help unload the train and figure out what was going on.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Keep up the good work FIDO. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Thanks.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

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Hello, sorry about the whole wait, had a lot of other stuff to do...

Chapter Eleven

It turns out that a majority vote had gone up to see if any kind of active rescue action would be taken, where vast quantities of resources, man hours, fuel and supplies would be used in order to go out and look for possible survivors or if no action would be taken and only the thoughts of self preservation in mind as we set out to make Safe Haven prosper and grow.

Came to being really close, but the first option had the lead vote by less than a dozen votes as preparations were being made for a full out active search across large areas of the Untied States.

Among the prisoners rescued from the baddies Hunter had been shot by, one of them was a licensed helicopter pilot that sounded promising, so after Blink did a little bit of serious brain thinking, he managed to locate a few helicopters for our pilot to choose from.

KJ had also managed to open satellite communications with none other than the remains of the Untied States Navy stationed around the globe, fifteen nuclear submarines, seventeen frigate ships, three large cruisers and two aircraft carriers in the last couple of days. Not only did he managed to get a hold of the Navy, but he even managed to contact eight large cruise liner ships out in the Atlantic Ocean with lots of people on board each one of them, a few were running low on food as well.

There was even an operating power plant out in Japan that managed to have a couple wireless devices lying around that KJ was able to use the satellites to communicate with and get a message through. Aside from that, we had the locations of about seventy individuals that showed up on infrared within a thousand miles of Safe Haven that had not been inside a building when the satellites flew overhead recording pictures.

First priority was getting those cruise liners to a safe harbor where we could get them to Safe Haven, obviously the same harbor we had just come from and we were going to need a lot of work when it came to getting some secured zone in place at the harbor so passengers could offloaded onto the train and get to Safe Haven.

It seemed that Safe Haven had shrunk in size when I cast a glance around after hearing how many more people were going to be coming from one ship alone, an additional three hundred seventy-four people from the closest cruise liner, roughly a week away if they had smooth travel, that is an engine didn’t fail, a storm blew in or they got lost. The surrounding area outside of Safe Haven was getting mowed down by rotary mowers on the back of tractors and a fence was in the process of getting set up so the area enclosed inside the fence would hold at least a few hundred tents and not to mention a couple hundred people for a while until we had some kind of permanent quarters we could put all of these people.

While tents were getting set up out in the waiting area, shipping containers were getting built into mobile homes pretty darn quick, throw some insulation on the walls, make a few windows, add on a smaller door for easier entry, hook up some pipes to draw away sewage and put a light bulb in the middle of the ceiling, you’ve got a pretty decent home in a hurry.

The best part was that we could stack them on top of each other, rig up some ladders or add a spiral staircase on the side of this apartment building like contraption so you don’t need to fly. It also saved a lot of space when we stacked them five high and made them into rows of ten wide. For the first three days, it was kind of hectic getting everything into place, getting holes drilled in the floors and ceilings for pipes and wires to go up as we lined the walls with bunks, installed a bathroom in each one and got electricity to each one.

Across the top of the two hundred fifty shipping containers we set up nearly a hundred solar panels set on orbital motors to provide power for the new homes as we got running to each apartment big enough to house ten people easily.
I got moved in to one in the top row, where foot traffic would be cut down to a minimum and I was going to bunk in the same container as Hop, KJ, Hunter when he got out of the Clinic and a couple truck drivers I knew from all of the scrounging runs we’ve done before.

My bunk was in the farthest back corner on the top, up and out of the way as I ditched a simple footlocker with a padlock that contained toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, boots, shoes, medical supplies, some canned food at the bottom and a spare pistol as I hopped onto the train to head to the harbor with the simple intent to get more shipping containers arranged and some kind of functional train station up and running so things went easier for us when the ships started arriving. On the ride down to the harbor, I brainstormed up some kind of plan and I actually had to get it to work as I mulled the idea over in my mind.

My idea was to make a chute of sorts, kind of like herding cattle into a livestock trailer, but a little bit more fineness required in this plan, but the idea was having a sort of chute that did not sit on the ground as the train pulled up and we had to come up with some kind of plan to keep the zombies from slipping underneath the cars and biting someone from the bottom of the stairs. It was more like an overpass that would go over the top of the train, but stop about halfway, making a sort of bridge that would let people get on top of the cars, where they could simply enter the safety of the cars through the roof hatch without having to get on the ground between the train and zombies.

I figured that shipping containers would be the best building material I had, then I’d need to find some stairs and we’d be able to load people onto the train one car at a time. That and I remembered that each passenger car is interconnected, so that we’d only need one passenger car for loading while they would walk the length of the train until they reached the end and start filling them up.

Other than flying each person from the ship to the train, it seemed like the best and only idea we could come up with as I set up some sort of plan on what to do first when we finally got to the harbor.

#1. Clear out a safe area around the docks so the zombies could not get inside, most likely using shipping containers to make a fence.

#2. Devise a sort of chute that allowed people to be safely ferried from the ship to the train, without any kind of gate or complicated third party, simply have the train pull right up along side so people could simply step across.

#3. Salvage any mass cargo from the ship, though the odds of any was low because the ship was down to survival rations for everyone.

#4. Taking weapons and ammunition from the Navy supply ship, arm the population on site and pray that there is no trouble?

I had my doubts on option four, but I really had no idea what to expect from these people as they got off a ship for the first time in months, no doubt we were going to have to start to de-lice everyone here at the train because we were going to have a lot of people on one train.

Now the cruise ship could normally hold three thousand people for at least a month, but that number was just under four hundred due to an outbreak onboard the ship, so roughly forty people to one passenger car, we would only need half of the seventy-five passenger cars we had hooked up, but of course we like have a couple dozen boxcars to hold supplies with as well. We didn’t encounter anyone on our way down to the harbor and it was smooth sailing the whole way down, until we reached the edge of the city.

Trying to break through the sheer number of zombies was difficult to say the least, but we managed as I set about making the entire area secure, because the end of the dock with the container ship and Navy supply ship was not enough for a ship this big. Finding all of the containers full of useless items and being just dead weight, I used those to make the secure perimeter around the dock, easily big enough to allow the ship to unload passengers without to much trouble as the wall next to the tracks was within four feet of the train. The height difference was a problem, but some good old-fashioned stepladders and a particular individual who could operate a welder, solved that problem.

Once we had distributed supplies to each passenger car, hook up the PA system and tested the perimeter to see where zombies might be able to get through and whatnot, we sat down and played a waiting game.

Well, everyone else sat down and waited, with earplugs in 24/7 and staying out of sight as I went on an exploration spree in the nearby area to see what else I could find.

If it wasn’t for the fact that a really big ship was going to pull up alongside the dock in a couple of days and start unloading people, I would attempt to lure possible thousands of zombies out of the city, but the moment they see that ship, nothing short of a hundred people dancing around naked in plain sight would deter them from trying to eat the ship. It took them a few days to realize that the train wasn’t food, but they hammered on it for about two days, long after we had turned off the engines and stayed as quiet as mice in church, trying to get inside, but they were stupid shit bags and couldn’t get into the train.

Each window was tinted with the help from colored Scotch tape, so until we had lights on or opened the windows, they never knew what was inside them, of course the windows were about three feet out of reach. I think the worse sound was fingernails being ripped out as they clawed the smooth metal sides of the cars, scraping and scratching until finally the rotted fingernail was simply torn from the decayed flesh.

Things like that bothered me for the next six days, the only thing to do during that time was exercise in the secure perimeter, listen to music with headphones, read books or magazines, play cards and monitor the radio quietly as we waited.

I think every solar panel and turbine generator in the docks has been loaded onto the train, also thirty-six boxcars of food, ten more of ammunition and another dozen shipping containers filled with supplies we were going to need.
On the morning of the seventh day, we got radio link with the ship, as it was only an hour out and cruising on the remaining engine they had and eager to leave because it looked like a storm was brewing. Something so little as one foot swells would have that ship destroying the dock and itself with the combined weight and mass of the ship, that and we wanted the ship stationary as we unloaded people, because our gangway planks were not meant for a ship three times as tall, but we made a couple and had them nearby.

When I first saw the ship, I honestly thought it was the Flying Dutchman of the twenty-first century because it looked like it was a ghost ship itself.

The original color used to be white, but now it was a smeared and faded gray, faint fingers of rust ran down along the anchor chain davits and portholes, most of the railings were covered in sheets, clothing and tattered articles of material I recognized as the signs these ships liked to have draped over the sides, now only scraps remained. It also had smoke pouring from one stack, obviously that one good engine wasn’t very good anymore as the ship moved at the speed of a dying animal, but it was able to turn and line up an approach to the dock we had designated as the safe spot. High up on the observation deck and upper levels of the ship were people, real people and not a shipload of zombies, they waved at us as the ship got closer and that was when the stink finally hit us.

Apparently when the systems failed, so did the plumbing as well, because it was like someone had poured a bucket of raw sewage over my head, maggot gagging bio-chemical warfare sensor melting nasty as I nearly puked. Diesel fuel, smoke, sewage, rotting corpses, charred something and for sure shit wafted off this ship like a shroud of smell.

The ship was able to pull alongside the dock with minimal fuss, once all four anchors were dropped and the engine shut down, I placed the gangway planks near the main cargo hatches and then we started unloading people onto the train.

It was a simple affair, as they got off the gangway and started towards the stairs that lead to the train, they passed tables of snack foods, bottled water, portable toilets reminding them to go before getting onto the train, a couple bins I had lifted from Wal-Mart that contained board games, playing cards, books, toys, sports equipment, coloring books and whatnot to keep everyone somewhat entertained as they filed through. I was hovering above all of this watching the swarms of zombies pile up against the erected fence of shipping containers as everyone kept moving.

A good thing everyone had been notified ahead of time that speed was key while the last handful of volunteers finished searching the ship to make sure nobody was left behind and we all got onto the train.

Everyone was just so happy to be off that damn ship, of course we told everyone to strip out of their current set of clothes and grab some fresh ones after taking the shortest shower in history that came from a fire hydrant as they jumped into clean clothes and got on the train.

Most of them didn’t have weapons, what weapons they did have came in the form of scavenged clubs you’d find on a ship and only about ten people coming off the entire ship had guns, mostly original members of the crew with what few weapons they did have, but with everyone on the rescue team from Safe Haven, firepower was not an issue.

Getting the train moving was an issue however, it took us half an hour to get the train rolling again after I hovered six feet out of reach above a horde numbering well into the possible tens of thousands and parted away the mob clogging the main driver wheels of the train so it could get rolling. After we pulled out of the city, I was able to breathe easier along with everyone else and went around seeing if people were adjusting to their new life. Nobody had be bitten either, a bonus in my book as they calmed down and spent the next several long hours getting acquainted with a couple of the guys so they at least knew what to expect.

We had so many people, I think a lot of them were going to have to spend the night on the train to wait for the line into the Check Station to wind down, it was going to take these people at least one hour bare minimum to get checked over, showered and issued an ID card, never mind the possible need for containment or keeping a few in Check Cells as they were going to be given new quarters, no doubt some kind of job detail and standard issue equipment for the first couple of weeks. A lot of these people were young, so we didn’t have many senior citizens in this group and I had a feeling all of them would be stuck with some kind of menial job until they learned a new job skill, or could prove they had an existing one. Once I had come within ten feet of these people, I was going to end up at the back of the pack waiting for my turn through the Check Station just to have a few days rest and then get back at scrounging and searching.

These people were used to being in close quarters with each other because they informed me that zombies were still on the ship they had gotten off, mostly they had control of a few decks, the main galley freezer and access to the engine room, but several months on a boat is no picnic because a lot of them had lost a bunch of weight and gained some muscles. They also walked kind of funny too, but after being on dry land for the first time in a long time, it took some getting used to walk on something that wasn’t going to rock back and forth or sway in the ocean swells either.

Just like I had expected, once we got to Safe Haven, it was a mad house as we started getting people off the train car by car as a small fenced in enclosure was quickly erected so everyone could have a place to at least walk around and get some fresh air. After I unloaded the boxcars onto a nearby pile ready for inspection, I flopped down on top of a nearby passenger car with my rifle and tried falling asleep.

Nightmares kept me from accomplishing that, but in several hours about half of the people had gone through the Check Station and the bad news was that the medical staff was closing the place up to make everything sterile again so that nothing was going to get passed on from one person to another. After bringing out the remaining people some hot chow and getting them bunked up in the train, I went off to patrol the Fence to see what zombies I could find lurking around.
Normal operating procedure was to keep the grass and weeds on the outside of the Fence cut down to a manageable height so we didn’t have to worry about zombies walking right up to it without much warning. Of course the moat was home to scattered charred remains in random intervals around the whole thing, but whatever zombies needed dispatching had already been done by the Guards as I completed my circuit of Safe Haven and went back to the train.

Mostly I tossed and turned and didn’t get much sleep, but I got more than I usually did on most nights and woke up the next morning to deal with the next crowd going into Safe Haven as we finished running everyone through at about noon.
By now, Safe Haven was a little bit more crowded than before, but at least everyone was getting settled in as groups of new survivors were being led around by handlers as they were off to sit in another training seminar or heading off to some work detail as I finally got in line for lunch at the Center to get some real food and see how things were going.
After checking up on Hunter, who was grouchy due to the fact he was stuck in bed wearing a cast and just wanted to get some air, but the nurses would not let him leave, so I made him feel better by chatting with him, leaving him some goodies and promising him a hunt before I was shooed out by the nurse on duty.

KJ was just a nervous wreck when I found him in the newly appointed Communication Center, located a short distance from the Center and it took him several tries to tell me exactly what it was he had to say.

I’ll spare myself from repeating the techno babble, but he had just received satellite confirmation from the next cruise liner, currently three weeks away, on how many people they had onboard. For the most part, I’ll just say three hundred souls to be even, but the problem was that the ship had about eight hundred zombies onboard, so those people were scattered far and wide around the ship. Apparently this cruise liner was even bigger than the last one, so it couldn’t stroll up to the edge of the dock and drop anchors because it would bottom out somewhere in the channel leading into the harbor.

The good news was that we ended up having four helicopter pilots and a few fixed wing pilots among us, nothing fancy and only two were actually from military training backgrounds within the last five years, but we had a surplus of helicopters to pick from and we already had.

Blink had helped them find a bird they were comfortable with and they brought them back here to Safe Haven, along with a few thousand gallons of aircraft grade fuel and our extensive collection of mechanics and wrench turners got to work making sure everything was as it should be with those birds.

Two were Coast Guard H60-Seahawks with the rescue winches and rescue stuff, so they would prove to be useful, one other was a Bell 9500 charter helicopter they found with CEO logos on the sides and the last chopper turned out to actually be a Blackhawk military grade with door mounted guns and armor plating.

Of course the idea of rescuing people off a ship with helicopters had a certain appeal to it, that wasn’t practical in this case, because they would have to fly nearly a thousand miles to reach the harbor and then there was the problem of zombies onboard the ship. A helicopter landing on deck would just rile them up and cause problems as we would attempt to rescue people off the ship, so the more practical idea was to have the ship anchor offshore a few miles and we would use smaller boats to rescue people with. The dangers of putting a smaller boat next to an even larger boat in open waters were numerous, but at least we wouldn’t ground the boat on a sandbar or sink it when we hit something closer to shore, where there could be scores of possible hazards lurking around.

We had three weeks to prepare and we were about to enter a whole new type of warfare, fighting in the close confines of a massive ship, we are talking cramped hallways, tiny staterooms, dark and claustrophobic spaces where possible thousands of zombies could be hiding. I’m not talking about where the passengers hang out in spacious lounges and fancy gift shops, the passageways where the crew has to work unseen by the passengers, maintenance areas, storage rooms, air ducts, bulkheads and the works, making this job dangerous.

First we needed to get our hands on detailed blueprints or some kind of construction layout of the particular ship we were going to be dealing with, mostly because radio contact with the ship was spotty at best and we needed to prepare.
People were settling in the best they could, I hear constant firing out near the range, no doubt a lot of people were being issued firearms as other classes were giving people the crash course basics of survival in this new world.

I went out and practiced with Anastasia a little bit each day for the next week, getting her to finally overcome her fear and start working with her mind and more importantly, getting her to start practicing. First we started with the rock, then we moved on up to a twenty-five pound bench press weight and then we got started on something difficult, like moving a fifty-five gallon barrel. Her first attempts were sloppy and at the most, dangerous to anyone trying to watch from a distance, mostly because she’d launch it like a rocket, so I spent a lot of time catching it and stopping it from rocketing towards anyone. People learned to watch from a respectful distance as I got her to begin moving it around under her own control and I did less catching and ducking. It felt great to have her finally working on some control, of course it was going to be a long time before she was anywhere near picking up fragile things, such as people because she tended to squeeze things a little harder than she needed to, but as least she wasn’t dropping the barrel any more.

By the end of the week, I had her moving around barrels, bales, buckets and large heavy boxes somewhere in the three to five hundred pound range and she was moving them around with absolute precision equal to that of a surgeon. Once she got the hang or lifting things up and down gently and just sort of eased into her control, I let her work unsupervised and was happy with the results as she was steadily progressing to the point she was more useful than a hazard walking around.

With so many extra people running around Safe Haven, jobs were created out of the blue just so we didn’t have people sitting idle, because if you wanted to eat, you had to work first. We had people gardening, working in the fields, helping out on adding onto the next Wall getting put up, clearing out the waist high undergrowth in the areas where fields were going to go and then we had people learning things such as mechanics, engineering, carpentry, plumbing, electronic repair and even entering the medical field.

It was like some big college campus with people moving from classes and work, once everyone sort of settled in and got the natural rhythm of things, things were going alright, but security around the food stores and locking up everything became mandatory now. Not that it was much of an issue, once you have your name on it, you had it locked up or very distinctive to the point where everyone recognized it, then there was no worries.

Curfew was such an issue that there was nearly a mutiny over it, but after they began to see reason and noticed that everyone was doing it for their own personal safety, the revolting attitude died, along with any ideas of anyone just walking out of the gates after the last nasty incident.

A couple of guys feelings the need to hunt a couple deer for fresh meat climbed the Fence late at night and tried hunting the ever elusive white tail deer we had running around in the dead of night without any night vision, thermal imaging or even flashlights. From what we were able to decipher the next morning, they had killed a deer with a crossbow bolt, went after it and one member of the late night hunting party had been jumped and bitten by several nocturnal zombies on the prowl. He hid his wounds from the others and claimed that he sprained his ankle (the site of the bite) so the others helped carry him half a mile back to the edge of the Fence with the dead deer. As they were trying to get back over the Fence, the bitten member of the party turned and attacked the other members, scratching and biting all six of them before one of the others killed the now erected zombie with a shot to the head, but the damage had already been done.

The Guards had found seven corpses in the moat not far from the North Gate, all of them with bites and self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head, a field dressed deer hours old with an arrow in it, a hastily scrawled note in the pocket of the last man who had killed himself and a neat pile of weapons and ammunition set several feet from the bodies. It appeared they had used the same gun, once one man shot himself, the next man would take it and shoot himself before the next man grabbed it. They had used a .38 caliber snub nosed revolver with only six rounds, anything other than their clothes and some rings, they set everything else far enough away to avoid contamination.

The mood in Safe Haven was low the next day as a quick funeral service was held for the deceased men as nobody touched the dead deer and everything they had piled up was taken to the Check Station for de-contamination as the bodies were burned shortly after being identified. Since then, nobody has attempted to leave Safe Haven without permission from the Guards, or at night, but we did have a few rowdies that needed to be put where they belonged and for some reason, they ended up coming along with me and the others heading for the harbor to have about a week to prepare for the next ship coming in. Because nobody at Safe Haven wanted to put up with them in any job, the powers that be declared it would be best to send them out in the real world where they either learned to shape up or died.

Don’t ask me how we ended up with some sort of committee that ran the show, but as far as I know, a dozen people, six dudes and six women to make things equal around here, were in charge of various aspects of Safe Haven and represented a majority of the people we had running around. By now, the original Wall was expanding daily now and more fences were being put up farther and farther out to enclose as much safe territory around Safe Haven as people began working like crazy.

While I was gone, a crane was going to be busy organizing the next batch of shipping containers as the Safe Haven Express reached the harbor two days after leaving.

We got twenty passenger cars, fifty boxcars, ten flatbed cars and eighteen tanker cars, with four engines doing all the work, for a crew we have ten Marines that will provide security and tactical support once we get on the ship, another dozen motley characters I wouldn’t trust walking behind me that we were going to give weapons too and teach them a thing or too about living, someone to act as our radio operator with the rest of the world, two men from the cruise liner that claimed to have lived on the water and knew a thing or two about marine watercraft and my personal pack of goons.

Hunter was still out of action, but I still had Hop, Kelly and Anastasia to provide some useful talents. While we waited several days for the ship to show up, I took Anastasia out and began teaching her to fly, a talent that was in high demand these days no doubt as we ventured out into the buildings and warehouses around the harbor to see what we could find while the others sat tight and waited quietly inside the train cars.

Now, levitating objects is one thing, levitating yourself is quiet another and I must admit Anastasia had no idea what she was doing, at all, as we poked around to see what we could find. Mostly we found dry food goods, canned food, clothing wrapped in plastic and some machinery parts before we went searching for boats.

Not just any type of boat, but one that could travel a few miles and tie up alongside another and much larger ship and bring back a whole bunch of people, that and I was hoping for something that wasn’t too big or too small as we hunted high and low for anything that fit the bill.

Half the boats we looked at we either full of water, damaged or half sunk, while the other half was a mixture of sailboats, motor skiffs and to damn big for what we needed, but we did find what we were looking for shortly after we went looking deeper in the mess of boats tangled up in the inner harbor.

They were perfect for the job, a pair of eighty-seven foot modified tug boats that were actually Harbor Patrol, one was complete with a recently mounted M2 Browning .50 heavy machine gun on the foredeck that was a tad bit rusty and the other had a fire ladder, just like a emergency fire truck would have, except this one was bigger and built to snag onto the side of a ship. Each one had a spacious deck behind the wheelhouse, large powerful engines that were in excellent condition and they came all sorts of rescue gear, including life preservers, fire extinguishers and boarding nets for helping large ships evacuate people.

Harbor Patrol 4 and Harbor Patrol 10 were soon joined by a taxi ferry, being larger than the other two it had much more space onboard for people and traveled a little bit slower due to its size, but at least it could dock alongside our dock where the safe perimeter was still intact.

We checked them over and came up with satisfactory results, the engines worked, fuel tanks were full and no leaks anywhere, so we chugged them to our dock and began preparing them for our job that was going to happen in two days.
To wit, you can’t just jump onto a boat and expect to know what you are doing, you’re going to need to run a few practice drills with the crew and attempt some kind of procedure in case something goes wrong, which in this case could be anything. Because we didn’t have a pilot with us, there wasn’t going to be any helicopters flying around to help us, so we came up with a simple plan to deal with any problems we might encounter.

We had scores of smaller craft that were perfect for fast responses and could carry a small number of people, we had six of them at the dock next to the larger boats in case they were needed. Of course we had a contingency plan where if things went south, we’d get onto the damn train and get the Hell out of Dodge.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by bad_karma00 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:17 pm

Great story idea! Just found it today and read the whole thing to date in one sitting. Definitely be looking for more. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by kcor_77 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:53 pm

Moar please sir.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by FIDO » Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:35 am

Sorry about the wait, well I'm here to please the moar zombies.

Chapter Twelve

The Princess of Awe managed some kind of radio contact two days later as they chugged within one mile of our position and dropped anchor. We had already broken down into three boat teams, Harbor Patrol 4 and 10 would get up alongside the cruise liner and secure a foothold onboard the ship so people could start disembarking from Harbor Patrol 10, radio call sign “Ladder”, and then get transported to the taxi ferry that would take them back to the dock.

Rather than charge in guns blazing, I would hover the team of Marines onto the Princess of Awe and help them secure a safe zone where the ladder could reach and then get to work clearing this ship out from stem to stern, inch by inch, as we looked for any more survivors.

This cruise liner dwarfed the first one by at least several hundred feet in length, width and height, like comparing a rowboat to a battleship and was currently packed with roughly three hundred known survivors, a possible thousand zombies and not much else. From listening to the captain yap over the radio for half an hour, we did see a good chance at securing a safe toehold on the ship without too much trouble to get people off the ship, the hard part was going to be getting to those people.

Thirty feet above the waterline of the Princess of Awe is where the starboard side vehicle entry bay allowed pallet forks and even small trucks inside to unload food stores into the main freezers of the ship while they were at dock, so having complete control of the electronic door opener all the way from the bridge, they already had it open for us.

Another useful tidbit they had was a long list of where people were, because the intercom system still worked and communication about the ship was spotty, a small handful of people in the main security office of the ship managed to look over thousands of security cameras to find people. Including the fact emergency phones, room service and security alarms also helped them locate as many people as possible and talk to them for the most part without having every zombie breaking down the door.
The largest number of people in one place was the bridge, communication shack located behind the bridge, the main security office directly below that and a large area of the bridge crew living quarters with fifty-three people total. We would blast our way through sixteen deck levels up to the security office and clear out some kind of route to the vehicle entry door, leave a large supply cache of small arms ammunition, food and medical supplies there with a detachment of protection detail Marines to ensure security. After securing the largest group of survivors that held the highest priority and could help in the search and rescue of the other possible three hundred survivors, we’d begin clearing the ship out section by section until an entire level was clear before going down to the next deck level. According to the security staff, most of the survivors were located in the bottom of the ship, away from the top deck and located around the center second-class passenger area, making them safer from the early outbreak because they were locked up away from each other compared to being shoulder to shoulder with them. Getting to them wasn’t going to be easy and we were going to need a lot of time, but we didn’t have to worry about the ship sinking or running off the face of the Earth, so we could go slow and methodically in our liberation of the ship.

It stank like it was dead from a quarter mile away as we chugged up to the massive ship and waited for the vehicle entry door to open as I landed the Marines inside with Hop and a few of the other tag along shooters that wanted to see some action. Rather than attempt to fly everyone right up to the bridge, we were going to have to clear out the ship anyway, so it would be best to start now as we got busy.

The Princess of Awe was sitting at anchor, so she wasn’t moving around, but she still rose a good ten feet in the gentle swells, but we were able to compensate for that as we brought Harbor Patrol 10 up and attached the ladder, leaving the crew of the small boat and one guard armed with a shotgun on the other end as the other two boats sat at anchor waiting.

Aside from being in worse condition than the other cruise liner, it wasn’t much different from the other ship as we set down inside of the vehicle entry bay.
It was empty of any nasty zombies, the main reason why we wanted this particular spot and it was big enough to house a hundred people, no too mention the freezers were still full, but we got to work. The lights still worked as the Marines, all eight of them, went first to secure the hatch leading into the bowels of the ship while the other six people and myself set up our cache of supplies here and left two Marines sitting guard with enough ammunition to kill anything that came their way and they had orders to pull out if things got hairy. So far the corridor we first entered was empty, but we checked each room before securing the doors at each end of the hall before opening the fire escape stairwell to head up sixteen levels straight up to the security office.

Things went down the tubes after we started up the stairs, for one half of the doors were broken down and the stairwell was like a giant subwoofer in a building full of hung over tenants that came to put an end to the noise once they heard it. Of course, once a fire alarm actually went off for about ten seconds, I signaled the retreat as everyone thundered back down the stairs as zombies came pouring out of every opening like a flow of dead bodies, intent on killing and eating each one of us. We didn’t loose anyone as we made it back to the vehicle entry bay and had to come up with an alternative route to reach the security office, no doubt needing to meander our way through a maze of passenger areas, maintenance passageways and vital parts of the ship that were not posted on the You Are Here signs located around the ship. We began a slow and methodic sweep of the ship, starting with the same level the vehicle entry bay was on because it was ideal as we began clearing out every zombie that tried to eat us.

For this little adventure I was packing one of the rare MP5N 9mmx19mm submachine guns with a suppressor, laser sight and flashlight mounted on it, I also had a dozen of the thirty round magazines on me, a Glock-17 9mmx19mm semi-automatic with a laser sight as well as a flashlight, a bayonet and some night vision goggles in case we had a power outage. Most of the Marines were armed with M4 carbines, lights and lasers as well, and they had a wider variety of close quarters combat weapons and being quiet was not a priority for these guys.

After letting the zombies cool down for about an hour, Hop slipped into the stairwell and made it too the security office with his silenced pistol, radio and whatever he had crammed in his pockets as he set some kind of detailed plan and let us know he was alive when he got there.

Our ETA was gone as we started on room to room searching, of course this was where most of the actual crew worked and lived behind the scenes, so it wasn’t as simple as walking through a motel. It was more like a hazardous jungle gym you scampered around on when you were a kid times like a hundred, then add an unknown number of zombies into the mix, it is dark and you have no idea where you are.

Mostly we would just open the door and see if anything came out to eat us and if nothing came out, then we went in to see if one or possible more were hiding somewhere, because all it would take was just one of them to ruin our day. I went first, simply because I could form a barrier between myself and whatever was trying to eat me as I calmly stood in the middle of a corridor or room and piled up the bodies after shooting them in the head while the Marines watched my six as I did most of the work. Once I had shot each zombie in the head, I piled them in neat stacks along the walls out of the way facedown and continued shooting the next one. Once I ran through all of the rounds for my MP5N, I switched over to my sidearm and went to town with that until I ran out of bullets.

A couple of the Marines loaned me more pistol magazines until I had burned through all those as well and needed a rifle, which one of them handed over as I kept going.
We rescued eighteen people from various staterooms, galley kitchens and supply lockers and sent them back with the Marines as I kept going, making sure to leave a black check mark across each door to represent that each room had been checked and I closed the door after piling the bodies outside in the hall. Now, call me stupid, but I must have burned through a thousand rounds of ammunition and that meant somebody had not counted properly on the passenger manifest as I radioed the security office to ask someone in charge if they knew exactly how many bodies had been brought onto this ship.

“We have no idea sir,” even though I wasn’t military they addressed me as such, “they just kept coming onboard by the hundred every hour and that went on for about eight hours before we pulled away from Charleston, plus six hundred crew.”

Great for them, so there could possible thousands of zombies on this tub and we would have to kill every single one of them, by now we had cleared out half of a level before rescuing another thirty people, not bad, but slow as Hell.

Brainstorm. I called Hop with a possible plan and he told me too wait as he talked with the security crew for about a minute and then came back on with news.

“They think it is nuts, but they see the merit in your plan and are willing to go for it, they can clear roughly sixty percent of the ship by having the deck horns blaring for an hour, but a lot of areas do not have electronic doors they can just unlock, but they think it will work.” He sounded hopeful as I wished him the best of luck and headed for the vehicle entry bay for more ammunition and safety half an hour before the foghorns started howling.

Being really loud as well as constant made them perfect to lure possible hundred of the nasty zombies onto the open decks of the Princess of Awe as they went nuts.
Having kicked myself for not coming up with the plan earlier, I hovered above the cruise liner waiting for a large enough group to warrant the need to brush them off the deck and into a few hundred feet of water where they would sink and not be our problem anymore. After about seven hours of sweeping off hundreds of zombies, the security office killed the horns and we got to work on rapid ship clearing techniques. Due to the fact barricades had been erected, doors had been locked and because zombies had the worst sense of direction, there were still many of them to deal with as we secured the bridge first and worked our way down to the vehicle entry bay to get people off this ship pronto.

After we lost a Marine due to a lucky bite that managed to snag just enough skin to warrant infection, he’d been ushering four survivors over a barricade when a horde of roughly one hundred zombies showed up out of nowhere and the kid took off. He went after the kid and managed to save the kid by using his body as a battering ram to break down a door and barricading himself and the kid inside, where he used every round for his rife dispatching zombies until he ran out of ammunition. He left his radio with the kid, his pistol with a few magazines and his rifle in the same room, this Marine walked out into the hallway armed with only his bayonet and bare hands. By the time we got there, he’d killed another twenty-six zombies and immobilized another dozen before using a zip tie to secure his wrist to a stairwell door handle as he knew it wouldn’t be long before the infection took him. Being a tough puppy, he fended off the remaining zombies before he succumbed to the infection before we arrived.

Morale of the story, he was missed after one of the Marine put a round in his head and I carried his body out of the ship to have a proper burial after we got the kid out of the room and took him back to the vehicle entry bay.

Our mood did not improve as we had to deal with some loud mouth tourists that complained about having to wait so long after being locked in the primary dry goods galley, a terrible place if you hate donuts, cake and pasta for several months, but we didn’t leave them behind before we called it a night. The first day we had gotten roughly forty people off the boat and lost one man, the next day we got seventy-six people off the ship without loosing anyone, but on the third day we made the big push to hurry up and get everyone off the ship because satellite pictures showed a massive hurricane system churning across the Pacific Ocean, building strength as it went.
Anastasia stayed with the train, but she worked on stowing everything we had hauled into the safe perimeter prior to the Princess of Awe arriving while people from the taxi ferry were brought back to the dock.

We rescued two hundred twenty-eight people as the harbor was getting choppy enough to break off the ladder hooks and nearly capsize one of our boats as we finished getting people off the ship and headed back towards the train. Rather than chance the possibility of loosing our boats, I set them up on dry ground up on stilts and braced them with shipping containers to avoid any kind of tip over while we were gone and got onto the train after it had let loose. From what KJ was able to burst to us, we were in the edge of this massive storm, estimated to be near a category five hurricane in full swing as it was beginning to make landfall, so we peeled out of the harbor area and headed back towards Safe Haven.

Keep in mind that the rain cut our visibility down to less than a few hundred feet, so we had to crawl our way along the tracks at about twenty miles an hour so we’d have plenty of time to spot our switch track as everyone settled down for a very long trip in cramped quarter as I slipped out of my soaking wet clothes and crawled into my bunk, intent on shutting out the world and the past three days and all of the new nightmares I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. Hop was his usual cheery self that bounced around each train car for half an hour before heading onto the next one, seeing how people were doing, if they needed anything or if they were alright, I guess he was still burning up all of his pent up energy, but then again he was all big on ego for sneaking around killing a few hundred zombies while totally invisible. Kelly was alright, she’d done damn good for throwing herself at a dozen of them to let three people make an escape while she took out the zombies and then brought those people back to the vehicle entry bay.

The bad news was that three of the survivors had been bitten between being rescued and getting on the boat, meaning they had tried to take a shortcut and went right through an area we had not cleared, so they had been given the choice of taking a bullet or picking another option of death. One had been doped up with enough morphine to feel nothing as he slipped away, the other man of the trio had picked to slip away from the group and commit suicide off the side of the ship and the last individual was a little girl, she taken a final bath and climbed over the shipping containers in hopes of finding her family after she died.

Not ten minutes after she went over, we spotted her among the horde massing around the perimeter, her clothes were clean and visible among all of the dark and dirty zombies, so we put a round through her head from a distance as courtesy to what had to be done. It felt like shit having to do it, but I don’t think none of us would have rested if we hadn’t done the deed, but it still didn’t feel good, knowing the person you had to kill once they were now a zombie.

The rain followed us all the way back to Safe Haven, so we had to sit and wait for the shuttle vans to come out and pick up a couple people to take them through the Check Station as we waited inside the passenger cars because it was a mess outside.

There wasn’t hail, but we still had some nasty wind and a lot of rain that made further work progress on the Wall come to a stop until everything dried up a couple weeks after it stopped raining and it rained for a week. For the first three days it was constant downpour that never stopped while it steadily slackened off day by day until the sun came out, by then we were all getting cabin fever and needed to get out and accomplish something. I am happy to report there were three mutants in this bunch and I got to know them quiet well during the week, mostly because they were in the same “apartment” as me and they wanted to prove themselves.

Allan Grundy is a guy with a wife and kid that can create energy field barriers around himself and up too ten other people that can stop zombies from attacking or getting within three feet of the intended victims, but there is no way to attack from behind these barriers or move objects. His family was bunked with Mike and Molly as he started practicing with his powers, mostly to get the kinks worked out and to estimate limits.

Mia Carmine has the distinct ability to fly herself and whatever she can hold onto, but it cannot weight more than five hundred pounds or she cannot move it. Though she is unable to make other objects or people fly, Mia can fly fast enough to warrant the need for goggles and earplugs with complete control.

Emma Po, a half Chinese-half American woman with the uncanny ability launch powerful shockwaves that could demolish buildings if she wanted to, but then again she could point a finger at a zombie and reduce it too a pile of mush from fifty feet. Being a timid person by nature, I put her with Anastasia in order to help her come out of her shell and show what she really is, that and I figured she would be best suited for destroying things that needed to be destroyed than accidently taking down a building with people in it.

From what KJ was able to figure out, one of the cruise liners he’d been trying to get a hold of had vanished into thin air as he tried to find it with satellite pictures and whatnot, but couldn’t locate the ship. We figured it must have sank and there was nothing we could do for those poor souls, but hope they had not suffered or managed to survive. Because there was now roughly seven hundred people in Safe Haven, our outlook on the future has changed dramatically, we now had to come up with a way to feed, clothe and house all of these people and according to the number crunchers and experts, our food stores would last a year and a half tops.

That meant we had to create the industry to help limp this population along rather than depend on scrounging and searching for everything we were going to need, a daunting prospect indeed, but we had thousands of years of technology at our beck and call to make our lives easier. We were going to need the equipment and machinery to create the things we were going to need, after we came up with a way to obtain raw materials in order to turn it into things we were going to need.

Plans for a factory that could pasteurize our grown food so it had a shelf life beyond a few months are already in the works, along with a lab to make the drugs and antibiotics is already underway. Electricity might die in our lifetime, but we sure are not going to give it up soon as we were going to need more solar panels, wind turbines and other means of creating electricity in the amounts we were going to need. Fuel was another issue, all of the stuff we had siphoned from something was turning bland on us and we were going to need to make more from scratch, in huge amounts by the way. With help from a address book and a map, we were able to locate many places that sounded promising, such as a grain mill, a plastic recycling factory and several canning factories within a hundred miles of Safe Haven as the smarter people among us came up with the plans we were going to need in the next six months.

Fuel refinery to start making some bio-fuels or at least enough fuel to keep things operational, that meant the crops needed for this would be switch grass or large amounts of corn, it would take a week for every batch of fuel, so we were already starting to ration the supply we had on hand.

Food preparation that would allow us to can and package food so it would last much longer, eliminating the need for constant scrounging to come up with food that would last months at a time. Already we are working on expanding the fields to about five times the original size they were to support such a large population and we were trying to come up with ways to improve our current staple diet of food.

Making spare parts, it be parts for the bulldozers or parts for a tractor, we’d need some equipment so we could build our own spare parts, rather than be caught dismantling a derelict vehicle by a horde of zombies.

Our medical doctors and chemistry techs were already hard at work creating the antibiotics, pain killers and drugs we were going to need in the future, but long term plans consisting on heavier drugs and more advanced medical supplies was underway. Then there was the long list of items that went second, such as clothing and ammunition, I think people had a higher priority about beer than they did about toothpaste and dental products, but then again, most people were not expecting to live to see old age these days.

I had picked up something, mites or some damn bug that needed an informal thirty-six hours to get rid of, then again most of the people coming off the boat had all sorts of stuff that would require people to get rid of or else we’d have them forever.

After getting out of the Check Station three days later, I went to see how Hunter was doing and was happy with his progress, but he’d still be down and out for another month at least. He wasn’t the only person in the clinic either, about ten people were on suicide watch after they tried taking their own lives through various forms of wrist slitting, poisonings and self-inflicted gun shot wounds that nearly proved to be fatal. I didn’t blame the folks in the Dead Ward of the clinic, none of them had any family left, their lives were shattered and of course the daunting prospect of the gloomy future also made people feel low, but hopefully they would snap out of it and think of something positive.

Because Safe Haven was in such an uproar, the Terrible Two couldn’t or didn’t want to find me as they became oriented with as many people they could, personally I think they want to create a baby making list as soon as people will see things their way, but I guess I can only hope.
I was working with the new mutants and getting together a group of people to take to the Yard for a quick grab and run before poking around the city to gather as much stuff we were going to need.

Allan Grundy was married, so he would not be leaving Safe Haven unless he volunteered, so that left Emma and Mia to be trained through as many training seminars and classes before they would be out in the big bad world.

I worked on getting a plan of sorts figured out for the highest priority item in this place and it was becoming fuel. A barrel of gasoline could provide more than 2,500 hours of labor where it would require fifty people a long time to ever get that much work done, so the beginning works of a fuel refinery was underway and we had lots of oil already on hand, so alternative fuels could be dealt with later. Making oil into gasoline and diesel fuel, not to mention aviation fuel is a lot harder than I thought it would be and the stuff we were going to need to have such a place operating at a pace to provide us with even a trickle of fuel.

We would leave for the Yard soon, mostly to grab everything I had there ready to go and pick up some things, that and there is going to be an influx of scroungers around Safe Haven, so while everyone else went after the little stuff, I could focus on scoring the big stuff. Like visiting a military base sometime soon so we had enough ammunition in long term storage because we were not going back down to the harbor anytime soon.
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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by golem3 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:16 am

Another great addition. I wonder if they could set up a satellite community based at an existing refinery? Move in some storage container walls & "apartments", set up some sort of gate. I suppose it would have to be close enough for quick support though.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by FIDO » Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:30 pm

..... Damn it, you stole my thunder, oh well.
Just kidding, you'll understand when I finish the next couple of chapters, but I'll kick the idea around a little bit and think about putting it in the story line.
Thanks for the insight.

Edit: I'll post another chapter Monday, check after the weekend and see what you guys think, until then, I'll barricade myself from the moar zombies and make them something that will please the hunger.

If not, then the moar zombies broke in and ate me.,,, :shock:
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

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Re: Mutants, Zombies & The Apocalypse

Post by FIDO » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:30 am

To keep the moar zombies held at bay...
Kind of short, long weekend.

Chapter Thirteen

After a week of kicking around Safe Haven and figuring out who was worth it and who wasn’t worth bringing along, I left for the Yard with a convoy of semis and buses with future scroungers and drivers, not to mention all the mutants I could get my hands on for a little on the job training with real life experience for a bunch of these folks.

Along the way we practiced vehicle convoy drills, what to do in case one vehicle craps out, Chinese fire drills, accidents, securing a perimeter when the vehicles come to a stop and what not, so it took us two days to reach the Yard because I wanted everyone comfortable with sleeping in the middle of a wasteland at night, so nobody got any sleep.

After we secured and locked ourselves in the Yard, everyone began learning the trade after we waited a couple hours to let the zombies wind down and the first trucks to leave with the loaded trailers from so long ago.

I would take a dozen or so newbie’s out with me to some building and turn them loose on the place with a few “teachers” watching on to make sure they didn’t screw up and get eaten right off the bat. After they could secure a building, clear a building of zombies, scrounge for anything useful and get out alive in the practice run, I turned them loose on the rest of the city with the simple instructions of what to do, what to look for and when I expected them to be back at a collection point.

While they were busy getting a feel for things, I was off in some dark warehouse gently taking apart large pieces of machinery so we could have the key components of a factory assembly line as I shuttled all of this hardware back to the Yard so it could be loaded on trucks. First I went to a nearby ammunition plant, Winchester, to get all of the essential bits and parts of the assembly lines so we could start cranking out brand new ammunition on our own. It was a real bitch doing so, but with some help from a few engineers, an operators’ manual, some real heavy duty tools and trial and error, we pretty much got everything cleaned out of the place we were going to need.

Everything from the factory got sent back to the Yard to get loaded on the trailers, about fifty tons of raw materials and another two hundred tons in the form of machinery and equipment. After that factory, we cleaned out another Wal-Mart, a Lowes and several storage warehouses filled with lots of things on our priority list in about a week. No losses or missing people either, which is a plus in my book, a few close calls, a couple mental breakdowns and some temper tantrums to make things interesting, or in my case, irritating as Hell.

What mutants I had were busy like me, learning and working on the job as we hauled in enough stuff to make all the work I had done myself seem pale in comparison while the trucks kept rolling and supplies kept going out.

Our fuel problem was solved when a wizard among us simply made a few hydrogen powered cars from scratch and made some super fuel efficient trucks that drove around the city collecting supplies at collection points, basically taking a huge load off my shoulders and opening the door to the possible alternatives. That still didn’t stop us from dismantling a fuel refinery on the edge of the city and sending it back to Safe Haven on truck, then we liberated everything from a cannery, a bottle making plant, two metal machine shops with every known tool in abundance, another ammunition factory, a clothing manufacturing plant and enough raw materials to keep Safe Haven in business for a long time.

Solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal conductors are rare finds, but worth all of the effort we put into obtaining them because they provide us with nearly unlimited possibilities.

A pilot made here to the Yard in a stripped down UH Bell model helicopter that came with a hoist and a side mounted machine gun for fast emergency evacuation from inside the city in the event I was not available or any other mode of transportation was out of the equation.

We also took every book from every public library or private home we could get our hands on, everything from Dr. Seuss to advanced anatomy and sent all of it back to Safe Haven in a single trailer after it had been boxed, labeled and then packed.

By now we were cleaning out private homes of everything as well, clothes, furniture, food, cutlery, supplies, fuel, tools, weapons, ammunition, medical items, toilet paper is a valued find, books, toys and whatever else was deemed important. I was still cleaning out warehouses, large chain stores and any place with large quantities of the stuff laying around in bulk, while everyone else was going over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

While I busy in the city, a bunch of veterans of scrounging in the wastelands went off with a bunch of semis and a fuel tanker to round up all of the tractors, farm machinery and anything else they could find. Back at Safe Haven there was an explosion of building activity that expanded the chain link fences out several miles in each direction as fields were being cultivated, domestic and wild crops being planted and there was even a team up north with a tree digger capable of uprooting entire trees, so far they had “packaged” two dozen apple trees, sixty orange trees and a dozen peach trees from orchards around the area and sent them back to Safe Haven so they could be planted.

Cows were also being rounded up though wild and dangerous, a bunch of beef loving cowboys using trucks and four wheelers manage to round up quiet a few of them from down south and send them back in special trailers that the zombies can’t get into and keep the thousand pound bovines locked inside. Someone with pig hunting expertise took a small crew and went out hog wrestling with zombies running around, how they managed to corral and load up thirty wild hogs with razor sharp tusks and attitudes to match without losing a single person is beyond me. There are still fuel shortages back at Safe Haven and we are having a real problem with the stuff we siphon out of stationary vehicles, so we need new fuel made now.

Once the newly erected factories back at Safe Haven were operational, we pulled out of the city and secured several areas that could supply us with natural resources such as oil, minerals, food, lumber and even food.

Far as I know, we have trucks getting sent in once a week from three different mines, one coal mine, a copper mine and another mine we have digging out the materials we need to make gunpowder, while another truck sends a load of prime lumber we can make into building materials or paper and a steady stream of trucks is delivering three oil tankers a week to help with our short term fuel problem.

I think that the future for humanity might finally be changing, right now it is nothing like the early days where we had to worry about surviving the next sunrise, food is not an issue here either, as with the sheer number of people we have. Of course there are still a few pockets of humanity spread out over the rest of the world and we are going to start our nation wide rescue attempts from place we know have living people and continue surviving and rebuilding what was once our home.

We have managed to avoid having any losses to the zombie at all this past week and no raiders in the area either, the Death Ward is slowly becoming more empty with each passing day and Hunter is chomping at the bit to get out the Clinic, but he still has to remain in a bed for at least another few weeks. Communications are pouring in every new day from all corners of the globe, I have to go see about a rescue in the middle of Denver, so I guess I’ll go get started.

And here I was thinking that optimism was not a part of my nature.
The Hardest Thing About The Zombie Apocalypse Would Be Pretending That I'm Not Excited.

Fear Me Not, I Shall Create Peace... After Kicking Ass And Taking Names First

"let any man stand before the mast and show his iron, for I shall measure it with my own steel and cut him down

"You, you and you, panic."

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