Opinion on: The Fallen. My book rough draft.

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Opinion on: The Fallen. My book rough draft.

Post by GEMINI[]92 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:29 pm

Author note. (First draft) The Fallen

Revelation 9:6 

And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death flees from them.

2027  Alantle, GA  outpost angle ark 

It has been 12 years since world has Fallen. Cassian and a couple hundred or so people survived, but as time passes he and the other survivors see their home slowly descend into darkness.

All surround them started to crumble, then the dead rise. Now stake is even higher and deadly, cassian a volcanologists is now someone that trying to live a day at a time. Simply trying not to be eaten alive. As Cassian stares at tall metal gate he felt small, insignificant. This metal gate is the only thing that's keeping the dead from coming in here and eaten us alive. 

12 year ago from today it seems like a never ending nightmare.  Days haven't gone by that cassian haven't thought about his family, his son... Tear roll down his face, as he holds an old picture of his son Aj. Pain that no parent should feel. 

Cassian can go to sleep see pure magnitude of  Yellowstone volcano erupted. Imagine 70,000 nuclear bomb want off. Five states and it people gone. "Snap" gone. as volcanologists I should've seen it. 

The explosion was massive enough it triggered it own storm. A mega storm. Heavy rain , Floods, massive landslides and fire happen. 11 straight days of fighting heavy rain,  floods, landslides, and fire. Everything came to a halt. We all thought the was over, we were wrong.  

Bodied started to pile up, there was more dead than injured or survived. Then Cassian first time ever seen anything like it, body just rise. 


Cassian jump he stood up. As Cassian walk a couple inches forward he paused. Looking around he saw people stand in the street confused.  

"Do you hear that? Why the Sirens going off?" Man asked. 

Cassian look at the young man that was standing a couple inches from him. 

"The military sound them off when more than two or three of the dead approaches the gate door," Cassian said. "Every few minutes they go off, nothing to wonder about."

"Oh ok"… the man smirk. 

A grin appeared on cassian face. Look at cassian can imagine how his son would have been. Aj. Saddest appear on his face, he walks away.

"I wonder what is it like to be out there… just surviving, trying not to be dinner, snack or brunch," Young man asked.  "Man you have to be a man of steel."  

Cassian stop. He stared over his shoulder at the young man. 

"Humph. You never been outside that gate?" Asked cassian. 

The young man shook his head. "N...no sir haven't. I was born after it"… the young man looked at the ground. 

"Well how lucky you are. I'm from the old world when it fall into darkness. It was pure hell," Cassian said to him. "For the record the old world would have broken the Man of steel."

"Oh… so how long you were out there for?" The young asked. 

Cassian smiled. "Since the beginning. Out there it changes you, it makes you feel, think, and see things from a whole different perspective," Cassian  explaining. "It's almost make you inhuman, it comes in handy in dire situations."

The young look at cassian curiously and scared. 

"Inhuman? Huh. Wow. Ha. Do you still have those thoughts ?" He asked cassian. 

Smiling cassian look at him. "In my case, yes. People from the old fallen world will permanently is like that," Cassian said. "sorry to say people now will die within days if they leave here."

Young man has an unsettling surprised look on his face.


"There it goes again," the young man said. "Whoa! Whoa. I thought you said, said the sirens go off every few minutes."

"Yeah, I know what the hell I said." Cassian said angrily. 

Cassian listen then what followed…

[Gun shots]...

"Oh shit." The soldier ran off. 

[Gunshots ]...

The young man started to become frightened.

"Oh fuck! They c...coming. '' Soldiers said radio the soldiers. 

"Well… it seems  you state of the art wall is it,  so state-of-the-art anymore." Cassian said laughing. 

"Fuck you. Old man." The soldier said as he ran to help. 

"Whoa! What the fuck is going on? Did the dead find their way in?"  The young man said panicking.

"Yes. That's what it. Seem." 


"Oh man t..that sound close." The young said. 

"Come on boy. We need to take shelter. Shit going to hit the fan, fast." Cassian said urging the boy to follow. 

After running a couple of feet or so the young man and Cassian found a church.  Walking inside they see that a handful of people had taken shelter. Cassian can't feel the fear in the air, he and the young man took a seat. 

"So what are we going to do next? We can stay here." The young man said frightened. 
"Boy, calm down. As long we are out of sight and stay completely quiet. We all be fine." Cassian explained. 

"It's Stephen." 


"My name is Stephen."

"Oh. Cassian." 

"This is how it felt when it happened?" Stephen asked Cassian. 

"No." Stephen look at Cassian. "This isn't anything like what happened 12 year ago," Cassian said angrily. "Just say it was worse than hell."

"So tell me how it happen?" Stephen asked him. 

"Say what?" Cassian was confused about this boy. 

"Well no one ever speaks about… you know." Stephen said whispering. 

"Why are you whispering?" Asked cassian. 

"They say people from the old world change." You know… "change" Stephen explained. 

"Mutate. That what you referring "the change" right? Kid? where you be getting you information." Cassian asked Stephen. 

"Story's. Parents would tell stories there children about old world people that's no longer human. They became a hybrid human like zombie," Stephen explained the story. "They tell stories scared us to go to sleep or get us to act right."

Cassian started to laugh. When thinking  about it the more he started to Laughed. 

"Wow. Oh ok… that a new one to me." Said cassian. 


((The dead Moans))...

"Cassian. We going to die?" Stephen asked. 

"Sorry I can't say. Sorry." 

"For real what trigger the virus outbreak that human population fallen completely to it knees," Stephen asked again. "Please." 

Painful memories Cassian don't want to open. Memories of everything he and other endured, good friend he meets and the one that didn't make. People he kills along the way. 


"Ok. Fine. I'll tell  you my story. I'll tell ya it." Cassian said hesitate. 

"Oh ok where do I begin."

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