Are We The Last?

Zombie or Post Apocalyptic themed fiction/stories.

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Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:04 pm

Aug 2nd 2013

Here I sit on the cold bare floor, in what used to be a closet, it's pitch black, my knees clinched tightly in my arms, my back pinned against the wall. A single door way is the only obstruction sitting between me and what used to be my family. Even now I can hear them rummaging through the room on the other side of the door. I try not to make a sound, try pushing the thoughts of losing everything I have ever loved far from my mind, trying to focus only on surviving. "Is surviving even worth it?" Is the question I constantly find myself asking.

Occasionally the only light protruding the darkness comes from my wristwatch when I look to see how long I have been in my present location. Four hours, feels like four days. I find myself watching the digital display of my watch counting seconds. The noises outside of my sanctuary have all but stopped. Is there anyone still out there? I dare not open the door.

Looking at my watch two more hours have passed. It is now 10p.m. The horrors beyond the door continue to sit silent. From the softly emitting light radiating from my watch I observe my surroundings. One side of the closet hosts business suits, while the other hosts more casual wear. On the shelving above the closet rods are shelves with extra blankets, shoe boxes, and what seems to be winter clothing, jackets and such. The last wall held a bank of drawers which I dare not investigate due to fear the sounds might be heard.

Finding myself more comfortable with my surroundings I stand. Stretching my legs brought a small measure of relief. I reached for a red winter coat stored atop. I was careful to make no noise. This jacket to my surprise was a down jacket with goose feather stuffing, and a wool interior. I balled it up, then placed it on the floor. I then laid upon the floor placing the balled up jacket under my head as a pillow. I didn't think I would ever fall asleep, but somehow I managed to.

Aug 3rd, 2013

I woke this morning only to find my muscles stiff, and aching from sleeping on the hard floor. Pressing the side button on my watch to light up the L.E.D. display revealed it was only 6:25a.m. I sat there rekindling what previously happen the day before. My family and I were having a dinner, Shrimp and Corn soup, as we were eating we were discussing how our day had gone, and if any news had been heard about the recent viral outbreak. We weren't scared, I think we even thought it was some type of hoax. Anyway, as we were eating we heard a few gun shots from right outside. It all happened so fast, even now its hard for me to place an order to the events. Right after hearing the gun shots, we all ran to the window peering outside trying to see what was going on. As we were investigating something shattered the window pulling my mother halfway through the window and biting her arm. As my mother fought to pull back her now mangled arm a face revealed itself. It was pale, missing one eye, blood dripped from its chin. Its lip was ripped exposing its teeth. Frozen in shock and fear I could only watch as my father kicked it multiple times in the head, only then with a loud "CRACK" did it fall limp to the ground. I wasn't there, this was a dream, I could hear my father calling my name, but it was echoing as if coming from another dimension. I watched as he helped to stand my mother up, soon as he was able to, she fell back to the floor. My father stood over her crying, trying to bring her back to life. His mouth exhaling air into her lungs. Suddenly she gripped him, he fought to remove himself from her grasps. As soon as he did, he turned to me exposing his lip which had been bitten off by my mother. He shouted "RUN" to me. Moments later he too fell to the floor. Somehow, though I have no recollection, I ran to the closet.

Feeling a little more confident I once again stood up in my new prison. My body ached more than yesterday. How much longer would I have to sit in here until someone came looking. I paced back and forth 3 steps each way. I grabbed one of the shoe boxes. it was white with black trim rounding all of the edges. I sat with my legs crossed beneath one another as I opened the box. Inside were pictures of a trip we took one summer. Many of the photos were of my mother holding me on the beach as a baby. She was a very good looking woman in her younger ages. I continued flipping through the photos, only stopping when I came across one of her and my father. She was wearing an evening gown. Red with Black lace, he was wearing a Tuxedo the table behind them had two lit candles upon it. I took the wallet from my back pocket, folded the picture, then placed it inside before returning the wallet to my pocket. Looking at my watch I had allowed most of the morning to slip away while I reminisced.

It is now 12:35p.m. Still what ever dangers lurk beyond the door, remain silent. The closet is strangely illuminated to a degree, light coming from the crack between the floor and the base of the door. I crawled to the door placing my head on the floor, peaking out beyond my prison. I could see an old lamp on the floor, the shade on the opposite side of the room. I could also see a pair of shoes at the base of the bed, not moving but I couldn't see enough past the door to tell whether or not a person sat in those shoes. I withdrew from my position and pulled down another shoe box. This shoe box was red with no other details. Opening it I discovered my fathers .357 magnum pistol. He had bought the pistol years ago when he and my mother had been robbed. I think he bought it more for confidence than the actual intent on using it, even though he had taken my mother and I to the shooting range multiple times to train with it. I never knew where he kept the pistol, and was thankful to find it. If only I had found a couple of rounds to go with it I might be able to get out of my current situation. Placing the gun to the side I stood up to pull down another shoe box.

This shoe box was brown with white wrapping still clinging to it from a past Christmas. Opening it produced a collection of baseball cards older than I was. I thumbed through them but didn't recognize any of the players. Until I came across a rookie card of Mickey Mantle. This card at one time was worth so much money, now I would imagine it would be used to start a fire. I placed the shoe box back in its spot. I was growing hungry and thirsty.

It is now 6:14p.m and I have not eaten or drank anything in close to 24 hours. I knew I would have to leave the confines of my sanctuary at some point or I would starve to death. It would be getting dark very soon, it would be better if I waited until tomorrow to leave my shelter. Part of me dreaded it, the other part of me welcomed it. For the past 24 hours I had been urinating in the corner, then throwing old clothes upon it to keep the smell at bay, but still the smell would lurk.

I grabbed another shoe box, this one was smaller than the rest, it was white with a gold bow wrapped around it. I untied the bow and removed the top finding dozens of letters. The first letter I opened came from a normal envelope. It read:

Dear My Love, I have longed to feel your touch, when I agreed to come go to college I didn't think it would be so hard to be so far away from you. There are nights, like right now, I think about leaving, coming back home to your arms, getting a job at the automotive store. I've always been good with my hands and it isn't a bad living. But, my parents would disown me, for how long though? It might just be worth it. Other than missing you and always thinking about you being up here isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I have failed to make many friends, but with such a big school I have not given up the hope of it. I was late for a couple of classes today, which really sucks the first day and all, but the campus is so big it takes forever to get anywhere. Tonight after class I am going to map out the day for myself to ensure I am not tardy again. How are things going on your side of the country? Hows mom and dad? Hows your work at the convenient store going? Have you gotten that raise yet? I apologize for the one hundred questions, its just so hard being so far from everything I know. Anyhow I need to get some sleep, big day tomorrow. I love you!

I had known my mother and father dated a long time before they got married, but apparently my mother had kept all of my fathers letters. They often told me they couldn't believe how far technology had come. When they were "kids" you didn't have the easy form of communication you have now. Sure, you could call someone, but what was a cell phone, or a text message? They used letters as a source of contacting one another. I couldn't say when the last time I wrote a letter was.

I decided to save the letters for another time, they brought me comfort when I read them.

I spent the next couple of hours looking through the rest of the closet hopeful to find rounds for the .357, laughing to myself, my father used to take us to the range to train with the pistol, but never told me where the ammo was. In my opinion it was as bad as not having a pistol at all.

Coming up on 10:30pm, the closet was once again very very dark. I place my head on my makeshift jacket pillow, shut my eyes, and tried to fall asleep. I heard a sudden scream, at first I could not tell where is was coming from. I crawled to the door, peering through the gap in the floor and the base of the door. I couldn't see anything or hear anything moving. Then I heard the scream again, it was close. I couldn't tell if it was in the house or outside the house. It continued for a couple of minutes before it fell quiet again.

I starred at the would be ceiling as the thoughts flowed through my head. Fantasizing about the screams, was it a woman being chased by one of those things? What was her fate? Did she get bitten, only to become one of those things, or did she take her own life somehow to prevent it? Maybe she is my savior, maybe she was trying to lure them away from me, trying to help me. As my eyelids grew heavier, my fantasies grew wilder, finally allow me to drift off to sleep.

Aug. 4th, 2013

I woke this morning to the sound of my own stomach growling. I knew I would have to leave my luxurious spot here in the closet in search of food, and something to drink. I sat up crawled to the door to peer beneath it. Everything was in the same position and place as it was the last time I had seen it all. I sat back on my knees, hesitant knowing what I had to do. Fear rushed over me, I grabbed the .357 magnum, tucked it between my back and my belt. Then I heard a noise. Again I peered under the door. Nothing. It was a familiar sound which reminded me of the time I went camping with my parents. We had rented a log cabin for a couple of days. One night I couldn't sleep because fear struck me, I could hear something going through the kitchen. My father must have heard it too, he got up turned on the light revealing a raccoon. It gave us all a huge scare as it went bat shit crazy trying to escape. I doubt what was behind the door was a raccoon, it gave me some relief to tell myself it was.

I stood up grabbed the door knob, slowly began to twist. With a slight click the door was able to slide open. Opening it just wide enough for me to get a quick glance of the room. My hand was hurting from the grip I had on the door knob ready to slam it shut at the first hint of danger. The room seemed clear, I slowly pulled the door back only sticking my head out through the narrow opening. Glancing around the entire room revealed nothing of interest. There next to the bed were the shoes which I had often wondered if they had someone sitting in them, or something. I continued opening the door even more, sweat streaming down my forehead. I could hear the noises coming from down the hall. I quickly and quietly shut the door. I placed my back against the door looking up at the ceiling. I was scared. I knew what had to be done, but my body nor my brain would let me accomplish it.

Swallowing the lump within my throat I again grabbed the door knob, slowly began reopening the door. Again just enough to allow my head through the gap. No danger emerged, so I opened the door even more. Wide enough for my body to slip from behind I took my first step into my parents bed room. On the wall closest to the closet was a window. I crouched over to the window, looking outside I didn't recognize the area. Our neighborhood was one of the more upper class neighborhoods in our area. Peering out the window there were cars left in the middle of the street, one car met an unfortunate end when it plowed into a light pole, another car hit a fire hydrant which was still spouting water from beneath the car. I sat there for a moment in awe at the sights before me. Then I heard the noises again. Recollecting my thoughts, panic set in. I crawled to the doorway which lead into the hall. Peaking around the corner revealed nothing. I began sneaking down the hall way careful not to bump into anything which might make a sound. Halfway down the hallway there was a vase broken on the floor, I couldn't remember if I broke it in my dash for the closet. Careful not to step on the now shattered vase I continued down the hallway. I came to the last opening in the hall way which opened up into the living room. I peered around the corner, the noises growing louder, saw nothing unusual except for the mess that was the living room. The white couch was stained with some type of black goo in some spots, and red in other spots. The T.V. was hanging on the wall only by its cords. The glass coffee table had been shattered, and the end tables knocked over along with their lamps. The only item which remained intact was the fireplace, though its hardware was knocked over on its side. I made my way behind the couch towards the fire place, extremely careful not to make a sound. I could see the fireplace hardware on the floor, with the fire poker protruding from the collapsed rack. Heart pounding I reached for the fire poker, as I began to pull it away from the remaining hardware it made a "CLANK" type noise. I froze, the sounds coming from the kitchen also ceased. This was it, this would be the fall of me, I kept thinking to myself. Then the noises in the kitchen resumed, giving some comfort oddly enough. I grabbed for the poker again, pulling it slowly hoping it wouldn't make a sound. I almost had it completely loose from the rest of the hardware when the handle got stuck. I tugged a little but, it wouldn't give. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster, the sound of my heart, the only sound I could hear. I grabbed the handle of the fireplace shovel, lifted it up while pulling the poker with my left hand. Finally the poker broke free. I gently lowered the handle of the shovel back to its original position, then slid back behind the couch.

The noises radiating from the kitchen were growing louder, and more vigorous. I crawled to the wall between the kitchen and the living room, my back propped against it. I closed my eyes for a moment thinking how this was going to play out. What if it was one of those things? Would I freeze up like I did the night my parents were attacked? Would I be able to rise above the fear I had lingering? Even worse, what if the thing in the kitchen was what remained of my parents would I be able to deal with it, or would I join their ranks?

On the floor next to me were the remains of a shattered mirror. Thinking about a movie I saw one time about these inmates who used mirrors to see if a patrolling guard was approaching their cell. I grabbed a shard of the mirror and stuck it around the corner. At first I didn't see anything, but as I move the mirror to the right I saw a figure. As far as I could tell it was a little girl, she was covered in gore, wearing what used to be a white t-shirt, and blue jeans. She had brunette hair, and blue eyes she couldn't be more than 16-18 years old. She was crouched on the counter top, she looked like a wild animal of some sort. I was unsure if she was one of them or one of us. She was tearing open a box of Kellog's Frosted Mini Wheats, while drinking milk from the jugg, spilling more of it on her shirt than into her mouth. Suddenly a noise came from the garage, she quickly jolted her face in the direction of the noise, I tried using the mirror to see if I could catch a glimpse of what made the noise, but to no avail. Moments later she continued eating.

I slid up along the side of the wall I was propped on. It was now or never. I gripped the fire poker with both hands and prepared to leap from the safety of the wall. My heart racing, any faster I feared it would come out of my chest, I leaped from the wall. The girl on the counter jumped onto the floor on the opposite side of the counter from me. She stood there motionless, simply starring at me. The sweat was pouring from my forehead, I could see she wasn't one of them, at least I didn't think she was. Relieved I said, "Are you bitten?" She shook her head. I didn't know what to do, I tried to extend my hand to shake hers saying, "My name is David, its nice to meet you." She looked at my hand but made no effort to return the gesture. I leaned the fire poker against the counter, then pushed the cereal and the milk towards her. Her face remained expressionless, even after she quickly grabbed the box of cereal and resumed eating it, keeping her eyes on me. We stood there until she finished the box. I then informed her, "I'm hungry. If its ok with you I am going to find something to eat." She stood there motionless. I walked over to the cupboard, opened it and pulled a can of pork and beans out. Using a manual can opener I was able to remove the lid. I grabbed a spoon and began eating my breakfast. She stood there watching me as I ate. I then grabbed a powerade from the cupboard and slowly drank it. It felt and tasted so good. I drank about half of the powerade, then I closed the cap back onto the bottle and slid it to her. She watched as it fell to the floor. Then made no effort to pick it up. Looking at my watch it was 11:14a.m., I realized I didn't have a plan, I was surprised I had lived this long.

I walked window to window surveying the damage outside. The backyard was the only area which was recognizable, it had been left untouched. I began wondering where my parents had gone. Did they leave? Did I simply over react to what happened to them? I wasn't sure. All I know is I have a scared girl in my kitchen, and I just spent the last 2 nights in a closet after seeing my mother get bitten, then watching her bite my father's lower lip off. From the kitchen window I could see someone walking in the street. Something was off about it, they weren't really walking, more like staggering, like a drunk does after a night of partying. Upon closer inspection its skin was pale, its hands were holding what looked like an arm bone to its mouth. Though scared I found it quite ironic here I am eating breakfast, there is it doing the same thing. I was startled when the girl put her hand over my mouth and pulled me away from the window. All she could do was shake her head. She didn't have to talk for me to know what she was warning of.

I took some time to lock all of the doors, and close the blinds on all of the windows. I picked up one of the knocked over chairs, and sat. I started thinking about what I was going to do, where was I going to go. I didn't have any answers for myself. Perhaps I could remain here, a dumb idea, eventually the food would run out. Not to mention how many more of those things there could be. Maybe staying here wasn't such a bad idea, after all if had kept me safe so far. I couldn't help but notice the girl still standing in her same position, still starring at me. I took a moment to look her over, at some point in the past I am sure she was a very beautiful girl. Looking over her now did her no justice. I noticed a pool of liquid had formed at her feet. She had urinated in her clothing. I felt sorry for her, poor thing had made it through the past two nights if not longer by herself, somehow found her way into my house only to find it was occupied by me. I lost all train of my previous thoughts and problems.

I grabbed the kitchen towel from the floor, to my surprise we still had running water. I turned the facet on to damped the towel, walked over to the young girl and began wiping her cheek down. She was trembling, almost uncontrollably, she didn't resist the touch, but she didn't welcome it either. Though trembling the only part of her body which would move were her eyes, which followed me everywhere. It was getting late, I was preparing to head back to my sanctuary, before doing so I offered her, "I know you are scared, but I have been sleeping the a closet the last few nights, its not comfortable, but it is safer than standing out here all night. You are more than welcome to join me." She stood motionlessly. Had it been a bad idea to try to clean her up?

The sun was beginning to set, the rooms of the house were becoming very dimly lit. I made my way back to the closet, to my surprise she was following me feet behind. I stopped in my parents bed room, went through my mothers drawers, looking for some clean jeans and a clean t-shirt. I placed the clothing I removed from the drawer onto the bed stating, "These might fit you, I am going into the closet you can join me once you change." Then I grabbed a pillow from the floor, a welcome addition to the glamorous closet apartment. Closing the door behind me. I looked at my watch 8:19p.m. I pulled out my wallet then removed the picture of my parents. They looked so happy in the picture, how I wished they were still here with me, my dad would know what to do. I found myself thinking more about what my father would do, considering all options. The opening of the door broke my train of thought. My mothers blue jeans were a little big but the t-shirt fit her as if it were her own. As she entered she closed the door behind her making sure to lock the door before sitting next to me. Clinched in her hand dragging behind her was a blanket. She sat then laid down beside me. I was laying on my side facing her back, when I felt her grab my hand, wrapping it around her waist. I was shocked to find her still trembling, her hand was clenching my wrist almost cutting off circulation. I knew I wouldn't be getting much sleep tonight. I always had problems sleeping with someone beside me, I was always worried more about their comfort than my own.

I continued thinking about the future, would I have to make her leave? Would she want to leave? Am I her guardian now? Her protector? Or will she feed me to the wolves when the time is right? Some time during the argument with myself, she loosened her grip. I assumed she fell asleep. I found myself thinking about her story, was she the one who was screaming the night before? Or had she just by mere luck found her way into my house? Did her parents suffer the same fate as my parents? My thoughts were only interrupted when she turned still sleeping and placed her head on my chest. To many times I had been in this situation with other women, women who got up and left the next morning without many words. Should I take advantage of this situation? Is that what she wanted or was it what I wanted. Here I am the person who saved her having an internal conflict about what to do with her right this moment. My thoughts were racing, but I restrained myself, I had to much respect and pity for her. She had trusted me enough to join me in the closet, one false step that trust would easily be broken if I managed to do anything she disapproved of. Some how amidst my thoughts I fell asleep.

Aug. 5th, 2013

I woke this morning feeling as if I had only gotten two hours of sleep, I also found her still curled up beside me, the closet was dimly lift but enough so when I looked at her I could see she was starring at me. I leaned up clinching my knees in my arms, which she quickly joined me. We sat silently for a minute then I look at her questioningly, "What are we going to do?" She sat there expressionlessly looking at me. Who was I kidding thinking she would respond, for the last couple of nights she had been operating on pure survival instinct, I am assuming I was the first person she had met since fate took what it wanted from her. Then again I am sure I was asking myself more than I was asking her. We sat there for a couple of minutes listening to what may lie beyond the door. Once again I stood up, grabbed the knob and slowly opened the door, peering into my parents bed room looking for anything which might alert me to any sort of intruder. Finding nothing different than it was left the night before. I ventured to the kitchen, which was still a mess, and grabbed a can of chicken noodle soup. Using the same manual can opener to remove the top. I grabbed a spoon, to my surprise she had remained in the closet. I walked back to the closet and gave her the can of soup. She refused the spoon, but grabbed the can and start drinking it. I then went back to the cupboard and opened myself a can of soup, using the spoon I intended for her, I ate at the table.

It was sort of nice, the quietness of it all. I felt all alone.

After breakfast I started picking up the items in the house which were ruined or knocked over. I was trying to get some sort of normalcy back. As I was cleaning I heard something moving in the garage. Fire poker in hand I went to investigate. I grabbed the door knob to the door which would open up into the garage. Opened it just enough to see the garage door was a quarter of the way open. I saw my mother and fathers car parked next to each other. His truck was a Yukon Denali, and her car was a Toyota Camry. Above the cars hung two kayaks. Spotting no sign of danger I opened the door a little more, allowing my head through. I look around the garage without seeing anything dangerous. On the opposite wall of the garage was my fathers tool bench, and his lawn mower which was covered with a plastic tarp. Again I heard the noise. It was coming from in between the cars, or so I thought.

I eased down the steps leading away from the house. Heart racing, sweat building upon my forehead. I peered around the front of the car which revealed a corpse. Upon closer inspection it was my father. Some how he managed to crush his skull. I busted in to tears. He was such a strong man, how did this ever happen to him. In life, nothing could deter him, he was a big man, strong. At the same time he was loving and protective. I didn't want to go any further, scared of what I might find. Careful not to step on my now dead father I peered around the corner finding my mother there. Some how her skirt had gotten stuck in the car door. She couldn't get up or crawl away. there she was her skin all pale, eyes glassy, it didn't take long for her to notice me. When she did she continued trying to claw her way to me. I froze. Her fingers had bones exposed, the pavement in front of her had stains of blood from where she had been clawing trying to drag herself. The only noise I could hear was the quiet shriek she continuously made, which was only silent when she bit down eager to sink her teeth into my flesh.

I started walking backwards, tripping over my fathers corpse. Stumbling to the ground, angry with myself for being so clumsy. The quick movements of me falling to the ground, invigorated what was once my mother. She clawed at the pavement with a new found sense of duty. I then got up quickly as I could and ran to the door. Looking back somehow she manage to break free. I shut the door, falling down behind it. Still crying, I could hear her clawing at the door. I began rocking myself back and forth as the tears streamed down my face. I cursed to myself, to god, blaming him for allowing this to happen. I looked up through tear covered eyes to see my silent companion standing there. She didn't say anything, she had no emotion on her face. For some reason it calmed me, I guess knowing one of us had to remain sane and strong if we were going to survive. I stood up and walked backwards away from the door, starring at the door hearing my would be mother clawing trying to get inside, I knew what had to be done, but could I be the person to do it?

I sat back at the table, knowing I would have to deal with my mother at some point, I started thinking about how I would do it when the time came. Which made me realize I had left the fire poker in the garage when I tripped. Fury started swelling inside me. Between the girl who wouldn't speak, my dead mother trying to eat me, and my ignorant self losing the best weapon I had, I could feel my finger tips getting hot. I jumped out of my seat grabbed my chair, slamming it on the the ground. My companion ran back to the closet, I was more scary to her than anything outside at this point in time. I grabbed one of the legs of the now broken chair and charged the door. My fear had been over come by anger, I grabbed the knob and slammed the door open knocking down the woman behind the door. She stumbled to the ground, while making the same shrieking sound as she did before. That shriek fueled my rage even more, I rared back, bringing the chair leg down onto her head. To my dismay it was harder to bash a skull than I thought it would be. Still that shriek continued. It would never end. I continued beating her after a few more hits I heard a large cracking noise, but it didn't stop me. I continued beating the now limp body. Blood was spattering all over my clothes, still I continued, until my legs gave way and I fell back onto the stairs. The rage subsided as I began to cry once again. Looking at the mess I had created, I could no longer recognize my mother. All she was now was a headless corpse and a pool of blood. I slowly came to my senses.

The world around me became clear, still covered in gore I reached down and took my mothers wedding ring and engagement ring off of her hand, then walked over to my father removing his wedding ring, before leaving the garage. I reentered the house, gently shutting the door behind me. I wondered what the consequences of my actions would be. I hoped I wasn't a complete idiot in my rage, I hoped I didn't make enough noise to lure more of those things here. I walked into my parents bed room, changed into a pair of my fathers pants, and a t-shirt. They didn't fit very well, but I had little choice. After changing I fell backwards onto the bed, starring at the closed closet door.

"I'm sorry." I managed to speak. After a few passing moments the closet door slowly swung open, revealing my silent companion sitting there with no expression. I think she knew what I was going through, I think she might have been there once herself. I leaned up, still sitting on the bed. Clasped my face in my hands. I felt her hand rubbing my back, if she were to speak, right now she would be saying its ok. I removed my hands from my face, looking up at her, tears rolling down my cheeks. She continued rubbing my back. We sat there for hours. She never shed a tear, maybe because her tears were all dried up. When the sun finally began to set I grabbed her hand and brought her to the closet. Locking the door behind us as we took our positions to sleep safely. As soon as we laid down, she grabbed my hand wrapping it around her. Tonight she wasn't trembling, but she did hold as tight a grasp on my wrist. I found myself starring off into space before I fell asleep.

Aug. 6th, 2013

I woke up this morning almost forgetting where I was, when I opened my eyes it was still dark inside, she was still asleep. As the morning before this I opened the closet door peaking from the crack, listening for any sign of an intruder. It was as quiet as it was last night. I walked to the kitchen, taking a moment to look at the garage door knowing what sat on the other side. I pushed those thoughts from my head. I walked to the window in the living room, peering out of it I saw something that made me wish I was still asleep. Hundreds of walking corpses sitting right outside in the lawn. I grew curious watching them as they staggered in no particular direction. Some of them were kids, some senior citizens, seeing this made me realize exactly how much worse this neighborhood was. I began to wonder, is the entire world like this? Are we the last people left? I saw this one corpse walking what was left of him was sitting in a pair of coveralls his face chewed off revealing the bones of his skull and lower jaw. Then another corpse, a female I assume, crawling on the ground, her feet were gone chewed off by something. I decided curiosity was going to be the death of me, I started to close the curtains when suddenly a face appeared outside the window. This face had no lips, eyelids, eye balls, or nose. Its mouth held up by two pieces of now rotting flesh. It shrieked a little before moving past the window. Scared I slowly closed the curtains not wanting to look out of them again. If that group was alerted to our presence a simple closet door would not keep them out.

I sat on the gore covered couch for a couple of hours, a couple of times I would almost fall asleep, but my body would alert me to the many dangers all right outside. When the sun began shinning through the cracks in the curtains I was washed with a wave of relief, "Get to live another day." I uttered to myself. I walked to the cupboard to see what we had left to eat, I pulled out a loaf of bread, and some peanut butter and jelly. When I walked out of the cupboard I found my silent companion sitting at the table. I made 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I slid one on a napkin to her which she grabbed and quickly devoured. The other I ate and finished. We sat there looking at one another. I often found myself wondering what she was thinking.

After we ate I walked over to the window, oddly enough all of the corpses were gone. Where did they go I wondered.

I knew we couldn't stay here forever, nor did I want to remain here. This house held nothing but regret, pain and anguish for me. But to leave we would have to be well prepared for such a journey, we would also have to have a destination. I decided to start getting materials we would need for the journey. Between the two of us we could carry two backpacks with food and water enough to last a couple of days. In the laundry room I grabbed two back packs, the kind you carry to school to lug around books, and binders. I laid them on the table. I began filling them with canned fruits and beans, along with bottles of powerade and water. Meanwhile, she sat there watching me not willing to lend a hand. I tried to catch an expression on her face, hoping to reveal what she thought of my plan to leave, but she never gave any agreement or disagreement to the idea. Once the bags were packed with as much food and drink they would allow I moved room to room looking for anything else that might be of use.

In the night stands next to my parents bed I found a flash light, and a single box of .357 magnum ammo, along with three already loaded speed loaders, which I threw on the bed. Moving to the computer room I found a lighter, and some candles which joined the ammo and the flash light on the bed. The rest of the house yielded nothing useful. I dreaded the idea of going into the garage, but I knew it had to be done.

I opened the door to the garage, the odor was the first thing I noticed. It was foul, to the point of lifting the collar of my shirt over my nose to lessen the stench. I maneuvered around my mother's and father's corpse to the opposite side of the garage. Looking through my dad's work bench I found 200ft of 3/4" nylon rope, and three sleeping bags. Digging deeper there were quite a few tools I wish I could bring with me but knew it would be to much weight. Hanging on the cork board above the bench was a machete. With the rope, sleeping bags, and machete in hand I returned to the kitchen. Only one more topic to discuss, our destination. Sitting at the table looking at a map, I had no idea where to go. At first I wanted to try for one of the islands off the coast, but then vetoed the idea when I started thinking about other people having the same idea. It had to be some where remote, somewhere where people were a rare sight, but somewhere where we had access to fresh water, possibly wild game, and hopefully soil good for planting fruits and veggies. It also had to be somewhere we could walk there in a couple of days or weeks. I had decided walking would be our best plan for a couple of reasons. First walking wouldn't make near as much noise as a vehicle. Second, we wouldn't be stranded when we ran out of gas. Third, if there were other people out there, they may want what we have. And lastly, walking we could avoid popular areas and stick to the parts of the forest which were not accessible to a vehicle.

Then I remembered when I was a kid there was this log cabin we rented. It was next to a fresh water stream. To get here you had to go through a tunnel carved into the surrounding mountains. We had always planned to go back but when we tried to make reservations we found that the owner had died and the cabin was in the middle of a court case of which child should get it. Eventually the state claimed the property for new highway which never got built. It was a little farther away then I had hoped but, it would be worth it. The cabin would provide a natural shelter being surrounded by rock walls on four sides, with only a tunnel to allow anything in or out. The cabin itself only had 3 bedrooms, but it was built off the ground enough for cars to park beneath it. But, more importantly it sat on 3.4 acres of land, which would be enough to grow food for the two of us, while also being small enough to easily defend.

I looked at my wrist watch to see it was reaching 6p.m. another hour or so and the sun would set, and those things would come back out. We headed to the closet. As usual she clenched my arm tight and wrapped it around her. Tonight was different once my arm was around her she placed her hand in it. I think she was comforting me more than I was comforting her. I said quietly, "What do you think about leaving here, and going a log cabin where we will be safe." Not shockingly she was unresponsive. I laid there thinking, she doesn't care where she goes as long as I am there to protect her from the harshness of the world.

I was very restless tonight, once her grip of my hand loosened I pulled the white and gold box with the letters in it from beside me and began reading the next letter.

Dear Love, I miss you so very much. The picture you sent me was such a welcome gift. When times get hard for me I pull it from under my pillow reminding me of what I have waiting for me at home. I am sorry it has taken so long for me to write you this letter. I have been so busy, I was suppose to have a room to myself, but the university messed up and I got a room mate. He and I are from two totally different worlds. He has been doing a lot of drugs, and has a different woman in here every night. He invited me to go out with him, but I politely refused. He must think I am as weird as I think he is. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well there. I sure do miss home, but you mostly. At night here the roads are bustling with traffic, I have to sleep with a pillow over my head to drown out the noise. What is worse is the people who party here even on school nights. My classes are going fairly well, not like the classes back home. Would you believe the classes here have over 50 people in them. I don't think the teachers here even know my name. To think I have to spend another four years here is crazy to me. Maybe I should not of taken that scholarship, though you are the main reason I did. I want to take care of you. How are you coping with all of this? Anyhow I will try to write you more frequently. Love Always, Me. P.S. You thought I forgot didn't you? I love you!

I placed the latter back into the shoe box, then placed the lid on top. Put my arm back around my companion and fell asleep.

Aug. 7, 2013

I woke up this morning to fine my companion already awake. I opened the closet door with a little less caution. Everything was just as it was left the night before. Sun light had began creeping in from behind the curtains. I double checked the back packs to ensure I had gotten everything I intended on carrying. A couple of items I seemed to forget were tooth brushes, eating utensils, toilet paper, a compass, among a few other cosmetic and hygiene items. I set her up first making sure everything was attached properly then adjusted the straps on my backpack. Today would be the first day I had let the house since I lost my parents.

I decided to go through the back door. Our house was on the edge of our neighborhood with a fenced in back yard. On the other side of the fence was an open cow pasture, but beyond the cow pasture was a large forest, it was a national park of some sort. I slid open the glass door into the back yard. I grabbed her hand to bring her with me, at first she was reluctant to go but then started walking forward. She knew what horrors lurked out there in the open, I didn't, I only knew of the horrors of what was experienced first hand in my house.

We came to the fence which I jumped with no problem then helped her over. The sound of the rattling of the chain link fence alerted what was left of our next door neighbor. He was wearing a cooking apron with the words, "Worlds Greatest Dad" imprinted on it. I knew the man only as Gary. When he saw us, as my mother had done, he started shrieking, trying to walk through the chain link fence. Half of his neck was missing, the blood from his wound dried on the apron. With out further hesitation we started across the pasture, never looking back. It was a longer run than it looked by the time we reached the edge of the forest I was out of breath. I had to force myself to continue without resting.

It was harder to walk through the forest than I remembered it being as a kid. Less than an hour into the forest I had already began missing the smooth easily traversed concrete of the paved roads we had all be accustomed to.

We had left at 7:52a.m., now it is approaching 10:00a.m. We came to a grassy opening. The clouds in the sky shaded us from the sun. It was quite a beautiful sight. As we sat drinking water I daydreamed for a moment. Had this been any other time in my life it would have been the prefect place. Here, with this beautiful girl, in an open field perfect for a picnic. I had always been fearful of falling in love, but in another life this would had been the perfect place to tell someone you had fallen in love with them. The sky then grew dark, reminding me of the harsh reality we now had to over come. I looked over at her to see if I could get some insight to what she was thinking. I got nothing, she sat there unable to even distinguish if she need a break or how she was doing.

I zipped up my backpack and placed it back over my shoulders, then began walking again. Every so often I would stop to look at my watch and check the compass to make sure we were heading the right way. When it got to hard to progress I would bring out the machete, cutting a way for us to continue. The worst part about the journey through the forest were briars, sometimes you would walk into them without know until they latched onto you leaving scratches halfway down your arm or leg. I was thankful it was cool this afternoon. We continued through the forest for another couple of hours until we came to a road.

We sat on the edge of the forest along the side of the road for a couple of minutes. Half expecting to see a walking corpse and half expecting to see some traffic. We listened for the roaring of engines, or the shrieks we have learn to fear. To our dismay, nothing could be heard except the chirping of birds, and the occasional squirrel causing a fuss. I stood up her hand in mine and began walking across the deserted road. We made it to the other side very easily, before continuing into the forest I looked back wondering how much would we be risking to venture only on roads. Deciding against it, I continued to make a path through the forest.

We walked for a couple of more hours, looking at my watch it was now closing in upon 5:00p.m. another hour of walking and the darkness would fall over us. We needed to find cover and start a fire of some sort. In the forest not only do we have those things to worry about but also the thousands of other little critters whose house we invaded. We continued making our way through the forest until the sun began to set. We decided to push on hoping to find a good spot to camp for the night. Another 10 minutes and we came to a rock cropping which we made camp under.

She unraveled our sleeping bags as I made a small fire. I took out two cans of New England Clam Chowder found a stick with three branches at the end. Using the manual can opener I opened both cans of soup, then using the branch I placed the cans right on the fire. Every couple of minutes I would stir the soup with a spoon then check the temperature with my finger. Once the contents inside the can were warm to the touch, I used the branch to remove the cans from the open flame. Sitting both cans on a nearby rock, we enjoyed dinner with no conversation.

After dinner I crawled into my sleeping bag, to my surprise she crawled right next to my sleeping bag, her back against my stomach. I think she wanted my hand, but I wasn't going to give the mosquitoes and other insects a chance to effect my quality of life. Somehow I think she knew this and was content on being close to me. That night to my disbelief I slept extremely good, maybe it was the fresh air, or the sub conscious thought of being far far away from those things. I drifted to sleep.

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Re: Are We The Last?

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Aug. 08, 2013

I woke to find her always sitting at the fire which she was able to reignite. Removing my hands from my sleeping bag revealed how cool it was outside. I quickly joined her by the fire. For some reason this morning I wasn't hungry, but I could see she had already eaten a can of spam, and had opened one for me. I forced myself to eat it, even before all of this I hated this stuff. After breakfast we rolled up the sleeping bags, then reattached them to our backpacks. We made sure the fire was completely out before we made our way deeper into the forest.

Three hours later we came to a large lake. I had expected to hit the lake a little later in the day judging by our pace. This lake was on the outskirts of the park, and on the other side of the lake was a resort which had closed down preparing for the winter season. During this time it would have limited staff. From our current position I could barely see the resort. To walk around this lake would take us at least a day, I guessed, depending on how hard it would be to plow through. We decided to go west along the lake. It was really hard terrain, some spots were mush from the water while other spots looks easy enough to walk across but when I tried some of the spots I wound up knee deep in mud, luckily she was there to help me out. I grabbed a large stick, using it to check the ground in front of me, making sure it was safe to walk up on. We made it to the out skirts of the resort right at around 2:00p.m.

At first glance there seemed to be nothing wrong with the resort. There were no cars parked in the parking lot that we could see. Before reaching the main building of the resort, we came across a courtyard of picnic tables. Placing our belongings on one of them we took a rest for a moment. I wanted to explore a bit, so I started heading toward the main building of the resort. As I did she grabbed my hand, shaking her head left to right. She didn't want me to go. I shrugged at her, but she wouldn't let go of my hand, then she pointed. The front of the lodge was a huge glass opening, the back part of the building was on a pier overlooking the lake which was also encased in a glass store front. The sun illuminated the interior of the building revealing several shapes of people, not people upon closer inspection, but the walking corpses. I froze in place. They were in there, we were out here, the only thing stopping them from getting to us if they noticed us was a pane of glass. She tugged at my arm, I wouldn't budge. Finally I came to my senses the whole word was spinning around me. I sat down to rest.

I had hoped we would stay at the resort tonight, but those dreams had been shattered. With only about 4 hours left of sunlight, we started heading out of the resort. We had made it back into the forest and continued heading north. I didn't say anything, but I was beginning to doubt my decisions to leave the house, or to even allow her to come with me. She had made it this far on her survival instincts alone, maybe I would be the one to get her killed. Maybe I would be the one to freeze up as I had done so many times before. Though these thoughts ran through my head, they didn't stop me from continuing the path I had set for us. I kept telling myself I made this plan, we will follow this plan.

After walking for two hours we came upon a dirt road heading north. Normally I would want to continue in the forest, but around these parts dirt roads were more or less hunting trails, or short cuts to other areas, they weren't used for every day traffic. Some of them were only used after a good long rain, where the city boys and girls would come up here mud ridding. Besides if trouble did present itself we could quickly jump into the forest on either side of the road.

I was grateful we had found this dirt road, it made walking so much easier.

After two hours of walking we came to the end of the dirt road, off to the left was an old ranger station lurking high above the forest. This would have to be where we would spend the night. Surrounding the base of the ranger station was a 10 foot fence with barbed wire at the top. The only entrance was through a gate which had a large padlock on it. I walked over to the padlock and gave it a good tug, I guess I hoped it would just fall unlocked into my hand, sadly though it didn't. I removed my backpack, and tried to scale the fence I had gotten to the top with one arm over the barbed wire when I lost my footing, I felt a single barb dig into my skin. I jerked my legs up and over the wire trying to relieve some of the pressure from the barb imbedded into my arm. In doing so another bard dug into my calf. Using my body weight I managed to get my body over the barbed wire, but in doing so I lost my balance and fell to the ground ripping the barbs from my skin. Hitting the ground knocked the wind out of me. I laid on the ground for a few moments trying to catch my breath before leaning up to inspect my wounds. They were bleeding and the barbs had been ripped out leaving one inch rips in my arm and calf. I stood up, dusting myself off. She wouldn't be able to climb over the fence without possibly suffering the same fate I had, so I began looking for another way over the fence.

I couldn't find another way over. I asked her to wait here while I climbed the ranger tower to see if I could find anything of use to help us fix our current dilemma. For the first time since I had met this girl she showed expression, which let me know she didn't want to be down here alone. Not having any other option I started climbing the ranger tower.

As I climbed the wooden ladder squeaked, and cracked but never gave way. I finally made it to the top. Looking down I could barely see her under the foliage, looking out I could see the forest stretching for miles and miles. The ranger tower itself had a single door, which was locked, but was encased in glass on all four sides. Looking inside I could see a med kit, a radio, a couple of chairs, and a fire axe, but nothing else worthy of note. I grabbed the door knob hoping it was old enough and brittle enough to break. It held.

I removed my backpack and threw it through the window shattering the glass. Careful not to cut myself I removed the remaining glass. I carefully climbed inside finding it drastically warmer inside than it was outside. I grabbed the fire axe mounted on the wall, then made my way back down the ladder. Honestly it was scarier going down then it was going up. When I finally made it to the bottom I waved to her, to let her know everything was ok. I asked her to stand back as I started swinging the axe at the lock. After a few hard swings, the tongue of the gate broke leaving the lock still intact, but allowing for the gate to swing open. She quickly scampered up the ladder while I remained behind trying to find a way to shut the gate. Finding nothing of you I decided we would be alright in the ranger station, assuming those things couldn't climb. I began my climb back up the ladder, as I was climb it had started getting dark. In the distance I could hear shrieks of the walking corpses echoing through the mountain, which pushed me to climb faster. I finally reached the top, carefully climbed in through the shattered window, then began looking through the desk. I turned on the radio, which must have been hardwired, or solar powered. I turned the dial on the radio trying to find a frequency with people talking. Not having any luck I turned the radio off, I would check it again in the morning before we left. Afterwards I went digging through the desk the radio sat on. The only items I found worth taking was a half drank bottle of Crown Royal Black, two glass cups, and some binoculars.

Before I did anything else I grabbed the medical kit from the wall, and opened it. It had scissors, a roll of bandages, a roll of medical tape, an ace bandage, a half full bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and some Neosporin. I poured the Hydrogen Peroxide over the wounds, once the bubbling stop I rubbed down both of my wounds with Neosporin, then wrapped them in bandages, then finally wrapped them in the ace bandage. Satisfied with my medical skills I walked back over to the desk.

I removed the cups from the desk, and joined her on the floor. I placed one of the cups in front of her and one in front of me, then poured half a glass for each of us. She sat there looking at the drink I had fixed for her, while I slowly drank mine. Then I said, "Drink up, I'm not drinking alone." As I finished the glass and began pouring another for myself she sipped from her glass. I could tell she was surprised at the face she had made form the taste of the alcohol and couldn't help but laugh. As we sat there in the dark I decided to walk back out onto the deck. I unlocked the bolt on the door from the inside of the rangers station, grabbed the binoculars and walked outside.

It was pitch black out here, sounds from the forest animals could be heard echoing. I pulled the binoculars to my eyes to scan my surroundings. East, South, and North all appeared dark, nothing could be seen. To the west it looked like a small city or town, which had been burnt to the ground. The only lights were the small fires burning, and the embers of what seemed to be full buildings crumbled to the ground. I couldn't believe the devastation. I looked at the ground below me considering taking a leap of faith, possibly leaving this nightmare behind. Those thoughts where suppressed when I found myself thinking about the girl I had escorted with me. She hasn't said a word since we found one another, yet I felt like I knew everything about her, or maybe everything about who she is now. I turned with my back leaning on the rail, looking through the empty at my expressionless companion, took the final drink from my glass and began thinking to myself, what are the odds of us outlasting this epidemic? I remained outside for a few more moments thinking silently, then I looked at my watch with the L.E.D. background lit, it was 11:32p.m. where had the time gone. I walk back inside to find her already sleeping, I crawled into my sleeping bag, as soon as I did she crawled beside me. I fell asleep in a matter of minutes, must have been the Crown Royal.

Aug. 09, 2013

I woke the next morning later than usual, cursing myself for sleeping so late. 11:32a.m. I hadn't slept this late since I was a kid in high school.

She had already opened a pack of crackers, and some water for us. After eating our small breakfast we backed our bags, rolled and reattached our sleeping bags to the backpacks. Before strapping the backpack to my back I turned on the radio again, turning the knob slowly hoping to hear anything resembling a human voice. Nothing. As I went to turn the radio back of my hand hit the dial and a voice boomed over the frequency, "Hello, anyone out there?" I sat there shocked the voice came over again, "Please we need help we are surrounded by the zombies, please someone help us." I looked at my companion, I wanted to help, but I wasn't much of a hero. I grabbed the microphone placed it next to my mouth, held down the handle for a second then released it. I didn't know what to say, I couldn't go help them, I would risk either of our lives. When the voice came over the radio again, "We know you are there, we heard you key up. There are five of us here, please you must help us. They are all over us, it won't be long before the bodies are climbing on top of one another. Please I am begging you." I put the receiver down, threw on my back pack, and began the descent down the ranger's tower. I couldn't help them, I was ashamed of myself. As I descended down the ladder I hear there final transmissions, " Oh no, you must help us they have made it to the roof, ple... ( screams in the background )( shrieks in the background )( 3 gun shots )" then silence.

Once to the base of the ranger station I had a moment of reflection as she made her way down the ladder. I tried telling myself I couldn't have helped those people even if I had wanted to, they were dead by the time I got to the ground. Then I told myself I would have changed my mind. But deep inside I knew I wouldn't have. Why didn't I say anything to them, maybe in their last moments I could of given them hope was on the way. So many maybes, but the fact remained I was ashamed of myself. How could I over this girl with me protection, when I was only known for freezing up, or running from trouble to protect myself. My thoughts were interrupted as she placed her feet on the ground beside me.

We left the ranger station, the mood was gloomy, maybe because of how I felt about my actions. I had nothing but time to think about it while traversing through the forest, and it was all I could think about. What if it had been me on the roof asking for help. Would the person on the other end leave me to do? I tried convincing myself I would never be in that situation, but just a few nights ago I was living in a closet hoping someone would come to rescue me. I got lucky, it wasn't skill, or hard work, just old fashion luck.

We continued our journey through the forest, but while we were making good time, we didn't stop to rest. And while in my deep though of my pathetic existence I failed to notice how much my arm and leg hurt from the wounds the barb wire and my clumsiness left me with. Noticing how much they were bleeding I decided it would be a good time to take a break. The next small clearing we came to I removed my backpack and took off my shirt. I then removed the bandages from my arm and leg. Then removed the last bit of Crown Royal from by backpack.

I took the machete, and cut the short sleeves from my shirt. Then I took the Crown and poured it over both wounds. It hurt more than I had thought. In the movies they always made it seem like a quick pain which quickly subsided. Well, I am here to say the movies were wrong. At first it was a quick pain which caused me to yelp, but after the initial pain was the steady burn. It was almost intolerable, and lasted for minutes. Then I tried to tie the sleeves of my shirt around the wounds using only one hand. I would almost get it then the sleeve would fall. I started getting frustrated, which I assume she noticed. Up on the third try she grabbed the sleeve, and helped me to tie it around my arm. I was able to tie the other sleeve around my leg.

Once my wounds were tended too I pulled a bottle of water from my back pack and took a few short sips. I was happy she was there, it was nice not having to suffer the end of the world alone. Even though she didn't talk, I knew she listened and was always aware of our surroundings. I put back on my now sleeveless shirt, followed by my backpack. Stood up and began walking. She was a little slow to join me but did nonetheless.

We traveled for a few more hours until about 5:00p.m. it would be getting dark soon and we knew we would have to find some form of shelter for the night.

Two more hours passed, we had been going in the right direction, north, but we were still in the middle of no where, with no where to camp, no where to be safe as the sun was fading from sight.

Unable to find a safe place to sleep we climbed a large oak tree. It wouldn't be the most comfortable place to sleep, but it would hopefully be safe. She climbed up first finding a nice place where she could sleep without risking falling out of the tree, right between where the two largest parts of the tree start to divide then branching off into several smaller limbs and branches. I found a large limb to sleep on, however, I wasn't so sure I wouldn't fall, I took out the nylon rope I had brought with us and tied myself to the tree as tightly as I could. Now at least if I fell I would be caught and awoken by the sudden jolt of the rope holding my body up. It took forever for me to finally fall asleep, the fear of falling combined with the fear of all of the different types of animals or insects which called the tree home. Finally the thoughts escaped my mind long enough for me to fall asleep.

Aug. 10, 2013

I woke this morning still tied to the tree, and hungry. I cautiously untied myself from the tree and dropped the rope to the ground, before making my way down. We hadn't eaten lunch or dinner yesterday, and not doing so was taking a toll on my body. Once to the base of the tree, it felt great to finally be able to stretch. She had already awoke before me and was sitting on a stump. I looked at her, half expecting breakfast to be handed to me, instead she just sat there. I took off my backpack removing the couple bottles of water I had left, and the other few items only to find I had no food left, I assumed she was suffering from the same fate. I placed the water and other items back into the pack, then looked at her, "Do you have any food left?" She shook her head. I put the back pack back on and start walking north, she followed.

Thinking to myself I knew we were in trouble, we had no food but enough water to last the next couple of days if we were to conserve it. We would have to go into the next city or town we would come too. I dreaded the thought of it, the only thoughts coming to my mind were the thoughts of the people stranded on the roof. They might have just gone into the city for food and water, when they were over run. As we walked I pulled out the map. I knew about where we were, the closet marking on the map was about 10 miles to the east, the cabin we were heading to was about 120 miles to the northwest. We had to get food, the decision I had to make was, go 10 miles ( roughly 1/2 a day in these conditions ) and get food, or continue heading towards the cabin hoping we come across a campsite, or some wild game we could kill. Despite wanting to avoid the town, it was the choice I had to take.

We made it to the town right at 2:00p.m. I was some what surprised by the time it took us to reach the town. It was a small town from the looks of it. In the center there was a court house next to a police station, across the street from the police station was a post office and a Walmart. Right outside of the city were two small gas stations, a McDonalds, and a Burger King. This town looked much like the front yard of the home I had left. Vehicles had crashed into some of the surround light poles, one car hard crashed into the wall of the walmart. An eighteen wheeler was laying on its side smashing five or six of the police cars. Covering the pavement of most of the parking lots were corpse, with buzzard picking away at the flesh. When the wind would blow towards us the familiar odor which came from my garage after killing my mother would engulf us causing us to once again place the collar of our shirts over the brim of our noses. On the opposite side of the town were small neighborhoods.

We sat outside of the town for a couple of minutes observing the area, what I found to be weird was there were no walking corpses. It looking abandoned by the locals as well as the undead. Using the binoculars I took a closer look, which only reveal more damage to the building, and more corpses lying in the roads and parking lots.

I grabbed her hand and we made way towards the town. I decided we would check out the small gas stations, figuring they would be less likely to hold any surprises, also easier to keep a constant watch on our surroundings. We made it to the first gas station. I crept to the glass store front and peered inside. The racks were somewhat empty, but judging by what was left, this town had been over run quickly as my neighborhood back home had been.

I removed the machete from its sheath as I opened the glass door. I first noticed the smell of spoiled milk and other goods. Slowly following behind me careful not to make a sound was my companion. We refilled our backpacks with canned food, spam, water, and crackers. From behind the counter I was able to grab a fifth of Everclear Diesel 190 proof, and another bottle of Crown Royal. The Diesel was for cleaning my wounds, and the Crown Royal was for smoothing over hard times. I noticed she had grabbed a few handfuls of the little amount of medical supplies they had hanging on the racks. She also grabbed some tampons, I pretended I didn't see her stashing them into her pack, I think she was embarrassed to be seen doing so. We greeted each other at the front of the store, with a couple of hours of daylight left we had time to check the police station.

Halfway to the police station, still no sign of any walking corpses, only the stench of decaying bodies reminding us of what could be lurking.

The corpses of the police men outside of the police station, held different types of guns and ammo, which we left sitting where it was. Looking from the outside of the police station the inside was dark with no movement. I walked to the entrance and slowly pulled open the door. She quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me back. I shrugged her off as I continued to investigate. Again she grabbed my arm trying to pull me back. Again I shrugged her off as I took my first step into the dark entrance. To the left was a corpse of a police officer, in his hand was a pistol and on his belt was a flash light which I grabbed.

Using the flashlight to illuminate the building I saw nothing of interest, but that wouldn't stop me from continuing. Looking back she was still standing at the entrance holding the door open. I motioned her to come in, she stood there shaking her head. I began to question myself, what was I looking for? There was nothing here. I turned around and headed back to the entrance. Suddenly something grabbed my leg, I quickly looked down to find the police officer I robbed of the flashlight had grabbed my leg and was opening his mouth preparing to tear flesh from it. I quickly brought the machete down unto his head splitting his skull wide open. His grip loosened on my leg allowing me to start running for the door. As I made it out of the entrance I shined the light back into the building to see more of the corpses lying in the front entrance were reanimating. We shut the glass doors and put a baton through both sides hoping to hold the corpses back long enough to escape.

We took off running past the eighteen wheeler laying on the police cars. I reached into one of the cars and grabbed a riot shotgun, then tossed it to her. I reached into the next police car grabbing one for myself, and two boxes of ammo. We continued running, it was to late for us to continue out way through the forest, though I hated the idea of having to spend the night in this city.

Once a good ways away from the police station we stopped running and I looked back. All of the corpse outside the police station had reanimated, as if they were sun bathing waiting on unsuspecting victims to journey through their web. We rounded the corner of the gas station we had looted and found a hostess cargo truck. I stopped her as I lifted the gate and motioned her to get in, following closely behind her, and behind us shutting the roll up door. It was pitch black in the back of the cargo truck. Shinning the light around us showed some spoiled and some unspoiled hostess goodies, we ate our feel of the unspoiled foods.

It had begun to cool off inside the truck which meant it must be getting close to night time. I looked at my watch to see it was 7:27p.m. We would be sleeping in the back of this truck tonight. We laid back using the soft packages of twinkies and other assorted food as a pillow. That is when the shrieking began. At first it was only one or two, but more joined in as time progressed. I had to stop the urge telling me to be curious lift up the roll up door to see what was happening. Quickly disposing of the idea when I heard them banging on the truck. Had they some how known we sought refuge in the truck? Could they hear us breathing in here. Thoughts racing through my head. But the banging on the truck wasn't the banging like mad hungry men trying to get what was inside, but more like the bumping into the inconvenience of the location of the truck.

The banging and shrieks went on all night, at one point I fell asleep as if it was my mother singing a lullaby.

Aug. 11, 2013

She woke me by shaking me. I was ringing wet from the sweat my body had produced. Looking at her, I could see her clothes were drenched. It was hot in the back of the truck, I looked at my watch 9:22a.m. we had been sitting in the truck for 2 hours while the sun baked us. I lifted the rolled up door just enough to allow me to peak through it. There were no signs of the walking corpses that had been shrieking and banging on the truck last night. I lifted the roll up door all the way, as I did a gust of welcomed wind came gushing in, instantly cooling us. I climbed out of the truck, then turned to help her out of the truck. Then we made for the forest.

I had missed the quiet sounds of the forest, and the insects, bugs, and wildlife was far more welcome than those walking corpses. We had 130 miles to go, at about 20 miles a day unless we could find a safe road to travel. Was any road safe though? We had been lucky this far, I often found myself thinking about what would happen when our luck ran out.

We stopped when the sun was high over our head and we were far away from the horrors within that dreaded town. Resting for a moment, we ate some spam, drank some water and rested for a moment.

Looking at her, I said, "I know you can talk..." She sat there. "I know bad shit has happened to us, but you have got to communicate with me." She just sat there. "Fine then have it your way." I stood up and began walking. She didn't follow this time. I turned around to motion her to come she just sat there. Had I let my mouth overload my ass? I walked back towards her, sat down in front of her and said, "Look, I don't know what happened to you, but I do know we can trust each other. If you ever want someone to talk to I am here to listen." This was the first time I had ever seen her smile, and acknowledge a sense of trust and friend ship. We sat there in silence a bit longer before I again stood up, then began walking, this time she followed.

I found myself wondering what her name was, if she had an interest in me or if she saw me as a father. Here I am 28 years old, thinking sexually about a 16-18 girl who I had been stuck with for awhile now and I didn't even know her name.

The forest became really heavy with brush, causing me to unsheathe the machete, cutting our way deeper into the forest. I could feel my arms becoming numb to the swinging motion, but I didn't let the deter me. I would merely swap hands and continue chopping through the heavy brush.

We wouldn't be making the 20 anticipated miles today. We would be lucky to hit 12 miles today.

But with some luck we came across an old abandoned cabin of some sort. I stood outside with my companion close behind me and shouted, "Hello!" No one was there to return my shout. Looking at the front of this cabin the roof was held up by 4 large pine trees which were cut just for the purpose of holding up the roof. In between each of the pine trees were smaller logs which made a rail except for the center section which was left open allowing a path to the door. There were also two small openings which now only held shard of glass.

We walked up to the door, it had no door knob just a hardwood handle. When I tried to push the door open the entire door fell backwards. We looked around to make sure we didn't draw any unwanted attention, before venturing into the cabin.

The inside of the cabin was weather torn, in one corner of a room was a wood burner which was still intact, in another corner was a bed, the mattress long torn apart by mice and other critters trying to call it home, covered in leaves. The cieling above the mattress had a large branch piercing through. On the floor in front of the door were pine chairs laying on their sides. This must have been someones hunting camp at some point in time.

I picked up the chairs, dusting them off, placing them at the edge of the leaf covered bed. Shortly after she sat down. Then I used the sole of my shoe to sweep away a space on the floor big enough for two sleeping bags. Then I cleaned off the wood burn as much as I could. Spiders were always a fear of mine, and I hated sticking my hand into the wood stove to remove its contents.

Satisfied with the quick cleaning job I had done I looked at her and said, "Wait here I am going to gather some fire wood." She nodded.

I walked outside picking up any and all branches, and sticks. I had almost filled both hands when I hear a dreadful scream. I quickly dropped the contents within my hand, and began running towards the cabin. My legs were beginning to burn as I got closer to the cabin. I wasn't an athlete by any means, it was getting harder to breathe, but I had to push myself.

I finally made it to the cabin and through the doorway. I looked over at her and she was pointing at a rat. I couldn't help but laugh. Of all the monsters in the world today a rat you be the creature that would get her to use her vocal cords. While laughing I stomped the ground, causing the rat to run off into one of the broken floor boards. Looking at her I could tell she didn't think it was funny. I tried to stop laughing which only resulted in me laughing more. Once I got done laughing I went back outside to resume where I had left off.

I made it back to the pile of branches and stick, and started picking them up thinking to myself. It felt good to laugh. People had always said laughing was good for the soul, I guess I just never realized how true it was.

Making it back to the cabin I dropped the load of fire wood I had gathered right outside the door. I went inside opened the wood stove, shoved enough twigs and brush in to get a fire going. Lit the lighter, then ignited the twigs, and brush. Once it had a small open flame I started piling small sticks on it, once they caught fire I put several of the bigger branches in, then closed the hatch.

It had started getting dark, so I picked up the unhinged door then leaned it back into its original space, hoping if any of those walkers found us, they attempt to go through the door knocking it over giving us a few moments to escape.

Once the top of the wood burner got hot I place a can filled with soup on top, while it was warming I removed a small stick of cheese from one of our back packs. Sitting on top of my sleeping back with my back propped against the cabin wall I sliced a piece of cheese then placed it in my mouth. Right then she got up placed her head under my arm, as I went to cut another piece of cheese. Only this time as I went to place it in my mouth I saw her looking up at me. I took a gamble and tried to give her the cheese in my hand, she took it without any disagreement. We continued eating the cheese until we had an unexpected visitor. The mouse from early could be seen peaking from the whole in the floor board. I cute a piece of cheese and threw it to the mouse. She watched as this happen. The mouse sniffed the air checking for danger. It hopped on its hind legs then sniff the air again. Moving inches at a time then stopping to sniff the air, finally it was able to grab the cheese which it ate right where the cheese had landed. I cut another piece, which she took out of my hand and threw to the mouse, which in turn ate it.

The tomato soup was boiling, so I grabbed it off the burner, then sat it on the floor to cool off. In doing so I scared off the mouse. Once the soup was cool enough to eat, we took turns filling a spoon with soup then eating it. In no time the can was empty.

She got up removed the unhinged door and walked outside, I assumed to use the restroom, so I didn't follow. I slouched down into the sleeping bag into a sleeping position, leaving the bag unzipped. I was hoping she would see the unzipped bag as an invitation to join me for the night. I had my doubts about this, I almost felt guilty, but at the same time I could feel the bulge growing in my pants.

My thoughts snapped as she reappeared placing the unhinged door back into its place. My heart was racing hoping she would take the bait.

To my dismay she climbed into her sleeping back then rolled over grabbing my arm and placing it around her. Did she not see the bait? Should I be more blunt with my next advance? Should I try another advance? I continued arguing with myself until I fell asleep.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by DTyra » Thu Aug 08, 2013 6:54 pm

I'm liking this so far and see a lot of possibilities. Some men might like a silent woman, me, I always need my wife to talk me out of stupid crap. Like walking into a zombie infested police station.
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Scott in AK » Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:00 pm

good job please keep going.

I will say that if it was me, I'd have a bag full of police issue weapons :mrgreen:
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:17 pm

In my mind, i think it would be more caution, then scavenge as they were exploring, until they bumped into trouble. Then it was survival. Besides that all that those guns would weigh a ton. Its hard enough from them both to carry backpacks, sleeping bags, and 2 shotguns.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by fred.greek » Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:19 pm

Really good beginning. I like that there has not been a lot of skull smashing as the start… These two seem to have been lucky so far, a "horde" is going to pose a quandary… The cabin also poses a future threat, if it was a rental, there may be quite a few people who remember where it is…

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:04 pm

Hopefully moar is on the way 8-)
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:09 pm

Aug. 12, 2013

We woke up this morning, I felt like I hadn't slept that well in ages. I looked over to see where she was, I tried to wake her, but like I used to do when I was a teenager, she would take the sleeping bag throwing it over her head.

There were only coals left in the wood burner, so I journeyed outside to retrieve more wood. I removed the lean to door then walked outside only to find deer shocked at my presence. Had we been staying here I would of tried for one of the guns, instead they ran off when I filled my hands with some of the wood from the pile.

Getting the fire going was easy. I removed a packet of instant coffee from the backpacks. The aroma filled the cabin as it brewed in the two cups I had sitting on the stove. She quickly sat up as if the aroma was a finger in front of her nose speaking teasingly to her, "come here." By the time she rolled up her sleeping bag the coffee was ready. We drank our coffee slow enough not to burn our mouths.

We started heading north, I looked back at the cabin one last time. It would have been a nice place to live the rest of our lives.

We continued north walking and cutting through the brush, which was exceptionally thick. Despite good reasoning I decided the next road we came to, we would take it north, we would have to be extremely cautious, but being cautious would be faster than trying to chop my way to our destination.

We continued through the forest for five or six more hours before we came to a black top road. We stopped about 100 feet from the road using the binoculars to survey our surroundings. Not seeing anything we made our way to the blacktop.

The pavement was smooth under out feet after traversing through the woods for so long. No longer were we stepping on roots, pine cones, and other pesky items which covered the forest floor.

As we continued down the road, it began getting late, 5:23p.m. Which as the previous days before we knew we needed to find shelter, before the night would surround us.

Thirty minutes later houses started popping up more frequently, I knew it was a bad sign, where there were people, there were those things. We stopped at the third house we came to. It was a brick house with 3 boarded up windows across the front. The garage door has been completely demolished, by something trying to get in. We walked up the drive way under a basketball goal dropping off our back packs. I asked her to wait outside, but after asking her to wait I noticed her following me as I entered through the garage.

In the garage was a parked car, the passenger and driver side windows had been shattered, inside sat 3 corpses. The front two corpses had been long decomposed. Maybe the disease struck here first, I could only speculate. In the back seat was a baby seat with a corpse which started moving when it someone how noticed we were there. Shrieking just like the rest. Part of me wanted to put it out of its misery, the other part knew it would be safer to leave it there. We continued our way through the garage, most of it had been destroyed or made useless. Part of me wanted to go digging through the items thrown about, but being exposed in the garage with the rapidly approaching night was a bad idea.

The door leading from the garage inside had been smashed by whatever chased this family into the car. Inside was dark, as well as being a bigger mess than the garage. The first room we entered was the kitchen. The refrigerator had been toppled over by whatever had been trying to get from beyond the door. Its contents spilled all over the floor leaving a musky odor in the house. To the rear of the kitchen was a sliding glass door which had been boarded. Moving from the kitchen there was a living room, it had 2 bed mattresses on the floor, a lantern, and a box of half eaten, long time stale Ritz Crackers.

In the back of the house were 3 bedrooms which contained nothing useful. In the master bedroom the boards on the windows had been smashed or ripped off. Some how the pieces all fit together. One night a bunch of the walking corpses must have past by when they were alerted to their presence in the house, more than likely from a crying baby. Once alerted nothing could stop them, the man, woman, and child must have tried to make it to the car, when the ones from the garage came crashing through. Such tragedy, its almost sickening when I didn't feel any remorse or shock.

Feeling as confident as one could feel I decided to stay the night here. The sun was just setting over the tree tops, which meant we didn't have much time to prepare. We ran outside and grabbed our back packs.

I wanted to fortify the house a bit before we would make camp, but there was no time. It was already hard enough to see in the house as is. I managed to find the fold down stair case to the attic, which we climbed up.

When we first entered the attic we could see nothing at all until she handed up the lantern the deceased couple had been using. I used my lighter to ignite the wick, which once it was lit made the room glow in a vibrant orange. In the attic were several boxes, some marked for Christmas, Easter decorations, among other holiday boxes. At the end of the attic was a circular vent which gave site to the street outside. Following closely behind me she pulled herself into the attic. Once she had made it up I reached behind her pulling the ladder up.

We unraveled our sleeping bags then ate some canned fruit for dinner. After dinner she crawled into her sleeping bag then dimmed the lantern. I sat up gazing out of the vent. There were so many out there. I could hear their many shrieks. Time to time I could hear them lurking in the house below us. I grabbed the shotgun leaning it across my chest, I wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. But, the more I fought it the heavier my eyelids would grow until I finally found peace.

Aug. 13, 2013

I woke up soon as the sun began to rise. A single ray of light had made its way through the vent and somehow managed to shine directly into my left eye. Still groggy I peered though the cracks in the vent. No corpses left from the night before, which I found odd. Without waking her I dropped the attic ladder back down. It was now 5:15a.m. I would give her about 30 more minutes of sleep before I would wake her, to begin our journey. I was going through the ransacked house, I guess being more nosy than anything. I found family pictures, they looked like a happy couple. I found a whole c.d. collection, along with about 200 different movies. Suddenly I heard laughter coming from outside.

I slowly and quietly walked to the garage. Down the street was a group of 3 men carrying backpacks like us. The first man was very stocky, he had a hunting rifle of some sort across his back with a strap for it going across his chest. The man in the middle was a skinny short man, he wore a cowboy hat, and 2 pistols ( one under each arm ). The third man, I say man must be more of a boy, was very tall and, the term bean pole came to mind, he had some type of sword sheathed behind his back.

Careful not to draw attention to myself I sat there listening.

"Larry you know there ain't no such thing as ghosts" said the tall skinny boy.
"I am telling you brother, I was in dat house one day and you couldn't pay me to go in there again." Larry the skinny short man responded, while the stocky man leaned down on the edge of the road then said, "The horde come through here boys."

I remained hidden from sight. Watching them, hoping they would not notice me and continue on their way. I was hiding behind a car with my shotgun gripped tight when the shrieking began. The shrieking was coming from inside the house. I looked through the doorway leading into the house, to see a reanimated corpse crawling its way to me. It had caught the attention of the 3 men on the street who quickly drew their weapons and made their way towards the garage. The corpse made it through the doorway, I did the only thing I could do without being noticed, I slid along the pavement to the driver side of the car. Looking under the car I could see the feet of the three men.

Larry laughed, "What do we got here?"
The tall skinny boy said, "Dis one cain't even walk, Joe." Joe must be the stocky man. Joe tauntingly said to the tall skinny boy, "Marvin dis is yours. Me an Larry got the last ones." I could hear some shuffling, and some laughter on the other side of the car, I held the shot gun close to my chest hoping they wouldn't notice my presence. I sat there leaning against the front tire of the car, then I head a final crack, then everything sat silent. Until Joe spoke, "Whats this we got a live one here. Larry, Marvin where are your manners."

Larry laughed saying, "Oh man its been awhile." Larry slapped Marvin in the back of the head saying, "Boy you had better respect your elders. Me and Joe gonna have our way with her first." I leaned to peer under the front tire and saw them dragging her out. I froze what was I going to do three of them, armed to the teeth, and one of me. As I was looking under the car I saw her thrown down. I wasn't going to do anything until I saw those eyes looking, peering into my soul asking for help. I knew I had to do something.

I rose from my position, shotgun drawn pointed it at the Marvin shooting him in the upper shoulder. He yelled in pain before falling to the floor. Larry stood there as Joe stood up pants half unzipped. I pointed the shot gun at Joe. "She's with me." Joe replied, "There's enough of her for all of us, it'd be selfish to keep a fine thing like this all to yourself." I fired off another shot merely as a warning. "Drop your weapons." Joe replied, "You gonna have to shoot us to get us to do that." Larry sat there with a smirk on his face. My companion, in the mean time, crawled to side of the car I was on then stood behind me. "Now look," said Joe, "Things don't have ta git ugly here, we want the girl hell we will even share her wit you. Hard to pass up a deal like that."

I contemplated what he was saying, I had no idea how I was going to get out of my present situation. I couldn't just let them go, to later come back to haunt me. Even if I did agree to what he was saying, as soon as I dropped my guard they would betray me. Could I live with myself if I gave into their request. This whole time we had been a team more or less, looking out for one another, how could I turn my back on her now. So many choices, so little time to decide.

Firmly I said, "Drop your guns to the ground, now." Then Joe said, "Larry I'm bout tired of dis boy, besides he shot Marvin. I think its best we go.." his words trailed off as he took a shot to the chest. Before I could get another shell into the chamber Larry was able to raise his gun letting loose one round which missed me. I returned fire, making mesh of his face. This was the first time I had ever killed a man, my adrenaline was flowing out of control. Partly stunned, partly afraid I turned to make sure she was alright, meanwhile Marvin was yelling for me to help him. I ignored his pleas for help as I looked overlooked her, her right sleeve was covered in blood. The bullet that had missed me hit her in the upper arm. I told her to keep pressure on it then walked over to the corpse of Larry, ripping off a piece of his shirt. I walked back to her wrapped her wound as tightly as I could, then asked her to stay there.

I ran inside and into the attic where I rolled up the sleeping bags then attached them to the backpacks. I looked out of the vent before heading back down the attic ladder, which revealed a dozen or so of walking corpses staggering across the back yard. I quickly made my way back to the garage my back pack mounted on my back, while I carried her back pack in my hands. I leaned down to her helped her up and told her, "We need to go, now." She struggled to get up, and winced with every step we took away from the house.

As we were leaving we could hear Marvin shouting, "You can't leave me here, you can't. Please come back, HELP ME." The further away we got the more muffled his screams became, until one final scream was let loose from his mouth, as the walking corpses devoured his body.

Though walking down the road was easier than cutting through the forest, it was still slow, she would need to stop every couple of minutes, when she did I would take the time to swap her back pack to my other hand. The houses were becoming more tightly knit as we continued north. Time to time we would see a walking corpse, most of the time we went unnoticed, sometimes one or two would notice us, but we would disappear before they were able to make their way to us. It was getting to be late afternoon, and we were going to have to stop somewhere in order for me to tend to her wound, as much as it would be to rest for the night. There was nothing around us no where was safe. I wasn't going to spend another night in an attic. Part of me wished we would had stayed at the cabin in the woods, none of this would of happen.

We stopped in the middle of the road, we each took a sip of water. I clasped my face in my hands, then looked to the sky as if I was asking god for a sign, or for a break when I saw the water tower. It would be safe, so far I haven't seen the walking corpses be able to climb. I let her know my plan then we started heading towards it.

Once we got to the base of the tower, I began to worry about how I would get her up, it was a good climb close to 150 feet if I had to guess, maybe more, maybe less. I placed our backpacks on the ground by the steel ladder, then wrapped the nylon rope tightly around her waist, then tightly around mine. I then told her, "This is going to hurt a bit, but hopefully I will be able to make it easier for you, try to help me climb using your feet and your good arm." She nodded.

One hand over the other I began climbing until I felt her body weight tugging on my muscles. I looked down to see her trying to pull herself up with one arm and her legs. Half way up the pain became almost unbearable. The nylon rope had began to dig its way into my waist, the sweat beaded on my forehead had started forming almost continuous streams down my face. My hands were going numb from trying to hold both of our weights, I hoped I would not slip, I hoped my muscles would hold up for a little longer. I kept telling myself one more step is all we have to do.

My hands finally reached the top, I was able to pull myself over. There was close to a five foot ledge wrapping around the tower. After catching my breath I continued pulling her up. She reached for my hand with her good arm to which I was able to pull her over the ledge. If she was in pain I couldn't tell. I whispered to her, "I need to go back down for our back packs, stay here." Thinking to myself where would she go.

After retrieving our bags I climbed my way back up the water tower. Once to the top I removed the torn shirt from her wound. Most of the bleeding had stopped which allowed me a closer inspection of the wound. I found an entry point and an exit point. Now I am no doctor, but in the movies they would call this a flesh wound. Removing a shirt from my back pack I cut it up into about two inch strips, used a bottle of water to clean it before wrapping her wound with the clean bandages. I could tell she was content with my performance as well as my job with tending to her wound.

I stood up on the ledge to look at our surroundings. Holding the compass in hand if we continued north we would walk straight through the heart of a town which didn't appear to be much bigger than the last one. To the east was a small river, which we could follow but it would set us back another day or so. To the west looked like more forest. More choices I would have to make on my own, which I hated. I didn't so much mind when I was only sealing my fate, but her fate being intertwined in mine made me very uncomfortable. There was another option, one which I almost dreaded, trying our luck in a car. As I opened us some crackers the thoughts continued racing through my head.

It wasn't all bad, it had been the prettiest sunset I had seen since a vacation to Oregon I took when I was younger.

It had started getting cooler, so I retired to my sleeping bag. I could hear her wincing in pain each time she would move. I was happy the bullet had missed me, but I felt bad knowing by it missing me meant she would have to be in more pain.

Aug. 14, 2013

I didn't get much sleep last night, I kept waking up thinking I was close to falling off the ledge. She was already awake, sitting up looking out in the the distance. She didn't put up much of a fight as I changed her bandages with more of the cloth from the shirt I had made strips from. I repacked the sleeping backs, and the back packs then made my way down the ladder, leaving them at the base before making my way back up to her.

Again I wrapped the nylon rope around our waists, then lowered her over the ledge. Gripping to the grated flooring which tore into my fingers, I gently and carefully lower myself down to the first step of the ladder. Going down was a bit easier, half because I knew what to expect. We were able to make it down to the ground quicker than we were able to make it to the top the day before.

I grabbed my backpack heaving it over my shoulder, when I went to grab hers she took it from me, winced in pain as she placed her arms through the straps. Then we started walking.

One of the decisions I made last night was to continue into the forest, but getting there would be challenging.

We made our way through a couple of yards, sneaking, dodging between cars trying to avoid anything from seeing us alive or living.

We came to the last stretch to the edge of the forest, kneeling down beside a Chevy Yukon. I surveyed our surroundings, it looked safe when I heard a scream.

Looking behind us was a woman running down the street being chased by 3 walking corpses. These were moving some what faster than any of the ones I had seen before, they were actually gaining on her. We manage to get to the front of the Yukon, but could still see her running for her life. We watched as they tripped her, then they began to tear away at her flesh all while she was screaming. At one moment I think she was us, she had an expression on her face which read, "Why didn't you help me."

Hoping to use her as a distraction I signaled my companion to take off running. She darted toward the edge of the woods with me following closely behind her. I didn't look back, fearful those corpses might have spotted us. Once we made it in to the forest we stopped to look back. The woman's corpse was still in the center of the road, with two of the corpse still tearing away at her. "Where was the third one?" I thought to myself. Looking around not seeing anything out of the normal. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it charging forward to our position. Before I could pull the machete from its sheathe it leaped towards me knocking me to the ground, causing me to loosen my grip on the machete. I could smell the odor of the womans fresh flesh on its body. Using my foot I was able to push it off of me, which it quickly recovered from, almost unnaturally. I frantically began searching for the machete which it had knocked from my hand, when suddenly I felt it leap onto my back knocking me down yet again. I was completely defenseless. I tried pushing my body from the forest floor, but lacked the strength to do so. I tried rolling over with no luck. I felt its cold dead hand pull my hair, then I heard it shriek. This would be the last day on this earth I would live. Suddenly it went limp, and its face fell next to mine, blood oozing from its mouth.

Only then was I able to push it off of me. She had saved my life. She found the machete, then brought it down into the back of its skull.

Dusting myself off as I got up, I quickly looked to the road to see the other two corpse were still enjoying there now almost completely devoured meal. I removed the machete from the lifeless corpse, wiped it off on my pants legs, then placed it back into its sheathe before we disappeared into the woods.

I couldn't help but think what had made those corpses so much quicker, more agile, more deadly than the other corpses. They worked almost as a team. The way they slaughtered that woman, it sent chills down my spine thinking about it.

Two hours into the forest we came across a stream, we took the time to refill our water bottles. I asked her how she was doing, she nodded. Using my hands to splash some water into my face, I felt a sense of relief. I removed my shirt which was covered in a combination of blood and gore from the corpse. I then removed another shirt from my pack, and put it on before we continued.

When I was a kid I used to love traversing through the forest, always trying to find that "prefect" spot for our next club house. My current situation reminded me of those times. As you get older, the best times as a kid remain in the past, very rarely do you relive those moments when you get older, yet here I was exploring the vast jungle, looking for the "prefect" spot. The only difference between now and my childhood was that my very life depended on this perfect spot. Part of me wished we had stayed at the first run down cabin we had found, we could of made it work, and it was safe. I promised myself if we came across another opportunity like that one I would seize it.

Time had slipped away from me and the sun was slowly fading away. Where would we stay the night? I wasn't fond of sleeping in another tree. I decided to push on, through the night, unless we would come across somewhere we could stay safely.

Night time travel was everything I thought it would be. Paranoia set in, every snap, every crackle would cause me to jerk my head in the direction fearing the walking corpses coming to claim another meal, or worse the more agile ones on the prowl hunting their next feast. Occasionally the moon would break free of the trees illuminating the forest. It was a sight to see, almost magical.

At around midnight we came to a ledge over looking a very fast moving but small river about 75 feet below us. I was beat, it would be best if we rested here until morning. Climbing such a steep embankment would only result in one of us getting hurt. I told her to get some sleep, which caused her to unravel her sleeping bag. I created a small fire to ward off critters who might be interested in our presence. She fell sound asleep quickly.

I sat awake looking at my surroundings the best I could. This was an easily fortify-able location. Ahead of us was the steep drop to the river, the sides were jagged rocks and boulders, behind us an open forest. I kept awake as long as I could, never breaking my sleeping bag. I didn't intend on falling asleep, it was my duty to guard her, but after chopping all day through the forest I was simply worn out. In the distance over the cliff I could see what seemed to be a flickering light. Using the binoculars to get a closer look only revealed a small fire, which meant people were close by. I warned myself to stay clear of them, thinking about what could of happened with the last group we ran into.

I couldn't help but think if I see their fire could they see mine, had they noticed me? I hoped they had long been asleep by the time I had lit ours. I fell asleep to the sounds of the forest.

Aug. 15, 2013

Waking up I didn't feel all that refreshed, as if I had only gotten a couple of minutes worth of sleep. I stood up looking down the embankment, to my surprise there was a black bear there fishing. I had never seen a bear outside the circus, it was quite exciting watching it hunt. Even more exciting was when I saw its two cubs playing on the rock bed below. I shook her to wake her up, then pointed to the bears. She watched them just as interestingly as I had. The mother bear swatting at fish in the stream knocking them to the rock bed for her children to eat. We watched while we ate our breakfast, then we stood up looking for a way to cross the stream. The quickest way would be to go fairly close to the bears, so we decided to wait until they had their fill of fish.

Two hours past by until they vanished into the vast forest. We followed the jagged edge consisting of boulders, and fallen trees looking for a safe way to descend the steep ravine.

We finally came to a gap between two large boulders which housed a fallen tree. I looked back at her and said, "I'll go first once I am at the bottom, you can carefully climb down."

I placed one foot on to a limb branching off from the now rotting tree, then threw my other foot onto another limp. I bounced up and down a couple of times to ensure my body weight wouldn't offset the rest of the tree. Feeling secure as possible I slowly made my way down the tree. I was almost in the arms of safety when one of the limbs gave way causing me to fall, luckily i was able to grab another limb with my hand, which stopped me from falling. Then the limb started cracking, before long it broke. I fell close to 6 feet onto my back, landing on shards of different types of rock. As soon as I hit the ground the loose rocks sent me tumbling towards the quickly moving stream. I couldn't stop myself, I could feel the rocks making tiny incisions all over my body. Finally my body stopped with my face landing in a puddle. I laid there for a moment winded, trying to catch my breath. I pushed myself over and laid there gazing at the sky, thinking " what a way to start the day." Pushing myself off the ground I looked up to see her already beginning the climb down the fallen tree.

She was much more agile and lighter than I was, and a couple of times I thought I could make out a smirk across her face at how clumsy I was, and how easy it was for her. I sort of laughed inside as well. When she finally made it to the bottom I smiled and said, "I still made it down quicker." I couldn't tell if she was frowning or smiling at the comment.

We continued following the stream, I couldn't help but think a little over that ridge was where I saw the flickering fire from the night before. I began constantly checking our surroundings hoping we would pass through without bumping into the living or the dead.

The wilderness was amazing in these parts. I envisioned building a cabin over looking the stream, it would be a good source of fishing, and we could also hunt wild game here. It would have been the prefect spot for a hunting camp.

As we progressed the rapidly moving river began to open up and its pace began to slow, by mid afternoon we had made it to a lake the river flowed into.

We stopped for a moment to get our bearings. We needed to head more north now which meant we would have to cross to the opposite side of the river. Looking around the edges of the river revealed only more forest, to the west of our position the lake bent out of sight. It would take us the rest of the day to make it to the point where we could see the other side of the lake, or we could back track and try to cross the river where the current wasn't to strong, and the water wasn't to deep. I decided to back track.

Walking back the way we came, we finally came across a spot which looked fairly shallow, and the current didn't seem to strong. My body was still aching from my previous fall, as I placed my left foot into the water, which was extremely cold but felt very good. I hadn't had a bath in days now, I am sure she could tell as well. A quarter away across the river, it was going fairly good. The rocks below the surface were extremely slippery but caution kept me out of harms way.

I finally made it to the other side, I took the nylon rope and threw it across to her shouting, "Tie this around your waist." She did as instructed, and began to make her way through the river.

While she was making the journey across the river I looked up stream and notice a log coming our way. I shouted to her, "You have got to hurry!" She couldn't hear me over the current, I started waving and pointing. When she finally noticed what I was yelling about she started moving faster. I tried to help by pulling the rope as she walked, but only resulted in her losing her balance effectively slowing her down. The log was approaching quickly, it was going to pass between us.

The log looked much bigger up close than it did coming from up the river. It miss hitting her by yards, but after it passed I felt the nylon rope growing tighter around my hand. The log had snagged the line. When the rope couldn't get any tighter, it knocked us both over. I tried walking back out in the river to help her but between the current and the tension from the snagged line I couldn't manage to get to her. I pulled off my back pack and threw it to the bank, then I pulled out the machete held the line as tight as I could, pulled back the machete and cut the line. I fell backwards from the instant tension relief of the nylon rope. The log still in its place. I rushed to where she was standing, the rock bed beneath the surface of the water was giving way under her weight. Again I rare back the machete then swung down onto the rope cutting it. The snap of the rope made her lose her footing causing her to fall into the water. I grabbed her hand trying to help her regain balance. She tugged at my arm trying to find solid footing under the water. Thankfully after a few moments of fighting for her life we were able to secure both of our positions and make way to the bank.

What seemed like it took forever to accomplish merely only took minutes. We were both happy the ordeal was over with. Ringing wet we started following the river back to the lake, which didn't take long.

Then we tried to follow the edge of the lake but the terrain was very hard to walk across causing us to move further inland. Once again we were forced to cut our way through the brush. I began wondering if we would ever make it to our destination.

Three hours later we came to another road, about a quarter of a mile on the opposite side we could see a gas station. I decided to make our way there, possibly using it as shelter for the night, it was a little early to call it quits, but I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, not to mention all the mistakes which took most of my energy earlier in the day.

We sat across the street from the gas station for a couple of minutes scoping out the location. Feeling satisfied it was safe we ventured across the street. The front of the gas station was enclosed in still standing glass. Over all it looked fairly untouched by the world's current situation. On the left side of the gas station, were two closed garage doors. We walked to the front door, only to find it locked. We made our way around the rest of the building finding another locked door in the rear next to the dumpster. Frustrated we walked back to the front of the building. I took the butt of the shot gun, crashed it into the front door shattering the glass. Reaching in, careful not to hit any of the remaining glass, I unlocked the door from the inside.

Walking in we found the shelves were still stocked with all sorts of goodies. Before plundering our new found bounty, I continued looking around, she however went straight for a box of Snickers Bars. Behind the bar holding the cash register was a red door leading into the garage. I pushed the door open using my foot, leading into the garage with the barrel of the shot gun first. Slowly rotating as I walked through the garage, looking for anything which might try to harm us. The first bay of the garage had a car lifted about 4 feet in the air, with its tires on the ground beneath it. The used oil canister still under the cars oil pan. In the other bay was a car with its hood still open.

I never cared to much for working on cars, but the engine of the Chevy in the second bay seemed as if it could still run. Looking through the passenger side window I could see the keys still hanging in the ignition. Nothing else in the garage was worth my attention. I walked back into the store through the same red door I came through, more relaxed this time. When I looked up I saw a man with a gun on her. He was an older man, with a ZZ-Top type beard, wearing a straw hat, and coveralls, holding what looked to a double barreled shot gun. The man said, "This stuff ain't yours. She ate 3 of those Snicker Bars. Now drop your gun." I quickly lowered my gun, this old man wasn't here to full fill his perversions, had he wanted to take her, or wanted what we had he could of killed me as soon as I emerged from the garage.

After dropping my gun he pushed her with the barrel of his gun towards me, then stated," You mind explaining to me exactly what gives you the right to rob me blind? Not to mention shattering my front door." I began to think he was messing with me, as if he didn't know why we were so desperate. He waved the shotgun the direction he wanted to go as he continued to speak, "Don't have anything to say for yourselves do you? That is ok the sheriff will be here soon enough to deal with you delinquents." Then he made us sit at a table, while he leaned against the bar holding up the register.

Cautiously I told him, "You really don't know what has happened out there do you." Laughingly he said, "No, what's going on out there?" I began to tell him about our journey. The more I told of our story the harder he laughed, interrupting me, "Do you really expect me to believe the world is nothing but a bunch of flesh eating zombies now? Boy, are you smoking some of that wacky tabbaccy they got going around now day? Or are you really that stupid to think I would believe your story and just let you go." He reached for the phone, to his surprise there was no dial tone. He tried again but still no dial tone.

We sat there for a bit longer before anyone said anything. Finally he broke the silence, "You are the first visitors I have had in quite a while. I don't believe a damn thing you are saying, the two of you are going to have to prove it to me." He stood up pointing the shot gun towards the door, we stood up and began walking the way he directed us.

He lead us behind the gas station, down a dirt road with forest on each side. We walked down the dirt road for about ten minutes until we came to an old house. The outside of the house looked to be made cypress, which though it takes forever to rot looked like it had seen better days. All of the windows were open, the front door had been left open behind a screen door which as we got closer I could see holes in the screen. On the covered porch was an old swing, room enough for two people. Outside the house on the left side of the dirt road sat an old tractor long time covered by shoulder high weeds, and rust. On the right side of the dirt road was a moonshine set up, or at least that's what I thought it was. It had empty glass mason jars on one side of it, while on the opposite side of it held full mason jars with some type of clear liquid. Directly adjacent to the house was an old shed which housed and old ford truck, covered in rust.

Our captor motioned with the shotgun for us to sit on the swing, which crackled as it held our body weight.

Our captor opened the screen door then vanished inside the house. We could hear him rummaging through some drawers before reappearing. Still holding the shotgun he motioned us to get up, then guided us to the truck. He motioned us to get into the truck, I grabbed the handle somewhat hesitantly, knowing if he went to investigate it would prove our innocence, but at what cost. He again motioned us to get into the truck. I pulled open the door, allowing her to get in the truck first then I followed. The seat of the truck had a crack down the center, the dash had been sun rotted with cracks of its own. The parts of the floor boards not caked in red mud were rusted through allowing vision of the road below.

Our captor sat behind the wheel, then slid the key into the ignition. To my surprise the truck started right up, he slid the shifter into drive and we pulled off as the truck backfired. We made our way back down the dirt road, the truck was extremely loud and would draw attention to us quickly if any of the walking corpses were around. Exiting the dirt road we took a left, if this venture didn't work out or if the truck would break down, taking a left here would set us back a day or so, but at least we knew we could come back here if anything happened.

We drove for close to fifteen minutes, when we came to a very small town. Looking over at our captors face, I could tell he was beginning to wonder where everyone was. I took this time to plead my case saying, "Believe me now? We need to get out of here. Please trust me." As I was talking I could feel my companions grip getting tighter on my leg, she knew what could be coming and feared it.

We approached a Barber shop where he got out killing the truck. He walked up to the entrance to the shop and to his dismay found the door locked. He tried to peer through the windows, but could see nothing inside. He turned and started walking back toward the truck. When she noticed something in the rear view. She began pointing, I turned and looked out the rear window three of the restless corpses were ascending upon us. I firmly said to our captor, "We need to get out of here, more will come." He looked down the road seeing what we were panicking about, then with his shot gun in hand he began walking down the road to great the dead towns people.

I couldn't see his face from my position the truck but I assume he realized everything we had said was true. The first of the corpse to reach him was met with a shot gun blast to the face, before he turned around, walking back towards the truck.

In front of us four more corpses were trying to find their way to us. Our captor once again sat in the truck, giving the key a turn. Again the truck started without any hesitation.

We continued down the street before making a U turn, heading back to his home I assumed. As we headed back down the black top more corpses were coming out of the surrounding areas. We made our way out of town, I looked back to see a horde of corpses forming.

I was relieved no harm came to our captor or ourselves. Another fifteen minutes passed before we came back to the same dirt road which lead to his house. Turning onto the dirt road, then parking the truck under the same beat up old shed.

He no longer had to motion us to get out, he simply got out then walked to his front porch. We joined him, then sat on the old swing.

Rubbing his beard, only removing his hand when he was about to speak, then back to rubbing his beard trying to find the words. This continued for a couple of moments before he said, "Ya'll can stay here as long as you like, if you decide to leave, I won't be joining you, but you are welcome to anything in the gas station you need. There is a room in the back of the house, used to be my daughters room, the two of you can stay there." Then he opened the screen door vanishing inside.

We stayed sitting on the swing, rocking back and forth, then I said, "We might as well stay tonight here, it will be dark soon best we leave tomorrow, or would you like to stay?" We continued rocking, but as usual I would have to make this decision for the both of us. This place though forgot about by the world around us, wasn't entirely safe. In fact it wasn't safe at all, the owner had merely been lucky that none of the corpses, or people had discovered his location. We sat there for a while longer while i debated the pros and cons of staying or going in the morning, when I heard our captor shout, "Dinners ready."

Excited to get a real meal we stood up and entered through the screen door.

The interior of the house matched that of the exterior, honestly it needed a good cleaning. There were pictures of people, who I assumed were long past dead, mounted on the wall. Oil lanterns were placed through out the house granting vision to the dark confines which grew darker with each passing minute as the sun began to set. We entered the kitchen, in the center of the room was a small four chair table. Our captor sat at one end, on the center of the table sat a cast iron pot of whatever he had cooked.

"Don't be shy, its smothered deer met." he said as he chewed another piece of meat followed by, "Names John, John Ducote." I then told him my name, and also that I didn't know her name. Food in his mouth still being chewed as we filled our bowls with meat and gravy, he said, "Have you decided if you are leaving in the morning or not?" to which I replied, "John, I don't know. I appreciate your hospitality, but honestly this place isn't safe, if 100 of those corpses where to discover us, we wouldn't live another day." I could tell he was unsatisfied with my answer. "The two of you do what you need to do." He said frustratedly.

Once we finished our dinner he showed me to his daughters room. The room was the cleanest place in the house I had seen so far, and the bed was neatly made. Our back packs had been placed at the foot of the bed. Exhausted she laid down in the bed, I joined her to which she quickly fell asleep. I was laying there starring at the ceiling wide awake, maybe because it had been my first night in an actual bed since right before those nights I spent in the closet. Restless I stood up and carefully walked outside. I sat in the swing thinking to myself while I looked at the stars.

That was when I noticed John over by the mason jars. He noticed me as well and motioned me to join him.

He was filing jars with clear liquid, from time to time he would take a sip before filling another jar. Once I was close enough to him he handed me a jar only saying, "Try this, it'll put hair on your chest." Then he laughed a crooked laugh. I placed the mason jar on my lips and took a sip. My eyes instantly squinted and my throat filled with fire, as I coughed. John found it funny. It actually wasn't bad, had a taste of apple in it.

I continued drinking as he, with mason jar in hand, walked back to the porch, me following close behind. He sat on the swing to which I joined him. We sat there silent until I broke the silence, "John, where is your daughter now?" John sat there eyes wide open gazing into the forest beyond. He replied, "Dead." A few more moments of silence passed between us before he continued, "She met this city boy, one I didn't like very much, he was dishonest. Well, I forbid her to see him, but well you know how kids are, defiant as all get out. One night he came here, I told him how I felt about him, heck I even pulled my shot gun out and told him to get off my property." Hesitating he continued, "Sometimes we make choices which have the greatest impacts later, but at the we don't worry about those impacts." I could see he began to tremble as he continued, "That night I made her choose, me or him. She choose him. Six years later I get this stranger knocking on my door wearing a badge. He asked me if I could come identify a body they found. I of course agreed, part of me hoped it wasn't her the other part of me knew this sheriff wouldn't have traveled up here unless they were sure." He took another sip from his mason jar then said, "Sure enough it was her. She had over dosed. I asked about her boyfriend but was never able to find him. At first I blamed him for all of it, but as time passed I blamed myself more than him. That night she left, I shouldn't of made her choo..." Tears streamed down his face as he took another sip from the mason jar. We sat there silent, I wanted to say more, but I didn't want to interrupt the thoughts he was having due to my questions.

He nodded as if to say good night as he retired to bed leaving me on the swing, alone. I remained there finishing what was left in the mason jar before retiring inside.

Aug 16, 2013

I woke to the smell of pan cakes cooking. I ventured down the hallway leading into the kitchen where I found her and John eating at the time. "Good morning!" I said to John and my companion. John responded with, "Good morning, now get over here and eat."

When we finished eating John showed us the way to the bathroom saying, "You both could use a bath." I hadn't noticed how bad we both must have smelled for him to actually say something. Looking at her he said, "I've got a surprise for you, come find me when you finish cleaning up." Then he disappeared outside.

I took a bath first, to my surprise he had hot running water. I laid in the tub soaking, wondering how long it would be before I got another chance to take a warm bath. Once I finished I dried myself off in a towel before putting my clothing back on. If only I had some fresh clothes. When I was done I left the bathroom, passing my companion as she entered to clean herself.

She had been in there for little over an hour before the bathroom door opened. I was laying in bed patiently waiting when she entered the room only wearing a towel. She laid next to me, as she cooled off. We could hear John cleaning and putting away the dishes.

After a few moments there was a knock at the door, followed by John opening the door to the bed room. He walked over to the closet, opening the bi-fold doors. "I'm not sure any of it will fit, but you are more than welcome to try some of them on." John said pointing to the clothing hanging in the closet. Then he left the room shutting the door behind him. My companion got up, walking over to the closet inspecting the clothing, then removing a pair of blue jeans, and a shirt which read "Bulldogs" on the front with the number 5 on the back. She looked back at me, then dropped her towel. I tried not to look, but kept finding myself looking at her back side. She had a really nice figure. I continued "not watching" as she slid on the jeans, which fit like a glove, then threw on the new shirt.

We then got up and walked outside to the porch, sitting in the swing. John joined us a moment later. He looked her up and down then said, "Glad to see they are a good fit." My companion simply nodded. John continued, "Have you made a decision yet?" I looked at him for a moment then said, "John, thank you for everything, but we are going to have to get going. You are more than welcome to come with us, but I just don't feel safe enough here, sooner or later those things will come. When it happens it will be over fairly quick." He merely shook his head stating, "This is my home, its all I have left, I hope you understand."

We sat there a couple of more minutes before I stood up and walked inside to grab our belongings. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing, but I did fear if those things ever came we wouldn't be able to defend the house for long.

Rejoining John and my companion on the porch, I helped her strap on her back pack before strapping on mine. I walked over to John extended my hand, to which he extended his, followed by him saying, "Be careful son." I stepped down off the porch, as she walked up to him. She smiled then went to shake his hand, he grabbed her hand then pulled her in hugging her tightly. "Take care of both of you will you?" said John to which my companion nodded. John then said, "One sec." He walked back inside, reappearing holding a bag. Handing the bag to me he said, "Its what little I have to give, and you are free to take whatever you like from the garage on the road." I removed the rope from around the top of the bag, which revealed two jars of moonshine, and some beef jerky.

He waved us as we went on down the dirt road. We went into the garage, taking a few bottles of water, crackers, and a couple of t-shirts, which were mainly bought by people passing through. We left the road side garage, continuing on our journey.

The mountain road was steep and curvy, forests covered both sides. I wasn't used to walking up hill, and from time to time we would duck off into the forests on the sides of the road when we thought we heard a vehicle approaching.

We had made good progress, I thought to myself a week or so we should reach the old log cabin.

Around 2 o'clock we came across a pair of rail road tracks. If we followed the tracks I was certain they would take us about 10 miles away from the entrance to the cabin, so we started down them.

We walked for close to three hours, before we started hoping to come across a safe place to rest for the night. We had no luck finding a place to stay, however, we hadn't seen a house or a walking corpse since we started following the tracks.

When the sun began to set we made camp about 100 feet off of the tracks in the wood. I made a small fire to ward off critters. As usual I sat keeping watch for as long as I was able too. Before I finally dozed off to sleep.
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Re: Are We The Last?

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Very good. Thank you.

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Re: Are We The Last?

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I'm liking this story. If I were the main character, I would have told John where to find us if he decided to leave though.
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Re: Are We The Last?

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Re: Are We The Last?

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I like this one . 8-)
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Re: Are We The Last?

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I like this as well.
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Re: Are We The Last?

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Aug 17, 2013

When I woke the fire was no longer smoldering and the sun had already shown its face. Anxious to get back on the road we quickly ate breakfast, before packing up our belongings.

We made our way back to the rail road tracks, surveyed our surroundings before continuing our journey.

The going was easy, from time to time I would get bored and try to see how long I could walk on the track before losing my balance. Before long my companion was playing the game with me. It is amazing how fast time goes by when you are having fun.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. We managed to stop a few times through out the day for a snack, or lunch.

It started getting late once again, but I was more than satisfied with our progression. Looking ahead I could see the rail road tracks forming a bridge. Once we made it to the bridge we could see a huge gorge the bridge crossed. We could make it across the bridge before night fall, however using the binoculars showed nothing on the other side. I decided to spend the night on the bridge, thinking it would be a great place to ensure our safety. Hoping if any of the walking corpse were alerted to our presence their shrieks would be heard long before they got to us.

I can say one thing about the corpses, they weren't very smart. I doubted they would have any luck placing their feet on each board trying to dodge the gaps to the ravine below. My thoughts formed comical images of the walking corpses trying to get to us clumsily tripping over each other as the corpse in front stumbled between the boards. I wondered how long it would take them to reach us.

My only fear were thoughts of a train coming, but who was I kidding, no train would come the world has no place for trains now.

All of my fears were eased when, about 1/2 the way across the bridge we came to a service ladder, upon climbing down the ladder we found a grated flooring with 3' tall railing. I guessed this platform was used for annual inspection of the rail road bridge.

We had about another hour of daylight, and without the ability to start a fire we decided it would be a good time to eat the jerky. It must have been home made jerky for the taste was more than satisfying. It was spicy but not so spicy it ruined the taste. Satisfied with our dinner, I went to the ledge, leaning over it debating how long it would take us to hit the ground if we fell. Looking out at the country side was a majestic sight. Off in the distance were snow covered mountains, below us were tall pine trees, and somewhere in the distance running water could be heard. My parents always loved the out doors. When I was a child we often took vacations to isolated camps, thinking back about those times reminded me of the two wedding rings I still had in my pocket.

Removing the rings from my pocket, I held them in the palm of my hand. Looking at them, tears filled my eyes, I would never see them again. I hoped they were in heaven, but current times suggested against it. I decided if there was a god I hated him, what kind of god would let this happen to his "children." I formed a fist around the rings in my hand, rared back, throwing them hoping my parents would find peace, but more hoping I could find peace knowing this is what they would have wanted. I regretted not burying them, but this was the next best thing, I hoped if they were watching me from where ever, they understood.

I stood there for a while longer, my companion from time to time would join my side. Cupping my hand which was holding the rail. As usual no words formed from her mouth.

Once it got dark, it began getting cool to which we retired to our sleeping bags.

I laid there starring at the star filled night sky. So many stars were revealed, with no city lights to dull the night sky. In the distance I could hear thunder and hoped the rain would not come this way. I closed my eyes for the last time as I fell asleep.

Aug 18,2013

I woke at 3:13a.m. to the cold wet rain pelting my face. We quickly repacked our belongings as we climbed back up to the rail road tracks. The rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see ten feet in front of us, but using the tracks as a guide we continued walking. Skipping breakfast was a bad idea, but the weather is what made the morning miserable.

We walked for four hours, slower than I would like. At around 8 o'clock the rain finally let up and the sun revealed its self from behind the clouds. Hungry, tired and wet we stopped. Pulling some crackers from my pack we had our fill, as well as some much needed rest.

After our late breakfast we continued down the tracks. Slowly we started seeing more roads coming closer to the tracks, still we didn't deter from our path.

As time passed, I began to notice more roads, as well as a couple of walking zombies off in the distance. Ahead of us the tracks bent behind the forest. As we approached the bend we came across the first road which crossed over the tracks since we had began following them. Further ahead was a sight of devastation. It looked like the remains of an army convoy. Two humvees sat across the tracks behind them were multiple army tents, in front of them were concrete barricades with razor wire lined in front of the barricades.

As soon as we saw the abandoned blockade we dove off into the brush. Using the binoculars I got a close up look at what was ahead. I saw several troops lifeless, guns still sitting on the ground beside them. I counted 4 military tents, contents I couldn't see. Behind the tents where two pairs of humvees blocking the rear entrance. I also noticed a couple of walking corpses, some of them were almost nothing but bone, the skin had long rotted off of their corpses. I couldn't help but think just a couple of weeks ago I left my house, the media told the story making it seem like it was nothing to worry about, however judging by the shape of these corpses this place looked to be one of the first places infected, or maybe the media had lied to us and the events were much more nastier then they had revealed.

We had to investigate the ruined blockade, in the back of my mind was the vision of those agile corpses tearing apart that lonely woman, investigating the blockade could prove resourceful, or extremely deadly. I hoped things would go smoothly.

We encounter two or three slow moving corpses which were easily dispatched with a quick swipe of the machete. Another animated corpse blocked our way to the first pair of humvees. It noticed us before we were close enough to dispatch it, I pulled back the machete as I took a running leap crashing the blade in to its skull. Its corpse falling limp to the ground.

The two humvee's had the normal items in them, radios, ammo, some body armor and a couple of med kits. I wanted to take it all but I knew we didn't have room in our back packs. So we left them where they stood. We continued walking approaching the first military tend. Using the nose of the shot gun I cautiously lifted the one of the flaps. Lifting the flap allowed sunlight into the room lighting up the inside, towards the back of the tent was a corpse who was barely able to lift its arm grasping at us. I stabbed it through the side of the temple, causing it to go limp. On the left wall of the tent were multiple empty ruck sacks, on the right side of the tent were boxes of MREs. In the center was a table with map, the map was very interesting, the center of the town was highlighted yellow with a red X marked through it. The area I assumed was the location of the blockade was circled and highlighted green. Black arrows were drawn leading from town to the blockade. Beside the map were orders:

General, mass panic has set with in the zone. Close the blockade off, under no circumstances are you to allow any citizens to enter. Any civilians trying to breech the outer barricades are to be terminated. Should your forces be over run, retreat to the mountains and await for further orders. We will be in constant contact.

Disregarding the thoughts racing through my head I grabbed one of the ruck sacks, threw it onto the table, then removed my back pack emptying its contents. I grabbed a box of MRE's placing them into the sack, then I placed the few goods I had in my back pack, including the moonshine, and the few extra clothes.

I asked her to cover me as I ran back to the humvee's, I don't know how I missed it before but looking down the street I saw something which caused me to stop, I crouched down vomiting onto the ground. The outer barricade had to have close to a thousand dead corpses piled up right outside. They killed innocent civilians who were only trying to make it to safety. Wiping my mouth I tried not to look again, but the more I fought the urge to look the more I found myself looking. Trying to focus on the task at hand, I reached into the humvee grabbing two med kits, then I went back to the tent.

She could tell something was wrong, but I remained speechless loading up the ruck sack. In my absence she had done the same, even with her arm noticeably beginning to bother her. Leaving the half packed sacks on the table, we ventured to the next tent, disposing of some animated corpses along the way.

Inside the second tent we found multiple rotting corpses, each with a wound to the head. I guessed this was the infirmary, I also assumed when they started killing civilians, they were beginning to panic, killing anyone who suffered from a minor scrape or cut. We quickly made our exit from the tent wreaking of death, and made our way to the next tent.

In the third tent we found multiple guns. Rifles, pistols, ammo, shotguns, grenades, anything a gun nut could possibly want. Scared of weighing ourselves down to much, I grabbed two grenades, and swapped out my shotgun for a military grade shotgun, as well as a box of ammo for it. Then I gave up my pistol for a 9mm with a waist holster. After strapping on my new belt and holster I looked to see what my companion was looking at. She found a sniper rifle of some sort, she was holding it up the butt sitting on her leg, I couldn't help but laugh her small body holding up such a massive gun. Shaking my head I said, "I think you need something smaller." She frowned and ignored the comment. Feeling satisfied we left the tent. I hated not being able to loot the rest of the supplies within the tents and humvees, but even with the little goods we did take we would be weighed down enough.

Returning to the first tent placed the ammo and grenades into the rut sack, then threw them over our shoulders. We had one more tent to investigate, however at this point I was beginning to think we were being a little to greedy.

We entered the final tent finding all sorts of uniforms folded and sorted by size. Again taking off the ruck sack, I removed the few extra clothes I had and replaced them with the "Large" marked uniforms. She also took the time to find uniforms which were her size. While she kept watch I removed the clothing I had on my persons, exchanging them for military grade clothing. Fresh underwear, socks, long sleeved shirts, and camouflaged pants with enough pockets to hold everything we could possibly take, all while making it more comfortable to carry the ruck sack. I filled each pocket of the clothing with something ranging from ammo, gauze, anything I may need quick access too. Once satisfied, I threw the ruck sack back over my shoulders, holding the military shot gun, it was my turn to take watch.

I looked back a few times watching her undress. Her pants came off first, then her panties which were replaced by military clothing. As she removed her shirt and bra, I noticed the bandage on her arm hadn't been changed in awhile. I asked her to wait a moment then ran back to the humvees, grabbing another med kit before running back to the clothing tent. I got back to the tent, some part of me couldn't help but think how sexy she was. Combat boots, with green camouflaged pants leading to the smooth surface of her stomach, then to the green bra. She turned so that her arm would face me. I removed the old torn shirt from her arm, used some hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound as well as I could, then applied some neosporin, then covered the wound in fresh gauze before wrapping it using medical tape. I couldn't help but notice the cleavage, and often found myself starring, hoping she wouldn't notice. With her wound tended too, she placed a military shirt then jacket over her bare skin. Then she too threw her ruck sack over her shoulder.

Before leaving I decided to go back to the first tent in order to eat an MRE before we got back on the road.

Entering the tent I grabbed a box of MREs, pulled two packets from them, tossing her one. We used the center table to eat the contents of the MRE, they weren't half bad. After eating we exited the tent, headed back to the tracks by the humvees then continued down the tracks, this was when she noticed the barricade used as a grave yard with the many rotting corpses of the civilians. I said to her, "Don't look, there's nothing we can do." a single tear rolled down her cheek. We moved quickly down the tracks trying to remove the horrific sight from our minds.

About a mile away from the convoy we came to a train yard. The walking corpses here were a little more plentiful then I liked. It would be impossible to take on all of them. There were close to a hundred cars lined up on the first of three tracks. On the second track there were two rail cars, and the third track held the majority of the walking corpses. I decided to take the third track, but when we rounded the side of the rail car on the second track we were met by a large number of walking corpses, who quickly noticed us.

As soon as we saw them we turned and began running, trying to think "what do we do" while at full sprint made me think of the first track with the hundred or so cars. I motioned with my hand while running to my companion to follow me. I ran to the first rail car on the first track, then helped her up the ladder on the back side of the car. Pausing briefly I looked to the now chasing us corpses which weren't far behind. There we many more than I originally thought. I too then climbed up the ladder. Once to the top we took a second to catch our breathe before we started jogging across the tops of the rail cars. While catching my breathe something in the crowd of zombies below caught my eye, one of those agile corpses were using the "slower and dumber" corpses as stepping stools making its way to us.

I pushed my companion urging her to get to moving, we jumped the gap between the first rail cars as we continued moving. Constantly I would look back to see if the agile corpse had made it to the first rail car yet.

We continued jumping over each joint of the rail cars, I continued looking back, four or five cars in I saw the agile corpse pull its way on to the first car. It was to far to shoot with the shot gun, so I pushed her to go faster. This agile corpse covered three rail cars to our one, now there was only two rail cars between us.

With luck not on our side, we came to a flatbed rail car with piping strapped down to it in a pyramid shape. I yelled, "Jump to them, crawl through them, do something keep going." Once she leaped to the piping she turned back waiting for me, I only shouted, "GO." She turned, crawling through the piping. I stood there until I saw her head pop out of the piping on the other side, by this time the agile corpse was within range. I aimed the shot gun and fired the fire round, the corpse quickly jumped to the opposite side of the rail car, as the pellets from the shotgun grazed its left arm merely knocking it off balance for a moment. I fired another shot causing it to leap almost straight in to the air, hearing the pellets bouncing off the top of the rail car. I thought to myself, "One more shot before I meet my maker." I took aim, its next leap would be the last memory I have on this earth, or it would be its final hunger. I waited, time froze, I watched, as its two front arms pushed up off the top of the rail car, followed by its feet causing it to lunge at me. At the perfect moment I moved to the right while pulling the trigger of the shot gun. Center mass shot, threw it off balance causing it to go over the edge of the rail car. Relieved I quickly jumped to the top of the piping, running across the top, looking down, the shot gun blast had only effectively knocked it from the top of the rail car. Now it looked more intent on killing me. As I ran across the top of the piping I dropped the shot gun to my side and pulled out the machete, using the machete to cut the straps binding the piping. The agile corpse tried to climb up to me, but it kept slipping off the rounded edges of the piping. It continuously looked up at me following me on the ground as I made my way towards the next rail car. I approached the last strap, swinging the machete, the strap broke followed by the piping beginning to unravel I leaped throwing my hands out to catch the side of the rail car. My body slammed against the side of the rail car, while I was deafened by the sound of the pipes collapsing to the sides of the flatbed rail car. As I pulled myself up, I couldn't see any signs of the agile corpse under the piping. The piping also blocked access to the multiple other zombies lingering behind.

We continued crossing over the rail cars until we reached the final car. Our position was a good vantage point, scanning the surrounding area revealed several corpses spread out across the area, dense enough to travel through, but enough to cause worry. Further down the tracks crossed another bridge.

We jumped down, making our way to the bridge, disposing of any corpses we came across quietly.

We made it to the bridge, we looked ahead as we crossed the bridge which revealed more forests. Looking down was scary, we were close to 600 feet over the surface of a rather large river. Looking back, the walking corpses had found a way over or around the piping, but were struggling just as I thought they would to traverse the separated planks of the bridge, once the entrance to the bridge filled with them, the ones behind them began pushing the corpses on the outside of the tracks over the cliff into the water below.

We finally made it to the other side, the shrieks could no longer be heard on the opposite side of the bridge.

Though it was getting dark I wanted to push on until we found somewhere "safe."

Another hour passed with no luck in finding a place to camp until we came to another, smaller bridge, which only purpose was to cross over a small stream, by small I meant it looked more like a ditch. We climbed under the small bridge and on the concrete ramps under it. We pulled an MRE from the ruck sack and split it between ourselves. Without the use of the sleeping bags or any cover we fell asleep.

Aug 19, 2013

I fail to sleep much last night, the subconscious thoughts of the agile corpse following us was still on my mind. I continued to lay there, as long as I was there she would sleep without much concern, she trusted me. I sat there thinking about the agile corpses, I really needed to give them a shorter name as per the movies the walking corpses where called numerous things, zeds, zombies, z's, among many others, but none of the undead flicks ever showed anything like these. They reminded me of a game I played when I was younger called, Resident Evil, more importantly they reminded me of the hunters, savaged monsters with razor sharp claws which had the ability to scale walls as well as use its tongue to pull their prey to them. Thankfully these were lacking in the tongue and the razor claws area. I continued thinking they were efficient killers, quick, strong, and some what smart. Hunters fit them perfectly despite the vast differences from the old video game.

The next thought to cross my mind was wondering how they came to be. So far the dead simply came back to life, but these came back to life almost stronger than they were before death. My fantasies grew wild thinking about all the possible scenarios which could cause this mutation.

The sun peeked over the horizon signaling it was time for us to have breakfast. Removing another MRE we again shared, hoping to conserve the food longer. After eating we gathered our stuff and began following the tracks.

Again we played the game of balance on rail road tracks, at one point I was able to keep my balance for close to 30 minutes, until she pushed me off. Of course she was able to beat my record, which reminded me of the quick fall I had while descending the fallen tree a few days back.

I guessed 4 more days and we would finally reach the town which was 10 miles away from the cabin. Four more days didn't seem so far away.

To help pass the time I began singing the song, "Home" by Breaking Benjamin. I knew most of the song, however when I came to a part of the song I didn't know I would hum then pick back up singing after the mystery part had past. I found it comical.

Though there wasn't much sign of danger, time to time we would see a random solo wandering corpse. Most of the time we wouldn't bother them unless they grew close enough to warrant concern.

After a longs day journey, making good time, we broke off into the forest making camp for the night. I was more at ease than usual, the thoughts of the Hunter following us was a thought long from my mind. I gathered a couple of branches, clumped them together making a small fire. We sat there eating another MRE starring at the flickering flames of the fire, my back propped against the base of a tree, her head laying in my lap.

Once she was asleep I removed the shoe box with the letters in it, then removed the next dated letter,

Hello again sweetheart. School is going extremely well for the most part. Don't tell my parents, but I got arrested last night along with my roommate. He decided to throw a party, apparently someone invited the police. I was trying to study but it was hard over all the music, and people in the room. The cops came in, being that it was our room they arrested the both of us, I have never been so embarrassed my whole life. After being in lock up for a couple of hours my room mate told police I had nothing to do with the party, so they let me go. Tomorrow I am going to go to the deans office and raise ten kinds of hell about me not having my own private room. Enough about the shitty life I am having here, how are you? I was glad to hear you got the raise, it was well deserved, I hope you know that. Anyhow I have much more studying to do, along with some laundry I have been putting off. I hope to hear from you soon. Love you.

Thinking once again about my parents I fell asleep.

Aug 20, 2013

I woke up, placing the shoe box back into the ruck sack before eating breakfast. She had already eaten her share of the MRE before passing it to me. While eating I walked out to the tracks looking both ways, studying the area. Nothing had changed from the night before. Relief and hunger satisfied I walked back to the no longer burning fire, retrieved my ruck sack, shotgun, and sleeping bag and began walking, to which she followed.

The sun was high above our heads, for some reason it was hotter today than the past days. As we walked I rolled up the sleeves on my military jacket, but the sweat continued to pour down my head. I envied her walking, this hot out she hadn't even broken a sweat.

Two more hours passed I started feeling dizzy, ready to pass out. I motioned for her to stop, placed my hands on my knees leaning over trying to regain my balance, taking deep breaths. I didn't want to admit it, but we would have to stop here, I couldn't go any further without risking bodily harm. I looked around as the world spun looking for a safe spot, there in the tree I saw an old tree stand. We made our way to the tree stand, standing at the base of it showed it wasn't really all that old, and was painted to match the surrounding trees. Up top the stand was enclosed by treated plywood painted green. I climbed the ladder, slipping a few times. I entered through the trap door in the floor, sending my head through first, finding only an aluminum chair. I pulled myself up then rolled along the floor, looking around the cabin about 2 feet above the chair was a one foot gap I assumed it allowed a hunter to shoot any game he would see. Barely able to keep my head up, I laid it on the floor looking up at the aluminum ceiling as my companion climbed through the trap door.

The last thing I remember was her bringing me a hot cup of water forcing me to drink it.

I faded in and out, sometimes finding her by my side, other times being alone. Never was I coherent long enough to contemplate anything.

Aug 25, 2013

I finally woke up, looking at my watch I argued, "I couldn't have been out for five days." Tapping the face of my watch to make sure it was still working. The second hand had a continuous tick, further proving it was working fine.

I looked around the tree stand for my companion, her rut sack was there, but she was no where to be found. I mustered enough energy to stand, but as soon as I rose I got a little dizzy, then fell back into the aluminum chair. Once again I stood up, more slowly this time, when the trap door opened in the center of the stand. My companion revealed herself carrying a cup of steaming water. She then motioned me to drink, I tried to argue briefly but I knew it was a battle I wasn't going to win.

Coughing I said, "We need to pack up and head out." She shook her head, then shut the trap door. I went to grab the ruck sack, but she stopped my hand, and pointed to the floor. I knew she meant I needed more rest. Without further argument I laid down, while she sat in the corner of the stand watching me.

Aug 26, 2013

I must have dozed off, looking at my watch it was 4:56a.m. I felt extremely refreshed, I stood up to stretched my legs, this time to my surprise I was able to keep my balance. My companion woke up to the sounds of me pacing around the stand, I was restless. I even opened and ate a full MRE all to myself. I stood there drinking a bottle of water as I watched the sun rise. Once the sun appeared over the trees I grabbed the ruck sack, threw it over my shoulder and began my climb down, she followed.

Once at the base of the stand I stopped looked at her and said, "Thank you for taking care of me." To which she smiled. Then we walked back to the tracks.

Thinking to myself, had I not gotten sick we would possibly already be at the cabin now, setting up preparing for our life there, but because of my horrible immune system we were set back not just one day but five. These thoughts made me pick up my pace.

If we were able to keep our current pace 3 more days of walking is all we would have to endure.

To my dismay we were approaching another small town, but it looked like the track cut through more a residential section rather than the industrial sections they normally run through. Cautiously we made our way through the town. We saw a couple of walking corpse none to which posed a threat. The biggest scare we got was when we came across this house which had a chain link fence closing off its back yard, which he had unobstructed vision too from the tracks. When out of no where this huge dog plows into the fence snarling, and barking at us. He made us jump, for a second I thought the dog had reanimated, after studying it for a moment I realized it was just hungry. Reaching into my ruck sack I threw it the rest of the beef jerky we had, which it gladly took. Then I walked up to the fence releasing the handle. Its masters were more than likely long dead, it had been eating anything which had wandered into its den, I found it was only fair for him to have a fighting chance outside of the chain link fence. I made my way back to the tracks, and we continued walking down the tracks.

I was surprise at how few walking corpses were lurking through out the town. Though it was a small town it still would of had a big enough population to warrant more corpses than what we were seeing. That was when we heard the roar of a truck coming down the road running perpendicular to the tracks. We quickly dove off to the side of the tracks. Laying there in the knee high grass, we sat as still as possible as the trucked passed. I was relived to see others had survived, I even thought maybe this town had a different way of dealing with the corpses. We crawled to the intersection, looked to make sure the truck had not noticed us before we crossed the street. Once back on the tracks we picked up the pace even more, more fearing people than the undead at this point.

We had reached the outskirts of town, the sight of the forests was a more than welcome image. We pushed on for another couple of hours before we walked off path to the edge of the forest and made camp.

After eating I curled up and feel asleep exhausted from the pace we had kept most of the day, accompanied by the remaining sickness I was recovering from.

That night I was awoken by something rustling the leaves outside the camp. I pulled the shot gun to my chest, as I leaned up to take aim the rustling stopped. I could tell the sound was coming from straight in front of me, but I couldn't see anything. I sat there, shot gun aimed for a second waiting for the noise to return but, it remained quiet. I slowly laid back down, closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

I was woken again to something cold and wet on my face. My eyes were covered by something hairy, I couldn't see. I reached for the shot gun, but as I did its weight pushed on my chest, I tried to roll over, only able to lay on my side, as I pulled up the shotgun I must have squeezed the trigger to tightly with a loud "BOOM" the shotgun sent the coals of the fire flying into the surrounding area. The loud BOOM from the shot gun also caused our attacker to jump with a loud "welp" in fear. Coming to my senses I realized we weren't being attacked, the dog whom I had fed earlier followed us all this way, the wet I had felt on my face was him licking me. Embarrassed I reach out to pet the now cowering dog. As soon as my hand touch his forehead his tail raised from between his legs, admiring the much wanted attention.

After we gave the dog some attention we fell back asleep for the final time.

Aug 27, 2013

I woke to the sound of our new friend running through the bushes trying to retrieve whatever it was my companion had decided to throw. Still groggy I got up and ate a little breakfast, while eating I watch the two playing, for a moment I thought she was happy.

After breakfast I once again checked her gun shot wound, which was healing nicely, then we repacked our belongings before heading out.

Once again we met the train tracks, the only difference from all the previous days was the new member of our group, who also at the time didn't have a name. He would wonder in front of us most the time, but sometimes he would fall behind, or even completely vanish, but he always reappeared before too long. I even managed to play fetch with him while walking. I wondered what his name was, looking at him in open he looked like an English Mastiff, but I couldn't be certain. I started naming out names, the dog not paying attention to any of them and my companion forming a frown when I said, "Bingo." I kept blurting out names until I said, "Thunder" the dog stood still in his tracks and looked at me. I paused then looked at my companion hoping to have some hint of approval, to which she nodded.

We continued down the tracks, playing with the dog at times, while other times playing the balancing game. Until we approached the last fair sized town we would be passing through before we reached our destination.

From outside the town it looked like the last town we had to pass through minus the military blockade. We used the binoculars to scope out the surrounding area. Looking through the binoculars I could see hundreds of corpses laying on the ground. Further to the right were hundreds more in body bags. It looked to me like the same orders were issued here, but instead of holding their ground the military killed off as many civilians as they could before they realized they had to retreat. The civilians may have came in waves, after each wave the bodies were placed into the body bags, which to me was smart, I hadn't met a reanimated corpse who was smart enough to open a zipper. But, once the body bags ran out they began piling the corpses besides the ones in body bags.

I didn't see many reanimated corpses surrounding the pile of bodies, however over the first group of buildings I could see black smoke billowing into the day time sky.

With our guns drawn we progressed towards the pile of corpses. Approaching cautiously, this would be the last time we would be following the train tracks.

Once we passed the pile of corpses we headed to a brick building on the corner of the street. With our backs to the bricks we slowly crept along the side of the building, once we got to the corner I peaked around looking for any sign of danger. With no danger being found, we rounded the corner and began walking down the main street. Excitement was beginning to enter my mind, once on the other side of this town it would take less than a day to make it to the tunnel entrance. I had to force those thoughts out of my head being afraid I would make a mistake which would cost me my life. We had made it to far for our journey to end because of a simple mistake.

Most of the buildings were grouped up, some of the buildings housed more than one business in them. Time to time we would come across a glass store front, I peered into a couple only to find mangled corpses.

We stopped when we heard a couple of shrieks in the distance. Looking around I thought for a second I saw someone looking out of one of the office buildings upstair windows, I tried to convince myself it was my imagination.

After ensuring it was safe to continue we continued down main street. The shrieking continued in the distance until we heard a few pops, sounding like fire crackers, which I knew were gun shots. Then the shrieking stop. Knowing we might not be alone frightened me to the point I started to pick up the pace.

We were approaching the last building before main street opened into a four way stop where we would need to take a left following the street into the low mountains surrounding our destination.

Out of no where two masked figures holding rifles of some sort appeared in front of us, I looked behind us to find two more masked figures guarding the route behind us, also holding rifles. One of the masked figures then spoke, "Drop your weapons." Looking back again there was no way out. Again the masked man said, "Put your guns on the ground." I built up the courage to say, "You are going to have to shoot me before that happens." The masked man who had instructed us to drop our weapons placed the butt of his rifle to his shoulder, then aimed the rifle at me, when a fifth masked figured appeared and said, "Hold up, Josh." Keeping the gun drawn but not firing. The fifth masked figure placed his hand on Josh's gun forcing him to lower the weapon. Then he took his other hand removing the mask, revealing a man with a go-tee and short cut hair, then he said, "I am James Marshall, mayor of this fine establishment." I could see the smirk on his face. Then he continued, " What is your business here?" I didn't want to reveal our intentions for his group may decided to make our intentions their own, then I replied, " Just passing through." Firmly he said, "Where are you heading?" to which I replied, "North." The man sort of laughed, "What is north? The whole world was effected by this event. Why do you people always think north will be any better than the south." Then another of the masked figures chimed in, "The people in the south always think the north is safe, while the people in the north always think the south is safe. Same for east and west people." Then James interrupted him clearly unhappy he decided to speak, "No place is safe!" I interjected saying, "You guys look ok." I could tell he was irritated with my smart ass comment. "We are safe because we work hard at it, we are safe because we work as a team." He rambled on about the safety of his community, which gave me time to look around. I noticed most of the up stair office windows now had people starring at the commotion going on in the middle of the street.

Pointing to the windows above I said, "Who are they?" James replied, "They are the citizens of this town, they are the people we protect. No one is allowed outside of the office buildings without an escort, its not much of a living but at least it's living. Now why don't you hand over your weapons?" Again I refused by shaking my head. I could tell he was grinding his teeth at my disobedience. I said, "I don't mean to be rude, but we are just passing through, would you allow us to do just that?" The man starred at me for a few moments then said, "Only if you allow us to escort you out, we don't want you stealing anything along the way." The two men behind us drew their rifles up, as we moved forward, while the two men in front of us also drew up their weapons then proceeded forward. The man named, James, joined our side. I asked him, "Have you heard any outside news?" He hesitated then replied, "Last radio transmission we received was two days ago. Most of the bigger cities are classified as unsafe zones, the smaller cities are just as dangerous, while the small towns are manageable, specially after the military killed most of the uninfected civilians. We still have to work to keep the area safe, but for the most part the zombies are in small enough numbers to kill without wasting any ammo." He continued, "The last transmission we received was via a military comm. Ordering all military to retreat to Fort Hood, also warning any civilians who would try to make it there would be shot on sight."

Then I asked him, "Have you come across any of the hunters?" Shockingly he said, "Hunters?" I took a moment to explain the corpses I called hunters and why when he replied, "Fitting name, they are far and few in between, sometimes they are together, sometimes they are solo. One night while clearing one of the city blocks we enter a two story office building to find four of your hunters occupying it. They killed three of my men, before we managed to kill the last one. Like I said fitting name."

We reached the last office building, when his crew stopped us. James looked at me and said, "This is as far we we go. I wish you the best of luck, should you come back you will be shot, you and any one you have with you. My advise to you is to find stay there the remainder of your life or end your life as soon as you are able." Some advise I thought to myself. He and his men turned walking back the way they had come, then disappeared into one of the buildings.

Half a day left and we would come to the entrance of the tunnel, to bad for us we had one more night to make it through.

The sun had begun setting, and we had no safe place to stay. I became worried, we didn't have enough time to make a camp, and the forest around us was to dense to offer any protection, not to mention through the woods houses could be seen, which meant danger at night. On each side of the road were steep trenches dug out for drainage. At the next cross section large 6ft culverts penetrated the ground below the road, I climbed into one of the trenches then into the culvert, our butts would get wet sitting here all night but it was better than being exposed to anything outside.

Once night fell we heard shrieks from outside the tunnel, which lead to, Thunder, barking non stop keeping us up most of the night, oddly enough the corpses weren't attracted to the sound of the dog barking.

Time to time the dog would quit barking allowing me to fall asleep for only a moment, only to wake me up when he began barking again. Looking out of the culvert the direction he was barking I couldn't see anything, but he could. Meanwhile, my companion was struggling to fall asleep as much as I was. It was a long night, one which wouldn't hold much sleep.

Aug. 28, 2013

Once daylight hit the ground outside of the culvert we got up and began walking. My eye lids weighed down due to the lack of sleep from the night before, the only thought keeping me awake was the short distance we would have to go before we reached the entrance to the tunnel leading to the cabin.

As we followed the road, there was no evidence of the shriekers passing last night.

Cars where abandoned up and down the road their drivers long gone. After three hours of walking we took a break. I thought to myself three more hours of walking, we would finally reach where we needed to be.

The cars stopped appearing after another hour of walking, giving me a small measure of relief. No cars meant no traffic, no traffic meant the odds of the cabin being vacant and still standing were extremely good.

Finally the sights matched those in my memories. Around the next bend we should be able to see the entrance to the tunnel. I began to jog, when I made it to the bend I was horrified. There were large concrete columns rising to the sky, where a new interstate would be built.

Continuing my jog I found the entrance to the tunnel, not the entrance I remembered though. The tunnel had been sealed adding extra support to the base of the concrete columns. Angry I threw down my ruck sack and began kicking it across the muddy terrain, swearing at god for my misfortune. Tears flowed out of my eyes. I hated myself why didn't we stay at the first cabin, why didn't we stay with John, or ask James if we could stay with his group they seemed well enough.

Gathering my thoughts I decided to walk up the portion of the off ramp to see if I could see over the low mountain surrounding the cabin. I trotted up the off ramp until I could no longer walk due to the off ramp not being completed. I wasn't able to see over the mountains. Cursing myself again. I fell to my knees, I had to give up this fantasy, we worked so hard, gave up so many opportunities, traveled so far for nothing. All I wanted was a good nights sleep without having to fear for my life, was that to much to ask. I began thinking of all the bad things I had done my life trying to determine whether or not I deserved this fate.

I mustered enough energy to stand back up and walk to the sealed tunnel. Once inside I created a fire, unpacked my sleeping bag throwing it on the ground, then laid down. I didn't care how early or late it was, I was going to get some god damn sleep.

I was woken once by, Thunder, as soon as I heard him bark I grabbed a near by rock hurling it at him. With a loud, "WELP" he went running out of the cave allowing me to fall back asleep.

The next time I woke up it was midnight, my companion soundly sleeping. I laid there thinking to myself what was I going to do. Without reaching a decision I pulled out the 9mm then cocked the hammer, remembering James' advise to kill myself, I placed the gun in my mouth, tears formed at the corner of my eyes. I began squeezing the trigger, wondering if I would even hear the shot before my life ended. Squeezing the trigger a little more when suddenly I heard a females voice, "NO!" My companion must have woken from the sound of the gun being cocked. She quickly placed her hand on my wrist pulling the barrel of the gun from my mouth, then saying, "No!" again. I starred at her, tears streaming down my cheek. She crawled over to me placed her arm over my chest then said, "I need you." The arm holding the pistol fell to the ground, I didn't know whether to be happy, sad or mad. I tried convincing myself I wouldn't have gone through with it, but I think I would have.

Her head still on my chest I was able to get a few more hours of sleep.
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Re: Are We The Last?

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Loving it :)
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Nancy1340 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:55 pm

:D Pretty good. Thank you.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Hudsonhawk777 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:51 am

Really liking this tale need some moar..
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Snapshot7.62 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:49 pm

Hudsonhawk777 wrote:Really liking this tale need some moar..

Yes, this!
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Re: Are We The Last?

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MOAR!!!! :clap: :crazy:

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Spazzy » Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:06 pm

THIS x5 ---->
Poppyclips wrote:MOAR!!!! :clap: :crazy:

Do not quit this story, it is very good.

And if you do quit may three to four hundred ticks take up permanent residence in your underwear... :rofl:
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:46 pm

August 29, 2013

7:54a.m. I can no longer sleep, I lay here staring at the ceiling of the tunnel. Occasionally I look around for my companions, but neither of them can be found. The constant thoughts of the events clouded my mind. I worried I made the wrong choice, maybe I should have gone through with it. I can't stop thinking about her actually speaking, was I that important to her? Nothing in the world before this did she ever think to speak, but the moment she thought I was going to leave her she spoke.

I continued arguing with myself, until I grew tired of the same argument. Which lead to another topic, one that could be deemed better or worse, what to do now.

Part of me wanted to head back to John Ducote's house, but I was still fearful his house would not offer much, if any protection. Then there were the want-to-be soldiers in the town not far from the tunnel. However, I was very uneasy about a large group of people like that. Lastly I began thinking about the old abandoned hunting cabin... How I wished we would of never left that spot. Though it wasn't well defended, it was in the middle of no where. This tunnel would make a good home, but it was closer to the town than I would have liked it to be.

The arguments with myself continued for another hour or two, before I rose to my feet, beginning to worry about my companions. I started to make my way out of the tunnel when I saw both of my companions walking towards the tunnel. When they saw me they stopped for a moment, and we stood there starring at one another. I wasn't sure what to say. I spent a couple of moments thinking what to say, when she blurted out, "I'm sure you have tons of questions?"

I nodded then they started moving towards me, then into the tunnel.

She sat down then began petting Thunder's belly as she spoke, "Well?" She was right I had tons of questions, but which one would I start with? "What is your name?" I half whispered. "Sarah, Sarah Cape." She smirked then continued, "Of all the questions you could ask me, you wanted to know my name?"

I blushed a bit, but to me it was a question I had asked myself at least once a day since I found her in my kitchen. Which lead to my next question, "How did you wind up in my kitchen?"

She starred into the fire a moment then began speaking, "Well... Were to start... When the first outbreak happened my dad thought he could protect us. I guess we thought he could protect us too. I continued going to school, everyone thought it was an isolated event. Then one night things got bad. I remember watching people run down the street, while people who were lucky enough to have cars ran them down in a state of panic. Yet my dad made us hold our ground. Time to time people would see the lights on at the house, and try to break in to hide from the chaos. When this happened my dad wouldn't let them in. They were all the same. They would knock on our door a couple times, then get scared and run off. That was the first night." She paused taking a sip of water before continuing, "By the next day things had gotten somewhat quiet. I guess most of the people were dead. I still hadn't had an encounter with the dead. About a week later we had to start making supply runs. Me and my dad would go on these runs leaving my mother home taking care of my little brother." She paused, I could tell she was trying to hold back the tears when she continued, "One day we were out on a run when we heard a gun shot coming from the direction of our house. My father and I took off running. Once we made it to the house there was a big truck parked a little ways down the street. Then we heard the second shot. My dad told me to wait by the side of the house. He ran to the front door, as soon as he made it up the steps someone from inside fired a gun killing him instantly. I walked beside the house to the first window..." She paused for quite a while this time giving the same emotionless expression on her face I had come far to familiar with. Then she interrupted my thoughts saying "Inside I could see my brothers bloody body on the floor, I looked for my mother, hoping she was still alive, hoping I could some how help her escape. I moved onto the next window, peering inside I saw my mother tied down to the table legs spread. She had no fight left in her. Two men stood on either side of her and a third stood by the door where he had just murdered my father. The two standing beside my mother were laughing, occasionally sticking some household utensil inside her...." again she paused. "I couldn't do anything but watch. From time to time I would lean myself against the siding of the house desperately trying not to look back inside. But I had too, maybe I was missing something, maybe I could help her escape. When I went back to the window I saw one of the men forcing himself into my mother, she struggled a little but with each push she struggled less and less. When he was done with her the next guy took his turn with her. This guy wasn't like the last, he enjoyed hurting her. He pulled her hair as hard as he could with each thrust. He would continue until he pulled her hair out, then he would readjust his grip. My mother was slowly loosening the rope on her left hand, that was when she saw me. Tears steadily streaming down her cheeks as her hand came free. This was our chance. She grabbed a kitchen knife laying on the table, turned around and cut the mans testicles clean off with little to no trouble. But, as she did this, the other two men ran over to her. Backed into the corner, clothing ripped, privates exposed, and only a kitchen knife to defend herself, she shouted "RUN" as she took the knife to her own throat. I watched as the men chuckled as my mother fell to the floor."

I could tell she was struggling to explain what happened next. Honestly for a moment I thought she would become mute again.

"The noise they made when they killed my father must have attracted the undead. Dozens of them came crawling out of the wood works. I quickly climbed under my fathers car hoping I would be ok. There were several more blasts from the two men inside before they ran out of bullets. Then they ran out the back door. I could hear them breaking the glass trying to steal the car I was hiding under. But the dead over ran them. One of them tried to run, but was tripped by the dead his body falling in front of me. Our eyes met, in that moment I had complete satisfaction knowing he got what he deserved. That night I stayed under the car. Watching as the dead walked by, hoping I would not be discovered. The next morning I began running. I don't know how far, or for how long. I don't know why I stopped at your house, maybe I had just gotten tired of running. I walked up your driveway, the garage door was open, which I shut after entering the garage. Which I assume alerted those zombies in your house to me. When I opened the door to go inside the house there were two zombies there waiting on me. The male zombie tripped on the steps landing face first on to the concrete, cracking his skull, while the female zombie chased me. I dove through the passenger side of the car, then came out the driver side, as I did I slammed the door catching her shirt. I ran inside screaming, and hid quietly until the next morning when you found me."

I realized the zombies chasing her in my garage were my parents, I was relieved to discover how they had come to be in the garage.

I then asked her,"How old are you?" She replied, "22". Which left me more than surprised. She then asked me, "So, what are we going to do?"

This was a question which I knew was coming but I also dreaded it, and judging by her facial expression she knew I didn't have an answer. We spent the next couple of hours debating on what we would do, go back to John's hoping it wasn't over run, plead our pity case to the survivors in the town not so far back, hoping they would let us stay, no matter how much we contemplated the choice nothing sounded like it was meant for us. After hours of talking we were right where we began hours ago. The only thing we agreed on was dodging the dead, and the living.

We decided to eat lunch, afterwards I tried to hike and climb hoping to gain a better view of our previous destination, hoping maybe the cabin was still standing. As I was climbing the terrain I started thinking how hard it would be to get supplies over this terrain. Trying to keep my hopes up I continued progressing, Mean while Sarah sat, with Thunder, at the entrance of the tunnel watching me. After a couple of hours, I lost sight of them and was nearing the peak of the rock formation.

Finally to the top I could see a large stone support pillar, obviously used to support the road system above, right where the cabin once stood. I would say it was heartbreaking, but I half expected nothing to be left there. I stood up there another couple of hours as I regained my energy for the climb down.

As I made my way down I could hear Thunder barking, not the kind of bark a dog lets loose when playing fetch, it was the sort of bark they let out when they see or hear something suspicious. Hearing the dogs bark made me pick up my pace, being less cautious than what I had been during my climb.

I was half way down the mountain when my luck ran out, I stepped onto a patch of loose gravel causing me to lose my footing, following by my balance, which sent me tumbling down the side of the steep hill. I was only stopped when I rolled into a tree. I felt the wind leave my lungs as my stomach caved in around the large pine. I wasn't sure if I was unharmed, I pushed myself off the tree to roll over onto my back. As I did I felt an intense pain across my chest. I could still hear Thunders barks, but I couldn't see him.

Despite the pain I tried to sit up, but the damage to my upper torso wouldn't allow me to.

I laid there, suddenly the pain was becoming more real. Tears were swelling at the corners of my eyes. Again I tried to pull myself up, but again my upper torso wouldn't allow it. I could hear what I thought were trucks passing, but the thick brush stopped me from being able to see the road.

Fearing the worse of my friends I forced myself onto my stomach. From there, through excruciating pain, I was able to bring myself up right. I slowly started making my way down to the entrance of the tunnel, each step felt as if a slow fire was burning in my chest, the coal growing hotter with each move I made.

The road finally came into view, which made me duck behind another large pine, half to catch my breath and half fearing they would see me. Driving down the road was a large military convoy, luckily they had not spotted the tunnel entrance, or they were to worried about their current destination, to find out where the tunnel went. I counted 16 large trucks, the kind with with the loose tarps covering the beds, traveling a little more than a snails pace. The convoy was escorted by four men to each truck.

I sat there watching, once the larger trucks passed, they were followed by four humvess, and two jeeps. One of the jeeps stopped close to the entrance of the tunnel. One of the men in the back of the jeep, stood up as if trying to get a better look in the tunnel. As he reached to grab a pair of binoculars, the driver of the jeep grabbed his radio, then quickly drove to catch up with the convoy.

Once I felt it was safe I continued to the tunnel, the rest did more harm than good, for my chest felt as if I would collapse at any time, but I pushed on. Thunder, has all but stopped barking which worried me. When I finally made it to the inside of the tunnel, I saw Thunder, and Sarah sitting there. Sarah had her rifle aimed at me, soon as she saw it was me a huge wave of relief shot across her face. As soon as I saw they were unharmed my body collapsed under me. My head hit the pavement, oddly enough it didn't hurt, last thing I remember seeing was Sarah running up to me.

Aug 31, 2014

I woke up at 11:34a.m. my head and chest throbbing, more so than the night before. I tried to get up, but to no avail. I managed to drag myself to a large boulder, then managed to lean my back against it. Sarah brought me some fresh water and an MRE to eat. While eating I ran an idea across her, "We should follow the convoy. The dead are sure to be following them but they are armed enough to defend themselves, if we stay far enough back they wouldn't know we were even there, at least until we find somewhere we can call home." She sat there contemplating what I was saying before she responded, "The convoy passed by yesterday, you can't walk in the condition you are in." She was right but we couldn't let that stop us from continuing. Through searing pain I managed to stand, wincing as I spoke, "We have to..." coughing a few times, "If we don't we may not get another chance." I leaned over to pick up my ruck sack, though I was in agonizing pain I tried to hide it from her, "Besides I am well enough to walk."

I could tell she wanted to argue, but she held her tongue knowing I made up my mind.

I began walking out of the tunnel, and into the the street the convoy had been traveling on leading back to where James Marshall and his survivors lived. Each step reminded me of my wounds. I kept thinking, "So this is what broken ribs felt like."

After a couple of minutes of walking I paused more to ease the pain, but made it look as if I was waiting for Sarah and Thunder to catch up to me. Once they caught up to me I tired not so show how unbearable the pain was. Despite my efforts of concealing my pain Sarah obviously knew. She would constantly have to slow down to keep the pace with me, any time we came across a living corpse she would charge it using a knife to make sure it was no longer dead, a job which I normally did. It was a welcome addition to my crippled state, each time she would veer off to kill one of them I could take a short break.

As we neared the city where we encounter James, we could see a cloud of black smoke billowing above the tree line. Seeing the smoke made me very weary of getting much closer to the city, something went obviously wrong. Despite my wounds I told Sarah we should stick to the forest for a bit, to which she agree. It was getting late, and the forest would provide the cover we needed. We unrolled our sleeping bags, though tonight was different than most nights when Sarah went to put her arm around me like she always does I winced in pain, to which she quickly removed her arm. She called Thunder over, using him as her protector for the night. I laid there awake, fearful of what lurks in the night, but more because any time I would fall asleep I would be awoken by my ribs throbbing within my chest.

September 1, 2014

I woke up, to my surprise my ribs weren't aching, until I tried to get up, then I was quickly reminded of the mistake I made trying to hurry down the side of the hill. We packed our belongings and continued through the forest heading to the black cloud of smoke which was still lingering.

The trees and bush became denser as we got closer to the black smoke. Oddly there were little to none of the dead lingering.

We were able to make it to the outskirt of the city by 6:43a.m. We crossed several streets, oddly enough still no dead. Only two more streets to go until we reach main street.

When the wind would change direction the smoke would sway our way, lowering our vision, and making it harder for us to breathe, but before long the direction of the wind would change again granting us normal vision and a moment to catch our breath.

Once to main street I peered around the corner unready for the sight I would see. Corpses covered the ground, the windows where we saw people standing, starring at us were now shatter some of them had corpses hanging out of them. I tried to stop Sarah from looking around the corner, but it was to late. Devastating as it was this had become the norm. Carefully looking around still we saw no undead. Hoping to find some survivors, we went to each corpse hoping to find a pulse. Sadly enough and up on closer inspect most of the corpses had multiple head shot injuries. On the south side of main street, there where bodies laid in a single file type line, close to 15 feet in front of them were piles of spent ammo. My guess, they used this section as a firing squad for anyone who surrendered.

We decided to enter one of the buildings. Sarah, went first knowing if I got attacked I wouldn't be able to fend off the attacker, human or undead.

It was dark inside the first building we entered, so we headed for the stair case. This building was only 3 stories tall while the surround building were 2 to 4 stories tall. Gripping the banister with each and every step using my arms to pull the rest of my body up the stairs. Each floor we came too, Sarah, would check for any supplies, but each floor was the same, ransacked only leaving behind the non-living corpses. I didn't like letting Sarah do the clean sweeps of each floor, but I was struggling enough simply climbing the stairs, still we had yet to see a walking corpse, which I found bizarre, if I didn't know better I would say we were in one of those third world countries, where the rebels would come in and shoot the civilians before moving on.

We made it to the roof access, still no sign of corpses. Sarah was able to kick the roof access door open will little effort. I stumbled out onto the roof top, while Sarah and Thunder scouted the rest of the area, when suddenly I heard Sarah shout, "David, come here." Dreading moving again I made my way to her. There sat one of the men, Josh, I believe was his name. He looked like death, I asked him, "Son what happened to you." As I tried to give him a sip of water. He gripped the canteen taking more than what I was willing to part with. All he kept saying was,"I ran, I ran." We then broke out some food for him to eat, though he didn't take large bites he did manage to get close to a full MRE down. All while mumbling, "I ran I ran." I tried asking him questions, which were answered with the same response, "I ran, I ran." Finally I gave up, hoping maybe once he calmed down he would become rational again, and tell us what happened. In the meantime I asked Sarah to keep an eye on him, while I stumbled along the roof top, hoping to gain a good point of view.

To the north was a 2 story building, about a 10 foot drop, I hobbled to the east side of the building which overlooked the street which we entered the building from, walking over to the north side of the building was a four story building with a fire escape on the side facing the roof top I was currently on. If push came to shove and I wasn't hurt so bad, I could of easily leaped onto the fire escape. I sat there a moment thinking about that leap, before I moved on to the west side. I found where the zombies were hiding. Below the roof sat close to if not more than three hundred zombies all banging some sort of bread truck. There were two people and a child sitting on top, they looked as if they had not moved for days. I raised both of my arms waving them despite the pain. I guess part of me remembered the people back at the ranger station, hoping to redeem myself through helping these stranded people. Through no luck did they notice me, so I went back to where Sarah was and told her about the stranded family.

Sarah and I walked back to the west side of the building. She too waved a bit, but we dared not shout for fear of alerting the zombies below. The pain from my chest stopped me from waving any longer, but I watched Sarah as see grabbed some loose gravel from the roof top and began throwing it at the truck. With in a couple of throws the family below had noticed us. Sarah motioned them to keep quiet as she threw them two containers of water, and a MRE which fell short into the crowd undead.

The sun began to set, we had done all we could do for the family for the time being, so we made our way back to Josh. He seemed to be feeling better, but now he wasn't speaking at all. We watched the sunset over the surrounding buildings as we unpacked our bags and gear. Sarah also took time to secure the door leading into the stair well, then I watched her walk to the ledge wave to the family below before walking back over to Josh and I, saying, "How are we going to rescue them?" I just sat looking at her, I didn't have an answer. I didn't know how we would save them, or if we even could without putting ourselves in a similar situation. I was exhausted, maybe to exhausted to even think about the situation. Selfish or not, my ribs hurt, the last thing I needed was to overwhelm myself mentally.

September 2, 2013

I woke quickly to Sarak shaking me, I tried to sit up hoping to get a hold of what she was trying to tell me. Doing so hurt my ribs, looking at her she kept pointing to the northwest side of the building, which was partially blocked by an air vent. I worked my way to my feet when I saw Josh standing on the edge, looking down.

"Josh, get down from there." I said as he starred blankly at me shaking his head. "Josh, you don't want to do this." I repeated as I started walking closer. I wasn't getting through to him, he just stood there shaking his head. "Whatever it is we can work through it." I said comforting him, continuing to walk towards him.

As I got closer I reached out my hand and said, "Don't do this. Please there has been enough death." In the moment there was clarity in his eyes, then he said something which still haunts me, "Maybe my death will mean more than my life...." As his words trailed off I jumped to catch him as he fell backwards screaming. I landed hard against the edge of the building as I watched his insides splatter on the pavement. I starred at the corpse on the pavement, for a moment I thought about his final words. What did he mean, what happened to him that made him feel his life was meaningless.

Sarah ran over to help me up, she tried to look over the edge but I quickly stopped her shaking my head. My adrenaline was dropping fast which brought my pain to reality, trying to save him, was something I shouldn't have done in my current state.

As I hobbled back to out gear Sarah shouted, "Look!"

Walking slowly to the edge I could see the horde of undead walking towards where Josh had fallen investigating the commotion, which would give us a window to help the family on the truck.

Though the walking corpses move rather slow, it took them a couple of hours to shift direction, leaving behind only a few stragglers. The stragglers wouldn't be much of a challenge for Sarah and I both, but I am useless in my current state. A decision had to be made, but before we could sit to talk about it, I looked up to see Sarah jumping from our building to the fire escape, with only my machete in her hand. My anger was only overcome by fear as I watched her lower the ladder on the fire escape.

She made it safely to the ground, "that was the easy part I said out loud." She slowly walked down the street, around the next corner would be where most of the stragglers where, and in less than a city block was a horde of the walking undead. If anything were to go wrong they would be alerted. The thought of losing Sarah, made me realize exactly how dependent we had become of each other. Watching her now made me realize how different she had become from when I first found her, she turned into a strong woman.

She rounded the next corner, some of the stragglers were alerted to her presence. As they began moving towards her she withdrew the machete and took them out before they were much of a threat.

She had made it to the truck, to which the family sitting on top welcomed her as they started dropping down to the road from the truck. The 2 adults carried the child, while Sarah took lead dispatching any of the undead that would stand in their way.

They made it back to the fire escape, then climbed it up until they were even with the building I was on. First the male adult jumped across barely making it, painful as it was I was able to help him over the edge. The adult female was the next to try, lucky for her, the male caught her hand in mid air stopping her from falling. In doing so she began screaming, which alerted the mass amount of the zombies on the other side of the building. By the time the male was able to pull her up the first zombies from the horde had started to round the corner.

There was only Sarah and the child left behind. The woman continued screaming, "My daughter, what about my daughter." I could tell the zombies below where becoming extremely excited to the commotion above, as well as the woman's screams. Sarah and I knew she wouldn't be able to make the jump holding the child, nor could the child make the jump alone, she did the only thing she could do, she began climbing the fire escape the rest of the way to the roof top. Once to the top she disappeared for a couple of moments, before returning, then waved to us that she was alright.

Meanwhile the mob of the undead below continued growing, becoming more agitated by the sights and sounds of fresh meat.

I began to worry about Sarah, and the child. I knew she would be alright on her own, but taking care of someone who could not take care of themselves might prove difficult, even in my crippled state I could still some what defend myself, but I also knew the dos and do nots of today's world. This child could possibly put her in situation which she couldn't get out of. I feared the worse, but I had my own problems. The man and woman which we saved continued being frantic which made the horde below grow restless. I tried to calm them down but nothing I said or did seemed to work. They just sat at the edge of the building sobbing, starring at the building where they had last saw their daughter.

As night approached I brought them two MREs and some water, to which they rejected. After that I laid down next to Thunder in my sleeping bag. Between the thoughts of all of the bad things that could happen to Sarah, and the whining our two guest were doing, I did not manage to fall asleep until around midnight.

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Re: Are We The Last?

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Great addition , thanks :)
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Re: Are We The Last?

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Thanks a ton!! Great story!!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Re: Are We The Last?

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Nice update, keep it up!
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