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Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:14 pm
Ah did those zombies get caught up in the whole immigration thing and get deported? :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:22 am
by Dabster
I only read the first three posts but I am very impressed. Thanks for writing this. You should write more.

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Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:01 pm
by Zombie309
Thanks to all of you who waited so patiently. I finally started a new chapter yesterday and hope to have it finished very soon. I hope I can devote more time to this story and really bring it to a more satisfying conclusion.

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Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:28 am
Re-read it to get up to speed in anticipation of your new updates. YAY!

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Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:38 pm
by Mr. E. Monkey
Zombie309 wrote:Thanks to all of you who waited so patiently. I finally started a new chapter yesterday and hope to have it finished very soon. I hope I can devote more time to this story and really bring it to a more satisfying conclusion.
Looking forward to it. :D

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Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:34 pm
by Zombie309
Thanks again guys! I have a solid chunk of raw material written. Just need to edit and get it posted soon!

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Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:36 am
by Zombie309
Mark awoke the next morning and instantly felt the stress of the past few days in his muscles. He rose from the rubber mats they’d laid down as a mattress and stretched, perversely enjoying the pain filtering through his muscles. He smiled as he looked down at his wife and son, curled into each other on the mats and sleeping peacefully. The fact that they were able to do this while he knew thousands, if not millions, of people were trapped inside their homes around their country was a fact not lost on him. He knew how important this place was to their survival and today was the day to lock it down.

Hoping that the various pops and cracks from his lower joints wouldn't wake them, Mark walked to their training building's break room and began fumbling through the drawers and cabinets for the big jug of Folger's coffee he knew was waiting somewhere for him.

"Already started bud, afraid we're out of cream and sugar though."

For a moment, Mark thought for sure he would have a heart attack at the sound of his friend's voice echoing across the break room through the dark but he quickly regrouped.

"Well shit, guess I’m going to have to contact my union representation about these unholy work conditions!” Mark exclaimed with feigned indignation. Armando chuckled briefly, the first positive sound that had come out of him since arriving back at the station yesterday evening.

“So what’s next amigo?” Mando inquired.

“Gotta hit the main building man, you know that’s where all the good stuff is.”
Mando grunted in agreement and took a long drag of his coffee. By “the good stuff”, Mark was referring to dozens of Remington 870 shotguns, over 160 M4 rifle’s equipped with all sorts of tactical goodies, extra body armor, spike strips, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. It was their main motivation for being here, and also their only way of getting out to the rest of the country to find out what was going on.

The two men sat in silence for several minutes as they finished their first cup of coffee. The java had a far greater impact than normal, especially in light of the past few days events. Within minutes both of them entered a state of readiness and awareness, comforted by a sense of purpose in the mission awaiting them.

”Think anyone stuck around in there?” Mando inquired.

I don’t know man, I feel like if they did they would’ve tried to make contact with us at least once by now. I had to take a few of those things out with gunfire before you showed up and then there was that Ok Corral shit when you pulled up.”

“Good point. Gotta tell you… I’ll be pretty pissed if some pencil pusher has been sucking his thumb under his desk while we’ve been stuck in this shitty modular building.”

Mark topped both cups of coffee up and leaned against the refrigerator in the break room, contemplating exactly how they would approach the gigantic main station building. After several sips of coffee he broke the silence.

“What do you think about starting at the west side of the station? We clear the detention area and the locker rooms and then keep working east until we hit the front office. This way we don’t leave anything behind us.”

“I like it…” Mando took a long swig of his coffee. “Well, no time like the present right? Let’s get to this.”

“For sure, give me two minutes and I’ll be ready.”

Mark walked back to the makeshift bedroom he had put together the previous night and began to pull his gear back on. Rita’s eyes quickly shot open and her arms instantly moved to cover their son. Mark couldn’t help but smile at his wife’s instinctive protective gesture.

“Where are you going?” She whispered.

“Mando and I need to secure the main building, without doing that we can’t be sure this area is safe for now. Plus, that’s where all the weapons, ammunition, food, water, and communications gear is. We need to get to those radios to find out what is going on across the country.”

She didn’t look happy about it, but Mark knew she understood it was necessary for him to go out there and potentially be in contact with the zombies again. She stood and kissed him on the lips “Be careful and get back here quick.”

“I’ll be back before he wakes up.” He winked at her and nodded towards their sleeping toddler.

With that he snatched up his rifle and shotgun and met Mando back at the break room. Since Mando had only had time to come with his duty pistol, Mark handed his friend the shotgun to give him some extra stopping power that he prayed they wouldn’t need. Mando nodded his appreciation and then followed him out the door.

The desert winds were blowing their usual wispy waves of sand across the asphalt parking lot, but they didn’t carry the moans of the dead with them this time. The two agents still exercised caution and moved quickly to close the distance from the smaller building to the west side of the main building. Mark could hear the low vibrations of the massive natural gas generators as they passed them and knew the electronic locks on the doors would be working. He made eye contact with Mando and punched the code into the door panel before quickly opening the door and letting Mando cover the opening. The men immediately moved into the detention area which was soon found to be empty, as were the men’s and women’s locker rooms. They continued past the armory on their way to the rows of offices and reluctantly kept moving forward. They had to be sure the building was safe and they needed to hope a supervisor had left his keys in their desk before they could hope to get into the heavily secured armory.

They were both incredibly thankful to make it through the building with zero contact and were approaching the main office for the support staff with perhaps a sense of complacency when a shot rang out and the drywall next to Mark’s head exploded.
Both men shouted out some version of “Oh fuck!” and quickly sought cover in office alcoves on either side of the hallway. Mark dropped to a knee and attempted to peer around the corner to see who they were taking fire from as another shot ripped into the drywall a few feet in front of him.

“Stop firing! We’re federal agents and we’re here to help!” Mando exclaimed.

“Who is it?” The voice shouted back.

Both men turned to look at each other, surprised at the voice they recognized.

“Arroyo is that you” Mark called out.

“Y-yeah it is. Mark? And is that Mando with you?” The still hidden man managed to stammer out.

“Yeah it’s Mark and Mando. You alone in there?”

“Oh thank God!” The man exclaimed. “Yeah it’s just me.” The lights in the front office suddenly all switched on and Joaquin Arroyo came walking out of the office, still holding his service weapon at his hip.

Arroyo wasn’t the biggest guy at the station, nor was he the toughest, or the best in a firefight, not by a long shot. And just like in every job he was your typical brown noser. Rarely going to the field to do the job he was hired to do, but frequently given “special assignments” like going on Starbucks or food runs for the higher ups at the station. He was hardly the most respected guy at the station, but most just thought of him as a necessary evil, realizing that they would be stuck doing the same tasks he willingly did if he wasn’t around.

“How did you wind up here?” Mark asked.

“Same as you guys I guess, things started getting real bad in my neighborhood so I figured I’d hightail it to a safe place away from the city. It was either this or the mall, and that never works out in the movies.”

“How long have you been here? Was anyone here when you got here?” Mark inquired again.

“I got here last night. No one was here when I got here, I guess everyone took off once they heard how bad it had gotten in town.”

“You fucking dick, why didn’t you come help us yesterday? Didn’t you hear all the shooting? We had to hold off twenty of those fucking things by ourselves!” Mando exclaimed.

“Hey man, I didn’t know who you were. How did I know other agents were even gonna make it out here, the city went to shit fast!”

“Not just the city, last time I got to hear any news the entire southwest border was being overrun. That’s why we came in here, to try to get some of the comms stuff working and get ahold of the Situation Room in DC. See if they can give us any guidance.” Mark tried to keep his calm as he steered the conversation back in a productive direction.

“I can help you do that! I helped set up all the communications stuff in Mr. Hudson’s office!” Arroyo said, clearly eager to help in a way that suited his skill set.

“Of course you did…” Mando sarcastically interjected.

“Well, let’s get it done then. Lead the way Joaquin.”

The three men walked to a locked, sturdy looking door and Mark realized they hadn’t gotten the keys they needed in order to get into these other rooms. Just as he was about to say something, Joaquin pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Mark and Armando made eye contact, both smirking at what wasn’t the most surprising of events. Arroyo moved quickly though, and within minutes he had a full video conference set up, along with a message flashing on the screen saying “Awaiting connection in Commissioner’s Situation Room”. The three men fidgeted nervously in front of the large television for what felt like the longest two minutes of their lives when a connection was finally established.

The man on the screen was not one that they recognized, though he did have plenty of brass on his collar, identifying him as some sort of Associate Chief in Washington DC.

“This is Associate Chief Thomas Poloski with the United States Border Patrol. Identify yourself.”

Mark took it upon himself to step forward and speak for the group.

“Sir, I’m Agent Holliday, these two men are Agents Reyes and Arroyo. For now we’re the only agents we know of remaining in El
Paso Sector.”

“Well done men. Can you give me some kind of situation report for your area?”

“Yes sir, as far as we know the entire city is under heavy attack. We barely got here alive ourselves, I don’t know the exact numbers but I’m sure casualties are very high across the entire area. Can you tell us what’s going on outside of here?”

The older man rubbed his temples with his fore and middle fingers and then released a sigh before he spoke.

“Initial containment efforts were an almost complete failure. Military checkpoints set up in proximity to the major cities in the south west were quickly over run by the afflicted numbering in the thousands. That’s not including the smaller groups of the afflicted who were able to pour across in less populated areas and then make their way north. All military efforts have fallen back and a re-grouping effort is being staged along the borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, the Gulf States and Florida although initial reports are not re-assuring. Reports of small bands of the afflicted are coming in from as far north as Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. We have an official crisis on our hands.”

All three of the men stood rooted to the spot, the realization of what they had just been told sinking into their minds. Mark was the first to shake the fog off.

“So no help is coming then affirmative? Do we have official orders from Washington yet sir?”

“As of now, no. We had pretty good estimates on the total fatalities in the major border cities and had little to no expectation of anything like this occurring. That is, you agents making it back to your station. I will be sure to make evacuating you a main priority once we re-establish containment. Until such time, I would suggest doing what you have to in order to survive. You might be by yourselves for several weeks. Thankfully, you are in a very defensible and viable location.”

“What about rescue or recon efforts? Just how bad it is in El Paso?”

“I’ll leave that decision up to you. We are assuming almost total destruction in El Paso at this time, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 affected individuals initially swarmed the border a few nights ago and their efficiency is something I’m sure you’ve experienced far more than I have.”

The men were left to contemplate this news once again as Poloski addressed them for the last time.

“Do what you can to stay safe, you could be very useful once we establish containment and need help securing the city. You have excellent communications there now so I will do what I can to make sure you are kept abreast of the situation as it continues to develop. God speed Agents.”

With that the screen abruptly went black.

“Well shit…” Mando trailed off.



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Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:03 pm
Now we're cooking. That was a great addition, looking forward to MOAR as we say.

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Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:15 pm
by rednekrampager
Yup, ready for the next chapter.

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Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 1:53 am
by Mr. E. Monkey
The story lives!!! Woohoo!


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Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:56 pm
by curt48mauser
This train is still rolling, lets keep shoveling the coal :D

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Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:27 pm
by rednekrampager
More, more!!

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Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:29 pm
by jackorchuck
Good story Z 309, I am enjoying it, thank you.

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Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:11 pm
by hondo
Good story but just few pointers, El Paso Sector is bigger than El Paso itself, El Paso Sector is 11 stations some in TX and some in NM also they would be able to see what is going at the Border from the Sector HQ and they would have access to armory and get ahold of some fun toys.

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Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:34 pm
by walterde
Remember reading this one when it first posted then no updates, so I was pleasantly suprised to see you've breathed some life back into it. I'm enjoying it again and looking for future updates, good job keep it up.

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Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:03 pm
by walterde
Yeah, well I guess the next update will be I 2 years or so. To bad I was enjoying it.

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Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:23 pm
by Zombie309
Update coming soon!

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Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:25 am
by Tropheus
They would have constant comms if things are working with National Law Enforcement Communications Center which handles all the various sectors as a dispatch center if local is down. Talking to one of those dispatchers would provide more on the ground info than a commissioner in DC. El Paso is pretty much all of New Mexico from the TX border to almost Douglas which has its own station. OBP doesn't use a lot of video comms either. We are just now starting to jump on the information super highway.

I really really hate that kid and hope he becomes zombie chow at some point. I don't have a lot of tolerance for loud kids though being raised forcibly that children are supposed to be seen, not heard. And yes Disney drives me nuts to a degree my wife only guesses at.

He is going to be sucking when they run out of beer.

Cool story so far even if it is almost 5 years for a dozen or so updates hehe.

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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:27 pm
by BloodLust
Zombie309 wrote:Update coming soon!
Yes please!

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Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 8:03 pm
by Zombie309
“So what is the plan now?” Arroyo asked.

“I don’t fucking know…” Mark responded.

The three men slunk through the hallways of the main building, shambling along almost as aimlessly as the zombies who were presently tearing El Paso to shreds. Eventually they all arrived back inside the training building. Joaquin and Mando quickly retreated to their own personal spaces, while Mark more or less wandered around the break room; attempting to understand what had transpired in his own way.

Mark wasn’t quite sure how long the generators were going to hold out but at that exact moment he could not have been happier to have a running refrigerator to grab a beer out of and ponder what he’d just been told. Despite the promises of evacuation and continued communications, Mark knew that was an almost impossibility. The four (four and a half?) of them would be left to their own devices, in the middle of the desert, just miles away from hundreds of thousands of bloodthirsty cannibals.

Mark drained the beer immediately as that thought sent shivers of ice from his bowels to his heart. As a sworn officer of the law he was stuck in a weird position. He had entered into the field to serve and protect, as many did…and few had ever been in a position to accomplish that mission in the same way he currently was. But at the same time, he was the man tasked with the protection of his family in the wake of this unprecedented disaster. He reached into the refrigerator and grabbed another beer (courtesy of that abandoned house in the suburbs) and twisted the metal cap off with an audible “Tsshhh”.

He was forced to instinctively back pedal into the nearest cabinet as his wife suddenly materialized behind the closing refrigerator door and he reached up to rub his head in the place he had smacked it into the cabinet handle.

“Mark…are you going to let me know what happened in there?” Rita asked with more than a hint of her Latina attitude present in the question.

“Well, we got ahold of HQ for whatever that’s worth…and we found another agent hiding in the main building. Joaquin Arroyo…I think you’ve met him at the Christmas party before.” Mark was buying time with the trivial details while he tried to figure out how to break the important information to his wife.

“Were you able to get ahold of anyone? Is the building safe? We’re basically living in trailers here Mark, the main building is solid concrete. And when is help coming?” Rita’s voice rose as she continued questioning him and Mark put his hands up in an instinctively defensive gesture.

“Woah woah woah, slow down there lil’ lady.” Mark winked as he slipped into his overly dramatic cowboy drawl, his go to weapon when Rita started showing her temper.

“NO MARK! I will not fucking slow down!” She closed the distance between the two of them and lowered her yell to a sharp hiss “Two days ago I was worried about what time you would get off of work so I could go to Zumba class, my son and I have almost been eaten alive a dozen times since then! Cut the cutesy bullshit and tell me what is going on!”

Mark never even had the chance to respond as Mando spoke out from around the corner and slowly entered the breakroom.

“We’re on our own Rita. This disaster has spread all the way to Oklahoma and Tennessee and the border is the least of their worries right now. We talked to some Chief in D.C. and he basically told us we’re on our own until they can contain the spread…IF they can contain the spread.” Mando’s voice was emotionless as he delivered this information but Mark couldn’t be happier that his friend has volunteered to be the bearer of bad news.

The sound Rita made upon hearing Mando’s words didn’t qualify as English…or her native Spanish. But Mark clutched her to his chest as she quieted her initial wail into a series of heaving sobs. Eventually he straightened his arms out and held her away from him so he could look her in the eyes.

“Look, we’re going to be okay for a while at least. This place is far enough from any major population area, it’s well supplied, and we have excellent comms here. We could stay in this compound for months and not have to leave for literally anything.” Unfortunately…his calming words did not have a calming effect on his wife.

“And what about the baby Mark! Did you forget that you’ve got your son sleeping two doors down from here? He is terrified and so am I!”

Mark just held on to her for a few seconds as he came to the realization that his flirting and verbal judo wasn’t going to impact the way his wife felt about this situation. He slowly led her to the table in the break room and helped her sit down in one of the plastic chairs the government had purchased from the lowest bidder for some $500 taxpayer dollars. She placed her head in her hands and slowly mumbled prayers in her native Spanish tongue as Mark retrieved a beer for her. She accepted the cold glass bottle with a “Gracias, mi amor” that was more habit than affection and quickly killed half the bottle.

“Shit…at this point our first order of business is going to be a beer run.” Mando remarked sarcastically. Those words lingered in the air for several minutes before a newly composed Rita spoke up.

“So no bullshit Mark…what is the plan? How are we going to survive this?” Mando’s eyebrows rose and looked at his friend as well, curious as to what his ideas were.

Wanting every possible second to prepare what he knew would be a plan received with decidedly mixed input, Mark drained his beer and reached into the refrigerator for four more…noting that the stockpile was running dangerously short.

“Mando, can you get Arroyo in here? I feel like we should all be talking about this.” Mando nodded as Mark twisted off all the caps and handed one of the beers to his wife. Within a minute the two men re-emerged from the hallway, Joaquin shook Rita’s hand and mumbled a greeting before accepting a cold beer from Mark and sitting down at one of the other $800 taxpayer funded plastic tables.

Mark cleared his throat and got ready to say what he had been thinking “Okay…so it’s clear the help is not even close to nearby. We’re on our own in the desert, in the summer, with a combined metropolitan area of close to two million right outside our door. Some of those people need rescuing and apparently a vast majority of them are looking for an easy meal…meaning us.” Mark quickly wet his whistle. “The way I see it we’ve got two options. One, we could shelter in place here at the station and most likely be safer than anyone else in the area for at least a few months until supplies start to run out.”

Not surprisingly, Arroyo nodded his head vigorously at this idea.

“Our second option, and the one I am much more in favor of…is to carefully branch back out into the city and attempt to locate any survivors. Three of us in this room swore to protect the people of this country and as far as I know the United States is still around. Not to mention there could be added benefits.” He added optimistically.

“What fucking benefits could there be in going back to that slaughterhouse of a city? My whole neighborhood is overrun!” Mark rolled his eyes at Arroyo’s outburst, if this was the late 90’s and they were on an island instead of the desert, Arroyo would clearly be the first person voted off.

“The benefits are too many to count Joaquin. No matter how well supplied we are, eventually we’re going to run out of things. Not to mention we’ll need extra manpower to cover around the clock surveillance. With any luck, if we are able to rescue people they’ll be able to help us keep this place running…I don’t know about you but I don’t know shit about the systems that keep this place running off the grid.”

Both Mando and Joaquin stared at the wall, realizing how useless any of them would be if something happened to the generators, gas pumps, or electrical gates that kept this place operational and secure.

“Lastly, we need to find people who can help us here. None of us know anything more than basic First Aid and an EMT or any type of doctor would be invaluable to us moving forward. We’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think something bad is going to occur eventually with all the shit going on outside these walls.” Mark left it at that and leaned against the counter as he sipped his beer.

Arroyo continued staring at the table in front of him and shaking his head, while Mando carried a very determined look on his face. It was clear he knew where their responsibilities lay.

Rita’s sigh was the first noise to break the silence after nearly a minute “I don’t like it Mark, we’ve got enough supplies here. You, me, and Logan could be safe until help comes.”

Mando interjected before Mark could say a word “Help isn’t coming Rita, even if it is it won’t be here for a very long time. Likely until after our supplies have already run out and those things have turned us into their dinners. Mark is right, and the longer we wait the more people out there who could be useful to us are dying.”

“Thank you Mando” Mark turned his attention to his wife, “He’s right Rita. We might be okay here for four or five months but eventually things are going to start to run out. If we act now we can stockpile supplies and at the same time hopefully save some lives. The four of us aren’t going to be able to fend off a sustained attack by those things if the worst case scenario happens anyway.”

“Fine…fine…fine…do what you think is best. Just don’t leave me and Logan out here with the coyotes. Whatever you do, you’d better be safe about it!”

“I can stay here!” Joaquin courageously volunteered. “I could make sure your wife and son are safe and take an inventory of everything in the station. We’ll want to know just how much ammo, horse feed, MRE’s, gasoline, and other supplies we have.”

Mark rolled his eyes before responding “Thank you Joaquin, that will be important. Mando and I should probably take off very shortly. The more time we waste the less we’re likely to find, both in supplies and survivors.”

“Agreed.” Mando replied.

“Well that settles it then. But, the sun is gonna set in an hour or so and I’m rather enjoying these last few beers. I think we’d be better off if we got everything prepped tonight, relaxed, and had a good night’s sleep.”

“Same here bud.” Replied Mando. The other two members of the group both nodded in agreement.

“First things first, Joaquin…where do we find keys to get in the armory? We’re gonna need a lot of ammo and several long arms each.”

Joaquin perked up at being able to serve a useful purpose. “Well no one ever asked for my master key back after I finished doing the station inventory last quarter and I never thought to hand it back over.” He dangled a lanyard full of keys off his hand and said “We can get into every single room we need to in this station, including the armory!”

Mark couldn’t contain himself and he grabbed Joaquin in a bear hug that had his eyes popping out of his skull. “You detail hogging son of a bitch! Let’s get the fuck over there!”

Still exercising quick movements and noise discipline, the four men covered the small parking lot in between the training building and the main building in less than a minute and made a bee line for the armory. Once they arrived at it’s heavily fortified door, Mark and Mando took up a defensive position while Joaquin fished through his keys for the right one.

“Oh shit…this might be the wrong lanyard!” Joaquin exclaimed after trying several keys. Mando flew into a rage, pressing Joaquin against the door and seriously invading his personal space.

“You useless fucking cocksucker! You said you had…”

“RELAX! Relax! It’s right here!” He held up a long, gold colored key. “I was only messing around!”

Mark slowly pushed the still huffing and puffing Mando away. “Easy bud, just a little PA humor.”

They both watched as Joaquin slid the key into the bank vault-style door and smiles erupted across their faces as it swung open. Mark and Mando pushed past Joaquin into the armory and stopped at the threshold of the door.

“This is it…I never thought I’d be so happy to see the inside of this room!” Mark exclaimed.

Before him lay over one hundred Colt M4 Rifles, over fifty Remington 870 Shotguns, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, and enough Kevlar or ceramic plate to armor an entire town. Mark thought of his wife and child, alone in the other building and thought…”This is where we make our stand”.

How wrong he was.

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Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 7:38 pm
How wrong he was?How wrong he was.Foreboding some?
Soooo glad to see this take off.Many thanks and a long great chapter!

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Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 11:47 pm
by 91Eunozs

Good to see this one alive again!

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Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:30 am
by Tropheus
Cool. A few detail errors such as they spontaneously lost a woman and gained another dude and those chairs just keep getting pricier but good info. Without an armored or very powerful vehicle I don't know if I would be heading back into civilization. You guys get bearcats or MRAPs out there? I would probably checkout the various ranchers and outskirt communities before even thinking of going into a true urban area.

Funny I read this today, last two nights in a row I have been having "world war Z" style zombie dreams in different scenarios.

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Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 12:31 pm
by teotwaki
tagging to find my way back.....