Survival Firearm Battery Roll Call

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Re: Survival Firearm Battery Roll Call

Post by vedearduff » Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:33 pm

Time for an update.

From Oct, '13
Handgun: XDm 3.8 Compact 9mm
Shotgun: Rossi Overland Double Barrel, 12 gauge
Hunting Rifle: Husqvarna 1640 with 2-7 scope in 30-06
Defensive Rifle: AR15 Stag Arms M2 with Aimpoint PRO and 3x magnifier , 5.56mm
Miscellaneous Firearm: Marlin Glenfield 60 .22 LR


"Heavy Metal" version.
Handgun: Colt 1911 (not 1911a1).
Shotgun: Mossberg 590A1 w/20 inch barrel.
Hunting Rifle: PTR-91 with Hensoldt Z24 scope and the .22LR conversion kit.
Defensive Rifle: PTR K3P, see note below.
Miscellaneous Firearm: Ruger Standard .22LR w/6 inch barrel (fixed sight version of the MKI, from 1976).

Updated version of first post.
Handgun: XDm 3.8 Compact 9mm
Shotgun: As above.
Hunting Rifle: As above.
Defensive Rifle: AR15 Stag Arms M2 with Aimpoint PRO and 3x magnifier , 5.56mm
Miscellaneous Firearm: As above.

Note: The K3P is a pistol version of the PTR-91 and has a 12.7 inch barrel. Both are .308 and use 20 round mags. I plan to SBR the K3P which will make it a semi auto version of the German G3K. Once I've received approval from the BATFE, I'll and a retractable stock.

I have all of the above firearms except for the Mossberg, that will change soon. The Mosberg is next on the list. I also need to get the conversion kit for the PTR.

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Re: Survival Firearm Battery Roll Call

Post by Halfapint » Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:20 pm

Handgun (Make; Model; Caliber): G40 10mm (haven't gotten it yet but in the next few weeks) with my XDM 9mm 4.5" as back up

Shotgun (Make; Model; Gauge): Don't own one, don't want one. Don't see the point in a shotgun at this time for survival.

Hunting Rifle (Make; Model; Caliber): 10/22 22lr great for small game which is what you'll see most of

Defensive Rifle (Make; Model; Caliber): M4 in 5.56 only optics would be irons

Miscellaneous Firearm (Make; Model; Caliber): Savage 10T synthetic with bull barrel in 308win, home brew 300aac AR suppressed
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Re: Survival Firearm Battery Roll Call

Post by ROCK6 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:52 pm

First, I would list handgun in plural, “handguns”. Yes, everyone should have at least one handgun to serve multiple uses and I would say the basic compact or full-size service pistol is a must as both a fighting and utility pistol that could be concealed without too much effort. However, I highly value a more concealable pistol which can be your primary CCW or even a BUG to your service handgun.

If it was just “one handgun”, I would probably opt for my Glock 23. Along with the standard .40S&W barrel, I have a 9mm conversion barrel that has been flawless in drills…only changing the barrel and magazines. Add in the .22LR conversion and it’s a pretty versatile handgun.

Realistically, I would probably make it a duo. My primary CCW for the past couple years has been a Kahr CM9. With all my pistol choices, this just seems to carry the best and is quite accurate on the range and easy to operate in drills. This is the pistol that will always be on my person.

I still like the option of a full-sized service pistol. Current choices in this category would be my FNP Tactical, Glock 17, Sig P226 or CZ P-09. Only the FNP-T and CZ P-09 have threaded barrels as this time and eventual suppressor hosts.

Shotgun choice is most assuredly a 12 gauge and most likely a pump action. I’m quite fond of Mossberg and have plenty of trigger time behind them. I do like my 930 models for semi-autos; they have functioned without a hitch with a variety of loads. For a more “combat” or urban-centered AO, I really like my standard 590 with ghost ring sights. For a more rural situation (where I find currently find myself), I really like the versatility of the Mossberg 500 combo-set; 18.5” cylinder bore and a 28” barrel with choke set. It only holds five rounds in the tube. Another options is my 930 combo set where I can swap out the magazine tube from five to eight rounds with either 18.5” or 28” barrel options.

Hunting rifle and defensive rifle could be one in the same for my rural setting. I’ve done a good amount of hunting with my M1A Bush (20” barrel) rifle and it would double as a serious defensive rifle if need be. This choice is for the rural, bug-in scenario as humping a heavier 308 rifle and a combat load isn’t the best idea.

For a mostly dedicated hunting rifle, I really like my Savage Scout. Optics aren’t too powerful, but neither are the ranges in my current AO. This .308 bolt gun with DBMs is pretty light, accurate and a solid gun in the field. With a few 9-round magazines, it can handle more than one attacking predator as you fight your way back to your defensive rifle.

Defensive rifle is a simple choice for me. I have several AKs to choose from, a couple FALs and some other odds and ends, but I just have the most training and trigger time with the AR platform. Current choice has been a simple 16” barrel carbine with EOTech.

Miscellaneous can run the gamut and I suspect be very niche in nature or specific to one’s needs and/or environment. For me this would currently consist of CZ’s Scorpion EVO pistol/pseudo SBR. A handy firearm that is compact with a folding Shockwave brace and more than capable of putting steel on target quite accurately out to 100 yards. Weight is reasonable as is a very simple design and another potential suppressor host. This would be a great vehicle gun or something small enough to have on your person doing some chores but still potent and accurate enough to engage threats out to 100 yards to either break contact/seek cover or fight your way to your defensive rifle.

Another option is a solid .22LR rifle. My choice is my 3-9x scoped Marlin Model 981 bolt gun. A little large and heavy for a .22LR, but extremely accurate and the bolt gun will feed any .22LR ammo you may have; plus the tube capacity is very generous. This is my serious varmint and small-game rifle.


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Re: Survival Firearm Battery Roll Call

Post by ZomCon Sargeant » Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:58 pm

ZomCon Sargeant wrote:Update

What I actually own

Handgun: Walther PPQ M2 Navy Tactical SD (9mm Luger)
Shotgun: N/A (Used to own a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum)
Hunting Rifle: Ruger Mini 30 Stainless Steel Synthetic Stock (7.62x39mm)
Defensive Rifle: Steyr AUG A3 M1 OD Green Stock with Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24 V-Brite Scope (.223/5.56x45mm)
Miscellaneous Firearm: Ruger 10/22 Black Synthetic Stock (.22LR)

What I would like to own

Handgun: (They don't make it yet - HK VP45) Walther PPQ First Edition (9mm)
Shotgun: Remington 870 Express Super Magnum (12 Gauge)
Hunting Rifle: Ruger Gunsite Scout .308 with Leupold VX-III 3.5-10x40mm (.308)
Defensive Rifle: H&K MR556 with Trijicon TA31F-RMR ACOG Scope (5.56x45)
Miscellaneous Firearm: FNH PS90 (5.7x28mm)
Yet Another update

What I actually own

Handgun: Walther PPQ M2 Navy Tactical SD with Trijicon HD Nightsights (9mm Luger)
Shotgun: Remington Express Super Magnum (12 Gauge) Yup I bought one again it is that good
Hunting Rifle: Ruger Mini 30 Stainless Steel Synthetic Stock (7.62x39mm)
Defensive Rifle: Steyr AUG A3 M1 OD Green Stock with Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24 V-Brite Scope (.223/5.56x45mm)
Miscellaneous Firearm: FNH PS90 with a Trijicon MRO Red Dot (5.7x28mm) Finally got it

What I would like to own

Handgun: SPHINX SDP9
Shotgun: Remington Express Tactical (12 Gauge)
Hunting Rifle: SAKO TRG-22 with a 12X Nightforce Scope (.308)
Defensive Rifle: H&K MR556 with Trijicon TA31F-RMR ACOG Scope (5.56x45)
Miscellaneous Firearm: KRISS Vector with a Trijicon MRO Red Dot (.45ACP) Now that I have the PS90 :D
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Re: Survival Firearm Battery Roll Call

Post by Neville » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:29 pm

Fighting/SHTF configuration:
Handgun (Springfield XD 9mm):
Shotgun (Mossberg 590 12 gauge):
Hunting Rifle (Ruger 10/22 .22lr):
Defensive Rifle (Self-constructed AR 5.56 16"):
Miscellaneous Firearm (Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Sig-compatible .40 & CZ Compact .40 handgun):

Normal defensive use configuration:
Handgun (Ruger SR40c, .40):
Shotgun (Mossberg 590 12 gauge):
Hunting Rifle (Marlin 336 .35 Remington):
Defensive Rifle (Self-constructed .300 BLK AR-Pistol):
Miscellaneous Firearm (Ruger P345D pistol (nightstand), 7.62x39 AR "general purpose" rifle):


First, the "normal" setup -

The Ruger SR40c is light, very controllable and is my primary carry gun. It's potent, lightweight, easy to conceal, fits my large-ish hands.
Mossberg 590 - our basic house gun. Basic bump-in-the-night duty. My wife has one just like it but with a shorter stock. Light and sidesaddles mounted on both guns.
Marlin 336 - I want to hunt wild boar which are in season year round here. .35 Rem gives good penetration on the gristled rib cages without undue recoil. The limitation is range but hogs are typically a 100 yard proposition here and .35 Rem should suit the terrain fine. I like the classic platform for the gentlemanly sport of hunting, hearkening back to tradition.
Defensive rifle - Until recently I wasn't a big believer in a defensive rifle but a rifle round from a compact package is a different story. I built the .300 blk for engagment of targets in the residence where the shotgun wasn't suitable for whatever reason (body armored assailants or multiple assailants, requiring quick reloading). Home invasions are on the rise and teams of 3 or more are not uncommon anymore.
Misc - The Ruger is my bedside pistol. The mag capacity is low (8-rounds) but I don't have to carry spare mags, they sit right there in the nightstand and the round is a potent stopper. Primary reason for this pistol is the DA/SA trigger with decocker. I can have a loaded chamber in a gun I might have to use while panicked and groggy, because the heavy and long DA first pull buys me a little more safety. My daily carry piece is carried cocked and locked (manual safety). The x39 AR is my go-to general purpose rifle. If I can't get to a gun that is ideal for whatever need has popped up, I'm pretty sure I can adequately address that need with this rifle.

Now, the SHTF/Fighting configuration:

The Springfield XD is for commonality with my wife and two best friends who use the same gun, ammo and magazines. 9mm is adequate for nearly every use when top quality ammo is used. This gun is ergonomically acceptable for all four of us. Recoil of 9mm is manageable for all 4 of us.
Mossberg 590 - Three of us own one of these and can shoot them well. It's a proven performer.
Ruger 10/22 - during SHTF there will be no nostalgic outings to the happy hunting grounds or game preserve. It will be raccoon, squirrel and cat in the pot on most occasions. Limited access to gasoline needed to access mid-large game hunting grounds is the limiting factor here.
AR-15 5.56 - again, comonality with the group. Share mags & ammo. Ergos and recoil universally acceptable.
KT Sub 2000 .40 (SIG variant) and CZ Compact .40 - These guns both work using the CZ .40 fullsize magazines. Its a workable GHB combo. The KT folds and goes into a small-ish backpack. The Compact .40 is also on my carry permit and serves as a backup to the Ruger SR40c. 9mm is not much improved out of a carbine length barrel, but the 40 is improved enough to make it worthwhile. What I mean by that is that at distances great enough for the added accuracy to have benefit, 9mm loses oompf faster than .40 in terms of terminal ballistics. Having a combo that give you both range and concealability, share mags and ammo, while traveling on foot - nice option to have.

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