The Jakarta Pandemic: "Surburban Warfare".

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The Jakarta Pandemic: "Surburban Warfare".

Post by Omega DR » Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:23 am

I just finished "Jakarta Pandemic" , a slightly different take on the typical SHTF global pandemic story. There are many books featuring the ultra-squared away Prepper and his family, facing off the hordes of looter, cannibals and bikers, this book takes a slightly different angle. Still has the squared-away Prepper but this time the enemy is mainly his less prepared neighbors and refugees, desperate to provide for their own families.
And unlike most of the books in this genre, I could personally relate to the protagonist, a Former Marine and Iraqi War Vet, who currently worked in the Pharma Industry. ( I'm a Gulf War Vet and work in the Pharm Industry). This guy has been a prepper for years and has tried to convince family and friends to do the same. As a Pharma Rep, he has stockpile Antibiotics and other drugs in preparation for SHTF/PAW ( real world: most, if not all Pharm Reps do this).
When the Pandemic turns for the worst and foods runs out, his unprepared neighbors want to use his home as their personal aid station and conflict ensures.
It brings up several relevant questions:
1. How much support should you give your neighbors and when to stop. Our hero has plenty of food for HIS family, but not the entire neighborhood.

2. Are there levels of response, even during a PAW situation? I'm sure this is addressed somewhere in this forum ( every has already been addressed, if you listen to some folks). In the book, ( and most likely, in real life allow) civil order didn't disappear over night. It disintegrated gradually over a period of time, and depending on the scenario was eventually returned. Is it appropriate to don full kit and load out, as soon as the lights go out or you see the first stranger walking down your street?

3. SPOILER ALERT: The hero only had to deal with one major threat, during a hard winter. After a real pandemic, the country side would be flooded with wave after wave of refugees. I don't know which one I would hate to face more. a group of hardened bikers / gang-bangers OR two or three minivans/Suburbans full of desperate Soccer Moms and their starving, sick kids?

4. An open display of weapons can escalate a violate situation to actual violence, regardless of intent.

It's a good book with an interesting take. Also gives a very realistic view inside the Pharma industry. The author is a current Pharma Rep, but I don't see him in the Industry too much longer after this book. He nails the industry.

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Re: The Jakarta Pandemic: "Surburban Warfare".

Post by Razor » Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:35 pm

Yeah I really enjoyed reading this book my self and your correct it does bring up some interesting things in regards to how much help you should give to those around you and when you need to say no and write them off as the enemy. Over all I really enjoyed this book and it made me take a good look at my pandemic preps in addition to taking a good hard look at those around me.

Also just an aside the authors other book Black Flagged is also very good.
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Prepared American
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Re: The Jakarta Pandemic: "Surburban Warfare".

Post by Prepared American » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:02 am

I read this book a month ago and really enjoyed it. Didn't a always agree with some things but still found it to be a good thought provoking read.
Hoping to bring back common sense to the prepping community.
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Re: The Jakarta Pandemic: "Surburban Warfare".

Post by landser » Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:38 pm

Personally in a total break down I am not taking anyone in. I have spent 18 years dispensing preparedness wisdom and those who didnt listen can take a hike. Every man must make his own way in this life. I have friends who talk about prepping till they are blue in the face but actually do absolutely nothing not even put 72 hours worth of stuff together. They wont even spend money on a decent pair of boots or a pocket knife. I am done with these people and I am weeding them out of my inner circle.

As a father my family comes first period. I am not going to sacrifice my daughters food and gear and guns and my investment in insuring my childrens future for any one who has not done likewise." onclick=";return false; your more than welcome to contribute an article if you wish

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