Plague Year

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Plague Year

Post by Happy Go Lucky » Tue May 16, 2017 2:39 pm

I recently finished Plague Year by Jeff Carlson.
The book was recommended earlier on this forum, but I can't remember if I saw it here first or just stumbled upon it in the library.

The concept is truly great. An attempt to cure cancer by nanotechnology leads to the little critters escaping and, rather than just consuming cancer cells, they consume all living flesh.
Fortunately, the nano developers included a control feature- the bugs can't survive at less than 70% atmospheric pressure- which translates to 10,000 feet elevation.
So the only remaining humans are clustered on mountain tops.

The author gives some great descriptions of how desperate life is at such an inhospitable climate and location.

The book has multiple characters and settings- indeed Plague Year is the first of three books and it's obvious the author intended on this story being a multi-volume set from the beginning.
Some of the characters you meet are fascinating. But others, frankly, make decisions or have motivations that left me rather startled that they could be so stupid or one-dimensional.

My chief criticism is that the literary style is pretty cumbersome. The author has trouble writing clear descriptions during action sequences.
I understand, from reading other sources, that this is his first book. But from other authors I know, most have written several books before they finally win the publishing lottery.

Still, I enjoyed the book and do recommend it. Although I'm not sure if I will continue the series myself.

Oops- I intended this to be in the "Several must read Sci-fi based Apocalyptic novels" thread. Sorry- maybe someone can fix that for me.
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Re: Plague Year

Post by hawk55732 » Fri May 19, 2017 8:38 am

Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. It is on amazon for Prime so ive got nothing to lose by checking it out. Besides, on duty today so got plenty of free time.

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