Several Military and Police Shotgun Mauals PDF

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Several Military and Police Shotgun Mauals PDF

Post by Stercutus » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:06 am

Several Views on the role and employment of the shotgun.

Note- You will get security errors on military sites as on all military sites.

Modern: ... _22x12.pdf
MASS lethal ammunition currently comprises No. 00 buckshot, No. 7 ½ and No. 9 birdshot, and a
breaching round.
Old School: ... 5_1942.pdf

SEPTEMBER 21, 1942

Police: ... al2016.pdf
The shotgun is the only firearm that can deliver (1) multiple hits, (2) powerful hits, and
(3) simultaneous hits with a single shot. It is also very likely the most psychologically
devastating tool the Law Enforcement officer can use, often resulting in subduing a suspect
without having to fire merely because of the perceived destructive power ... vision.pdf
STANCE – Unless a shooter is extremely muscular and
can literally manhandle the shotgun, there is a critical need for a
well balanced and supported stance.
You go 'round and around it
You go over and under
I go through

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