$399 new AR-15

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Re: $399 new AR-15

Post by Gingerbread Man » Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:21 am

Ransak wrote:Wanted to follow up my original post with some range results. I came into 10 Magpul 30rd. Gen 2 magazines from another PSA deal (as well as an additional 'blemished' receiver that isn't at all blemished) and loaded them up with 5.56 55g American Eagle FMJ. No optics and the only changes from my first post is a rear UTG 4/16 match grade rear sight, a Slidefire stock, a single Weaver rail I scavenged from extra parts and adapted to work with the cheap-ish handguard, and a fore grip spring bipod that I'll hopefully be replacing for one that's not 100% plastic soon. I also painted the front sight post with a little glow in the dark paint since I had some left over that was going bad soon.

After sighting it in at 50 yards I was getting 6" groups at 100 yards on average. I've never been a competition level shooter so I would hazard a guess that in more skilled hands 2 - 3" groups would be very possible. I ran through all 10 clips on semi with no issues at all, no jams, misfires, nothing. I loaded up another 10 clips and ran through those on both semi and bumpfire modes along with another two clips of some tracers a friend of mine had. Zero issues of any kind, but like any rifle it gets hot fast when fired rapidly, so use your head.

It's certainly worth the $500ish (not counting the Slidefire, which is on my M&P 15-22 now) I put into it. I'm not a great shot at long distances even with optics so I'd say that this weapon outperforms me at 100 yards. Stag Arms has a 16" chromed barrel for a decent price for those people that have to have one, but since I'm not planning any trips to clear out the zombies that have overtaken Peruvian jungles I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase.
Good review. Nice to hear people are getting out shooting these. I'm glad it's running well for you but I'm not really surprised it does.
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