Does Rossi make a wood stock for their single shot 12 gauges

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Does Rossi make a wood stock for their single shot 12 gauges

Post by Space Jockey » Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:18 pm

Last year I went turkey hunting with my brother. I used his single shot Rossi 20 gauge with the wood stock and loved it. I'd like to get a 12 gauge single shot Rossi for myself. There is this model available at the store" onclick=";return false; for a good price, but it doesn't have the wood stock. Guy behind the counter at Bi-Mart said you can get the wood stock and foreend online. Well I've been looking online for the wood furniture before I make my purchase, but all I can find are the synthetics. Does Rossi make the 12 gauge single shot with the break action barrel with wood furniture? I'm pretty set on this. If they don't, I don't plan on getting an H&R or any other type of shotgun instead. I'm also sticking to the 12 gauge because that's what I have for ammo and I don't want to stock another caliber.
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Re: Does Rossi make a wood stock for their single shot 12 ga

Post by jackson51 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:40 pm

Is it a Wizard or no? I know that there is a wood stocked version of the Wizard/Matched Set but I'm not sure on the standalone shotguns. A quick search didn't come up with anything but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Your best bet might be to call them...maybe a Wizard stock would work on it?
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