Kel-Tec KSG and KS7

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Kel-Tec KSG and KS7

Post by KevinWimerAuthor » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:46 pm

Hi everyone, who here is using a Kel-Tec KSG or KS7? I just picked up a KSG (it will be here in a week or so) and I am also thinking about getting the Kel-Tec KS7.

I really love bullpup deigned rifles and shotguns. Perfect platform for moving inside the house. I think the KSG and KS7 is great for killing zombies!

If you own a KSG or KS7 post some pictures. Tell me your thoughts on them. How are you running them? What accessories are you running on them? I will be running a set of UTG iron sights. These are not flip up sights. I bought them to use on my Kel-Tec RDB rifle but I think I'm going to go flip up on that rifle with a red dot.

I look forward to seeing your shotguns and hearing about them.

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Re: Kel-Tec KSG and KS7

Post by Stercutus » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:14 am

Here is my review I posted last year:
The KSG aside from it's versatility offers the advantage of being 50 state legal as well. Many of my rifles are not 50 state legal.

Accuracy at 100 yards with slugs is minute of sporting clay. In fact it will hit a stationary clay practically every time. This is more than enough to hunt large game at close range if I ever had to. I'd rather not have to, that is what rifles are for.

It would be nightmare to run in combat either the state sanctioned kind or the personal kind. When one tube runs out of shells you have to shuck out the last shell and then likely fire on an empty chamber, switch magazines with a switch located in awkward position and then charge the weapon again before it will fire. This may be faster than fully reloading a tube on an 870 but it is time consuming and can't be done in the prone easily, in fact shooting a KSG in the prone is a crazy (and painful) art form best avoided. Most tactical training proscribes reloading an 870 fully and instead urges topping off the shotgun when appropriate while keeping your gun on target. This is near impossible to do while keeping your gun on target with a KSG. Once you run both tubes dry then reloading is a mess as well and much slower than with say an 870, even if you are just loading one tube.
When I first saw the Kel Tec shotgun I wanted one. However, after handling one I found the bullpup design awkward to use as a pump.
Most people find a foregrip fixes this problem. Strength is also an issue. The new KSGs have about a 20-25lb force to overcome to cycle and feels like it is full of sand. My first day at the range with it after about 150 rounds My right shoulder and left arm were pretty sore. I opened it up and cut loose with a dremel on anything that was either rough or looked draggy. When I put it back together the charging force had dropped by about half to around 10lbs and while not as smooth running as an 870 it was acceptable. I don't recommend this anyone that doesn't know exactly what they are doing.
And an update.

I shoot about 200 rounds a year with the KSG, about 75% birdshot, because it is cheap. I have found the shotgun that while it has many nice features is not quite ready for serious work out of the box and even after some work it struggles. I shoot 870 shotguns about as much so some comparisons are in order.

What it comes down to is it is a series of tradeoffs. It's nicest feature (large magazine) is hamstrung by the extra slow, awkward reloading and difficulty mounting spare ammo. You could argue that for most situations you won't need a reload, and that most shotguns with spare ammo are going to have about the same total amount, maybe a little less. Which begs the question of what the big advantage is? Flipping a weirdly placed switch and cycling an empty chamber to access another magazine?

The handy bullpup design is hampered by the poorly placed ejection port that slaps you in the fore arms with empties, sometimes painfully depending upon what shooting position you are using. This can serve as a distraction when shooting and even induce a flinch. You can wear long sleeves to relieve some of this problem and most people will never shoot in the more difficult positions but part of the point of a home defense shotgun is not having to dress for the occasion of shooting it.

It is lighter and more compact than a standard (or even SBS) 870 but it is more than twice the price and standard accessories such as chokes are more expensive. It also take a lot more force to run than an 870 or similar gun.

So far as what accessories I run on it, I always pick my bling for purpose and to overcome shortcomings of the firearm... so I run:

- Quality full size foregrip - Needed to ensure smooth cycling and prevent blowing left hand off.
- Hogue wrap around grip on pistol grip, the same one used on ARs. It will fit if you pull hard enough. - Gives added grip friction for cycling.
- Durable red dot with high rise lifter - The extra wide stock does not lend itself to a low sighting plane. Any sighting system needs to be high or it will be slow.
- Push button light. Can't use the paddle type due to the limited mounting options and cords on a shotguns are dumb for the most part.
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Re: Kel-Tec KSG and KS7

Post by KevinWimerAuthor » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:13 pm

That is a good review. I knew the trade off in the design. I wanted a compact shotgun. I doubt I ever fully replace my Mossberg 500 but maybe if I train enough with the KSG I will feel comfortable with it and it will be in my muscle memory.

Have you tried mini shells? I think the KS7 would shine using those. The KSG would be great using them too.

I'm excited to get it and test it out and see what happens next. I have a MagPul fore grip that I will use. I was going to use it on my RDB but the KSG I think needs something to grip so hand doesn't move forward. Also, I think it will have with pumping it and loading s new round. It will be smoother and shouldn't cause a short stroke.

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