Firearms Chat Part 2: Bullpups cause all the rage!

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Re: Firearms Chat Part 2: Bullpups cause all the rage!

Post by Doctorr Fabulous » Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:11 pm ... world_and/
Hey everyone,

I spent most of last week down in FL at the theme parks for the first time in my adulthood and, therefore, first time carrying a firearm in the parks, and I want to share my experience.

In one word: miserable. Carrying a G30S in an Alien Gear CT1 (leather) is pretty reasonable when you're riding in a car with leather seats, sitting in a comfortable office chair, or moping around the local shopping mall. When you're strapped into the hardest plastic roller coaster seat known to man and propelled at six G's through loops and barrel rolls, you begin to feel every inch of that hard Glock frame digging into your skin in a manner that can only be described through references of torture methods during the Inquisition.

Standing in lines for hours, surrounded by thousands of little kids who are as tall as your hip and who have absolutely no self-awareness nor consciousness of personal space, I found myself (and my gun) being molested multiple times per minute.

Security was breeze. They check bags (and purses) very vigorously, but I never saw a metal detector and the security guards pay no attention to anyone not carrying a bag. During the line at the Star Wars ride (Hollywood Studios) you pass through multiple props that appear to conceal metal detectors but, fear not, there are no metal detectors inside the props.
I was happy to not see a single "no weapons" sign, though I did research Florida law ahead of time and noted that signs don't carry the weight of law.

Just my $0.02 about carrying at the parks. If anyone is desiring to carry at the parks, I'd suggest a damn good holster, very comfortable, and very concealable.

Edit 1: I'm a asshole for consciously disrespecting a property owner who doesn't want guns on his property. I'm an asshole, but I'm an alive asshole. Zero fucks given, and I'll do it again. I will never respect the wishes of anyone who tells me that I cannot protect myself and my family.

Edit 2: The gun was as secure as Fort Knox. I made sure before even starting the trip. I'm a fat fuck and it's a small gun. It had 260 lbs of my lard-ass pounding the Glock frame into a pancake against those hard plastic seats. You couldn't have removed it with the Jaws-of-Life and the entire Ohio State Defensive Line.
but loops and barrel rolls and roller coasters
but physics. [1] That gun wasn't going anywhere. The faster the roller coaster, the more my fat ass was planted against that seat and my poor Glock was crying.
Fuck everything about this person.
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Re: Firearms Chat Part 2: Bullpups cause all the rage!

Post by Dave_M » Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:46 pm

...and we're over 100 pages. Locking this one down, so someone start a new one
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