Q: What is Zombie Squad?

A: Zombie Squad is disaster preparation community.

We focus our efforts towards promoting the importance of emergency preparation awareness and working with local communities around the globe to teach them what is needed to survive whatever crisis may come along like natural disasters or man made disasters.

Our mission is to make sure you are prepared for any crisis situation that might come along in your daily life which may include your home being invaded by the undead menace.

Zombie Squad also supports other local and international disaster relief organizations/charities. Check out our events page for the latest charity event we have coming up.

Q: Do you really think Zombies are real or is this some sort of zombie movie fan site?

A: Zombie Squad realizes that it is quite possible for someone to live their entire lives without encountering the undead nuisance. However, we hold fast to the belief that if you are prepared for a scenario where the walking corpses of your family and neighbors are trying to eat you alive, you will be prepared for almost anything.

Zombie Squad is very serious about promoting public awareness of the need for survival preparation and contingency planning.

Q: Do you have a web forum where I can ask specific questions about survival preparation instead of sending your organization a lot of e-mails?

A: We sure do. Click the menu item above labeled "Forums."

Q: Is there somewhere I can sign up to receive announcements from the Zombie Squad staff? I hate forums and don't have time to check your website everyday even though I should.

A: Yes you can! Sign up to the mailing list on the left side of this page where it says "Mailing List" -->

Q: Are you some kind of crazy militia group?

A: No. Zombie Squad respects and adheres to all local, State, Federal and International laws that we fall under. We require anyone who is involved with the ZS organization to follow all the laws of their land.

Q:Are the weapons photos just part of the image, or are you really gun enthusiasts?

A: Zombie Squad is a diverse organization and it's true that many of our members are gun enthusiasts.

That being said, we are not officially a firearm rights advocacy group. One of the main allures of Zombie Squad is that the organization is apolitical in nature. We don't support one party or political ideology over another. We have members from all walks of life that come together for one purpose and that is to survive.

Zombie Squad as an organization stresses the importance of obeying all laws in a person's city/state/country especially pertaining to firearms as well as being responsible and well educated on the subject.

Of course, when the undead come knocking, nothing puts them back in their graves more quickly than a well-maintained firearm.

Q: Do you freaks really do charity work?

A: We've raised tens of thousands of dollars for a number of local, national and internatonal charities through a number of events we host every year. On top of financial support for charities we also raise truck loads of cans at food drives and gallons of blood at our blood drives with our chapters around the country.

Q: I'm sold. How do I get involved with Zombie Squad?

A: There are a number of ways you can get involved with Zombie Sqaud.

Forum Discussion - Join our online community of over 12500 members. We use our forum to discuss many topics like contingency planning, disaster scenarios, personal survival experiences, product reviews, making plans for future events, critique of zombie movies, etc.

Article submission - We are always looking for submissions for our blog syndication.

Attend or help with ZS events - We have a number of events every year and we could always use more help.

Start a Chapter - We are always looking for new Chapters. If you're interested contact us and we'll send you more details. If you live outside of North America, don't worry. We plan to branch out soon.

Contribute to our wiki.

Join us!

We always looking for dedicated, responsible and motivated people to join our team.

Q: Where can I buy Zombie Squad stuff?

A: You can find some on our Store page. A portion of proceeds from sales of our products go to supporting local, national and international disaster relief charities.

Q: Fast or slow moving zombies?

A: We are preparing for the worst but for obvious reasons we hope for slow moving zombies.

Do you have a question? Send it to admin@zombiehunters.org or visit the forums.